メタトロン ~ Metatron

Posted by meronpan on May 15, 2009

From the game 斬魔大聖デモンベイン (zanma taisei demonbein – using wikipedia‘s rough translation…Demon-Slaying Grand Saint Demonbane)… Metatron!


The game was worthy of a PS2 release and anime, though to be honest I don’t really know anything about any version ^^;  Saw the preview pics, noted that she was by Alter and preordered ^^;

You get your choice of dagger thing and beam sword thing…


I thought I was gonna display her with the beam sword thing… but the somewhat awkward angle of it (comes out of her wrist?) has me sticking to the dagger for now.  Also… seemed like it might end up limp after a hot summer.


Well, though I did stick with the beam sword thing for quite a few of my pics ^^;

Perhaps those who are familiar with the series/game can comment on why, but the figure looks nothing like the character pic on the official site:


Click for source (official site character page)

Not that I’m complaining, but, how the heck did they go from that to this?  Sort sort of armor malfunction I take from the look of her legs?


Love long hair and this is no exception.




Metatron falls into the armored/mecha category which I love.  Like how her legs were done.  Though again, not being familiar with her, when I first pulled her out I was like, “oh crap she’s missing a foot!”  ^^;;




↑ Nice angle :P


Definitely a nice oshiri.

Judging from the character art, the thing in her right hand is a mask/helm?


Doesn’t look very comfortable.


A lot going on on her outfit, so she’s a real pleasure to look at.



I guess since it’s just part of her outfit these don’t count as pantsu?  Perhaps a closer look… :P


Base has a buncha weird looking characters…  Reading through Tier‘s review, he reminded me that the outermost ring appears to be Tengwar or at least tengwar inspired.  Uber Tolkien nerd I used to be, at one point I could write/read Tengwar characters ^^;



Unfortunately the characters aren’t so vivid in person, believe that was just from my lighting ^^;

As far as bases go, I put it in the above average category.

Something you can’t see from that character art, and for some reason I overlooked for the longest time…


Metatron is insanely well endowed.  oppai fans, take note.


Again, not being familiar with the character, the wrist weapons (or at least, I assume they’re weapons) seem odd ^^;  Looks a lot cooler in action I think ^^;

Click for the source (nitro+ demonbane wallpaper page)

Click for the source (nitro+ demonbane wallpaper page)


If I researched correctly, Another Blood is actually from the sequel, 機神飛翔デモンベイン (kishin hishou demonbein – again lazily relying on the wikipedia translation, roughly means Flight Of The Machine God Demonbane)…


Can’t wait to get a new camera… I don’t think mine handles the small aperture shots as well as I’d like… (above and below taken at f/8).  Would love to shoot a review with a dslr and more appropriate lens.  Though I admit all those who stress the importance of lighting aren’t lying.  Better and better lighting conditions sure have made a huuuge improvement over my original stuff ^^;


Plus I think I’m gonna spend a huge wad of cash on some AC to keep cool this summer… lots of saving to do ^^;;

Metatron was one of those few figures that demanded a purchase even without the usual boost from my love of the character.  Something about her outfit really clicked with me, she’s armed and she’s sexay.  If you liked the protyotype pics, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.  Not to mention she’s an Alter.

Being so satisfied with my shots of Sakura, honestly I was kind of disappointed by the pic quality for Metatron.  I was using pretty similar conditions so maybe there was something about her coloring that was throwing off the white balance?  Ah well.  Will just have to try harder next time.

More fine reviews at:



37 Responses to “メタトロン ~ Metatron”

  1. Yi said

    With so much going on in this figure, she’d never be boring to look at. Definitely going to get this as well. Nice base too.

    Beam sword seems cooler than the dagger.

    • meronpan said

      yes, exactly, that’s a great way to put it… lots going on ^^ all the neat details from base to her face are very nice ^^ maybe i’ll give the beam sword another try when it’s cooler… (did seem like it might bend in the heat…)

  2. Nice oppai figure! But Metatron reminds me of Borg from the Star Trek Enterprise Next Generation >.>; not a huge fan of the Borg myself… Another Blood on the other hand was an instant buy for me ^^;

    • gundamjehutykai said

      She’s armoured rather than cybernetic. and you should check out one of the other armoured characters if you though Metatron was well endowed…

      • Well, I am more of a average size type of guy. D cup is max size for me, anything bigger turns me off completely. Well, I am pretty sure she is not a borg :x just getting that feeling because of those broken wires on her arms and legs.

    • meronpan said

      hahah borg? didn’t really get that vibe at all ^^;; maybe you’re just got it on your mind with the star trek movie out :P (though were the even borg in it? i haven’t seen it yet ^^;;)

  3. Rin said

    It’s a really nice figure…
    Went back to a black bg huh!!!
    Really nice photo shoot too!!!!!!
    I might want to get her…

  4. James said

    Glad you bought this one , as i didn’t and was hesitating about her … She looks great and everything , i love the hair but i don’t know , there is something that i don’t like that much … So i’ll pass , but she sure is nice … Maybe if i see her in real ?

    love the close up to her face a lot (L)

  5. Wow… I normally avoid buying figures unaffiliated with series or games that I have watched/played, but gosh you keep tempting me!

    I will resist the temptation this time, but my determination keeps getting weaker. Stop making me buy more figures!

    • meronpan said

      but it’s my mission to make everyone buy more figures! :P you must have a lot of will power. if i was in japan for such a long period of time i’d have to be realllllly careful to not spend my life savings ^^;;

  6. I awaited your review impatiently. And I am dazzled by it. Your photographs are splendid! Metatron is a pure beauty. I like much the metal color used and the movement of the hair. I really regret having cancelled it.

    • meronpan said

      i’m glad you enjoyed the review so much ^^ too bad you canceled her but on the bright side she’s still in stock at places like hlj and hobby search… which means you may have a better chance of picking her up in the future ^^

  7. Blowfish said

    I guess she a smoking hot babe under that armor like Samus Aran and her Armor was heavily damaged,fell off and now shes in this state? However it happened I approve of this!
    She totally went under my radar and ive gotta say damn! Sweet,sweet figure but the lightsaber looks kinda silly

    • meronpan said

      ah that’s right! totally a samus kind of thing, huh?

      i need to dig up some other cg (if it exists) of her using that light saber thing… the shot i found just didn’t completely convince me ^^;;

  8. T.I.P. said

    Nice review and pictures. I need to work harder on achieving that black background you got. ^^;; I don’t think you need to know who she is to enjoy this figure. I’m not an oppai person, but note was still taken. I just realized that Alter doesn’t make cast-off figures(?), but she’d definitely make one nice cast-off figure with that battle damaged armor. She looks good like this though.

    • meronpan said

      yeah i think you’re right about alter and cast off. maybe in the past but i can’t think of anything recent that has cast off besides accessories and such. …’course that’s the way i like it. no fuss or worrying about things breaking when changing modes, no extra seams for the cast off pieces…

  9. Tier said

    That is indeed a nice angle! I’m a little bit surprised that more people haven’t gotten her yet, I love this figure.

    I spend a lot of time getting my lights adjusted, but I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of time post-processing in Photoshop, too.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i noticed she was in stock at my usual stores and not too many reviews. perhaps the demonbane fan community isn’t that big? i might be way off base, but i feel like many people try to stick with figures of characters they’re familiar with… and the current economy is likely reducing the number of people that break that rule further…

  10. optic said

    For me, the main attraction about this figure is the details so of her armor coming down to the minor details of it. Honesty, this is by one of the best works I’ve seen from Alter and if they keep it at this rate, thier future releases will look just as spectcular.

    Really nice review. Given the fact she’s already displayed at a nice angle, each angle shot just makes it look great.

    • meronpan said

      thanks ^^

      definitely agree you can display her from many different angles and there’s a lot to appreciate in each ^^ somehow she ended up with lotsa little details i love that threw her solidly into the instaget pile.

  11. Roy said

    wow she looks awesome though her hair color seemed to changed in some pictures,maybe just her coolness that’s throwing off the camera ^^ but the detail on her is insane, definitely a sight for sore eyes, love the angle shots as well great job :D

    • meronpan said

      yeah, that would be my white balance battle i believe ^^;; actual color is on the lighter side, like in alter’s official shots ^^;

      doumo~ ^^

  12. gundamjehutykai said

    The pic of metatron onthe official page is of metatron when she is fully armoured up. the figure actually holds her helmet in the left hand.

    I can’t really get into too much details about the plot of the game or the character because it’s really convoluted and confusing. Also, Metatron doesn’t show up in the anime. She’s game only. and the Original PC game was an eroge with a heavy loli slant.

    • meronpan said

      i totally thought her helmet was some huge alien pistol until i saw the pic from her character page ^^;;

      looks like i’ll have to try out the game to get the full scoop on her… (now when am i gonna have time for that… orz)

      • Well, I know that Metatron is a henshin warrior like kamen rider or power rangers, but works alone and fights the main enemies of the game known as anticross. The pilot of Demonbane and his loli partner, Al-Asif also fight against them. She’s pretty much exclusively a close combat fighter.

        The other form of metatron is a nun who looks after an orphanage and actually has blonde hair… There is another like metatron but I made a mistake in an above post as that one is male. The 2 don’t work together but I don’t think they have a large role in the main plot (i.e. the one involving al-asif and demonbane)

  13. Ouroborus said

    Her real name is LEICA, and yeah… she is a henshin warrior called METATRON. But without the battle suit she is a blond nun. So damn beautiful. I’m in love!! :p nice job Alter!!

    Take a look at her blinding beauty:

  14. Ouroborus said

    More Leica/Metatron pics to enjoy… sorry… can´t post the nude and tentacle fkn pics lol :) THX a lot Nitro+.

  15. Tohsaka said

    Great review!

    Woah, spoilers!

    Never expected that there are people who don’t know about Demonbane…

    • meronpan said


      unfortunately i have no idea what’s a spoiler and what’s not ^^;;; this is one of the few figures i acquired without any knowledge of the character

  16. […] a random review of the original figure (Metatron, Alter) […]

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