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Sudden Trip

Posted by meronpan on June 30, 2009

I guess I could’ve combined this news with the post I just made… but it kinda felt like it deserved it’s own post.


About 12 hours ago I was asked if I could go on a business trip to Japan.  6 hours ago I booked a flight.  Barring any problems, I’ll be taking off within the next 15 hours.


I’ll be landing on Thursday (Japan time) and working Friday & Saturday.  However I extended my trip to the next Thursday so I’ll have Sunday through Wendesday to have some vacation time (assuming my Japanese coworkers don’t pull me into the office ^^;;;).  I believe it’s still tsuyu (rainy season == hot & humid orz) but… it’s Japan!

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How to Nico Nico

Posted by meronpan on June 30, 2009

I’m pretty sure there are other niconico sign up tutorials out there but I figure it can’t hurt adding another to the mix.  Come one, come all, discover the otaku joys of nico nico douga!


Click for the artist's blog post

You can see a video of the drawing of the awesome pic above here (timed awesomely with the niconico rainbow medley I posted about earlier).  So let’s get on with the tutorial so that you can follow that link!

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Some Random Pics

Posted by meronpan on June 29, 2009

wawawa kosmos

Took some other pics while I was doin’ my miku review, figured I’d pass them along.

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初音ミク ~ Hatsune Miku

Posted by meronpan on June 27, 2009

Continuing to review older releases until some new orders arrive ^^;  Looks like tama-nee is released but I had combined her with the delayed moka so she probably won’t ship until July orz.  Anyhow, thought miku was fitting since lately I’ve been watching so many vocaloid videos on niconico ^^;


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Posted by meronpan on June 23, 2009

Just another niconico public service announcement to spread some otaku love.  I would’ve put a translation in the title but I have a small paragraph worth of explanation about it ^^;  Before that, I should mention I’ll be talking about the latest niconico music medley, 七色のニコニコ動画を元の曲で再現してみたver.D!

If you have a niconico account, can understand japanese, and somehow haven’t seen it yet, I recommend watching it on niconico for the usual comment insanity.  I dunno but I totally love the niconico comment system.  Really changes the experience… rather than inane youtube stuff it’s more of a stream of the otaku conscious… perhaps tapping into the same appeal of videos of people’s reactions to other videos, you get the same sort of thing in comment form at niconico.  Definitely contributes to a community feeling when  you’re watching.  Very amusing, but you have to be able to read fast ^^;

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Limit Gunz

Posted by meronpan on June 21, 2009

If my records are right it looks like I’m actually caught up for reviews of recent releases!  Time to take a look at some older releases… Limit Gunz!

limitgunz13 copy

Also my first review with the new camera… haven’t quite settled into a standard work flow and such… gonna be a while before that falls in place ^^;  Didn’t get all the shots I wanted and at the very least, looks like I need a new tripod.  The cheapo one I had was great to start but there’s no way it can support things in a vertical orientation (though I suppose with the added resolution I could just crop down pics ^^;)

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買っちゃった ~ I Bought It

Posted by meronpan on June 20, 2009

If you were wondering what I meant when I twittered, 「買っちゃった」 this is it ^^


Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my previous post. Please don’t be offended if I didn’t follow your advice ^^;;

Hope I’m handling everything correctly and putting things on right… was too excited to spend an hour reading the insanely long manual ^^;;

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One Year and 100k! (almost ^^;)

Posted by meronpan on June 17, 2009

click for danbooru

click for danbooru

A big thank you to everyone!  WAWAWA忘れ物 is now… well, I guess technically WAWAWA忘れ物 was born late January so it’s only 5 months old :P *ahem* Let’s overlook the name change… one year of blogging, yay! As you’ve no doubt figured out, I’m just gonna talk a bit about some stats, milestones, site trivia and the like. If that’s not your cup of tea, just let me say thanks again for stopping by and see ya next time m(_ _)m

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48 Day Preorder Drought Ends

Posted by meronpan on June 15, 2009

Not that there wasn’t anything I wanted, but rather I had been shielding my wallet from damage ^^;  Was going rather nicely for the last month or so but leave it to Alter to bust it open again…

official (i assume) pic found at hobby search

official (i assume) pic found at hobby search - link below for more

Back at Hobby Search I found myself adding figures to my cart ^^;  Ah nanoha.  No way I could pass her up.  Series is named after her!  With all the bits flying around her, I really have no idea where to put both her and fate orz.  *ahem*  Sorry blowfish, I’ll try to keep the nanoha bits to a minimum :P

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Manga Manga Manga

Posted by meronpan on June 14, 2009

The problem with following so many series is that auto-buy mode becomes increasingly damaging….


I had ordered Saki a couple weeks back, and having finally started the hatsukoi anime I had to get the rest of that series.  Totally recommend hatsukoi limited for fans of romantic comedy.  What it reminds me most is kimi kiss.  No fantastic elements or anything, just a nice complicated web of relationships.  I guess those are kinda hit or miss, depending on if you like the characters… but for what’s it’s worth, they were a hit with me ^^;

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