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Posted by meronpan on June 14, 2009

The problem with following so many series is that auto-buy mode becomes increasingly damaging….


I had ordered Saki a couple weeks back, and having finally started the hatsukoi anime I had to get the rest of that series.  Totally recommend hatsukoi limited for fans of romantic comedy.  What it reminds me most is kimi kiss.  No fantastic elements or anything, just a nice complicated web of relationships.  I guess those are kinda hit or miss, depending on if you like the characters… but for what’s it’s worth, they were a hit with me ^^;

Yui’s seiyuu (豊崎 愛生 – toyosaki aki) does the voice for Koyoi, which niconico has taken advantage of for moelicious results.


Koyoi, for those unfamiliar with the series, is a hilarious buracon (brother complex).


There’s a mix of middle school students and high school students… misaki falls into the high school category.


…and an uber girl next door ^^

As a romantic comedy with so many characters, they’ve got pretty much all the bases covered as far as character archetypes go.


tsundere included ^^  So yeah, check it out.

And if those 8 volumes weren’t enough…


I actually already have all of azumanga but… according to sankaku there’s ton of new art so I couldn’t resist.

I’m glad I guessed correctly that I hadn’t already bought ToLoveる volume 14… yami on the cover ^^

Was surprised to see the ToHeart2 manga in stock… kinokuniya was pretty bad at keeping it stocked as I always had to order the latest volume.  It was thanks to this manga that I got into visual novels ^^;

And last but not least kimi kiss vol 5!  I wish more manga adaptations of visual novels would take this form – each volume is a complete story arc for the given character.  Rather than try to smush everything into 1 plot you get a much better adaptation imo.


click for gelbooru

As mentioned above, kimi kiss is also a romantic comedy without any fantastic elements… you’ve got your choice for the medium in which to enjoy… started as a visual novel but manga and anime are both out if you prefer.

Figure gets have been slow of late, though I still have my fair share of reviews to catch up on.  Just need to pick who’s next ^^;



20 Responses to “Manga Manga Manga”

  1. Oh this Misaki chick is pretty hot, where is she from again>

  2. Hatsukoi Limited really isn’t worth your time :(. It’s very rare that a manga gets cut so fast in a Shonen Jump serialization and Hatsukoi got cut at a whooping 40 chapters. It has wonderful art and awesome girls, but the story never picks up. A disappointing showing from the author of Ichigo 100%

    But Toheart2 manga looks awesome. I was hoping to maybe scanlate that in the future.

    • meronpan said

      well, on the upside it meant there were less volumes to buy ^^;;

      the only thing bad about the toheart2 manga is that it takes the author forever to get new stuff out ^^;; perhaps not as long as the evangelion guy (yoshiyuki sadamoto?) but still ^^;

  3. Shiddo said

    Hatsukoi is awesome. I love it… yeah it’s short but I love art and the comedy/romance in it rocks ^^ I was scared it’s gonna be another brainles ecchi, but no! It has few (realy few) scenes and unrequired underskirt shots yeah, but still its hell funny ^^ (based on anime)

    • meronpan said

      i obviously haven’t read through the manga yet am on ep 8 of the anime… would say at this point it’s not as “deep” as kimi kiss or i”s or what have you but because it’s more lighthearted i can have it playing in the background and not be distracted as much ^^

  4. Ah! I might have to rebuy Azumanga too. Didn’t know there were that many new illustrations. So tempting >_<

  5. Magna said

    I must say that this Misaki is really awesome.

    (Un)Fortunately, I don’t buy mangas anymore because I don’t have time to or I’m too lazy to read them. xD

    But one thing I have to ask: Anyone here knows the manga Please Save My Earth? I just love it!

  6. Smithy said

    I do like “Hatsukoi Limited” but when I first read about the anime series I thought it would be like “Kimikiss” actually, a more serious slice of life series following the individual tales of all the girls’ love stories and not the all out comedy that “Hatsukoi Limited” is.

    I actually thought the whole series would be like episode 9 which centred on Nao Chikura’s story and was very mellow, serious and solemn.

    • meronpan said

      i guess part of the reason i go into shows knowing as little as possible is to have zero expectations ^^; it works pretty good except that i end up liking almost everything which is a huge time sink ^^;;;

      ahhh i haven’t watched ep 9 yet!

  7. phossil said

    anime shows with tsunderes included are becoming the favorites in the community..

  8. Nopy said

    I liked Hatsukoi Limited, but the characters looked so similar to each other as well as characters from Ichigo 100%. It got really confusing for me at some points because of this.

    • meronpan said

      hahaha i actually didn’t know it was the same author ^^;; i have the first volume of ichigo 100% on my shelf but haven’t started it yet orz

  9. Ah hatsukoi, with all the strengths and trappings of the authors previous work, Ichigo 100% (which I loved until the final few volumes and then proceeded to hate). At least hatsukoi never quite went as bad but I found several bits annoying as hell, like the stuff with Yamamoto Misaki. Hottest girl but damn her story was annoying. Falling for a guy cos he force fed her a lollipop? WTF???
    and the ending was really abrupt…

    • meronpan said

      i guess hatsukoi is just really nicely set up for doujinshi ^^; it does feel like a waste where the story could be a lot more involved but on the other hand it’s nice to have some brief vignettes that aren’t taking up all of my free time ^^;

  10. You think YOU have manga problems??? I have stuff that’s not auto-buy but I bought it anyway… and somehow I enjoyed it and wanted to read more of it… thus the towers grow and grow XD Do you buy the English ones too?

    I saw the art for the new Azumanga… doesn’t seem as good as the old ones =/

    • meronpan said

      hahah how much do you have? seen your room pics of course but can’t remember if i saw a count. but yeah, i know my collection is already dwarfed by lovely duckie’s ^^; i think she has 800 or 900 volumes?

      i don’t buy the english ones mostly so i don’t have to rely on some publisher to do the translation. also… can’t practice my japanese plus it’s more expensive if i go for translated stuff ^^;

      the differences between the new and old azumanga are kinda hard to spot for me but i’ll take what i can get ^^;

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