Incoming Spice & Geass

Posted by meronpan on May 6, 2009

Weathering through a fierce figure storm at the moment…


Good ‘ol lulu is finally here, marking what I believe is my first scaled male figure ^^;  And horo!  Love her character to death, it’s about time I finally have a figure to show for it.

Depending on your spending habits, 2 arrivals might not quite constitute a storm, but perhaps 5 total does?  Sakura, Metatron, and Aschen should all be here in the next few days ^^;  There goes all the progress I made in my review queue…


Back to the preview.  Lulu comes with a crap load of goodies… three head pieces total (2 regular, 1 mask), an extra pair of arms and a very nice looking sword (complete with golden chain thingy that was a nice touch).  That review will probably take a while assuming I’m thorough ^^;;


Horo… well, I bought her knowing that the face wasn’t gonna be as good as I’d like.  And yeah, that sentiment didn’t change.  At a glance she’s otherwise looking good though…


Lulu feels incredibly tall… maybe it’s just because he’s so lanky… or because I had him next to tiny horo ^^;  Anyhow, very very pleased.  Love the cape.

Actually have some other photos queue’d up for reviews… not sure if I’ll have time to squeeze horo and zero in before resorting to doing those first thou ^^;  …and I would at least like to wait a day or two for some non-figure goodies I ordered…  何でしょう?! 期待してね~ と言ってもそんなに面白くない…多分 ^^;



27 Responses to “Incoming Spice & Geass”

  1. ELTboy said

    I want Horo and Lelouch too!
    Didn’t pre-order Horo as I previously felt her face was off plus she is expensive. But now, I feel her face is quite alright and close to the anime version. Am very tempted to get…hmmm…will wait for your review to decide. ^^”

    I also have only one male figure…Kamina … hope to add Lelouch to the collection too.

    • meronpan said

      I need to get a good pic of the figure and compare with some screenshots in the anime… i can’t quite put my finger on what feels off to me ^^;;

      ooo kamina. i wanted a figure of him too but never got around to it…

  2. Leonia said

    I want Horo >___<

  3. Blowfish said

    Grrr…I cant believe this!
    You already have your Horo and my stuff is stuck in Japan since last week due to Golden Week. Hmpf
    My next package is going to be a blast since it costed me around 56000 Yen o.0
    I hope that the wise and deity Wolf finds her way soon to my place

    • meronpan said

      the shipping gods were smiling upon me at hlj ^^;; got the shipped notice at 12 am on may 1st… which would’ve been … well i guess mid afternoon in japan? just in a nick of time…

      56000 yen?! that’s beautiful. reminds me of last year when i underwent some impulse flurries last year ^^; hopefully your stuff will arrive soon~

  4. anonymousobject said

    I received my Horo a few days ago. I really like the figure and will be posting a review soon ^^

  5. JefLebowski said

    All Hail lelouch! All Hail lelouch!
    Oh man, I like the Lelouch-sculpture…
    is there a C.C. one form the same manufacturers? *is interested*

    • meronpan said

      there is actually ^^ well, kinda.


      that one’s by alpha x omega so it’s half megahouse ^^;

      perhaps it’ll appeal to you, but unfortunately, doesn’t do much for me. i wanted something more out of a c.c. figure… the lulu figure just screams LELOUCH! at me whereas the c.c. one… well, it just sort of yawns ^^;;

      • JefLebowski said

        Yeah, more *yawn* than *stumble over own tounge, trying to describe awsomeness*
        I will try to catch this one on a convention this year, its time to go PVC >.<

  6. Very beautiful arrival. Horo my is preferred. Zero are a beautiful piece but I do not like the character.I look forward to seeing your review especially that of Metatron!

    • meronpan said

      too bad you don’t like lulu… i often get a kick out of anti-heroes ^^; definitely understand though… what transpires in that series is pretty insane… not to hard to be put off ^^;

      just got arrival notifications, so i should be able to pick up metatron tomorrow ^^

  7. Smithy said

    I’m still waiting for my Horo to be shipped. T_T

    Don’t like the face? When I saw GSC’s Horo I thought it was the first Horo figure where the face was actually accurate. ^^

    • meronpan said

      doh, hopefully your and blowfish’s horo will be sent off as soon as golden week ends…

      about her face… yeah… i dunno there’s something… meh, again I need to sit down and do a comparison… haven’t been able to describe it ^^; i mean, i don’t think it looks bad per se, and obviously it didn’t bother me too much since i bought her… hopefully i’m remember to cover that in detail in my review.

  8. super rats said

    Didn’t order any of the above, but my sister was like WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THERE’S A LULU!?!?! T.T And I was like, well that’s what you get for ignoring me when I told you about it. It’s good to have a geek sister sometimes.

    • meronpan said

      lol that’s awesome. well, sucks she didn’t order him… is he in stock anywhere now? ^^;;

      i’ve tried to get my sister into some stuff but it’s hard picking something she’ll like… and complicated by the fact that most of the stuff i have doesn’t have subtitles ^^;;

  9. Shiddo said

    I find her face to be best of figures i saw so far (atleast compared to anime). Some comparsion from Azure blog http://ledmb4da.sakura.ne.jp/figure/GSC/horo/77.jpg Surprised how many customization this fig has…

    And yeah Horo is a midget! http://neoshinka.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/code_geass_kallen_horo_spice_and_wolf_400.jpg.
    Lulu many modifications as well -_-

    *droll* >_< tempting… I guess I’ll wait if any of them wont go some discount price ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i think i like the face of the figure on the left in that pic you linked best… but prefer her original outfit which i why i decided on this one ^^;

  10. Q said

    What’s the scale of Lelouch? The sizes between Lelouch and Horo is quite a differences there o_o…

  11. T.I.P. said

    Nice loot. I’m particularly interested in Lulu. I was going to get him, but decided not to because of all the figures I’ve ordered. But I kinda regret not ordering him after looking at your photos.

  12. Mitoko said

    Oh… I want Lelouch so bad ;; He looks sutnning there, and I didn’t know he came with so many goodies! Perhaps this will sway me ^^;

    • meronpan said

      hope to have a review in the coming weeks to help you make up your mind ^^ (though i’m sure someone out there already has a review up… ^^;)

  13. optic said

    I already have the Koto Holo and I’m loving it very much. Seeing the GSC Holo makes me love her even more and I’m fighting hard not to click on the cart button.

    Is it ‘wise’ not to have 2? xD

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