Weekend Gets

Posted by meronpan on May 18, 2009

Wanted to get that lulu review up, but… well, truth be told it was hot as hell and I couldn’t get anything done.  Kept my computer off most of time to keep the house as cool as possible (no AC orz).  So while that did wonders for my progress in FFTA2… well, you get the picture ^^;

I did make a trip to J-Town to pickup some manga I had ordered some weeks back…



Some people probably don’t want spoilers by reading ahead, but since it’s the original material, I personally have no qualms doing so.

Other pickups included the first volumes of Saki and hatsukoi limited, and volume 13 of ToLoveる


Haven’t started any of those yet but did read through volume 1 of K-ON! already.  In case you were wondering about the mio pantsu scene in the source material…

mio pantsu

Panel 1

mio: minna arigatou~!  (thanks everyone!)
ritsu: kore de mio mo hazukashigari kokufuku dekisouda na (looks like mio will be able to get over her shyness after all)

Panel 2

mio: kyan!

Panel 3

mio: aitatata…  …eh?! (owowow… wha?!)

Panel 4

mio: iyaaaaa

narration: koushite kotoshi no gakuensai wa maku wo tojimashita (and that’s how the curtain closed at this year’s school festival)

Lulu’s review to come soon I hope… he’s getting angry.


Errr or maybe his face is always like that :P



Didn’t finish off pics for her review as I had planned either -_-

And the last thing I blame on the heat wave…


Failed to submit an entry to Danny’s contest -_-  Then again, even with 5 runner ups now getting a prize, I don’t think I was in contention for getting anything.  Sure I’ve got a ton of figures lined up but otherwise it’s just a jerker with 2 monitors on it.  Plenty of other desks with more monitors and/or more figures out there so it felt pointless ^^;  Plus I feel like I’d be using up my contest winning karma which I need to save for when Danny throws some sort of Japan trip prize out there :P

Ok fine, so in the end I really have no good excuse except for being lazy due to the heat :P

Wanted this to be a short post, so that’s it!



26 Responses to “Weekend Gets”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    Hmm… K-On art style in the anime looks totally different with the original. But i guess that’s KyoAni for you.

    • meronpan said

      i love kyoani’s stuff and the manga wasn’t insanely detailed or anything so for once i don’t have an overwhelming preference for the manga ^^;

  2. lovelyduckie said

    I want to see the winners, I can check tonight after work (blocked at work). Even at my peak though my desk was never any competition with everyone else. I keep my desk relatively clear of all the things I love because when I’m eating/doing homework/using the computer I knock things over.

    • meronpan said

      looks like danny’s still trying to make up his mind ^^;

      running out of space, a few of my figures have overflowed to my actual work area next to my keyboard and i’m getting concerned about knocking them over/who knows whatever other random accidents ^^; i definitely need a new shelf in the coming months…

  3. phossil said

    I couldnt submit an entry for DC contest too. :(

  4. Superchan said

    hehe Mio pantsu shot i can wait for English license version of K-ON!

  5. May be I should get into K-on after all, haven’t had a chance and still way behind on all the stuff I wanted to do. Spent most of of my weekend getting a bit upset over the loss of Rin in the Volks lottery event >.>; I didn’t bother to enter Danny’s contest at the end either because I feel people get upset over my desk being cramped with stuff >.>;

    • meronpan said

      ah yes, i had glanced over your post but, obviously, failed to comment. sorry about rin ;_;

      i think the cramped stuff is what makes it epic! :P

      • But I will never give up on Rin! She is going to be one of my girls and I am going to make it happen!

        May be so, but I decided to opt out of the desk contest because I don’t think my style is in sync with the general DC audience.

  6. Blowfish said

    Oooooh! Mei Feng in Cast-Off Mode!
    Looks like someone was too lazy to fiddle around to get her clothed again ^^

    • meronpan said

      hahah, that’s *exactly* it. maybe now that i’m used to cast off stuff it won’t be so hard, but back in the day, it was such a chore getting her dress off to remove the protective plastic. i was too freaked out/tired to try and get the thing back on.

  7. Yi said

    I personally didn’t think the manga is that good. It’s just so-so… Presented in 4-komas, K-0n sort of loses something.

    • meronpan said

      aww, i love 4-koma ^^; i’m enjoying it a lot, but i admit reading over the stuff that’s already been covered in the anime is pretty repetitive. …i suppose in that regard if you consider that the art isn’t leaps and bounds over the anime (perhaps the anime might even be better? ^^;), the anime is, well, animated, and the anime has voice… in an apples to oranges comparison the anime is better ^^;; on the other hand the anime isn’t finished and doesn’t let me read ahead :P

  8. T.I.P. said

    I didn’t enter the contest because I don’t have a desk to speak of. lol But it’s really nice to go out for some fresh air some time. I didn’t get anything over the weekend since I had to work…and the mailman don’t deliver on weekends. ^^;;; But I did watch some “nice” fireworks while I was at work. The fireworks were to celebrate Victoria Day, something for commonwealth countries. :)

    • meronpan said

      ewww work on the weekends. that’s rough. i used to do that a lot at a startup but luckily don’t really have the need to do so anymore. guess the fireworks were a nice consolation? ^^; speaking of which when i hear fireworks now i always think about some awesome photos gordon took of fireworks… would really love to do so myself sometime but i’m not sure how good it’d turn out with my current camera ^^;;

      • T.I.P. said

        I work in the hospitality industry…so working weekends/holidays/everyday is inevitable. I get to see and meet a lot of interesting and awesome people. But I don’t get that “WOW” factor when I go to places like concerts, sports games, conventions, or theme parks anymore because it’s just like a day at work. “orz

  9. Shiddo said

    Yey Hatsukoi Love! All are hyped by K-ON! (no wonders) but there are some other cool animes/mangas being released. Hatsukoi is imho one of them and its awesome ^^ So far I laughted each ep. Try to get some manga shots next time ^^

    And… Please don’t say you are lazy! =P


    • meronpan said

      hahah, i’ll do my best. some vacation time coming up soon so i should be able to catch up on a lot of things… i’ve yet to start the hatsukoi anime or manga at this point ^^;;;

  10. I’m actually scanlating the K-ON manga with my scanlation group Foolrulez!

  11. Q said

    These exotic ‘my room’ and ‘my desk’ contests really blew me away as I’m pretty much a common-wannabe (and personally I don’t like showing off things especially when I don’t have much to show off in the first place). Besides, the fact that I’m away from home living in a 3m x 5m room at the moment doesn’t help either ^^;

    Looking forward to see a Lulu review. A male figure is a nice change afterall, right?

    • meronpan said

      alas, i have a feeling you’d have done pretty well in the contest if you could have covered your desk with all your tanks and mecha! it would’ve been epic! ^^

      definitely a nice change of pace. and lulu is just awesome anyway!

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