西連寺春菜 Sairenji Haruna

Posted by meronpan on May 6, 2009

Time to finish up my ToLoveる themed posts with a mini review of sairenji haruna.


It’s a mini review ‘cuz well… maybe it was the mediocrity of the figure or that I was tired or something but just wasn’t getting the usual motivation.

A slightly older release (…July of last year?) by Shueisha.  At the time I was focused on getting her and lala in their seifuku for a matching set.  Probably would’ve passed if it weren’t for set completion sickness.


She’s not terrible or anything, but for me she’s not really anything special either.


A kind of blank look on her face along with a sort of timid pose… details are ok I guess, but you can see how her hair isn’t particularly thrilling.  Kind of thick bangs there…  I do like her eyes though.


I think my favorite part of the figure is the skirt.


Hair seam, seams where her arms connect…usually that sort of stuff doesn’t bother me too much.  But when there’s not too much else to grab my attention, that’s when I get nitpicky ^^;


White pantsu…


I guess at least she wasn’t too pricey.  And from some angles she seems to look better… kinda like the below shot mebbe…?


Unfortunately, as you may already be aware… there’s the base issue.


Ugh the base.  It’s huuuuuge!  For dainty little sairenji!  It looks comical being so big.  orz

Ah well.  So as not to end on a sour note, here’s a group shot of my seifuku figures:


There’s at least one missing… can you guess who?  Sorry no prize :P

Lovelyduckie covered her back in september, also lamenting the huge base.

Haven’t seen any other haruna releases that blew me away so at least I’ve completed my set as best I could for the time being.

In summary, a pretty mediocre release for my tastes, especially when you take a look at that base.



24 Responses to “西連寺春菜 Sairenji Haruna”

  1. I didn’t buy this figure. It is not a success, as you say it. Pretty but too simple. The finish is average.
    And the base is really too large compared to the size of the figure.

    I hope that alpha-Omega will carry out a “haruji” worthy of this name!

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    She’s … well… not too special, i guess… She looks too normal for me. Why do i get the feeling that her face looks kinda weird?

  3. I’m glad I passed over that figure. To me the face is the most important part of a figure, and that figure is a total miss.

    And gosh that base is huge, although it is pretty. I do wish bases labeled their characters more often.

  4. lovelyduckie said

    I ended up pulling away from all To Love Ru figures, I realized the figures were indeed gorgeous but I was being too impulsive in ordering them. I get the most pleasure out of figures of characters I know and really love, and it didn’t look like I’d be getting to To Love Ru anytime soon. I still admire Yami’s character design though. Like you said I had bought this Haruna but then sold her off. The base hurt me to look at.

  5. Shiddo said

    hmm while Lala was quite nice Sairenji is fail imho. Uniform is ok… body ok but face and hair ~_~ I mean those eyes are somehow nice and deep but its totaly not like Haruna ~_~
    Also colors of skirt and ribbon seems to be somehow light and off compared to Lala (correct colors)
    But I understand…”For sake of set” traps are evil!

  6. Shiddo said

    missing: Louise, Nagato, Ryoko and Flame Haze Shana nendo? ^^

  7. Yi said

    Contrary to some, I actually thought the face is pretty nice. I kind of like her timid pose + timid/ blank expression. Can’t say the same for the hair though. The oversized base is also kind of annoying. Even if it’s not really good, it’s still definitely not a bad figure.

  8. Q said

    It’s not like it’s bad, but how it turns out to be very so-so and not a lot to stand out is the let-down of this figure, especially if one puts it next to any other figures from other big brands. And yes big base is quite an eyesore in some ways -_-;;

    • meronpan said

      yeah, that’s a great way of putting it… she doesn’t stand out at all! aaaa kawaisou~ haruna…

      really wish i could make my own bases. would fix this and improve a lotta other figures ^^;

  9. T.I.P. said

    Sairenji isn’t really my cuppa tea, so I skipped on her figures. Maybe GSC have some plans for a Sairenji figure? I would love to add her to my matching pair for the sake of set completion. ^^; I would say you’re missing MF’s Yuki Nagato.

  10. meronpan said

    i’d love to add a better version of her but don’t want to spend any more on toloveru figures for a while if i can help it ^^;;

    indeed, yuki was among the missing. i was pretty bad at getting everyone together ^^;

  11. Leonia said

    First of all, I don’t like Haruna, a too simple, an too much erased character. Now, the figure is faithful to the character, simple, without being extravagant (as for Lala). But I don’t like ^^ I prefer Lala and Yami (and especially Yami whom I finally received yesterday ^^ She is too beautiful! But i prefer Alpaxomega version ^^)

  12. Blowfish said

    Im in the same situation as you.At first I cheered for Sairenji but Lala is simply Lala ^^
    I hate those big Griffon bases.>They take up so much space it isnt funny

    • meronpan said

      maybe sairenji will get some sort of special powers or something… well, i guess she has her rito-weapon berzerker mode… ^^;

      the sasara base is actually sized normally… they must’ve mixed up bases or something it just makes no sense ^^;;

  13. optic said

    The base is more than enough to make me dislike the figure. To plain, too big and for a scale size of her, a waste of space.

    • meronpan said

      now that you mention it, yes the waste of space! that’s almost worse than the aesthetics for me since everything’s so cramped right now ^^;

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