赤夜 萌香 バンパイア覚醒後ver. ~ Akashiya Moka Awakened ver.

Posted by meronpan on July 15, 2009

From the pantsutastic manga/anime Rosario & Vampire, moka!


Definitely glad I waited for this version ^^  Well, not that I don’t like the shueisha version but if I had to pick just one… ne? ^^


I’ve got all the manga lined up to read but the only progress I’ve made in the series is the anime… and there I’ve only gotten through the 1st season and a couple episodes of the 2nd -_-


Nevertheless something about the character and series persuaded me into getting the figure ^^


I guess the thing about not having a perfect setup is that each review is an adventure.  Feels like I can never get consistent results.  And lately I’ve really been struggling with the white/color/or whatever balance… never feels like the skin tones are right.


Finally figured I could compare to the official shots for a reference, but that was well after the shots were taken ^^;


The base is absolutely lovely.  At least by my standards.  I totally don’t mind simple and the solid chunk of plexiglass is perfect.  Mirror makes even better ^^


Moka fits onto a peg on the cross, which is turn fits snuggly into the base.  Other than that the only assembly you have to mess with is getting her rosario into her hands.


Having completely forgotten what the prototype looked like I first thought I’d have to connect the cross to the chain on her neck.  Thankfully that wasn’t he case or I woulda broken something for sure ^^;


Dress looks great, though better at non-zoomed distances ^^;


Second review in a row to involve chains


Head to toe, pretty happy with all the details of this release ^^


Shallow depth of field was killing me in this review too ^^;;  Had to decide between having not much in focus or shooting at the angles I wanted.  Or closing up the aperture but then I woulda had to worry about diffraction.


Clothing boroboro~


Well, I guess strangely it’s just that glove that’s boroboro


Love her eyes~


I need an air filter… base was already getting dusty before I was done taking pics!  orz


Let’s adjust that focus a bit…


Pose, outfit, hair, expression… yum ^^


A solid buy for moka fans.


Twin seductresses ^^


Hope her hair has no trouble supporting itself. Still have a long summer ahead.


foo-bar-baz gave her a 4/5, and a much more thorough pantsu inspection, so have a look for more ^^

Update: if you prefer browsing higher resolution pictures, I’ve made a post on figure.fm where you can enjoy almost twice the horizontal resolution without having to click each pic ^^

Update2: I aim to please.  Some 1920 res versions, as requested by Divine Fang ^^ (click for the full size, of course)






43 Responses to “赤夜 萌香 バンパイア覚醒後ver. ~ Akashiya Moka Awakened ver.”

  1. Peshmerga said

    Have you tried manual white balance? I shot a few figure pictures at f/22 for the depth of field, came out reasonably sharp when resized + light unsharp mask. There’s a slight softness to the picture at 100% view though.

    • meronpan said

      Yeah… I’ve tried manual white balance… maybe I just didn’t mess with it enough.

      Given how much I’m resizing I should probably experiment more with the higher apertures too… and always forget about applying sharpness stuff ^^;

  2. Aka said

    This picture is sorta creepy! Tamaki towering like a monster in the background.

    The more pictures I see of this figure, the more I want to buy her. The list is ever growing…


  3. superchan said

    Nice review. This is also one of my most wanted figure this year.

  4. phossil said

    I like the detail of the figure. Her face and her eyes are exceptionally!!
    I wonder if can she be removed from the base??

  5. Panther said

    This is the first time I recall since I started looking at figure samples that a figure’s final product has outdone the original sample in its release. I canceled her preorder (financial concerns, alongside other thingies like not really knowing her well), though I might still have it (they might not put her on the shelf and I might be forced to go through with the order). But yes, this Moka figure is very lovely.

    Also I heard from manga readers that the manga is WAY better than the anime, so please give up on the anime.

    • meronpan said

      always nice to have figure manufacturers that can deliver and/or exceed their prototypes ^^

      well, i was only watching the anime for mindless fanservice so i guess there’s no harm in putting it off longer ^^;

  6. punynari said

    Loved the first season but the censoring kept me from finishing the second.

    I first saw this Moka figure through production pictures provided to stores and I was not happy. She didn’t look that great to me.

    Your pics have shown me that she looks MUCH better then the original pics they put out. Love the details on her chains and rosario. Was worried about her face but she’s beautiful. Her breasts I thought were too small in the production pics but they are perfect in your pics. Very sexy. I might just get this figure when I get back to Japan. Always liked the Awakened version of Moka the best.

    • meronpan said

      ah yes, now that you mention it that was really annoying me too. it wasn’t even the lack of pantsu… for me it was that the damn bat was soooo annoying!

      glad my pics were able to do her justice ^^ awakened moka ftw ^^

  7. I’ve been reading the manga a bit. I went for the Shueisha Moka and I plan on selling her later. This one is so good that it’s almost an insult to own both. They don’t even compare. I still like the pose of Shueisha a lot but the quality is just too low. After I got Moka I cancelled Mizore.

    • meronpan said

      ah, never really looked that close at the shueisha moka… didn’t know the gap was so egregious ^^; mebbe gsc will follow up with mizore, would love to have her too~

  8. Roy said

    I know nothing of the character but she looks devilish good :) Her eyes look amazing(on face) and the base looks cool, especially the glass part. The paint and sculpt look solid too. I love her finger nails ^^ and lol@aka, Tamaki does look like a monster since she’s like 3x the size of Moka(in all proportions too)

    Yoku Yatta~

    • meronpan said

      i wish all bases would be like this one. even without the nicely done cross, just the plexiglass+mirror looks great by itself. wish alter was doing something like that for the nanoha girls ;_;

      heheh, yeah being further back and still larger than moka… … ^^;;

  9. Tier said

    I passed over this figure due to finances and I kinda wish I didn’t. She looks great and while I’m not too familiar with the source, it looks like something that’d be relevant to my interests.

    I really like her fingernails. I don’t know why I notice strange details like that.

    • meronpan said

      it’s details like those that make a figure really shine ^^ i totally forgot to talk about ’em… should’ve since they are very nicely done compared to most.

  10. optic said

    A very detailed figure indeed. I can see GSC worked on the finer details a lot more like on the chains, dress and base. Now how come the characters I like don’t have more effort put into them like her? >_>

    I would recommend her to go into ur DETOLF or you will be dusting her base everyday. -_-

    • meronpan said

      always a crapshoot when it comes to getting your favorite characters done justice by figure manufacturers ^^; guess that’s why i’m excited that alter seems to have picked up k-on ^^

      good idea… curse dust!

  11. Leonia said

    Oh beautiful figure. I cancelled my pre-order but my boyfriend bought her. She left Japan last week. I am impatient to receive her. Congratulation for your picture (and you purchase) !

  12. Smithy said

    Passed on the series as the first episode didn’t grab me at all. But this figure looks fantastic and you made an impressive photoshoot of her, really lovely. ^^

    • meronpan said

      yeah, more of a show i’ll watch while writing up a post or something. moka & company grabbed enough of my attention to keep following but not enough to demand my undivided attention ^^;

      glad ya liked her & the pics ^^

  13. Q said

    I know literally nothing about this series, but the scuplt and paintwork for this figure are pretty outstanding.

    The dark blood red texture goes sharply against the light tone of the skin, yet there’s the low saturated grey colour of the weathered and battered cross that Moka’s sitting on, followed by the clear and crisp base at the bottom. Gotta like the metal parts too~

    But one question though: how do you get the Rosario into Moka’s hand? Push/slightly force it through the fingers?

    • meronpan said

      Now that you mention it i love the coloring also ^^

      for the rosario, you’re exactly right. her fingers bend easily enough to get the small metal loop in.

  14. sonic_ver2 said

    Ooohh, one of the figure i ordered and still in her way to my door.

    She’s basically a total beauty. And this figure is special in its own way. I guess the plus side of this figure is her dress and the properties around her which are rarely seen on the other figures.

  15. Blowfish said

    Im no Vampire fan but gosh shes delicious.I really,really like her design and its more realistic approach.Id like to sink my teeth in her XD

    • meronpan said

      usually it takes a really dynamic pose to wow me but they made it so much more than her just sitting on a cross ^^

      just watch out for that kick of hers if you try and take a bite :P

  16. gordon said

    nice shots as always. tempted to get her myself.

    btw i need your help, dropped u an e-mail (hope i got it right. lol) or more info at my blog. thanks!

  17. Shiddo said

    Nice, she looks way better/adult on 1st and 4th pic. Still overall not enough “mature” look of Moka for me ^^

    Alter could do Shirayuki Miozre in some “ice-modo” ^^

  18. Those zoom-in shots are really nice to look at. I couldn’t get to do mine properly with my kit lens :(
    Would appreciate if you could include 1920×1200 resolution for full body photos like the last one above, it makes good wallpaper :)

    • meronpan said

      macro lens has been as much fun as i hoped ^^ would definitely be a lot harder to pull off with the kit lens… max magnification is only like .33x or so?

      your wish is my command, post updated with 1920 sized versions (hmm think i might’ve been lazy and kept them at the proportionate resolution though (1920×1280), gomen!)

  19. […] Figurine : Moka Akishiya Éditeur: Good Smile Company/Gift Photographe : Meronpan […]

  20. Sai said

    I love Moka too.
    Love to read your writing.
    Nice photo. Thankyou.

  21. Daxx66 said

    “pantsutastic”… LOL! That is too good. I think you invented a new word. Great figure and nice pics. I missed out on it and now it costs over 200.00 US. Maybe some day.

    • meronpan said

      yeowch, she’s that pricey now? well, though with the exchange rate lately, it almost feels like even the regular 1/8s are going for 100+ after shipping ;_;

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