向坂環 ‐挑発‐ Kousaka Tamaki -Seduction-

Posted by meronpan on July 11, 2009

Hopefully the title of this post alerted any nsfw content sensitive folks in time… no bare skin, but well, I’m sure scantily clad females is grounds enough for plenty of places ^^; Anyhow, here we go~


Some stores may list her as the “provocative” or even on their main site, as the “provocation” version.  Went with the text that was on the box, though according to online dictionaries, 挑発 is more accurately translated to provocative.  Presenting Kotobukiya’s rendition of kousaka tamaki, -seduction- version!  Or to fans of the series more commonly known as tama-nee ^^

ToHeart2 had a short lived run as my favorite visual novel – unfortunately it was  quickly displaced by Kanon (ugh that reminds me somehow my vn queue is still overloaded… haven’t even touched air or clannad -_-).  Even so, as one of my first tama-nee remains among my favorite characters ^^


If you don’t know her, tama-nee is one of those super characters – strong willed, good cook, popular, smart, athletic (well, I forget if she’s actually good at sports but she packs quite a punch, especially for her little brother yuuji ^^;), etc.


And yeah, supposedly she’s in high school, but last time I checked no one in high school had a body like that :P

Another release in Kotobukiya’s 4-leaves line, and my second.  Chizuru left quite a bad impression with her strange partially-cast-offable shirt but after seeing the pics I decided they executed tama-nee good enough.


As you can see they supply a purple cushion to act as her base.  Not that it really matters I guess but quite a bit smaller than chizuru’s.


Kotobukiya released the temptation version earlier – white lingerie and a more innocent expression.  Don’t remember playing the later released x-rated version of th2 so I’m not sure which is more in character for her in ero situations, but in general the devious expression she’s got in this release seems to fit more.

tama-nee pounces (game cg)

tama-nee pounces (game cg)

I suppose actually it might’ve helped if the cushion was a bit thicker… something about it seems too flimsy or something.


Also be sure to face the kotobukiya tag away from your viewing audience :P


Another difference between this release and the previous one is the jeweled chain accessory she comes with.  Personally thought it was a nice touch and helped sway me into a purchase.


Nice thing about doing reviews of figures straight out of the box is no dusting requrired ^_^


Ribbons rendered in pvc never seem to be able to withstand the scrutiny of a macro lens ^^;


From a normal distance it looks fine though :P


Also noticed some of the paint from her top got on her top lip…


But again, that’s not a concern at any reasonable viewing distance.


I thought I heard there was a meme revolving around tama-nee on 2ch or 4ch?  Something about her being “healthy”?


Well, whatever it was, she can barely contain her oppai



Love the arm length gloves



Also the long stockings ^^


and her oshi…*ahem*




Wouldn’t say that this is the end-all must-have tama-nee figure, but she’s pretty well executed and in a nice 1/6 scale.


Lately I’ve been gravitating towards larger scale figures…


Problem is trying to find the balance between detail work and scale.


This is actually my first tama-nee figure, despite my desires to acquire her earlier.  I was extremely picky though and none of the earlier releases really clicked


I don’t claim this version to be that superior to everything previously, more that I finally caved and just had to get *some* version of her ^^;


Now I just need to find room to display her… she’s alone on a bookshelf atop a pile of CDs at the moment orz


Lulu dives in~


Tried walking around with both my 100mm macro and 18-55mm zoom in Tokyo… getting a better feel for both of ’em.  We’ll see if that helps the pics at all ^^;

Anyhow, pretty good release as far as I’m concerned (also since it’s kotobukiya ^^; sorry koto but you’ve gotta work hard to beat alter :P)

Be sure to check out foo-bar-baz for more, including shots of both this and the temptation version together (or of course go straight to his temptation version review).

Also, if you’ve got a bit more ero on the mind, Tier has a review of kaitendoh’s completely cast-off version.

…or if you’ve really got ero on the mind, head over to gelbooru :P



28 Responses to “向坂環 ‐挑発‐ Kousaka Tamaki -Seduction-”

  1. I honestly think her chest is a little too large in this figure to the point I feel it’s kind of gross. I don’t recall anything of the sort in either the game or the anime :(.

  2. Tier said

    I’m not familiar at all with To Heart but based on the merchandising and fan art I’ve seen, this figure does a really good job depicting what I imagine Tamaki to be like. I like the little chain belt too; it adds a lot to her edginess. Tamaki must have some robust teeth and jaw muscles of steel to hold that string up.

    Thanks for the shout out XD

  3. Smithy said

    Sekushii Tama-nee figure. D like “To Heart 2” but this figure isn’t my style, her oppai are bit too exaggerated. ^^

    How are you finding freehand shooting with the 100mm macro? I fail at it… orz.

    • meronpan said

      well, for my reviews i’m still using a tripod of course… for the shots I did in tokyo i found i really needed to crank up the shutter speed. before noticing that and switching to shutter priority i was getting some rough stuff -_-

  4. peacefan said

    She’s a healthy girl alright


  5. Leonia said

    Nice shooting ! But i don’t like this figure too sexy and vulgar for me. Loli powa xD

  6. sonic_ver2 said

    Damn nice boobs and butts. Never get tired looking at those things. Tamaki is my most favorite character from To Heart 2, but i can’t seem to find the right figure for her up until now, including this one. I guess in this figure her boobs is way oversized, and it’s pretty expensive too.

    • meronpan said

      she’s definitely been pretty elusive… unlike kanu where, amidst the swarm of figures i’ve found plenty that were purchase worthy… don’t know why it’s so hard for sculptors to get her right

  7. GNdynames said

    Tama-nee’s oppai have never stopped scaring me. This is why my only figure of her is still boxed, that and the one I bought was on sale and she doesn’t look that great =/ The shots are nice though. Sucks my lens is the standard 18-55mm.

  8. I found Tama-nee to be attractive in the past, but not so much anymore, may be it’s because I haven’t finish the anime or the game for the matter. I think I prefer a little more innocent look on the face, so I think I like the temptation version better. But despite all that, I don’t think I will bring Tama-nee home with me.

    • meronpan said

      she was my favorite out of all the scenarios in th2 so that left an impression ^^

      checking a bit i guess it turns out that the temptation version is rendered after the original art?

      ah well, i still like her foxy expression :P

  9. Roy said

    Wow can those get any bigger? ‘o’ A smexy looking figure indeed and seen many people have her too. The chain really helps, it looks well made and adds to the seductiveness;D Great shoot, and no dust :D

    • meronpan said

      they could get bigger but not by much before we’d have another cattleya on our hands ^^;

      guess i have yet another motivator to not delay on my new reviews

  10. RyoBase said

    I’ll buy this figure if her breasts are squashy.

  11. optic said

    There’s just something about the boobs that doesn’t look right? Over-exaggerated size maybe. I don’t mind big but if it’s not ‘as’ big as seen in the game or series then I do mind.

    I find Koto did a good job. I can see their big scale figures are improving.

    • meronpan said

      look fine to me :P relative to her character, yes i believe they’ve supersized her but no complaints here ^^;

      hopefully the trend continues! i definitely like the work they did on tama-nee better than chizuru

  12. Blowfish said

    Is that a Re-Ment Milk box?
    I still wonder how much power she has in her Jaw to keep up those oppai.You said that shes a healthy and sporty girl though.Maybe she trained her jaw ^^

  13. T.I.P. said

    I’ve been thinking about getting this Tama-nee for a couple weeks now. This just inches me closer to making the purchase. Nice photo and review as always.

  14. meimi132 said

    I want one… I want this one for the lovely chain.. but I prefer the tempation, the pink takes away from how scantily clad she is, and thus, might not draw the attention of whoevers in my room. A girl owning a figure that looks like that screams lesbian usually, but I dont want it to! Cos I own like… 5 bikini/swimsuit clad figures and they’re all gorgeous! But none of which make me wanna rip their clothes off lol.

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