48 Day Preorder Drought Ends

Posted by meronpan on June 15, 2009

Not that there wasn’t anything I wanted, but rather I had been shielding my wallet from damage ^^;  Was going rather nicely for the last month or so but leave it to Alter to bust it open again…

official (i assume) pic found at hobby search

official (i assume) pic found at hobby search - link below for more

Back at Hobby Search I found myself adding figures to my cart ^^;  Ah nanoha.  No way I could pass her up.  Series is named after her!  With all the bits flying around her, I really have no idea where to put both her and fate orz.  *ahem*  Sorry blowfish, I’ll try to keep the nanoha bits to a minimum :P

Two others made the cut – first we have Freeing’s Kanu.  Really love the pose and had been wanting a kanu from koihime musou.  Giga Pulse had released her earlier… but with her oppai exposed and a very subdued pose I passed.  The link goes to their more recent clear version, but there was a normal colored version too.

pic also from hobby search - click link above for more

pic also from hobby search - click link above for more

I was able to see the prototype at wonhobby and had been impressed then, despite the lack of painting.  Now seeing the fully colored prototype I think this is going to be a winner (assuming she doesn’t lean ^^;).

Last to end up in my cart was Alter’s miyafuji.

pic found at hobby search, link above for more

pic found at hobby search, link above for more

I’m not exactly a pantsu witches fanatic but despite all my complaining, I love sets… and the prospect of an Alter pantsu witches set was tantalizing.

Had to stop myself there or my plans to purchase a dslr would be liquidated ^^;;

The Unfortunate Unchosen

Some others that I had to cut (but am still considering… if budget constraints let up ^^;)…

Click for pic source (hobby search listing)

Click for pic source (hobby search listing)

More queen’s blade ^^  Alleyne (sp?) looks pretty dang good but when trying to trim down my cart, I just couldn’t help but think… I’m not really a devoted Queen’s Blade fan… no need to push this one.  But on the other hand she’s an elf!  Pose could also stand to be a bit more dynamic… but yeah, gonna wait and see.

Max Factory’s realistic Yoko was another…

Click for pic source (hobby search listing)

Click for pic source (hobby search listing)

I totally love the execution but again thinking about it… am I that much of a yoko fan?  I’m going to have Alter’s & Enterbrain’s release in hand… and perhaps I should get Gift’s rendition first…  But yeah, hesitated so gonna sit on this one too.

Completing the haruhi gekisou set was also tempting… and having just finished watching Candy Boy, kanade and yukino were also calling to me.

Pics from hobby search listings.  Click links above for more

Pics from hobby search listings. Click links above for more

And finally there was Alter’s Saber Lily and Silfa.

Click for hobby search source

Click for hobby search source

With GSC’s version already on order I couldn’t bring myself to get the Alter one.  Looks like her outfit may have some finer details (and that scabbard looks beautiful)… but I am not (yet) a Saber fanatic.  Plus the GSC pose and base grab my attention more.  Can definitely see how people may prefer this one, just saying I couldn’t justify a 2nd saber lily purchase ^^;

Click for hobby search source

Click for hobby search source

Though ToHeart2 holds a tight nostalgic grip on me, silfa wasn’t really a favorite of mine.  The figure looks fantastic but just reminds me how disappointed I am that Alter hasn’t released tama-nee ^^;

That actually only scratches the surface of my 96 figure wishlist (‘course that has everything, including the kitchen sink) but the above are probably the ones most on my mind at the moment.

Have preorder announcements incurred much damage to you lately?  Anything you’re looking forward to?  I’m still trying to figure out if I’ll nab the actSta subaru when she goes up for order…  and bikini-Fate is probably just around the corner, which is another must buy ^^;



46 Responses to “48 Day Preorder Drought Ends”

  1. Almost every other blog I visited today had this Nanoha and Saber Lily up… but what am I to do? My commitment to not add anymore unexpected pre-order, this Nanoha seems to be superior to that of Volks too. Saber Lily doesn’t look as dynamic as the GSC one, but I am a sucker for Saber Lily. What must I do to resolve this dilemma!

    • meronpan said

      finally had some time today and went around commenting… you’re totally right, they’re everywhere ^^;;

      i guess the alter release came out in the worst possible way for wallets… not really a clear winner between the two ^^; sure if you’re looking for a dynamic pose gsc’s is more interesting, but i must say the details on alter’s version look great too. luckily i’m not a big enough fan (yet) and prefer the dynamic pose, so i can safely put alter’s on hold.

  2. optic said

    The top 3 on ur preorder list are the top 3 on my list. Cutting back on figmas this year was one of the reasons I can actually get the big guns I want. xD
    I still have plans to get the whole gekisou set but that’s only possible if mikuru and yuki ends up in the bargain bin.
    As for Saber lily, I still really really really want the figma version. It has been the only ver. I wanted and I will not stop my search until it’s in my hands. >_<

    • meronpan said

      nanoha is worth a lot of figmas, that must’ve been tough ^^;

      it’s too bad the lily figma was limited… would suck having to pay just as much for the figma as a regularly scaled version. (then again, who am i to talk… the exelica nendo was insanely priced too ^^;;)

  3. Shiddo said

    “Screw Alter!” ><

    Nanoha (DOH!) It's awesome… nice pose, nice colors, those gems look awesome… the only scary thing is price ^^; On tope Fate is out as well… and now I saw Hayate restocked on HS! (teeeeeeempting) Only thing keeping me of this is my barirer to 1/7… but that is already beaing worked thx to Saber Lily by GSC…

    And yet we have another Saber! Was like 5 clicks from ordering GSC one this weekend. But I was still bit indecesive and decided to order her after i finish one game (1hour). Lolz… she was sold (waiting list mail) when I went to order her that 1 hr later ^^; Now Alter gives me a 1/8 alternative… thru It's awesome I still find GSC pose+base undefeated ^^ (kinda regreting Gift Saber now)

    Yoshika is realy tempting (but I guess I will resist on this one, and wait if Alter is going for more or if they split characters with other companies (like Koto-Sanya) (PS: why no love for major Mio? T-T)

    Ill pass on Kanu for sure. 2 big, to shiny…. althru I liked her in series… anime was kinda dissapointing. (wallet is safe here ^^) Yoko… more like same ^^ 2 Big ^^

    Alleyne… trapped ^^ (on top went for Airi as well TT).

    Gekisou already complete trio so no truning back ^^ And Sakurai on preorder… but maybe I sacrifice them for Nanoha gals ^^;

    btw: If you cancel reserve on HS till its in reserve(green) mode and not in stock, there is no fee? Any experience?

    • meronpan said

      hayate is lovely, highly recommended ^^

      too bad you missed the gsc lily although perhaps you’ll be able to find her at another store if alter’s release doesn’t fit your tastes.

      now that you mention it, mio would make an awesome figure, ‘cuz she has a sword… which still never fail to amuse me ^^;

      for hs cancellations i don’t have any experience first hand – you may want to refer to their FAQ (links to the cancellations question). Looks like you can cancel with no fee except for the following exceptions (you should confirm for yourself, as I said, i’ve never actually done it)
      –You cannot cancel an item that has already shipped
      –You cannot cancel an item worth more than 20,000 yen
      –You cannot cancel a pre-order item if you have received a notice saying that it is now in stock

      also if you click through to the faq they had an e-mail link/form to use for cancellation requests. best of luck!

  4. The Miyafuji and Saber Lily figures are the only ones that really caught my eye but I’m not much of a fanboy for either >_< Should save my money for characters I really like ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i probably should’ve held back on kanu & miyafuji for exactly that reason but succumbed the allure of alter and the dynamic pose of kanu (in 1/6, no less!). too bad my company has suspended raises until the economy improves… could really use that now ^^;;;

  5. ELTboy said

    Nanoha, Yoshika and Alleyne are gets for me. I don’t know what to do with Saber Lily. I have pre-ordered GSC’s version but the 1/8 scale of Alter is tempting me. I know I am weird but I prefer all my figures of the same character in the same scale. I have Gift’s Saber and Solid Theater’s Saber Alter, both 1/8. But I don’t want two Saber Lily… :(

    • meronpan said

      if alleyne was in stock at hs i might’ve gotten her since it woulda just been another click ^^;;

      once i start getting multiple figures of a character… assuming i like ’em it usually makes me want even more for the spectacle ^^;;; alas budget concerns have toned that desire down lately thou

  6. mikiwank said

    Apart from the “saber lily”, nothing really great to my taste. And yet, I prefer the version GSC “Lily”. I am quite disappointed.

  7. Magna said

    Not a fan of Nanoha, neither of Saber, but both Alter Nanoha and GSC Saber Lily got my attention at first sight. They’re just really awesome, with very cool dynamic poses! But this Nanoha is too expensive for me, and I can’t afford her and my other figures and gunpla in pre-order, most of them to be released in August. And now I just saw this “1/7 Fate T Harlaown True Sonic Form PVC” and it blew my mind! I wish I could afford them both… ;__;

    • meronpan said

      with alter’s epic pricing it would be quite a blow to get nanoha & fate without being a fan ^^;; but yes they’re amazing regardless (especially fate)… expecting nothing but the best for these two releases, ‘cuz i sure am gonna pay for ’em ^^;

      • Magna said

        Do you thing Fate will sold out quickly? Maybe I can get her by september or october… Or else I could just pay a little more by getting her on eBay. =/

        • meronpan said

          hmmm good question… lesseee… waiting list for preorders at hobby search… hlj still seems to be taking orders… and preorders aren’t open at play asia at the moment… she is a bit pricey which should help keep her in stock… but on the other hand there’s a ton of fate fans out there… vita was kinda of hard at one time to get as was reinforce? but i don’t know how long after release that was…

          … … …

          sorry, i’m just going in circles here ^^;; if you can find a store that lets you cancel for free, sounds like that’d be best for you at the moment ^^;

  8. […] that hasn’t been getting as much attention (but apparently hijacked by Danny and featured by Meronpan […]

  9. punynari said

    Alter’s Nanoha is an instant get for me being the huge Nanoha fanboy I am. Not liking Alter’s Saber Lily as much as Good Smiles. She looks a bit like shes dancing in full armor with a drawn sword. I do like the Koihime Mosou figure though, even if I’m unfamiliar with the game or series.

    • meronpan said

      i’m not sure if i qualify as a fanboy or not but also a must get for me too. not only is she looking great, i gotta complete the set!

      i was pretty surprised when the prototype shots of alter’s lily first came out… with gsc’s promos in full swing i would’ve expected something more jaw dropping. looks outstanding but definitely doesn’t appeal to those looking to highlight saber’s battle prowess.

  10. GNdynames said

    As I’ve been saying everywhere else, Saber is on a higher priority than Nanoha, so I picked Alter’s Saber Lily over Nanoha.

    • meronpan said

      i (shamefully) still haven’t gotten around to the epic visual novel saber hails from… and have a feeling i’d probably be more of a fan boy of her than nanoha if i would just around to playing ^^;; i take it you also have gsc’s version on order?

  11. I need to go on a “drought” and contain myself with pre-orders too. The Alter Saber tempts me and the FREEing Tsukasa is a must have since I’m getting Konata/Kagami

    • meronpan said

      something about the freeing lucky star releases just didn’t click with me so i (with a sigh of relief) plan to save some money there. otherwise i’m sure i’d always be in the same boat. gotta catch ’em all! will happily indulge in others’ reviews though so i’m glad you’re at least one blog i can turn to ^^

      which reminds me, looks like you’re up and running at lovelyduckie.com! grats!

      • Ya now if I can only remember to update my web site in all the comments I make. I fail at that. I almost skipped the FREEing Lucky Star set but dove after it at the last minute. I’m still unsure if that was the right decision, I guess we’ll see. If FREEing releases another Lucky Star set I’m gonna be soooo mad at myself.

  12. Smithy said

    You’re not getting Kanade and Yukino? Why? You must get them, it’s the lovely “Candy Boy” girls! They’re a definite get for me! ^^

    Saw the news for Nanoha all over the net today, she looks absolutely gorgeous, I think I’ll get her, tempting to add Fate as well to have them both (they look better than the 1/4 bikini versions). She costs a premium though…

    Don’t see her at HLJ or some other stores yet but I hope they have her up soon. Will probably need to drop my order for Allean and maybe even GSC Saber Lily in favor of this Nanoha figure.

    • meronpan said

      they are lovely, and i did thoroughly enjoy the (albeit brief) show. i guess that was partly what held me back… $120 (would have to get both :P) for characters in a series that is less than 10 episodes? just felt like i needed more to latch onto before making the commitment ^^; and also … there hasn’t even been a resolution to the whole kanade + yukino relationship, has there? insofaras… ummm… hello, incest? ^^;;;;;; and it wasn’t even the whole step brother/sister thing as is usually offered to lessen the blow… they’re twins for crying out loud! but anyhow, yeah, no, despite that, still a great watch with my now completely jaded mind… basically those funds are necessary for the GSC mizugi fate release ^^;

      would love to see what alter could do with a 1/4, though it’s probably end up costing $200 ^^;;

  13. Persocom said

    Both Saber and Nanoha look great, but I’m going to pass on them both. I don’t have space for such a huge figure of Nanoha, nor is October a good month to spend on figures for me because of Halloween. I’d love all the Alter Nanoha figures, but I know I’ll never be able to afford them all with all the other figures I want to get.

    • meronpan said

      yeah summing up all the alter nanoha strikers releases… that’s ~71,000 yen ^^;;; ~78,000 if you buy both versions of vita :P quite a financial commitment ^^;; … … … wholy crap i’ve spent a lot on nanoha figures orz

  14. T.I.P. said

    Nanoha and Alleyne get. I have loads on pre-order right now but I might have to cancel a few since nice figures are popping up left, right, and centre everyday. I need to be more discriminant in choosing which ones to buy now.

    I guess Nanoha is a must get for most of us, but that Saber Lily might not make it to my collection.

    • meronpan said

      i suppose with wonfes coming up perhaps the ramp up is to be expected? hmmm mebbe i shoulda tried to plan better ^^; ah well, at least I made it for a good while without placing too many orders. i may actually be getting down to a sustainable level.

      after seeing gsc’s lily, i knew i needed at least 1 ^^; had though gift’s saber would satisfy my desire for an intricately detailed saber but something about the lily version just really grabs me

  15. hmm, trying to decide between the alter and volks Nanoha at the moment. Also trying to decide about the alter Saber lily. The face is better than the GSC one IMO but I’m not sure about the white armour.

    Then again, they’re all PVC and I generally don’t do PVC. Maybe I’ll just forgo them all!!!

    • meronpan said

      given the quality of the volks pvc i’ve seen lately i’d go with alter’s nanoha… ‘course that’s ignoring pose, face, etc ^^;;

      might as well put your kit building skills to use! well, on the other hand i’m sure you’ve already got your hands full ^^;

  16. Blowfish said

    Haha! Im getting an anti-nanoha reputation huh? XD
    To be honest a figure from the Nanoha series arrived at my doorstep today ^^;;
    I have a good excuse though ;P

    There are 22 figures I have on preorder right now…lemme check:
    Revoltech Reina + Airi
    QB Echidna
    QB Mirim
    QB Shizuka
    QB Yumiru
    Alter Rei
    Alpha X Omegas Lala
    Alter and Gifts Yoko
    3 Sonsaku Hakufus
    Kanzaki Kaori
    Limit Gunz
    and Saber Lily

    Man,I really have to recalculate my finances… ^^;

  17. konadora said

    Wow, we really are spoilt for choices xD

    I would personally go for Nanoha… but maybe because I’m a Nanoha fan :P

  18. Q said

    I have met quite a few alternative spellings for Alleyne: Allein, Arein, Alayne… Too many ^^;

    While this elf from Queen’s Blade looks tempting, haven’t planned to buy any of the list. Definitely doesn’t mean I don’t like them, but as Blowfish knows me pretty well I am very picky when it comes to figures. But that’s just me, as I might have mentioned a few times before. However I am definitely looking forward to your photoshoots nonetheless!

    • Blowfish said

      You are one mighty fine young men thats able to fight against his inner demonds that try to drag him into figure collecting.

      I wish I was as picky as you :P

    • meronpan said

      i wonder if they have an official romanization of her name. the katakana are アレイン == arein but who knows if the r was supposed to approximate an l or what ^^;;

      you seem to be much more capable of controlling your finances… i should take some lessons ^^;;

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