A Little Nanoha Before the Weekend

Posted by meronpan on June 4, 2009

Another recent arrival, but won’t have time for the full review for a while since I’ll be away this weekend.


At first I didn’t think I’d get her but I was slowly convinced ^^;

She’s absolutely humongeous!


Not my first 1/4 scale, but the first standing one.


She towers above everyone ^^;


Sorry for the hasty pics, but it’s all I had time for ^^;

Have a great weekend!



51 Responses to “A Little Nanoha Before the Weekend”

  1. xjaymanx said

    @Meronpan: LOL, at that scale, why not just go all-the-way with a Dollfie? ^o^

    • Amazing how some articulation joints and a little customisation ability is able to up the price 10x isn’t it?
      (and let’s not forget the scary dollfie eyes!!)

    • meronpan said

      hahah, as gundamjehutykai alludes to below… still quite a price barrier for dollfie ^^; love seeing pics and such but don’t see myself owning one anytime soon :P

  2. rotaku said

    WOW she is huge! Nice

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Her size reminded me of Dollfie. But yeah… nice seeing her boobs.

  4. Leonia said

    She seems really nice ! But I want Fate !

  5. Rin said

    Too bad my shipment with my Nanoha is in a batch with Black Rock Shooter, Alter Fate and Freeing Konata…
    I have to wait for a while till mine comes…

  6. Shiddo said

    Ok this is 2 big for me ^^ Nice but 2 big. So when you are going to get ya self a 1/1? ^^

    Btw Alleyne is out! Also they released Airi special edition (original colors with bonus weapons) if you want a mirror Airi with your blonde ^^

    • meronpan said

      if i ever buy a house… and dedicate a room to a figure museum… then perhaps i’ll start looking for a 1/1 :P

      ooo yes, thanks for reminding me about alleyne… have a bunch of preorders that i want to place… should probably make a decision soon… 1 airi is enough for now though :P

  7. phossil said

    Maybe its a little big, but I will put Nanoha in my desk next to the LCD monitor.. :)

    • meronpan said

      sounds like a good plan ^^ she’s standing between my two monitors right now but is blocking my work space ^^;; need to clean up and get a better place worked out for her…

  8. Q said

    Whoa she’s indeed huge! I remember you were a little hesistant on getting her, but it looks like that you are not regretting it!

  9. I still have the pencilboard which has the pic this model is based on. But I prefer Feito.

    • meronpan said

      i’m also waiting for a release announcement for the matching fate… coulda sworn they said on the goodsmile page that the fate would be released later on. hope their plans haven’t changed due to the economy or anything.

  10. Magna said

    Soooo huuuuge!!! What’s her height in centimeters?

  11. Lovely! I hope mine will come soon. Still need Feito for the obligatory docking action though.

  12. optic said

    If u mix her up in a sea of figures, spotting her will be a piece of cake. Not only by the size but our eyes can pick up the colour pink very easily at first sight. :)
    Looking forward to ur sexy review.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, totally stands out in a crowd. a lot. ^^;;

      can’t wait to get around to the review either but a rather hectic week and busy weekend has delayed that significantly ;_; soon, hopefully.

  13. Superchan said

    nooo to big its steal all the show of Naneal :(

  14. OH bajeebus she’s huge. And she looks great too! I usually think the a lot of the 1/4 scales have something odd with their sculpting but Nanoha worked out well!

    • meronpan said

      yes, she definitely turned out nice ^^ still have to tone down some expectations when you scale up to 1/4 but even so, i think she’s really great!

  15. vixion said

    that’s Gigantic

    i will go for fate!!!!

  16. Smithy said

    Huge Nanoha is huge! I fancy getting her but she’s just too big. >_<

  17. lovelyduckie said

    I don’t own many bathing suit figures but I just ordered my 3rd one, the Alter Rise. I was so so so close to getting that KosMos but I decided against it at the last minute. But as far as bathing suit figures go I also really like that Nanoha a lot. Grats! She is a cutie!

    • meronpan said

      james and others have been slowly converting me on the swimsuit front… will be looking for more in the future ^^;

      rise looks great but i’m not familiar with her… the last (and only) persona i played was 3… and didn’t get too far orz. i’ve got the japanese release and was spending a lot of time looking up kanji… eventually it got put in the later pile ^^;; i should really go and finish it…

  18. Tier said

    Bigger is better. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  19. T.I.P. said

    Nice “little” Nanoha. She looks great, does she have a mirror base like the FREEing bunnies?

  20. GNdynames said

    It’s that time in their life where their sizes just grows exponentially ^^; I thought my 1/6s look out of proportion in comparison to the 1/8s but man…

    Assuming I get scholarships, I’d probably only get Feito, if she comes out (I didn’t exactly hear about that release though).

    • meronpan said

      heheh, yeah standing 1/4s take things to a new level ^^;;

      they mentioned a fate release in the product description but to my knowledge haven’t followed up on that orz

  21. Persocom said

    too big for my tastes, though I really like Nanoha. I still haven’t gotten a single swimsuit figure. Must find one that I really really like.

    • meronpan said

      maybe my review will change your mind on the size… well, or reinforce your current opinion i guess ^^;; hope to get to get the pics tonite and mebbe the review tomorrow…

  22. Snark said

    Hmm, cool though Nanoha may be, she’s just not the same when not armed with gundam caliber weaponry…

    • meronpan said

      hmmm that sounds like the perfect set up for an OVA… lost property riot force 6 under attack while at the beach on vacation! not like that’s ever happened in anime, right? <..> ^^;;;

      hmmm though there is the problem of their outfits appearing out of thin air… i’m sure someone could come up with some lame excuse why that was malfunctioning :P

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