アイリ ~ Airi

Posted by meronpan on May 7, 2009

Tons of new reviews to do but haven’t had the time for a proper review session.  Time to burn through the last set of review photos I’ve saved up…


Guess it’s kinda good timing what with the anime airing and all.  Megahouse Queen’s Blade figures are full cast off so here’s your nsfw oppai warning :P

Was very impressed when she arrived (over a half year ago ^^;).  Not sure why I wasn’t expecting more out of megahouse, but she was definitely higher quality that I thought.


click for airi's character page

click for airi's character page

Read through her character description a bit… I guess she’s some sort of spirit but has a real physical body. Now it makes sense that she has those wisps and her base gives her a floating appearance ^^;

Love her twin tails ^^


Was aiming for the original color version at first, but couldn’t find her.  Preferred the traditional black/white outfit.  The blond hair ended up making up for that though ^^


yummmm scythe


Her maid-fuku isn’t bad.  Still think Alter’s saber maid wins that battle, but for this scale I was satisfied.


shiny shoes


Now to get to that oppai…


oh, and pantsu.  Not white for a change!


for a detailed look…


Of all the cast off figures I have I think megahouse does the best oppai.


Background wasn’t big enuf to handle the angle for the next shot… well, rather I probably coulda set it up, but woulda taken some rearranging of everything ^^;;  shitapai ftw






Haven’t kept up to date with the anime… has airi and her oppai made their debut yet? :P

When putting airi’s scythe in place I keep having some trouble but once it’s in it’s fairly stable…


A little closer look at the ribbon on her back.  Now that I had even more trouble getting the dang thing to stick.  Stuck some blutac in the hole to help it stay a little better but still not very stable.


Hmmm mebbe shoulda used a bit smaller aperture… is her nose out of focus? ^^;


If you’re lacking Queen’s Blade figures, you’re pretty safe giving Megahouse a try.  Quality is pretty good and most of ’em have some sort of weapon ^^

Once again, sorry for yet another dated review despite all the new stuff ^^;;  Unfortunately will be busy this weekend so it might be a few more days until I can get those new reviews out.  m(_ _)m

foobarbaz has a review of the regular version

sonicver2 has a review feature some yuri action :P

and last but not least, a review at vision of vixion of the regular version

before closing up, 3 more arrivals today~


It’s been a good week ^^



38 Responses to “アイリ ~ Airi”

  1. Leonia said

    Nice shooting of this lovely maid ^^ I wanted to buy her, but finally, I don’t still possess her. Needs to say that I have other priorities, but I think that I shall buy her one day. Thank you for this presentation^^

    • meronpan said

      thanks and no prob ^^

      one of the few cases where i bought characters i was unfamiliar with… wish i could afford that kind of reckless spending now ^^; but as mentioned, thankfully she turned out very nice

  2. Shiddo said

    Very nice even in 2ndary color ^^ From qb i am aming for elfin Alleyne (if Megahouse does it , I think i saw raw model alrdy) for sure! I just love elves ^^ Atleast Nanael wont feel lonely ^^ When was browsing characters from QB and now with anime cought my self considering to order Battle Miko and some more… Duh marketing brainwashing @_@

    As for your new arrivals, I am most looking fwd for Sakura rev.

    • meronpan said

      hmm thanks for pointing out alleyne…she’s looking pretty good ^^ will have to see how that figure turns out…

      1 vote for sakura is it? i shoulda thrown up a poll to see what ppl want to see next… i can’t decide ^^;

  3. JefLebowski said

    Yes, she was allready to be seen in the QB Anime (if I can trust Sankaku).
    You came with the only reasonable chest-size in the whole anime, but compensatet it wath some Yuri-action ;)

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    For me, i prefer the blonde version. I think this figure’s quality is pretty great, especially her skin tone. And well… yeah… she’s definitely delicious. I like her.

    Anyway, i noticed something wrong and unusual with your photos. It seems the object is too bright, and somewhat flat. I think you used too strong light on the object. I saw a purple fringing around the edge.

    Oh and… do you have any problems with her back ribbon and her scythe? My Airi has those 2 problems: the back ribbon falls off easily and she can’t grab her scythe strong enough so it can fall off easily.

    • meronpan said

      mmmm when you say object are you referring to the scythe or the whole figure? on the scythe… that was probably the sunlight being reflected… my camera was white balanced for the tungsten lights but some from outside was getting in the shots. anyhow, thanks for the pointer, will try to pay more attention next time

      regarding her ribbon and scythe… actually mentioned both in the post ^^; but yes, they both fall out easily… luckily i keep her in a place that’s out of the way so once they’re in place they stay ^^;

      • sonic_ver2 said

        Obejct = the figure. Now i see why it’s too bright. While you’re trying to do indoor photo session with your lights, you shouldn’t let any kind of other light source get in. At least that’s what i knew and i did this far.

        Anyway, yeah, about the scythe and ribbon, i think i missed it. XP

  5. Blowfish said

    Ah Airi!
    As far as i know shes been casted by some swamp witch that also catsed Menas.Havent catched up with the Anime lately so i might be wrong.Once read that across the net!

    Hope to get Airi sooner or later :D

    Sakura arrived? Nice!
    HLJ just send out my mega package…I bet i can wait ages again due to our slow customs

  6. I love Airi! I have the other version but this version is also very beautiful. I am a fan of Queen’s.

    Haaa Metatron! I look forward to seeing your review.

  7. T.I.P. said

    Nice Airi. I still want to get my hands on the original colour one. Didn’t realize she looks so good in cast-off mode. Who’s that figure in the middle box in the last photo?

    • Shiddo said

      that would be Aschen Brodel

    • meronpan said

      airi’s the standard by which i judge other cast off figures ^^

      shiddo’s right… it’s aschen, another character from Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier… speaking of which did that get a release worldwide recently or something? getting tons of people searching for kaguya and ending up at my review ^^;

  8. phossil said

    Wow. what a week…
    Im excited waiting for the reviews of the new arrivals. I like the pictures, surprisingly the first one.

  9. Haha, I picked this one up at Anime Central convention after reading your review today! Thanks for your JIT review!

  10. Smithy said

    Airi actually just appeared in this week’s episode of “Queen’s Blade”. ^^

    And she didn’t only offer us nice fighting action but a nice shot of her oppai as well as some hot yuri action when she tongues both Nowa and Reina (which is supposed to represent sucking out their life force but I rather prefer it just being h4wt yuri action). d^^b

  11. Tier said

    She looks great! I hope they make a figure of Irma someday. Irma gets no love, if merchandising counts as love.

  12. Kanon said

    I love the other version but this one is so cute! And pink pantsu!? *is very tempted*

  13. Rin said

    Nice shoot!!!
    I have the other version of her!!!
    I want to see the shoot of Penguin!!!!!

  14. oneandonlyjem said

    Wow. Her pantsu is really hot pink?!

  15. Q said

    Your figures arrivals are flowing in like water ^^;

    Airi is a well seeked figure indeed for its quality, that’s why Danny Choo has it listed as one of his favourites so far. Secondary colour looks good too – maybe the blonde hair is the reason behind it for me too? :o

    • meronpan said

      buncha releases just happened to line up ^^; looks like the rest of may will be pretty quiet, but june will be crazy again…

      airi’s a great deal, get her while ya can :P

  16. Yi said

    I love her scythe and oppai. Great figure. I actually prefer this version to the original coloring. There are too many black and white maids; maroon is a nice change. Also, this one has pink pantsu. ^^

  17. She is the most moe character in QB I guees, nice shot! Gah! I think I need to get Airi now, wanted to get her last year but never did :(

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  19. […] WAWAWAwhatthehellIcantreadjapanese (Original Release 2P Version) […]

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