Aschen Brödel

Posted by meronpan on May 31, 2009

My least favorite character in the trio but I needed the complete set ^^;


And that’s not to say I don’t like her ^^;

Aschen! Another character from 無限のフロンティア スーパーロボット大戦OGサーガ (Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier)… some sort of android assistant to the male lead, Haken.


Aschen’s got a split personality… alternating from serious and reserved to playful and cheerful.


Her pose is taken from one of her signature moves… a sort of awkward reverse kick ^^;



She seems kind of precariously balanced… hope Volks figures are lean resistant ^^;


Hard to tell with her arms crossed but she’s pretty well endowed :P


Mmmm so we’ll adjust the angle a bit…




There’s something about Volks’ PVC offerings that feel sort of… chunky?  I don’t really know how to describe it.


So far the two I have seem pretty well executed overall but for me they lack the Alter touch ^^;


And the hair has quite a shiny finish that may turn some off… for me it somehow kinda of matches the finish of the rest of the figure… still undecided if I like it thou ^^;


As you can see, the details seem a bit rough…


The odd base shape is due to the fact that it’s meant to be combined with kaguya & suzuka’s for a complete display.


I’m still partial to the black backgrounds, but I’ll be switching it up from time to time.




If you’re a fan of the game and are looking for figures, I’m not sure you have too many other options ^^;  And to make things worse, it isn’t exactly easy to get a hold of Volks stuff.  If you are interested in Volks stuff at all I can recommend Tokyo Hunter and Goody Japan to take care of your order.  There’s also Tenso, featured in one of danny’s previous contests, but unfortunately I haven’t completed my order with them yet (was a preorder).

I ordered Aschen through Goody Japan and it ended up being on the pricey side…

Subtotal amount :        7,875 yen
Domestic shipping :       840 yen
Our commission  :       1,181 yen
Bank transfer fee  :          300 yen
Total amount         :     10,196 yen

Then had to pay for shipping from Japan to the US ^^;;;  Curse you Volks!  Basically added +25% to the price to use an ordering service orz.  In retrospect, a bit over the top in terms of price, but now that I have all three… I do like having the set ^^;;  Not bad, but probably only for the most dedicated fans of the game.

For pics of the complete set… look forward to a Suzuka review in the next day or so ^^

Update: Forgot to link Tentacle Armada for another review!



18 Responses to “Aschen Brödel”

  1. Persocom said

    hmm, she’s not really a figure I’d want but I do like the pose. the hair i think is what seems weird because it looks like fresh paint or something, too glossy maybe. hope she doesn’t end up leaning. she looks like she’d wobble a bit, but connected with the others i’m sure she’d be alright.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, the hair’s pretty shiny… which actually isn’t necessarily an automatic bad thing in my book… but worse, it just looks sloppy.

      i actually noticed kaguya was quite close to aschen on the combined base… she was leaning orz. doesn’t inspire much confidence for aschen. on the other hand… she and aschen and prop each other up ^^;;;

  2. Shiddo said

    not the best figure out there =_= those close up details are sometiems scary (specialy the face / forehead) ^^; also the price 10000+yen T-T. but yeah everything for sake of sets ^^;; make some group photos later (if u have time) ^^

    • meronpan said

      hahah, yeah that face shot is quite ominous ^^;; shoulda switched to the smiling face maybe… though then you can’t examine the work on her eyes ^^;

      my suzuka review should be up soon, complete with a handful of group shots ^^ (and there was one with just kaguya & aschen in a previous post, though i can’t remember which one atm ^^;;)

  3. G2 said

    The leg looks weird in some angles.

  4. Q said

    Definitely one of the more unusual-looking figures I’ve seen so far. For some reasons, I feel that the character’s face resembles work of Akira Toriyama (mangaka for Dragon Ball).

    • meronpan said

      hmmm i suppose from her big forehead and chunkiness of the hair makes it like toriyama stuff? ^^; i guess that’s another sign that volks didn’t quite nail this one ^^;;;

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Okay, so Volks… is… NO! Anyway, that pose is her last kick in her overdrive, in level 12 it can deal 2000++ damages.

    It’s kinda coincidence that i saw this post right after i played Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier in my bro’s NDS. I loved Kaguya Nanbu and suddenly want the figure after checked her in Tsuki-Board.

    But well, after seeing your review (for both Aschen and Kaguya), i don’t want it anymore. The quality is just too low and it’s not really worth the price (and effort, damn exclusive).

    • meronpan said

      hmmm i forget how much damage my aschen was doing when i left off ^^;; if i remember correctly i had an all female harem party consisting of suzuka, kaguya, kos-mos and aschen?

      glad you were able to better make a decision before spending tons of money on these releases ^^; as i mentioned, personally, i was desperate for just any figure so they are good enough… but for sane people… yeah, the price and difficulty of obtaining them for the quality delivered is a bit of a stretch.

      oh, and as i mentioned above to persocom, another word of warning… my kaguya seems to be leaning orz

  6. Tier said

    Yeah, the quality doesn’t really impress me much. I do like the character design a lot so despite the flaws, I think this is a pretty cool figure.

    • meronpan said

      yeah exactly – i’d of course love it if the quality were higher, but as it is, very happy to have the endless frontier girls on my desk ^^

  7. T.I.P. said

    That awkward reverse groin kick looks really weird at some angles, but looks awesome in other angles as well. I’m one of those who hate shiny hair, and neon green of all colours…my comment ends here. ^^;;

    There’s only a handful of figure producers that can be compared to Alter, not to mention having that “Alter touch”. Setting Alter releases as the standard will reduce your figure selection dramatically, but it’ll also save you the burden of buying a low quality figure.

    • meronpan said

      well, looks like you can safely avoid this one ^^;

      i guess it’s also good few match the alter quality ‘cuz otherwise i’d be broke ^^; …which reminds me i haven’t ordered anything in awhile… may be time to fix that… or maybe i should keep holding off and get that dslr ^^; hmmmm

  8. Blowfish said

    You gotta love German names in japanese games /anime ^^
    Her green hair is kinda a turn off for me but I never played the series anyways.
    Its kinda a pain when your options to buy your favorite characters of a series is limited to a few releases

    • meronpan said

      ja ^^

      i thought the game was pretty fun although i think it’s a lot different than the other super robot games? i’m curious and want to check those out now…

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  10. […] figures poorer in the wallet.  After I made the purchase, I also chanced upon another review at Wawawa Wasuremono.  These reviews have been around for awhile, so chances are you have seen them already.  But if […]

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