楠舞 神夜 おまけ ~ Nanbu Kaguya Omake

Posted by meronpan on June 11, 2009

click for danbooru

click for danbooru

Just a pure kaguya service post today ^^;  She’s quite a babe so I suppose the previously mentioned traffic I’m getting from kaguya searches is understandable.  However it’s been bothering me that 99% of these viewers probably left unsatisfied since all I had to offer was a figure review.  I suppose as a small consolation she was cast off.

So to help all y’all along, thought I’d share some resources I’ve come across.  Enjoy the pics and links.  Many of the sites linked contain extremely nsfw content!!!

First off is danbooru.  An image site that gelbooru is based off of.  Input a search term and all the images with that tag will appear.  Here’s a link for a kaguya search.

kaguya02.jpeg copy

click for moe.imouto

While viewing, the tags on the left represents the union of all the tags for the pics on screen. So if you’re viewing a single pic, it’s the list of tags for that pic. If it’s a bunch of thumbnails, it’s all the tags for all the pics. The numbers represent how many pics have that tag I think?  Click on a tag to bring up the corresponding search results for that tag.

You can add multiple tags to your search by separating them with spaces. To search for a multi-word tag, use underscores (i.e. nanbu_kaguya. If you searched for “nanbu kaguya” (without quotes), then it would treat it as a search for pics tagged with “nanbu” and “kaguya” and you’ll get nothing. Using quotes for phrases doesn’t work either. Underscore!)

kaguya04.jpeg copy

click for danbooru

These sites are really great for finding images since you just keep adding tags to get exactly what you want. For example, rather than going through 3974 fate-chan pics looking for nekomimi, just add the nekomimi tag to your search (“fate_testarossa nekomimi” (no quotes)) tada!

click for danbooru

click for danbooru

And you’ll probably quickly notice the amount of ero images on these sites so… yeah, your various themes for okazu are also tagged in great detail for your convenience.

The above mentioned gelbooru is a very similar site as is moe.imouto.  I may be completely off base but I kinda assumed the sites are run by different people so their databases are different.  i.e. if you can’t find something on one site, try the other.  Oh yes, and don’t forget sankaku complex has their own image database too.

Looks like the gelbooru folk also run/are affiliated with a doujinshi site with similar search capabilities.  Not sure if they had much super robot taisen stuff though…

pic from danbooru

pic from danbooru

Not kaguya related (or at least, I couldn’t find much in my searches), but if you’re looking for translated doujinshi, the folks at fakku seem to have quite a collection.

click for danbooru

click for danbooru

For raw Japanese stuff, including a whole super robo doujinshi section, you may find the 同人漫画の倉庫 to your liking.  Search for the スパロボ links on the left nav bar for the super robot taisen pages.  The server seems to be overloaded lately or something so you may have to refresh frequently to get the page to load.  If thumbs don’t load, try clicking through and usually the server hosting the content is fine.

click for danbooru

click for danbooru

So there you go.  Happy hunting to all you kaguya searchers ^_^

click for moe.imouto

click for moe.imouto



18 Responses to “楠舞 神夜 おまけ ~ Nanbu Kaguya Omake”

  1. Magna said

    You sure are saving time for a lot of people now! When I have the time, I’ll sure check all the links here too. Luckly I also already have my Kaguya figure. xD

    • meronpan said

      just trying to spread the love ^^ don’t you just hate it when you’re searching and the links you click give you absolutely nothing you want? i figure it’s a small effort to help everyone people on their way ^^

  2. phossil said

    haha, there are sometimes I cant find a desire pic in the sites..only chickens.. Lol ^^

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Hmm… nice Kaguya gallery here. Thanks for bringing her up! She’s really a sexy hot *cough*cow*cough*, sorry i mean girl. XD

  4. Tier said

    I have to admit, I get a real kick seeing what sort of keywords people use to get to my blog. There are some dirty-minded people out there! I should probably put up additional relevant content to get them to stick around.

    • meronpan said

      hahah, nothing wrong with a few ero searches :D the internet wouldn’t be even a fraction of what it is today without people looking for okazu ^^;;

  5. I still have yet to start OG Saga >.>; You have just reminded me to do it.

    • meronpan said

      hope you enjoy it ^^ i actually remembered recently that i hadn’t finished it and did so. so i guess that only took me… a year to complete ^^;;;

  6. Snark said

    Vilette x Kaguya? Sweet.

    They so need to bring Kaguya over to OG3 with a Grungust or something. Can you just imagine having TWO swords that cleave evil!? XD

    • meronpan said

      actually endless frontier was the first super robot taisen game i’ve ever played… not familiar with the other games ^^;;; i’ll have to get on that. two swords that cleave evil sounds excellent ^^

  7. Am I the only person who doesn’t like Kaguya in the slightest bit?

    The note about the google searches was funny though. Top searches for my blog today are: k-on, reception sh 03a canada, otaku nagoya, anime yuri, akihabara :P

    Anime yuri.. hmmmm

    • meronpan said

      hahah, no worries the ditzy bakunyuu type isn’t for everyone ^^;

      anime yuri landing you hits? guess i missed your post on that :P hmmm reminds me i should watch candy boy

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  9. […] for that :P Have no regrets all ye “kaguya nanbu hentai” searchers. I’m here to support you. In second place is my list of figures (and links to their reviews), followed by Kanu (daiki […]

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