ララ・サタリン・デビルーク Lala Satalin Deviluke

Posted by meronpan on May 4, 2009

Decided to finally do a review for Alpha Omega’s Lala, spurred on by the recent yami release and having plowed through 5 volumes of the ToLoveる manga in the last week or so ^^;


mmm sorry if the pantsu shot caught ya off guard :P  The out of character pic is from gelbooru. (out of character because she looks shy/embarrassed, not because she’s showing her pantsu :P)

If you’re unfamiliar with ToLoveる, Lala is introduced in the first chapter/epsiode when she teleports nekkid into Rito’s (the male lead) bathtub.  With him in it, of course.  aaand that pretty much sets the stage for the rest of the series.


Lala arrived early last December so… wow, almost half a year late with this one ^^;


When I was ordering I was mostly a sairenji fan, so I wanted the Megahouse version to match (seifuku).


Still stand by that decision, but GSC’s version is still very tempting.


Alpha Omega means Alter + Megahouse == good stuff, and I wasn’t disappointed.


As usual the close up shots reveal my imperfect dusting job.


Well, actually it looks okay above I guess.  But in the other pics with different lighting, it was terrible ^^;

No peeping :P


Lala no oppai.


Base is boring as usual, but I can hardly expect anything better nowadays ^^;  Either it’s drop dead gorgeous, plain, or retarded like haruna’s ^^;


At first, rooting for rito and sairenji I wasn’t such a fan of lala getting in the way…


Definitely grew on me over the last few volumes though.


Was satisfied with how the pics turned out this time.  Perhaps could’ve used a bit more light and definitely needed a diffuser for my secondary light, but if you can ignore that… ^^;;  Taking Blowfish‘s advice to take ron~‘s advice to take lu-k‘s advice on achieving black backgrounds, I increased the distance of the figure to background by a lot.


Pink pantsu


I would say I’ve never been a fan of the lumpy kinda hair… reminds me of the recent Alter Louise release.  From the front it looks fine, but from the top/behind it leaves a bit to be desired.


Made a wallpaper… though I have a feeling I’m prolly the only one who  uses ’em :P  Think this is my favorite pic of the bunch.


From our recent wallpaper discussion looks like most of y’all don’t appreciate text, but I figure I gotta brand my stuff sometimes :P Plus it’s in the corner and easily removed with your favorite editor.

We’ll finish up with an obligatory group shot.


Verdict?  A solid Alpha Omega release.  Can’t go wrong if you’re a fan of the character.  If not… I still think she’s pretty good, but not terribly exciting or jaw dropping.  After all she’s just posing in seifuku like countless other anime characters ^^;

James had a much more timely review… I’m sure he’s not the only other to do so.  Let me know if I overlooked yours ^^ oo and looks like James also added a review of the shueisha lala & sairenji xmas outfit releases just now ^^


Update: Forgot to mention!  blaaaa had a problem with her support foot!  One of the two pegs in her foot snapped… noticed when it wasn’t completely flush.   orz  She was still standing, but because of the break, leaning back ever so slightly and her foot came off the base a little.  Decided to super glue it down to avoid further damage caused by the imbalance.  Disappointed to have to deal with that sort of problem in a recent release… I wonder if manufacturers forgot to consider the base when taking anti-leaning precautions… ;_;


31 Responses to “ララ・サタリン・デビルーク Lala Satalin Deviluke”

  1. ron~ said

    nice photos, diffuser and foil reflector will definitely improve the photos :)

  2. Leonia said

    Ah! Sublime version of Alphaxomega. Lala is really beautiful. I prefer moreover this adaptation to that of Good Smile Company (as for Yami-chan). Indeed, even if she seems simpler, I don’t like her extraterrestrial’s dress, and I find the movement and the detail on her hair better in this version.
    In any case, thank you for the presentation, you have make, still, very beautiful pictures! They honour her!

  3. Q said

    Nice photoshoot there. The thing about having distance with dark background is an interesting read, and it surely works well for your case there~ May have to try it when I do get a new figure (i.e. August).

    Like that group photo there too, though Lala and Yami does seem to have push the ordinary looking Haruna aside in terms of style and pose there ^^;

  4. Yi said

    A decent figure overall. The lumpy hair is kind of off-putting, but the everything else is nice. Pose is pretty nice too.
    Anyways, how do you dust them? The dust job is great. I keep having dust problems with my figures. I dust them, but it seems I can never quite get it as clean as yours.

    • meronpan said

      hmmm just using a little brush… i think it’s actually a lens cleaning brush? ^^;; has a bulb for blowing air with a brush at the end.

  5. mikiwank said

    What exicting shooting ! Congratulations !
    Lala is more faithful to its manga version than the anime version

  6. ELTboy said

    Ecchi!!!!!!!! LOL … that’s my reaction when I saw the first picture.

    Nice shoot. I personally feels this is the best Lala figure currently even though I got the GSC version. I prefer to have Lala in her peke suit, thus the GSC choice.

    I am going to try out more distance between figure and background for my next photoshoot too …whenever that’s gonna be. ^^”

    • meronpan said

      just keeping in line with the spirit of the series :P

      usually i prefer to have characters in their original outfits but made an exception for once ^^; wish i had some cash to burn for the gsc one though, specially since that and yami are specially paired for each other

  7. anonymousobject said

    Photos look good. I think I’ve been lucky so far. None of my figures have arrived broken and I haven’t broken any of them from unpacking or assembling. Considering how much tape and plastic some figures come wrapped in, I consider that a success ^^;

    • meronpan said

      here’s to hoping your streak continues ^^ worst part about this lala one was that it must’ve just happened on its own… i hadn’t moved her around at all, and can’t really think of any time i put any stress on the pegs… orz

  8. sonic_ver2 said

    Nice photo concept on the “no peeking” photo. And yeah… nice photos as always.

    Peg problems are always anooying. I got my MF Kureha’s peg snapped, and eventhough i already super glued it, sometimes it could snap again.

    Talk about peg, Kotobukiya did a great job on it by screwing the base right in their foot.

    • meronpan said

      i’m torn about kotobukiya screws… on the one hand it feels cheap or something but on the other, yeah, definitely no worries about it breaking ^^;

      after hearing about rize’s peg problems when displaying her with the huge heavy skirt i decided to keep her in battle damage mode and not risk it… which is too bad since her huge skirt thing is awesome… guess i could always just glue it if it breaks…

  9. I love the character of Lala and this version of Alpha-Omega is a pure success.
    Beautiful photos and thank you for the review.

  10. T.I.P. said

    I’m always rooting for all the girls…I just hate Rito like the rest of the guys in the series. Seriously, why is he embarrassed of being around Lala? I bet he loves it at heart. Anyways, another great review. Love the black background. The group shot is really nice, makes me want to buy a Sairenji now.

    • meronpan said

      i’m curious where the author’s gonna take the series… rito who has no idea what he’s doing surrounded by the typical harem… *sigh* baaaaka :P

      if you can find something better, avoid the sairenji i got… it’s the one with the stupid large base orz

  11. Persocom said

    She looks great and I thought about getting her before, but I ended up being won over by the GSC version because I love her original outfit.

    • meronpan said

      if i had known about the gsc lala/yami combo and/or hadn’t decided on the sairenji i got… might’ve gotten her original outfit too ^^; though… still not sure what i think about the big hat. same with hiyori’s huge pumpkin hat… why so huge? o.O … could always display her without the hat i suppose… but then she looks oddly incomplete ^^;

  12. Tier said

    The hook hair is just too cool. I passed up this figure and Yami but looking at them again, I’m thinking maybe that was a mistake. Both of them look awesome.

    I’ve got two Alter figures (the first KOS-MOS and Saber) out of commission because of really bad leaning or snapped pegs. KOS-MOS I think I can fix with a hair dryer but I’m not sure what to do about Saber, since the pegs are embedded in her feet and her ankles are all warped now.

    • meronpan said

      now that you mention it, it is a good ahoge, isn’t it? ^^

      egads, how’d they end up leaning so bad? really sorry to hear about that. i’m getting increasingly worried about the coming summer… would be devastating to have my whole collection melt ^^;;

  13. Blowfish said

    I was just about to rant that the picture is out of character but you already did my job^^
    Id love to get the Matching GSC Lala for my Yami (wich is still stuck in Japan t.t) but couldnt find her anywhere.I actually prefer this Lala over GSCs but the Alpha X Omega stuff is nearly impossible to find.
    Man that reminds me what the hell happened to Luk?Havent seen him in ages

    • meronpan said

      i had a heck of a time tracking down the alpha omega yami. guess that’s what happens when you combine two great companies.

      in regards to luk… good question. swept away by rl i suppose?

  14. You aren’t the first person who’s mentioned problems with the peg breaking off. And I’ve always heard that Alter was suppose to be pretty good about leaning and such. Then again I don’t know how the Alter/Megahouse work is split up.

    • meronpan said

      hmm guess my backlog of blog reading is why i was taken by surprise ^^; definitely unsettling to have such troubles with was should be a high quality production…

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