初音ミク ~ Hatsune Miku

Posted by meronpan on June 27, 2009

Continuing to review older releases until some new orders arrive ^^;  Looks like tama-nee is released but I had combined her with the delayed moka so she probably won’t ship until July orz.  Anyhow, thought miku was fitting since lately I’ve been watching so many vocaloid videos on niconico ^^;


I believe miku was originally released in September, 2008 – quickly followed up with multiple rereleases.  Good Smile Company’s 1/8 release is pretty solid, though at the moment I wish I had a 1/7 ^^;  (seems like Max Factory is working on that?)


I think it’s awesome that the all time most viewed video on niconico is みくみくにしてあげる♪ (youtube) – miku miku ni shite ageru – I’ll mikumiku it for you.  6.4 million views, 1.9 million comments, and 139k people added to a “my list” (niconico’s playlist system).


It wasn’t really until I started watching all the stuff on niconico that I really started to get into the vocaloids.  All the fan art, videos, mmd (mikumiku dance) and fan renditions of songs is really amazing.  I’ll try to put together my own niconico guide for the less language inclined folk sometime soon ^^;


Been having a bit of a problem with my lens… it’s so powerful all the dust is captured in excruciating detail ^^;;


…and that’s after I spend five minutes dusting orz.


I’d stick with some less magnified views but I’m having too much fun, so dust be damned :P


Plus it lets you see how well the details were done on miku ^^


I find myself using the live view so I can zoom in digitally 10x and manually focus.  Pretty good insurance that my shot is focused, then I just have to worry about getting a narrow enough aperture to keep the rest of the pic in focus ^^;



Hmm just realized I forgot pantsu shots.  You can check in with foo-bar-baz for that.


You can see my background wasn’t high enough for the angle above ^^;  Was nice and blurred out though so thought I’d leave it.  Then decided to see how it’d look without the bg.


Ok I guess, not sure about the black shelf making that horizontal line ^^;


I dunno but I really like her 01 tatoo ^^


And I like the above shot for no good reason ^^;


Lights were causing some weird reflections -_-


Should’ve fixed the white balance below, looks more like world is mine ^^;


Green fingernails match her I guess but not sure I like the color ^^;


Turns out this is the figure I gave away for the contest I held last December.


nanu ended up winning by guessing how many volumes of manga I would have when the contest ended.  Hopefully I’ll have some extra cash to hold another contest this year.  Always fun to give things away ^^


One nice thing about having a sharp lens and higher resolution pictures is that I can finally make 1920×1200 wallpapers that look as sharp as the resized smaller pics!  I’ll have to update my figure wallpaper page with some new stuff.

Unfortunately miku’s out of stock at hlj and hobby search.  Perhaps other stores or some place local may still have her?

I’d be more diligent linking other reviews but since she’s older I’ll just stick with foo-bar-baz and James‘ reviews.  James has links to 5 other reviews if you need ’em ^^



29 Responses to “初音ミク ~ Hatsune Miku”

  1. ELTboy said

    She’s really nice. But I am one of those who didn’t get her as I wasn’t into the Vocaloid hype then. Still isn’t, but I am going to get the CM version where she has her eyes closed. Somehow, that version strikes a chord with me, although it means she will never look at me. LOL ^^”

  2. Ah I also have this figure, the only miku figure I will ever have, she does look fairly nice though. I have to cancel BRS due to my recent interest in DD.

    • meronpan said

      i’m interested in getting a larger scale miku but the preview shots of max factory’s release haven’t quite convinced me yet. so far i’m still holdin’ on to my brs order… too bad she wasn’t bigger scale ^^; ‘course she isn’t miku anyway… ^^;

  3. Persocom said

    I don’t have this one, and I probably never will, but I might some day if I get a chance and have nothing else in the way. I got 2 Figma, 1 Yujin and a nendo, that’s enough for me until August when the BRS one comes out and again in September when World is Mine Miku releases. I do like this figure though but right now I’m lucky if I’ll be able to keep my pre-orders next month.

  4. optic said

    One of the best Miku figures out there. I just love her to bits. One of the reasons I love this figure so much is, I got it as a present. ^^
    Love the shoot. The detail zoomed is amazing. 0_0
    Images at this magnitude is kinda rare.

    • meronpan said

      awesome gift to get ^^

      glad you liked the shots! the macro lens is a lot of fun, i just need figure out some way to dust my figures better ^^;

    • nanu said

      I consider myself to be in the same situation (◕ ◡ ◕)

      Miku is doing fine; I have her strategically placed looming overhead on my LCD monitor ( ゚◡◡゚)

  5. Marshmallow said

    Have her, and love her. She was my first scale pvc figure ever.

  6. Superchan said

    i think i give the priority for the figma version first.
    I will get when i it re-release for the 3rd or 4 th time ??

  7. phossil said

    Im a Miku’s fan!!
    Really loved the photos (downloading now..)^^

  8. Blowfish said

    Im not really a Vocaloid fan but shes a nice rendition of Miku.If i had to choose a definite Miku though id go with Nendoroid Miku. Just too adoreable

  9. Q said

    Miku is one of the harder ones to find in Japan – they are still available but mostly in second hand shops, where their prices aren’t cheap either. Surprisingly it’s cheaper to buy one in Hong Kong – I literally took a double take when I was calculating the prices.

    • meronpan said

      ah thanks for the availability update. it’s pretty amazing what they’ll charge for older figures… think i saw a used tsukiumi going for over 10,000 yen when i was there o.O

  10. Roy said

    Missed this one due to no money at the time, can’t really find a place that has her plus no money again ^^ oh well, love the shots and that camera you have is awesome, really captures the exact detail you’d probably miss if you looked at the figure in person.
    Great review :D

    • meronpan said

      ah too bad you didn’t have some money to burn… might still be some time to get a cm version preorder in? but probably need to go through a proxy == even more money orz

      camera has lived up to all my expectations… pretty happy with the everything so far ^^ hopefully my macro obsession won’t get too repetitive ^^; thanks!

  11. That is some delicious depth of field. I am so jealous now… I need a new lens too lol.

  12. sonic_ver2 said

    I see your detail photos really need some saturation improvement. But overall, nice photos! Did you use tripod for this?

    Anyway, i missed 2 nice deals of this figure from some figure events in my city. I’m not really a Miku fans, but i guess this figure is a good one!

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i’ll have to mess around with some settings for the saturation…

      thanks! yeah, i always shoot with a tripod because i’m using continuous lighting rather than flash.

      for any miku fan, definitely a solid addition to the collection ^^

  13. T.I.P. said

    I have her and she was my favourite figure…for about two weeks. ^^ The weird skin-tone is the only flaw in this otherwise awesome figure. I’m tempted to get the MF and GSC Wonfes Miku, but I’m not that big a fan, I might get the World is Mine Miku in the end.

    • meronpan said

      both world is mine and brs are on my preorder list already ^^; gsc wonfes miku i’ll probably pass because she’s so similar to the original… but the mf one i’m still torn. i’d love to get miku in a larger scale but the pose is hardly any different from the gsc version and i’m unsure about the hair…

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