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Posted by meronpan on May 2, 2009

Feels like lately I’ve been posting less and less often… yet somehow looking at my archives I churned out 19 posts last month – just 1 less than the month before.  Of course, posting for the sake of posting is pretty meaningless, especially considering I’m not pumping out ads or anything… but I digress.

Just a ‘lil update… currently working on a lala review.  One of my lamps is on the fritz so I had to improvise with another from the living room.  Unfortunately I kind of have to hold it to get the results I want, which is annoying.  But on the other hand, it’s neat to experiment and vary/customize the conditions for each shot.

Wish I didn’t get the glare in her eye in the shot below.  Otherwise kinda like how it turned out.


Went to jtown for ramen and manga for the first time in over a month.  Man, how I missed the ramen.  Finished every last drop.

Was disappointed that kinokuniya didn’t have k-on! …really wanted to start reading orz . Will have to wait for my order to come in.  They were also missing the first volume of saki… figured I’d give it a try since I was watching the anime…

Despite their lack of stock, did end up with some gets:


kiss x sis 2 & 3, rosario & vampire 2 vol 3, haruhi 8, nanoha a’s 1 & nanoha strikers 2

Was kind of hoping that the art would be a step above the anime but alas, nothing special imo…


Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

Would’ve picked up ikkitousen 15 but I couldn’t remember if I had bought it or not.  And I think I saw ToLoveる 13? Or was it 12?  Couldn’t remember how many of those I had either so held back.  I’m currently on volume 9 but that’s not gonna last me very long ^^;

Speaking of ToLoveる … service festival! (nsfw pics scans ahead!)


Haruna’s friends love groping oppai it seems.  Where were these girls when I was in school? -_-

haruna: kyaaaa!  yamete yo risa!! (stop it risa!) [sound effect: munyu munyu]


New characters are quick to be disrobed ^^;  If, when reading manga, you often think, “damn, I wish I could see her oppai,” then this is the manga for you.


Rito’s one of those annoying characters who gets all nervous/embarrassed all the time but at least you can always  count on him stumbling into oppai situations :P


Poor haruna.  Always seems to be on the wrong end of a tentacle.


yami-chan kawaiii~ now i’m glad i have both figures ^^;;;


Not even yami-chan is spared some oppai moments ^^;

yami: haa (ok…)

lala: tanoshimi da ne~ (can’t wait!)

haruna: sou ne (yeah)

sound effect: pasa…

lala: mada ka na~ yami-chan (yami-chan, are you done changing?)

rito: ima haitta bakari daro! (she just went in!!)

Alrighty, enough toloveる service shenanigans, back to the review i was working on ^^;



17 Responses to “Review in Progress…”

  1. fabian said

    I wonder why the TV anime is so modest. After all it’s from the same anime studio (Xebec) that made Kanokon and Kanokon didn’t exactly hold back with fan service. I love the manga and think that the anime was ok but not great. Yami-chan was pretty much the sole reason for me to watch all episodes. I watched the first episode of the OVA a few weeks ago. So far it seems to be better than the TV series.

    • Shiddo said

      yeah the OVA is more ecchi / less censored and what is more important hell funny ^^ tbh i dont mind ecchi but without decent story or some entertainmnent, fanservice alone fails for me.

    • meronpan said

      ooo an ova, those are usually good times ^^ hopefully i’ll get to all that soon… though recently my free time is all over the map… last remnant, puzzle quest galaxy or whatever it’s called, ffta2, toloveru, & saki are sucking up my time. not mention saki rekindled my love for mahjong which means more wasted time ^^; eventually i’ll get to it though…

  2. Blowfish said

    Dont worry about the lack of posts!
    Ive been recently limited to a one post per week ratio!
    Its harder to get used to the new time schedule at work than I thought.Serving 3 patients instead of 2 is pretty tiring aswell.Errr… where was my point?

    Anyway: I like To Love Ru but i prefer the Manga over the Anime Im just up to Volume 2 by now but I tend to like the Manga most of the time more than the Anime when it comes to ecchi love comedies.
    Enjoyed the OVA aswell^^

    • meronpan said

      based on numbers alone, going from 2 to 3 patients means 50% more work… gambatte ^^;

      anime is nice for providing voice to a series but nowadays with so many stereotypical personalities you can pretty much predict the voice they’ll cast for a role ^^; so yeah, i also prefer the manga usually…

  3. Blacksun88 said

    omg, just realised u read the manga in japanese. this is awesome

    • meronpan said

      hahah, errr, thanks, i guess? ^^; reading in japanese was my solution to ensure that i always have access to the series i’m interested in… no waiting for translations ^^

  4. optic said

    I make an attempt to fork out 4 post in a week which includes my Music Monday post but that can be sometime difficult due to the busy schedule.

    Nice GET from Kino. Is that a Nanoha Doujin?

    • meronpan said

      lessee for the A’s one i think it’s a tankoubon of the comic that was serialized in megami magazine? err oh yes, and the strikers one was also serialized in megami. at any rate, i think it’s ‘official’ so to speak and covers some events between the series? not sure since i haven’t read them yet ^^;;;

  5. T.I.P. said

    Yami-chan!! ^^ I can’t wait til my GSC Yami comes in next week, Hobby Search finally shipped it. Funny that I’m *working* on my GSC Lala review as well…but nothing have come out of it yet. ^^;;

    If there’s so much service from the ToLove-ru manga…how come none of the figures are cast-off enabled? *wonders* Rito sucks…I bet he’s faking it, but loves the situations at heart.

    • meronpan said

      good question… though i’m not complaining… i never take advantage of that stuff anyway (and makes reviews more work :P)

      lame ‘ol rito… i guess it wouldn’t be as amusing if he was a ladies man, but it doesn’t make me like him any more.

  6. Tier said

    I’ve had some luck controlling glare by taping paper towels to my lamps and pointing them off-axis to my figures (I use fluorescent lights so that I don’t burn down my room doing this). I’ve also gotten some decent results by partially blocking light by wrapping a headband around my brightest lamp. (Actually, my most effective photographic technique is to just shoot off like eighty photos per figure and hope that I get fifteen or so usable pictures).

    • meronpan said

      now that you mention it i shoulda tried to soften the light further by adding more tracing paper to my ghetto diffuser… though really at this point i’ve sunk so much money in the hobby i’m ready to just buy umbrella lamps and such ^^;;

      my most effective ‘technique’ is the same ^^;; always take at least 2-3 shots in my attempt to get 1.

  7. phossil said

    I would love to help yani-chan with the changing… ^^

  8. Persocom said

    I’ll take the manga and the anime kudasai. They both work for me.

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