Back Home + Lewt

Posted by meronpan on July 10, 2009

Was happy to come home to some beautiful weather… unseasonable cool here in the bay area!  Complete opposite of Tokyo… well, humidity-wise at least.  Anyhow, taidami modorimashita, etc etc :P  Back to posting!


In the end I spent about 48000 yen over 4 days in akiba. Luckily I’m an extremely slow shopper or I’m sure the damage would’ve been much worse ^^;


1.  kanamome photo/postcard extra gamers was giving out with the manga
2.  photo/postcard extra gamers was giving out with manga-san to ashisutantosan to, vol ②.  mihari-chan~ ^^
3.  some keychains… naruto and tempura ones for my sister.  reimu is for my new touhou obsession ^^;
4.  a charm for safety during travel (this one for relatives… I already have one from my earlier trip ^^;)
5.  cushion body for the erika cushion cover I got a while ago
6.  kapibara-san – also for relatives… these have magnets in their body so you can attach them to things ^^
7.  EXSERENS – touhou music CD by Alstroemeria Records.  Having recently been entranced by this video (niconico – but now I have a sign up tutorial so no excuses for not being able to view :P) I was on a mission to find some CDs by that circle.  Wasn’t until the last day that I finally found the right types of stores to look in – doujin shops!  Earlier I had tried toranoana but I couldn’t find what I wanted.  Ended up going to meronbooks, messenou, and white canvas.  Love exploring new stores ^^
8.  For Your Pieces – more touhou music by Alstromeria Records
9.  Akyu’s Untouched Score vol.1 – even more touhou music.  Had to get the original version of Bad Apple!! ^^;
10.  School Rumble Z – yet another volume?!  I haven’t actually finished the first 22 volumes but thought it was finished.  Some text on the cover advertisement – “This time, it’s really the last one!”  ^^;;
11.  VOLCALOSTAR – doing my part to support the miku music community ^^  Has one of my favorite songs – 炉心融解.
12.  magnet – more miku music.  Listen to yamai & usa’s cover of magnet here.
13.  natsu no arashi vol 1 – by the author of school rumble.  Only been through the first couple episodes of the anime, but that was enough to convince to also try the manga ^^;


14.  kill me, baby – the way I like to start new manga is by purchasing random ones in akiba ^^;  Loved the cover pic… so I bought it ^^;
15.  nazobu no are – if the author intended to lure readers with the haruhi-like uniforms, he suceeded ^^;  Looks like it’s a comic about a mystery club.
16.  “portrait card” from megami vol. 111 – reverse side is the pic from the cover.
17.  megami vol. 111 – after watching the eva movie, I had to an urge to buy eva stuff ^^;;
18.  Cranberry Sweets – even more touhou music ^^;;  This one is an entire CD of U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか arrangements ^^;;  Here’s a relaxing guitar version (alas, not on the cd).


19. Free bookmark-ish freebies from manga purchases at Gamers
20. touhou fuujinroku – mountain of faith – the games are so cheap (1100 ~ 1400 yen)!  Couldn’t help but buy some ^^;
21.  touhou koumakyou – the embodiment of scarlet devil – figured I’d get the game that had U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか as one of the music tracks.
22.  touhou chireiden – subterranean animism – also figured I should get the most recent game.
23.  hachune miku no nichijyou – roipara! – I prefer chibimiku-san but to my knowledge there are no tankoubons of that one?  Anyhow, this manga also came with a bonus cd (Wallpapers & flash animated music vids).
24.  ToHeart – got used for only 1580!  Hope it works, haven’t tried it yet ^^;
25.  sansha sanyou – been enjoying lots of mangatime kr comics so decided to try this one out as well.  It’s up to 6 or 7 tankoubon so I figured somebody out there must like it ^^;
26.  harumine-shon – again lured in by cover art.  Read a little – it’s about an alien transfer student ^^


27.  kanamemo – I believe the anime started recently?  piles of it were prominently displayed everywhere so I had to try it out.  seems to be about a girl who runs away… to work at a newpaper delivery place run by a buncha quirky characters.  enjoying the manga so far ^^
28.  gu-pan vol. 1 – Volume 2 came out recently, decided to give the series a try.  Volume one was sold out at a lot of places… took me forever to find it.
29.  evangelion – ikari shinji raising project vol. 8 – unfortunately I couldn’t remember how many volumes of the series I had at home so only got the most recent one.  Turns out I needed vol 7 too -_-
30.  gu-pan vol. 2 – Bought this one because at one point it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to find volume 1 and I just wanted to see what the series was like ^^;
31.  minamike vol. 6 – woo! ^_^
32.  young ace – another purchase fueled by the eva fire.  Came with a little Makinami Mari Illustrious figure to boot.
33.  k-on! character & story book – came with megami
34.  amadare – glad I stumbled upon this one.  About a guy who winds up in a (previously) all girl anime/manga club at school.  Features a bl obsessed tsundere (the one on the cover).  Second volume due out in a few more days, can’t wait!
35.  mangasan to ashisutantosan to vol. 2 – continuing to love this manga to pieces.  Already done with it and now the wait begins anew for the next tankoubon ^^;;;


Finally got an extra fate.  No more armless feito-chan figma pics!  ^^;


Was hard to convince myself to fork over the 6300 yen or whatever outrageous price they were charging for it… but above is the epic saber wallscroll I got.  I was wondering why the price was higher than the usual 5000 (still outrageous -_-) and saw the dimersions were 85cm x 170cm!!!  Now I’m sad I didn’t get the matching rin one ^^;;


Now granted my ef wallscrolls are on the small side, but you still, saber is hugemongeous.


Need to rearrange things again to display everything properly ^^;

Was pleased to see the cushion body nicely vacuum sealed.


Very easy to fit in a suitcase.


Open it up and it restores itself.


Not a very thick pillow to begin with so I guess it’s no surprise it gets so thin.


Finally erika can be displayed properly!


The k-on! insert seemed to be standard fan-book kinda material.


Character profiles and episode summaries…


Woulda preferred full page spreads but I guess that’s what the rest of megami is for ^^;


Bought young ace more just because rei was on the cover than the figure ^^;  Tiny and not terribly interesting.


She does come with an alternate head/helmet.

I’ll close with some pics of the stuff from megami~


horo daitan!


umi monogatari?


princess lover… suppose I’ll add to my watch list?  ^^;;


Queen’s blade


saki pic features the kazekoshi girls for a change


fight ippatsu jyuuden-chan

Oh almost forgot – not pictured, but also got a DS mahjong game ^^  It’s rated CERO D but I can’t figure out why ^^;;  Either I haven’t unlocked the content yet or I guess bouncing oppai is grounds for a 17 & up rating? ^^;;

Alrighty think that pretty much covers everything.  Was hoping to save more in the wake of my DSLR purchase but couldn’t pass up the opportunity ^^;



39 Responses to “Back Home + Lewt”

  1. Nice Saber Wallscroll, you said there is a Rin one? Where do you get that? Cause there is a slight chance I might be heading to Japan myself next month.

    • meronpan said

      they were both at gamers on the “goods” floor. hope your trip materializes! ^^

      • Actually, I am planning 2 trips to Japan this year. The August trip will be extremely short with the main objective to see Odaiba Gundam and the Kamen Rider Movie and perhaps very little shopping. Another one in October and that’s a longer trip and main objective being shopping in Akiba.

        Ah, I have made good on my promise to do a review on the FREEing 1/5 Kenshin, feel free to come check it out :3

  2. yamada25 said

    oh you bought the Young Ace too nice. I can’t let my eyes off your Saber wall scroll ^^

  3. Kenny Liu said

    That’s one High quality wall scroll. Nice loot.

  4. Tier said

    Welcome back! You cut Charlotte off in the Princess Lover picture :( How can you deny the world her buxom majesty? XD

  5. Rin said

    LOVE THE LOOT!!!!!
    There is a lot of stuff I want from you…
    Your lucky…going to Japan 2 times in 1 year!!!
    I must buy a lot more when I head to Japan in 2 weeks…

    • meronpan said

      indeed lucked out, didn’t expect to be back so soon. so expensive for just a shopping trip though ^^;;; next time i have to do more sightseeing ^^;;

  6. You didn’t come to Nagoya :'(. You caught me on a bad weekend where I had to go attend a To Heart 2 event, or else I definitely would have come to Tokyo :(

    • SOrry for the double post but one more thing I wanted to ask. Where did you get the pillow? I’ve been needing a pillow for my miku cover for a while now.

      • kesenaitsumi89 said

        I remember saw the pillow at Gamers at Akihabara there.

      • meronpan said

        yeah, hotel was already reserved in tokyo and wasn’t sure i was up for a day trip ;_; ah well, you got to go to a toheart2 event and i was able to do more shopping ^^

        as kesenaitsumi89 said, they have pillows at gamers, which is where i got mine. wish i had more money that day… would’ve got a couple and more covers ^^;

  7. Q said

    Whoa… My expenditure was just 2/3 of yours, and of that around 12000 Yen were for friends.

    Completely overwhelmed ^^;;

    Lots of mangas there. I don’t know why I tend not to read manga so much, but I think it’s because I am a slow reader (in all languages) in general >_<;;

    Last but not least, t'is good to see you getting another Fate just in case. Hope you won't have to break another joint this time!

    • meronpan said

      i have a bad habit of not paying attention to how much i’m buying until i’m back in my hotel room ^^;

      will try to be extra careful with this new fate ^^;

  8. kesenaitsumi89 said

    Hi. It’s me. You bought the Fate.T.Harlaown at the same day with me .^^

    • meronpan said

      ahhh, didn’t realize this handle was linked to the e-mail you used ^^; once again, gomee~n! m(_ _)m

      anyhow, good choice ^^ can’t have too many fates

  9. punynari said

    Welcome back. Looks like quite a haul indeed.

    Love that Saber wallscroll. Congrats. If you bought it new, that beat the 5,000 yen price tag I paid for the Nanoha the Movie wallscrolls in Animate. ^^;

    I’ll have to check out those Touhou soundtracks sometime. I think I remember hearing music from Alstromeria Records one time and it being quite good.

    Really want that Megami magazine too. That Horo poster is worth the price alone. :3

    • meronpan said

      i think i was considering that exact same nanoha wallscroll ^^; decided for the saber one in the end because of the epic size ^^;; i think it’s new ‘cuz i didn’t see any used stickers (plus i don’t think gamers sells used stuff on that floor?)

      gah, really wish i had more money that day but it was the day before my departure so i was trying to use up exactly the cash i had on hand…

      really have niconico to thank for my new found love of touhou ^^ unfortunately i’m only just starting to get familiar with everything so to be honest lots of the music i bought was random ^^; still need to listen in depth to everything i got…

      heheh, was a nice surprise for me when i saw her in there ^^

  10. Smithy said

    おかえり! Nice to see you had a good trip and hauled back a fine loot! ^^

    That Saber wallscroll is gorgeous, expensive indeed but it is indeed huge and seems like good quality too, so I gather it’s more than worth it. ^^

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      even knowing the dimensions i was still blown away by the sheer size when i unfurled her in my room. couldn’t wipe the smile from my face the whole time either ^^;

  11. Shiddo said

    Awww Alleyne poster :3

    Nice haul ^^ Specialy mangas (Natsu no Arashi) and magazines ^^

  12. I didn’t even know there was a CD for magnet! :O I need to get myself some vocaloid CDs.

  13. I want that Saber wall scroll! I’m currently shopping for wall scrolls of Saber and I can only find bootlegs that don’t do her any justice! GIMMEE!!! I heard that the ending to School Rumble stunk…maybe this volume is to amend that and give us something more conclusive?

    • meronpan said

      i did a quick search when i got back trying to see if i couldn’t get the rin one i passed up but couldn’t find it anywhere -_- maybe i’ll have to start checking japanese stores…

      i’m not surprised about school rumble… especially if the reason it stunk was the lack of closure. the whole thing is just one huge run around! my points of reference are some of the first manga i read… i”s & love hina – if haven’t had your big kokuhaku moment by about halfway through, you’re stalling a bit much or you better have one helluva an ending :P

      • I agree, it’s a shame because I like School Rumble quite a bit and half the reason I watched/read the series was because I was interested in the ending. I mean all the goofing off is great too but I actually wanted closure out of this series (I don’t always expect closure). When I heard about the ending…I stopped watching the anime and buying the manga. Maybe I’ll pick it back up now. I haven’t started I”s yet, so the author really drags things on? Booo stinky. Love Hina dragged on too much for me too, so much so that it went to being one of my least favorite harem series. Even though I actually do like the characters.

        • meronpan said

          i was dying for some school rumble closure… guess i should actually read what i’ve bought and see what happens ^^;;;

          ah, when i meant for love hina/i”s was more that that was my level of acceptability for pacing. i really love both series, them being among my first and me being a sucker for nostalgia :P though i do agree love hina really stretched things out. things seemed to get more and more crazy just because akamatsu-sensei had run out of “normal” plot devices ^^;

          i”s drew me in with the character design/art. also nicely capturing the awkwardness of a teenage guy chasing after the love of his life. been awhile so i’m having trouble throwing out some non-specific specifics but i’d definitely recommend trying it ^^;

  14. optic said

    Was that u who’s holding the Saber wallscroll behind? If it was, then who took the shot? lol

    What can I say, EPIC loot will always look EPIC.
    Seems like the only thing I bought in this loot was the latest megami issue. lol

    • meronpan said

      yeap that was me ^^; set a 10 sec timer and manually focused ahead of time

      ah speaking of megami… is there an easy way to remove the posters? i was able to get the plastic board out but seemed like i’d have to dismantle the magazine to get at the rest of the posters.

  15. Blowfish said

    So much awesome in one place!
    That reminds me I seriously need to start a Japanese Course.Id love to buy some Japanese Manga and actually understand them too.

    • meronpan said

      it’s a lotta work, but learning a language to supplement a hobby makes it so much more enjoyable ^^ that reminds me i need to do another how to read japanese post someday ^^;;;

  16. T.I.P. said

    Love the Saber wall scroll! I’m surprised you only spent 48,000 yen over four days. But I guess you got everything you wanted on your previous trip.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, having gone already this year i already had a ton of purchases taken care of… 2 other things held be back also though – first off i didn’t have enough time to plan. usually i write down a mega list of the latest volumes of all the manga i want to buy, cds i’m looking for, games, etc. with only a day to prepare for the trip i had to go on memory ;_;

      the other thing was lack of space… didn’t have a dedicated camera bag so i had to split backpack space… also it was a work trip so i had to carry around work related stuff.

      …not really complaining though. need to save money. this year is killing me and thanks to the economy i’m not gonna be getting a raise/bonus! orz

  17. […] forget if I’ve actually done a formal post on it yet, but kanamemo is a manga I picked up (#27) last time I was in akiba.  Soooo many piles of it at practically every store I walked into […]

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