Trip Pics

Posted by meronpan on July 13, 2009

Didn’t really do too much new this trip and the weather was awful so I was less inclined to carry around my camera ^^;  Nevertheless, snapped some pics of the odaiba gundam of course ^^


Evidently it officially opened just after I left though besides the light show and such I’m not sure there was any else different.

Hotel this time was close to the hamamatsuchou station, 5 stops away from akiba on the yamanote line ^^


Also lucked out it that it was pretty close to the yurikamome monorail – which goes to odaiba.


After getting off, just head into the park and prepare to catch your jaw.


Sooo awesome to see it in person.  Was very lucky to get this random trip thrown on me.


Just love all the details on the panels.


Now if only the weather had been better ^^;


Booths for snacks set up around the perimeter.


Just kinda surreal with seeing the whole spectacle


Or an otaku’s wet dream :P


Alrighty, I’m sure you’ve seen a billion other pics already so I’ll thumbnail the rest of the gundam ones ^^;

gundam gundamlow gundamhand3
gundamhand2 gundamhand gundamfeet
gundambigfoot gundamback2 gundamback
gundamarm gundam02 gundamtorso
gundamtorso2 gundamtorso3

Some lady was interviewing people at the time.


As you leave, make sure to get the awesome view of the gundam peaking out over the trees ^^


In other areas of the park families were out enjoying themselves~


Had half a mind to romp around in the water too ^^;


Only other pics were were of my usual rounds~


meiji jinguu~


went to pick up a traffic charm for relatives, happened upon a wedding (‘course that seems to happen everytime i go ^^;)


Weather had actually cleared up that day, though it was still humid.






Not really sure why I visit practically every time but it is nice and relaxing ^^


Also some nice benches to sit down at to change lenses.


Charm purchased, time to head to akiba :P



Lots of miku advertisements everywhere~


All that blue is miku ^^;


Sooo wish I coulda picked up the game orz


Ah well, will have to resort to online stores .



Explored a bit more off the main strip for once, though for my purposes I suppose it’s mostly more of the same :P


Maid cafe with a balcony for maids to lure you in ^^


Also forgot to look up that eva cafe -_-


Gamers was as usual ^^


Didn’t recognize this lonely set of stands though.



Still really miss the hokousha tengoku (where they would close off the main road).  Only got to experience it once, but that was definitely one of the most memorable akiba experiences I’ve had.


Guess until they come back we’ll still have maids :P


Kind of wish I had some pics of the movie theatre I saw eva at… though it was pretty unimpressive.  Found a random one in shibuya… was a tiny one screen deal on the 5th (6th?) floor of tokyuu hands I think?  Pretty chaotic waiting to sit down, mostly I guess because there was no need to line up (assigned seating) so everyone was milling around in the lobby with the previous showings’ patrons bursting out of the room.  Was an amazing experience though.  New eva content + seeing it in the theatre was epic!

Alrighty, guess that wraps up most everything from my trip then… now just gotta work hard to save up for another one :P



26 Responses to “Trip Pics”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    Too bad you didn’t get to see those Eva maids.

    Anyway, that real Gundam is pretty impressive!

  2. Saku said

    Nice pictures. It seemed that Odaiba Gundam is a must see for those who go to Japan.

  3. phossil said

    Odaiba Gundam is made of metal??
    You did an extensive and fun walk :)
    Nice pictures tough!

  4. Smithy said

    Great pictures! ^^

    Tell me, did you use the 100mm macro lens in ‘infinity’ focus on the Odaiba Gundam? Looks like they were taken with that lens since it’s they look a bit too sharp for the 18-55mm imho. Did you use a tripod?

    Do you have a polarizing filter yet for your lenses? They cost a bit but the result is impressive.

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^ yeah, was focused at infinity using the 100mm macro as just a regular telephoto basically. i was switching up between lenses though (actually went 100 -> 18-55 -> 100 ^^;) so some are with the kit lens.

      if you’re using firefox you can get an exif data viewer plugin if you’d like to see all the details for yourself… but for example, gundamback2, gundamside2 and gundamfromafar were taken with the kit lens.

      wasn’t using a tripod – though it was overcast, it was still daylight… so i dialed down the iso to 100 and was still able to manage 1/125 or faster (some even at 1/800).

      was actually looking at filters in japan but wasn’t familiar with any of the brands i was seeing there so wanted to wait until i could do more research ^^; i’ll have to get on that, thanks for reminding me ^^

  5. punynari said

    Incredibly clear and sharp Gundam pics. Reminds me how badly I need a professional camara. ^^;

    Agree with you on the Sunday pedestrian streets in Akihabara being a very fond memory. Was very fortunate to experience it before that tragic incident. There would always be cosplayers, singers, and other folks putting on a show. Nowadays, I rarely see cosplayers around unless they are working at the stores. Bloody shame that one person had to ruin it for everyone.

    • meronpan said

      i kinda surprised myself when i was able to read the text on the panels in the pictures ^^; expensive but definitely a nice upgrade ^^

      yeah i think i’ve seen almost nothing but advertising maids in my last couple trips. and then there’s those who don’t even want you to take their picture -_-

  6. JefLebowski said

    you lucky….otaku.
    man, i would be floating, carried bye otaku-ness if i was in akihabara

  7. Roy said

    Amazing pictures! That Odaiba gundam must be a Katoki ver. because theirs so many decals xD

    Lot of lovely photos of the scenery as well, Love the 5th picture down from all the Gundam thumbnails, if the people weren’t their it would look like a mysterious realm(kinda reminds me of Spirited Away) Such a lively city too

    Hope you had fun despite it being work^^
    I want to live in Japan yah! xD :p

    • meronpan said

      love torii gates ^^

      work was only 2 days so definitely had fun ^^

      i’d also love to live in japan but i still gotta somehow find a way to afford it ^^;

  8. Oh gawd, these pictures are sharp, kind of make me want a DLSR now lol. I am hoping the EVA movie would still be up when my planned trip happen (if it does) next month. I wonder how long would they keep the movie in theater though.

    • meronpan said

      i would definitely hope the movie’s still in the theatre… hasn’t been too long since release. …though now that i think about it i have no idea how long movies run for ^^;

  9. Q said

    Personally I feel that the Gundam is more like a collective memory for all sorts of people, not just “otakus’ wet dream” ^^;

    Looking back when I was there last month, there were all sorts of people crowding around the Gundam, of which the base was not revealed at that time. The Gundam franchise has been around for 30 years, and the fact that it’s a relic from the late 70s (graphics cannot be compared to the ones in the late 90s or today) as well as the fact that it emerged out of the super robots era (which developed the new “real robot” genre that we tend to get more and more these days) means that it’s a memory for all sorts of people, young and old, men and women. It is then I remembered that the Gundam means a lot not just for the fans of it, but to everybody who have come across it some time in their lives. T’is a very touching moment I have to say.

    • meronpan said

      you’re definitely much more in touch with the gundam franchise than i am ^^; but yeah, as you say, it’s cool so many people recognize it. none of my japanese coworkers are anime nuts at all but the ones i spoke to all knew what a gundam was when i said there was a giant one in odaiba. something many can appreciate, which makes it ever more disappointing that it’s not gonna stay there permanently!

  10. optic said

    Seems like the giant Gundam is the next big attraction in Japan. Considering I’m not a gundam fan, I’m not really ‘wow’ by it. I guess I will need to see it for my own eyes.

    Looks like u had fun. Doesn’t feel like work in Japan huh? xD

    • meronpan said

      as long as you don’t hate mecha, i’d say you’d definitely be wow’d standing at the base of a giant anime robot ^^ it’s 1:1 gunpla! :P

      well, to be truly honest… i can see how having a regular job there could turn me into a tired salary man real quick ^^;; but 2 days’ work? yeh, was definitely fun ^^

  11. Blowfish said

    Im so jealous of you!
    I need to cut back on my figure purchases and save up some money for a trip myself.Knowing myself and how I suck at saving it wont happen anytime soon.
    Thanks for the pictures!

    • meronpan said

      definitely takes dedication and a lotta time to save up for such big expenses… or a really nice raise/bonus ^^ ganbatte!

      wish i had more pics to share ^^; next time hopefully it’ll be better weather and i’ll travel about to more places

  12. T.I.P. said

    Really nice and sharp photos. I guess that’s the difference between compact cameras and DSLRs. Great Odaiba Gundam pics, though I wish I could be there to see the real deal. I need to drop by Akihabara next time ’round.

    • meronpan said

      i’m not sure about today’s point and shoots, but i can definitely say my previous camera wouldn’t have been able to managa that sort of image quality ^^;

      i’m addicted to akiba. always have to make at least a quick stop on every trip ^^

  13. kesenaitsumi89 said

    LOL. Meiji Jinkyuu is in Harajuku is it? Or is it Shibuya?

    Should meet up with you. Next time when you are coming please let me know. ^^

    • meronpan said

      it’s in that park right next to the harajuku station. shouldn’t be too hard to find if you can find a map of the area.

      definitely will drop a line next time, though i’m not sure when that’ll be… need more money and vacation time orz

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