南極さくら ~ Nankyoku Sakura!

Posted by meronpan on May 13, 2009

Presenting the main character of ペンギン娘 (Penguin Girl), 南極さくら (nankyoku sakura)!


As returning readers are probably aware, my first shoot with the new umbrella lamps.  Very happy with both the lights and the figure ^^

Yet another manga turned anime (with the slightly augmented title,ペンギン娘♥はぁと (penguin musume haato (penguin girl heart))), kinda unique in that the broadcast of this series happened on niconico douga.  Not sure if the official vids are still there but here’s ep 1 part 1 on youtube:

I’ve only watched the first 5 episodes or so… and don’t really remember this outfit but you learn pretty quick that this is totally inline with sakura’s character ^^


An energetic cosplay loving otaku, love how Alter has portrayed her.  Though let’s get the low point out of the way real quick…


I dunno about you, but I was pretty disappointed when I saw the big lump of hair.  Guess I shoulda known what to expect from the preview shots, but still… It just feels like it’s missing a lot.

Anyhow, back to the good stuff.


Her outfit is well executed, love all the fine details.


Love all the ribbons.


mmm and the tail~ ^^


The bells were a nice touch.


Base isn’t bad.  They actually did something kinda different with the heart shape and penguin.


Noticed that her maid outfit is actually pretty short.


pink pantsu!


her chikubi are… ^^;; ノーブラ?! (no bra?!)


Love her face.  Wonderfully faithful to the character, love how they did her bangs ^^


nekomimi cachusha


Tiny little spec on her hand.



Only got around to one shot with a reflector ^^;


Think I need to explore that further… here’s the same shot with umbrella lamps on either side…


Saber comes to assert her maid dominance.


Saber’s larger scale yet even more finely detailed outfit keeps her at the top of my maid figure ranking ^^



GSC made a sakura release too.  Also very nice looking – goth-loli yukata woulda normally swayed me but Alter’s attention to detail and energy of the pose won in the end.  Maybe I’ll pick up the other version if they have a sale or something ^^; (as in, wholy crap, did you see the hlj sale?  don’t think i saw sakura, but as blowfish mentioned, insaaaaane deals and not just on no name figures.  lots of things are not on sale any more like alter’s signum, but teana and louise are still available for < 5000 yen,  alpha omega lala for ~4000 yen, etc!!!)

This release left me craving more penguin musume figures but alas, don’t think I’ve seen any besides sakura…  Anyhow, a great figure.  I recommend watching a few episodes of the anime (web broadcast, so the episodes are short too!) if you haven’t already then buying her immediately :P  Well, it’s definitely a service heavy series so I guess I wouldn’t forcefully push that on everyone ^^;

Any other reviews out there yet?  Saw that eltboy got her recently, but that was about it…

Update: stop by Nopy’s blog for a review of both this and GSC’s version!

Update 2: Pour une traduction partielle en français, s’il vous plaît visiter shadonia

Update 3: Stop by Exelica Meteor for James’ GSC version review!

Update 4: Blowfish has some review pics for ya too~



34 Responses to “南極さくら ~ Nankyoku Sakura!”

  1. optic said

    I’m not watching the series as I couldn’t find decent subbers doing it. I find it’s a good sign because I won’t be getting her then. :)

    Still, as expected of Alter quality and presicion. I like how Alter make a creative base based on the design despite being plain.

    • meronpan said

      i think i like the base because it reminds me of moe moe kyun ^^; mmmm mio…

      too bad about the subs. it’s a nice crazy service series ^^;

  2. Leonia said

    This version is cute, but i prefer Good Smile Company’s version (i prefer her kimono). But Alter made a great job with her, and you, a great shooting ! I love these picture ! Congratulation

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^

      glad ya liked the pics!

      • Leonia said

        Yes ! I love them ^^ So sweet and nice. I have to say you in my email yesterday : I so love them that I decided to take your reviews to put her in authors of Shadonia. By seeing your photos, I could not make otherwise. I like the color of the background which emphasizes all the more those of the figurine. In brief! Congratulation!

  3. It is the version which I ordered. It is superb and I like the nekos. The version of GSC is very beautiful too.
    Congratulation for the photographs with your new material. the luminosity is perfect. Good job!

  4. ELTboy said

    I don’t see many getting her too. But I absolutely love the figure, and GSC’s version too. It’s very difficult to say which is better even if Alter’s version is a more accurate rendition, only very slightly.

    I think the hair is actually sculptured correctly since GSC’s version is also simillar. Though I haven’t taken both out of their box. ^^”

    Nice photos and I think I quite like that photo using the reflector.

    • meronpan said

      i guess it’s not that the back of her hair wasn’t accurate, but more like i was expecting more detail or something. i’m no sculptor, and maybe there’s something hard about trying to add details to a big lump of hair like that but i wish it didn’t feel so plain

      i also like how the reflector photo turned out, hope to experiment with that more in the future

  5. phossil said

    Havent watch the series yet, but I like this figure (I think I like it more knowing the fact her name is Sakura ^^)
    Lovely photos and awesome well detailed figure. I only see her upper hand a little odd but maybe Im seeing the bad angle.

  6. Smithy said

    Lovely figure and very tempted to get her. GSC’s version is awesome as well but Alter’s captures her character better with that bright smile and happy expression.

    • meronpan said

      rewatching some episodes yesterday i noticed that the GSC expression is straight out of one of the episodes, and in that regards is very faithful to the source… however in general when i think of sakura, i think of her energetic side and thus (slightly) prefer this release

      mmm still wish i could afford to get the other ^^;

  7. Shiddo said

    Awesome. Realy nice figure. Base is not that catching to me but ok. As mentioned above GSC version is also interesting. Anyway… those umbrelas are rly something. Photos you took for this post look alot better then your past shots. Good job!

    • meronpan said

      at one point i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with the new lights, but thankfully they seem to be well worth the money ^^

      thanks ^^

  8. Blowfish said

    Love the Series since it gives me the prescribed dose of random I need to stay healthy.
    GSC Sakura looks pretty sweet aswell but I didnt even think once about GSCs since shes Out of Character in my opinion.Alter definately wins this time!

    Hope to get her soon :P
    Alpha X Omegas Lala? I think i saw Sol Internationals(or some other C manufacturer) Lala but didnt see that one. Need to check now

    Oh and thanks for the mention

    • Blowfish said

      Nevermind i just checked and found out that Sol international is publishing Alpha X Omegas Lala. Ill get her to accompany Yami!

      Btw i failed hard: I wanted to order Unity May and accidently put Pixy Hiyori in the Cart :/
      Thank god it was another high class figure and not something crappy :P

    • meronpan said

      as i mentioned to smithy above, the gsc version is straight out of one of the episodes so it (surprisingly) isn’t off base. however that’s such a small part of her personality, i agree it felt out of character.

      looks like you answered your own question about lala ^^;

      too bad about your may/hiyori mix up ;_; at least it wasn’t cmcorp’s fate :P

      • Blowfish said

        Its taken from one of the episodes?It must be now around a year or s that ive seen them the last time.I guess ill have to rewatch it again.
        So true about the figure mixup^^

  9. The umbrella lamps really worked out. :D

    I think this figure is so very, very pretty, but I’m not sure if I want to get her or not since I’ve only seen about half of the first episode. The base is certainly a nice touch though.

    • meronpan said

      yeh, very happy with them ^^

      if you have just a little spare time you can catch up with some more episodes ^^ what is it… 10? 15 min episodes?

  10. nahee said

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  11. James said

    Great pics , i’m glad you bought this Sakura , as i bought the GoodSmile version ^^

    i’ll review mine tomorrow and put the link to your review ^^

    I don’t like maid a lots , that’s why i bought the yukata one … but i do like the dynamic pose of this one ! (And it’s Alter so yeah ^^)

  12. T.I.P. said

    Another great review meronpan. Those new umbrella lamps doing well, I see. I have the Penguin Musume Heart series on my HDD, but there’s a lot of other series sitting around too. “orz You’re right about the hair, they definitely could’ve done something more than that, but a great figure overall to say the least.

    That HLJ sale (and Hobby Search’s too) saddens me because Unity Mei went on sale for 50% and 25% off respectively…only THREE days after I received mine. But I took advantage and grabbed Alter’s Louise Uniform, Signum, and Teana Lanster (wanted her before, and got some motivation from the sale) to relief the pain. But it still hurts since I could’ve saved $40 bucks. ^^;;

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      yes, the lights are wonderful ^^

      ahhh sucks they put ’em on sale so soon after you got ’em. usually i can justify the pain with the ‘paying to get it earlier’ argument, but that kinda falls apart in this case, huh ^^;

      but dang 3 alter figures from the sale? that must’ve felt good ^^

  13. vixion said

    wow, u already got her, now i wonder where’s my friend’s sakura :D

    nice pantyshot anyway

    regarding this shot
    one of photo’s element is shadow, it’s theone which make a shape, and it’s nice to have them :D

    talking about waki fetish :D

  14. For the pantsu shot, you do not actually need to get your head down. Since you’ve got very good lighting now, just lay Sakura down instead.

  15. meronpan said

    true, i was just being lazy ^^;; didn’t want to have to remove the base and everything ^^;;

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