ルルーシュ・ランペルージ ~ Lelouch Lamperouge

Posted by meronpan on May 19, 2009

A man of many names!  Lelouch Lamperouge, Lelouch vi Britannia, Zero… but in the end Shirley’s nickname of choice is my favorite too – lulu.


Megahouse’s new G.E.M. line of figures has delivered! I finally have my hands on a nice scaled code geass figure!

If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll probably agree that this figure captures the lulu spirit perfectly.


I’m not super familiar with their work lately, but from what I remember you can definitely see the CLAMP character design oozing from him.  Lanky limbs make for very dramatic poses ^^;


Love how the cape turned out.


…but if it displeases you it’s removeable.   ^^

You can see above his other set of arms, along with sword, mask, and non-geass head.  Lots of display options.  Think I again failed to push his arm all the way in though ^^;


On his sword is a real metal chain, very nice touch.


Too bad you can’t remove the sword from its scabbard… but it’s still a great accessory.

A final closer look…


Coat tails!


Haven’t dressed up for Halloween in forever, but it would be awesome to go as Zero :P


Above is how I have him on display at the moment.  Maximizes use of parts ^^;


Base is ok I guess.  Think I would’ve preferred a huge geass symbol by itself over the entire base rather than having his name.




Hmm, perhaps I should leave the photoshopping to more artistically inclined folk ^^;;


Great from any angle, the sign of a good figure.


Some more of the few white bg shots I attempted…


Haven’t decided if I like the below pic or not yet.


Dang, just realized this was one of the only shots I took with his mask ^^;


zero no ichigo miruku :P

Apologies to any wanting low angle shots :P

The definitive Lulu figure as far as I’m aware.  Highly recommended.  Now I need an awesome CC to match…

hmmm didn’t see any reviews out there yet.  Let me know if ya got one~

Update: A review at Des Trèfles en Folie for your viewing pleasure!



33 Responses to “ルルーシュ・ランペルージ ~ Lelouch Lamperouge”

  1. Yi said

    Very nice figure. I think he’s much sexier without the cape. Looks leaner and hotter. You should do more white bg shots. ^^

    • meronpan said

      Trying to make progress with the white. Just a matter of getting the lighting and background to a point where I’m happy with ’em. …course the figure has to be right too… i try to avoid shooting white with characters that wear a lot of white… end up bleeding into the bg ^^; but yeah, i’m itching for some variation too ^^;

  2. That’s a very impressive figure. I don’t own any non-female figures but I think Lelouch is cool enough to warrant an exception ^^ I just might pick that up.

  3. lovelyduckie said

    I anxiously await this figure myself :) Megahouse is brilliant for releasing this GEM line. So far they’re 2 for 2 with this line for me (Lelouch and Gin). Although I’m still IMPATIENTLY waiting for a PVC figure of Euphie, that character actually bothered me until the end of the first season. I’ve only seen the first season so far, I’m a very bad girl for not watching the 2nd season yet. There are SO MANY series I love that I haven’t watched the 2nd season of yet (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Jigoku Shoujo too)

    PS – I like the name LuLu too

    • meronpan said

      mmmm euphie i wouldn’t mind a figure of her either. though my list of priorities places cc first ^^;

      i can’t imagine stopping after the first season of geass… it was such a cliff hanger!!! lulu vs spinzaku! ahhhh so great. I was so obsessed I think I got through all of season 2 in 2 days or something insane like that ^^; you have amazing will power (but yes, you should get thru s2 :P)

  4. Persocom said

    Awesome Lelouch. If I could find just one awesome C.C. figure that I could get my hands on I’d buy a Lelouch to go with her, but I’ve yet to find one that I was unable to resist. I’d still like to get a Lelouch Figma but for the same reason I’ve avoided doing so. It wouldn’t feel right without C.C. to me.

    • meronpan said

      i liked that kuji club cc but evidently she was really hard to get a hold of orz I believe the price I would’ve had to pay for her wouldn’t have been justified by the quality either

      you should at least just go ahead and get the figma! he is awesome :P

  5. Smithy said

    Nice Lelouch figure. ^^

    Always wondered why no big renowned manufacturers picked up “Code Geass” to create figures, most that are out are mediocre at best, no really good CC or Karen ones at all. This is hands down the best “Code Geass” figure I’ve seen so far.

    And what?! No Luluko figure?!? We need one: http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2008-05-25-102389.jpeg

    • meronpan said

      maybe sunrise/bandai/whoever’s in charge is charging an insane license fee or something… ‘cuz yeah, makes no sense that the big 3 aren’t oozing geass figures out of every orifice :P The other megahouse ones are pretty good but I would’ve preferred other outfits…

      i will… pass on luluko ^^;;

  6. I only watched the first season of code geass, I guess what happened at the end of the first season made me a little uneasy; it was really unfortunate for everyone involved imo. I still haven’t gotten around to bring myself to watch the 2nd season. Nice Lulu figure though, would be so perfect with a CC next to him.

  7. Blowfish said

    Havent seen Code Geass since im no Fan of the character design and im generally turned off by Mechas.From what ive seen It looks like hes spot on.
    Its great that MegaHouse deicded to get its own line for Male figures and im just about to Preorder Gin-san since well Gintama is awesome ^^

    • meronpan said

      you should watch a few episodes, then you can at least say you tried it… and who knows, maybe you will like it! ^^

      i guess on that note i should watch/read some gintama… ‘cuz i have no idea what it is ^^;;;

      • Blowfish said

        Yeah,i probably should.Pretty much everyones telling me to ^^;
        As for Gintama…Its pretty much a random comedy anime that has some shounen arcs from time to time.Those Shounen Arcs are one of the weaker parts of the series imho though.You should be into senseless acts of random stuff though or you might hate it otherwise.You learn lots of japanese words for the male anatomy or other stuff you usually arent suppsoed to hear from it ^^
        If your a fan of Rie Kugimiya and the Dude who does Kyon you might wanna check it out.

  8. Yuina said

    o/ All hail Lulu o/

    Really neat photos, gz! Unlike you, I kinda like the base, I find it somehow classy ^^
    I’m looking forward to receiving Zero, I’ve been waiting for him for more than three weeks now… ;__;

    It would really be great if a Black Knight C.C. were to be made ^o^

  9. OMG!!! Your photographs are increasingly beautiful! I am completely fan. The light effects are sublimes.
    Finally, I would let myself try by this figure of Lelouche (with the sight of your review). It is very successful.

  10. Pic lulu22 looks like a very good pure with bg with minor white bleeding but it can be easily fixed by increasing the distance between your lamps and figure :) Nice job!!!

  11. This is an awesome figure! All those nice touches really made the parts work together. I’m looking forward to what other male figures Megahouse has planned.

  12. Q said

    Black background suits the theme of Zero more, but the him walking into the bright light looks interesting though I have to say.

    Quite a bit of details are in there. I can feel the price being a little steep there >_<;; Btw where's that strawberry milk from?

    Speaking of Code Geass, my sister hasn't gone around to it after watching the first episode at the moment; I think she still couldn't stand his character design at the end (laughs)

    • meronpan said

      the milk is from the phat nendoroid classroom set… which reminds me, wish i had ordered the traditional japanese room set they announced… oh well, saving money isn’t bad ^^;

      lulu’s definitely a lot of… issues ^^;

  13. T.I.P. said

    Very nice photos and review…not to mention the figure itself is awesome as well. I didn’t pre-order him so I’m kicking myself now because it’s on back-order at HLJ. I hope they stock him up quick because I have an urge to get this lulu recently. XD

    Hmm…maybe I should do a cosplay of lulu…might be too much effort for the lazy me though. ^^;;;

    • meronpan said

      doh! he’s in stock at hobby search, but that means insane ems shipping costs… i do think they recently restocked him though so hopefully hlj will follow suit soon…

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