How to Nico Nico

Posted by meronpan on June 30, 2009

I’m pretty sure there are other niconico sign up tutorials out there but I figure it can’t hurt adding another to the mix.  Come one, come all, discover the otaku joys of nico nico douga!


Click for the artist's blog post

You can see a video of the drawing of the awesome pic above here (timed awesomely with the niconico rainbow medley I posted about earlier).  So let’s get on with the tutorial so that you can follow that link!

Disclaimer: if you do go through with this, I have one simple request: Please don’t be an comment douche.  Well, I guess that falls on the deaf ears of those who are signing up to attempt to troll and for the rest of you I’m preaching to the choir.  Ah well.

First things first, head to the registration page.  We’re gonna click on the button to the right.


The button on the left is for a premium account… but I assume you don’t want to pay for anything :P  You’ll be at the sign up form now:


Looking at the above annotated screenshot I think it should be pretty self-explanatory.  Your nickname must be between 2 and 16 characters.  For the security question it must be between 4 and 64 characters, and the answer must be between 1 and 16 characters.  English characters should be fine for password, security question and your screenname (e-mail too, of course).

Now to verify your input:


As you’re probably used to, type the garbled up word in the picture in the text box like I have in the screenshot.  Then click on the submit button.  Almost there!


Basically this screen says… check your e-mail!


Click on the link to activate your account.


Yay you’ve done it!  The number is your user ID if you’re curious.  Click on the link and you’ll be at this page…


Update (11/3/2009): niconico has updated their interface – rankings look completely different, you have to go to a separate page when logging in, etc.  I’m hoping the registration process above is unchanged, but basically everything below probably isn’t accurate.

The above page is just some sort of welcome screen… it might have some useful tidbits on it but to be honest I pretty much ignored it ^^;;  The blue button on the right means, “yes I want to graduate out of beginner mode,” while the button on the right means, “no, I’m still a n00b!”.  I think I went for the blue button, and again to be honest, I don’t know what beginner mode even does ^^;;;  Regardless it doesn’t really matter at this point if you just want to watch videos.

If you’ve tried to visit before you may be familiar with the page you’re left off at:


Click on the screenshot above to better see where I’ve annotated the search, ranking and other features.  Well, most important are probably the search and ranking.  The search works in a standard fashion – just remember you can toggle between searching keywords and tags by clicking the corresponding button.  Let’s have a quick look at the ranking page… well actually before we get that let me remind you that you can feed this through your favorite translator and probably get a pretty good idea of what’s going on.  If you’d rather not trouble though, read on ^^


Again, you’ll probably want to click to the full size screenshot to actually read the annotations.  But anyhow, just click on the movie thumbnails or titles to view the corresponding movie.  Or click on a category to change your listing, or switch up the ranking criteria as you see fit.  Or if you’re fed up check out sankaku’s niconico ranking page. ^^;  Which is nice and all as long as what you’re looking for is in the list somewhere ^^;  With an actual account you now have true power!!

Personally I like stopping by and checking the daily rankings by views for music, anime, games, people singing, and the all categories.  When I was beginning though, switching the time period to “total” and seeing the all time most viewed videos in each category gives you a nice overview of what niconico is about.  Anyhow, gonna leave it at that for now.  Will follow up with, at the very least, what is and how to use your “my list” and how to leave comments… let me know if you have any other questions you’d like answered about the site! (I’m no expert but will try my best ^^;)

Oh, one last thing before I go!  When you’re logged out, you’ll probably want to know how to log back in, huh? ^^;  If you’re on the main page it’s actually not to hard to spot since it’s in english and the button is yellow:


If you followed a video link without being logged in it’ll look a little different:


Funny thing is that you can use either login form on the above screen.

Alrighty, that’s it!  Niconico away!



7 Responses to “How to Nico Nico”

  1. dood said

    Thanks. Great guide especially for the browsing section
    I tried to register and then I remembered that I already have an account ;P

    Now my question is how can you download the movies ?

    • meronpan said

      hahah, glad there was something useful even though you had an account ^^;

      hmmm not sure where you can get a download utility. i assume niconico is like other online movie sites that require some third party ripper to save the vids but haven’t actually checked…

  2. - -kizo. said

    Lol, why would someone troll on a japanese site when other people won’t even be able to read your trolly comments. xDD Those losers.

    Great tutorial btw! It was very easy to follow. :3

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  4. yu said

    thank you very much

  5. Kuo said

    thankyou ; U ; although how do you add comments on videos > 3 >;;?

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