Some Random Pics

Posted by meronpan on June 29, 2009

wawawa kosmos

Took some other pics while I was doin’ my miku review, figured I’d pass them along.

I view all my pics on my computer… biggest monitor goes up to 1920×1200 so it was nice to finally get a camera that can produce pics that I can size down, fit the screen, and stay sharp!

For these pics I’ve uploaded a 1920×1200 version that you can click through for.  On the off chance you actually use the pics for wallpaper, sorry, but hopefully the dust doesn’t bother ya ^^;;;

wawawa narika

Speaking of such, anyone have any good methods for removing really really really fine dust?

wawawa miku3

I think poor suzu was the worst off ^^;;

wawawa suzu

miku miku shite yan yo~♪

wawawa miku2

hope to get back to finishing the kemeko manga soon…

wawawa kemeko

random thought: on episode 19 of macross frontier at the moment… really have a craving for a ranka or sheryl figure now orz  klanklan wouldn’t hurt either :P

wawawa miku

and has the summer anime season started already?  i’m so bad at keeping up orz

Anyhow, that’s all for today!



21 Responses to “Some Random Pics”

  1. Shiddo said

    Narika ^^ Cant wait for her Alter release ^^

    Dust is pain… only way polish polish and polish… I am nuts cuz of dust… feel like my country is dust magnet… Specialy my glass table is pain… I clean it and in few minutes I can see it again all over it ><

    • meronpan said

      me either. disappointed that i was impatient and will end up with 2 but on the other hand how was i supposed to know they were going to release her almost a year after haruka? ^^;

      i’m tempted to get some sort of air filter but am afraid it probably won’t work too well, and/or suck up even more electricity (ac unit is already draining a lot orz)

  2. Dust is the enemy of all collectors in general, but if you use my Dust Shield +1 then you have little next to no worry at all! Really :p

    Ok, all jokes aside, I think you want to invest in a static duster. Cause if you brush, you would just generate static charge to attract the dust back. You could use compress can air but that get expensive :s My solution as it has always been is to prevent the dust from building up to start with.

    • meronpan said

      i guess i could just drape some plastic wrap over them…. ^^;;; though maybe i can contruct some sort of box to enclose the top of my desk… hmmm i should look into that…

      static duster sounds like a good idea… hope i can find one small/delicate enough ^^;

      • In my years of collecting figures, I have yet to find a better way to protect my collection from dust and dirt, there is simply no better way than to prevent dust from building up other than giving it an air tight seal or as close to it as possible given the circumstances (like my dust shield +1). Glass display cabinet is no good because most of them fail to provide air tight seal. Another thing I believe, even though I have no scientific proof is the paint color would turn dull over time while in contact with oxygen due to oxidation.

        I am not going to try to convince anyone my method is better but I have done it for many years now and I am still doing good. For most otaku I imagine, the allure of having their most prized collection near their workplace is very tempting; but for me, maintenance free is the utmost priority. Looking from another perspective, I am somewhat similar to those collectors who keep their figures in the box to keep it clean; only in my case, I create a giant new box using my own method.

        Prevention is always more effective than detection, so constructing a box to enclose your figure on your desk is the better alternative :p

        • meronpan said

          i would love to seal all my figures in air tight spaces… might have to look into building some plexiglass covers for all the areas where my figures are displayed out on top of shelves. then also seal off my detolfs to make them dust free ^^;

          i guess the biggest problem with that solution right now is the cost and effort… which is why i may have to settle for upgraded dusting in the meantime ^^; just need some time for a better solution…

  3. optic said

    Have u tried using a powder brush? It’s like one of those brushes girls use to do their cosmetic?
    I use that to dust my figures and it works.

    • meronpan said

      hmm i think what i’m using now is my dad’s old lens cleaning brush ^^;; seems pretty fine so i’m not sure why it’s failing. perhaps it’s the static like wolfheinrich suggested…

  4. I use a soft brush to dust off my figures. It’s actually a cooking utensil but it works quite well for cleaning figures ^^;

    • meronpan said

      hmmm so you use a brush too? i guess another possibility is that i procrastinate too much between dusting and/or don’t do them thoroughly enough each time and end up accumulating only the dust that’s hardest to get rid of…

  5. nanu said

    For fine dust, occasional (semiannual?) water-washing is more effort, but tolerable. I use a clean t-shirt to dry them. I’m uncertain about water getting indefinitely stuck in hard to reach areas >_> but it doesn’t seem to matter…

  6. sonic_ver2 said

    Try experimenting some angle while taking the photos and feel the differences.

  7. lovelyduckie said

    mmmm you pulled me into this post with KosMos, I really love that figure.

    • meronpan said

      taking that pic and setting it as my background reminded me why i was so happy when she was rereleased ^^ will definitely have to get around to reviewing her…

  8. Roy said

    Lovely pictures^^ but really couldn’t help for the dust since I just use a lint free rag :3

  9. Tier said

    I haven’t had much luck with dust removal either; I usually have to use Photoshop to try to clean up the worst of it. I might try using a wet Q-tip or something to try to wipe off my figures without causing damage but I don’t know how well that will work.

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