錫華姫 ~ Suzuka Hime

Posted by meronpan on June 1, 2009

Finally, the last of Volks’ Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier gals! Suzuka hime!


Suzuka is… well, to be honest, it’s been a while and I didn’t look up enough kanji in the first place while playing… so I’m not too sure what her deal is.  Some sort of princess, some sort of relationship to Kaguya, calls upon a mech thing during battle to do the dirty work (…she dances and it kicks ass ^^;).   mmm check out wikipedia if you want slightly more details ^^;;


I forget who it was that referred to her as such, but I loved the unagi reference to her ^^;  Probably Haken since he’s always making up funny (well, trying to be funny ^^;) names for everyone.  Indeed as she’s dancing, just imagine a squirming eel… errr… hahah, well, I got a good laugh out of it :P

I believe noto mamiko is the voice actor too ^_^


I noticed a huuuge surge in traffic (for me :P) from people looking for kaguya… checked the dates, and yep, it was soon after the US release of the game.  We’ll see if suzuka or aschen have that effect, but I doubt they can match the bakunyuu princess’s charms :P


The face is not quite spot on for my tastes, but I like how the rest of the figure was executed.  Well, rather, I like suzuka’s character design and the figure doesn’t mess that up :P


Above is the face she ships with but the other one in the box is with her tongue out :P


Really love how her fans turned out.


Even though most of her fighting is handled by a mech, she does whack mobs around from time to time.


Her skirt thing is cast off, and you must remove it at least once to get the protective plastic off.


Of course I smudged her leg in the process -_-  Ah well.


Guess all the super robot taisen girls like black pantsu.

Now for a guro pantsu shot…


hahah well, not really guro but still :P


Again, just like her outfit in general, though its execution seems to be more and more typical of Volks… slightly rough feeling, ya know?


For me I rank it as a solid delivery overall, though I wish there were more figures to compare to.


Now that we’ve got everyone together… 合体! (gattai!)


Add in three babes…


I think something about Aschen and kaguya being the same height and kinda close together detracts from final result, but, nothing I can really do about that.


Decided to pose Aschen with her smiling face after all.



kaguya side boob




My first multi-part base I’ve completed.  Could’ve been the wave Fortune Arterial gals but backed out of that one after not reordering my cancelled shiro (*shakes fist at kid nemo*).

Quite an expensive set to put together thanks to the Volks premium but fans of the game will likely be happy.



25 Responses to “錫華姫 ~ Suzuka Hime”

  1. Tier said

    I skipped Suzuka because I didn’t dig the horn coming from her forehead too much, but your pictures make her look pretty good. I dig the castoff shots especially XD

    Out of the two I have Kaguya’s the best in technical terms. I’ve got one more Volks figure on order so I’m hoping that it turns out okay. At least, I think it’s a figure. Google Translate said it was a figure. Man, I really hope I ordered a figure and not something that I don’t want.

    • meronpan said

      no summoner love? ^^ yeah actually i’m not really a fan of the horn either but it doesn’t really bother me. i hadn’t expected the cast off actually so that was a bonus ^^

      hope you got what you wanted ^^; if you have the link i could check for ya

      i’m also hoping for the better with fate on order ^^;

  2. Shiddo said

    Aschen with smiling face (no closeups) looks alot better and kinda cute ^^ (get her football)
    That pink glow effect of Suzukas fan is nice. Really like it. Maybe they could add on 2nd one as well but still love it ^^
    Kaguya is best, awesome sword, pose and… ^^; I find her far best from the trio ^^

  3. Leonia said

    Nice shooting and presentation. My favorite is Nanbu, but I don’t really like the set of Volk. It’s not my style (loli powa!)

  4. GNdynames said

    Her face is kind of scary, at least to me. Everything else is great. I still prefer the other two over her though.

    I’ve never played the game though so I’m not at all familiar with who these girls are. The gattai shots look great though.

    • meronpan said

      i think maybe it’s her heavy makeup… didn’t seem to stand out so much in the game ^^;;

      i’m glad the gattai shots turned out, it’s the main reason i got the set ^^;

  5. T.I.P. said

    Nice figure, but not really my type of girl(s). Something about the brightly coloured hair of Aschen detracts me…though I don’t really know who they are in the first place. :S

    I really love Suzuka’s dress though, great details, and a lovely action pose to go with it. :D

    • meronpan said

      not a bad game, if you like rpgs ^^ personally i like the battle system a lot because the timing elements take away from the repetitiveness of the usual random encounters (though perhaps that’s just ‘cuz i’m not so good and can rarely achieve the max length juggle ^^;)

  6. phossil said

    hehehe, she is a horny girl… lol

  7. Magna said

    Impressive how your review made her look better, but I still don’t feel like buying this figure. Suzuka is my favorite character in Endless Frontier, and I think that the more we like a character, the more we want the figure to be perfect. Even though Volks did a great job with her clothes, fans, proportions and facial expression (just love her showing her tongue!), the pose could’ve been better. Her arms and legs are too spread apart, and she’s not like that in the artwork or in game. Her left hand should be by her waist and her right arm closer to her face.

    I just hope other companhies start producing more Endless Frontier figures and action figures too. Suzuka in a different dancing pose every week would be just great!

    • meronpan said

      the price and execution definitely take away from any potential “must buy”-ness that this figure could’ve had. thou i did the like pose, despite the fact that it strayed from her usual appearance

      would love to see a stop gap animation of suzuka ^^

  8. xJAYMANx said

    [Hope u don’t mind my Meimi132-style cross-posting, lol.] @Meronpan: Hey! Yeah, it’s been a while! I’ve been following your posts, but can’t seem to find anything “cool” to say. At least, not as often as I’d like, lol. Haha, if u mean “profilic” as lots of mini-posts per week, then nahhh. But if u mean “prolific as a truckload of goodies per weekly mega-post, then sure!… Thanx, I think my “Shikaku Complex” diagram is pretty funny… and pretty cool too, lol. But u haven’t seen my “Blog 202″ charts? Too bad! Well, I’m fine with “Dollfies”. They’re pretty to look at. But owning one is entirely different. Let alone four! I’m already a bit uncomfortable as it is with an old “Barbie” boxed up in the closet. LOL, a “Dollfie” would be worse! And yeah, calling them “daughters”? {Chills}… I agree. Haven’t followed “Melonpan”, so I wouldn’t know his German state-of-mind. But I see Blowfish just commented below. Maybe he’ll have a better explanation, lol… Dohhh, too bad about the lack of bandwidth. Yeah, gonna need some big-ass bandwidth if you’re gonna launch a “bug bash”. If anything, just skip the bugs and have a normal pizza party, haha.

  9. Suzuka has always been my least favourite character in the games cast and being voiced by Noto Mamiko didn’t help matters, but this figure isn’t too bad (at least when compared to aschen)

    It’s just a shame that they chose to base all their poses on the characters SP moves. The pics do make me a little worried about the Volks build quality tho. Esp since I intend to get their Nanoha and Fate figures when they come back.

    • meronpan said

      awww, ever since watching sola i’ve loved mami-chan’s work ^^;; of course, to each his own

      i did actually see the volks nanoha and fate in akiba but i couldn’t take pics and wasn’t looking them over with as critical an eye at the time… i also hope they turn out…

      • It wasn’s always like that. I thought Noto was fine. Not A-class but still decent. Even when she started to diversify in shows like witchblade and Mnemosyne, she was still decent.

        Then came Nogizaki Haruka no Himitsu. Terrible casting… Then there was Linebarrel, well everything about that show was bad, pretty much, but it and other, more recent stuff, soured my affection for the noto voice.
        My holy trinity are Satsuki Yukino, Horie Yui and Tamura Yukari. Those 3 are able to make me watch absolute shite through the power of their voices alone!!
        Now to camp on the volks page for the nanoha and fate figures. And maybe their N.E.X.T linebarrel. At least I got one of their saber resin kits!

        • meronpan said

          hmmm perhaps i’m still coming off the sola and jigoku shoujo high ^^;

          the list of seiyuu i’m familiar with is still pretty small… will have to look our for those in your trinity ^^ doin a bit of research… had no idea yukari was behind so many characters i’ve liked…

          mai (kanon), ranpha (galaxy angel (played the game but never saw the anime…)), nanoha… looks like she was in the other big key games so once i get around to those i’ll probably have more favorites roles of hers ^^;

  10. Blowfish said

    All 3 girls look pretty nifty together.
    I wish the manufacturers would offer the option to display a set of figures together more often.
    Its annoying when figures of the same series and run have large bases and cant be properly displayed together

    • meronpan said

      yeah, how hard would it be to sell a separate mega stand with pegs for multiple figures? then they could even sell accessories to go on the pegs you didn’t have figures for. it’d be great!

      the downside with each figure coming with part of a base is that you have this horrendous looking thing until you’ve completed the set -_-

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  12. […] seen all that many reviews of Suzuka – actually, I’ve only seen the one from Wawawa Wasuremono. Guess there aren’t that many Suzuka Hime fans out […]

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