Room Pics Again

Posted by meronpan on July 20, 2009

(Update: figure.fmで翻訳して見ました。どうぞ見て下さい。) dannychoo readers are probably well aware of the otacool book/contest that’s currently open for submissions.  Yet again danny gives me a good excuse to clean up and take a panorama.


Sorry for the tiny version ^^;  Click for a 2.7 MB 7200×1613 version.  All of the following pics are also viewable at figure.fm (where you can view the pics at a high resolution in the post).


Moved some posters around and added Saber to the wall recently.  Also cleared off the small book shelf and covered it in figures ^^;  My small art book collection and random set of magazines are strewn about randomly…

You can also see I was watching the evo tournament when I started shooting.  Thanks to ron~ for heads up on twitter ^^


Manga collection is unchanged… since last time the shelves were already full ^^;;  Piled up some boxes to add a bit more character to the shot.


I’ve started a new tower of figure boxes next to my detolfs ^^;  Unfortunately got those screen reflections from the extremely long exposure orz


Any area I clear out for figures is instantly covered ^^;  Sorry moka, you’ll have to battle the dust for now ^^;;


Closer look at my bins of figure parts and art books/magazines.


I’m soooo insanely jealous of yakumo’s awesome display setup.  I can only dream of achieving something so insane.  For now I have 2 cramped detolfs.


Last but not least, first time posting any sort of pic of myself ^^;  Maybe I’ll actually post a portrait shot once I’ve gotten a haircut (been letting it grow out a bit too much lately ^^;)

I was surprised that I was selected out of the insanely awesome entries from last time… I will again be surprised because it seems like the number of insane rooms has tripled since then ^^;  Though I guess they’ll have to select quite a few to fill a book so maybe my chances are better than I think.  It’s kinduva weird feeling (embarrassing?) having one’s room published in a book so I guess I’ll be happy either way ^^;



42 Responses to “Room Pics Again”

  1. Lelouch said

    How did you make the first image so long? Did you paste a couple of pics together into one?^^

  2. omgwtfbbq said

    You lucky bastard, what I would’ve given to have a room like that :D

  3. YuKi-To said

    hm getting confused whether to comment here or figure.fm, ^^;

    Nice room! now I’m wondering where u’re from! =P

  4. phossil said

    I thought you would sleep with your head aside your wall, in a always looking to Saber scroll, but you are well surrounding by dakimakuras.. ^^

    • meronpan said

      i was actually sleeping in that orientation for feng shui/superstitious reasons (i’m not an active practitioner/believer but figure why not :P)… but I think I’ve gotten it backwards all these years lol. Something about dead people being carried out of the room feet first so it’s bad luck to sleep in that orientation? i always thought it was head first so i guess i’ve had bad luck for the past decade hahaha

  5. What is the contest? I can’t access DChoo’s web site much these days since it became blocked at work. My figure room has finally become a bit settled in but it’s certainly not panorama worthy yet.

    • meronpan said

      well, the otacool thing is more of chance to have your room published in a book about foreigners’ otaku rooms. the contest element is that the top 5 will get some prizes I think. kotobukiya will be publishing the book and choosing the rooms. think there’s approximately a week left to submit photos?

      danny also started up 2 other contest — giving away 3 figures, though i think the deadline for that has passed (guess the seats they chose when they went to see harry potter). The other is a creative photo contest, top prize being $100 + a year’s premier membership at japan to door. this one ends july 24.

  6. Rin said

    I have to start cleaning my room…as it’s a bit messy due to my packing for my trip to Japan…in 4 days…
    I wish the submission period will be a bit longer since I come back from Japan in 27 days…with loot in hand…
    I still love your room no matter how many times I look at it.
    By the way, how you do that Meronpan…get such a wide angle shot of your room…

    Also Meronpan, I’ve added your link on my blog!!!

    • meronpan said

      yeah, you got bad luck on the timing. on the other hand your room is epic enough as it is :P

      for the wide angle… just using the 18mm side of a 18-55mm zoom.

      if you’re referring to the panorama, just using the free program hugin. to use it just take shots that overlap about 25-30% on each side and it should have no trouble automatically assembling the shot for you. i put the tripod in the center of my room and took about 27 shots (3 rows of 9) for that monster shot. Even though the program resizes each image to 1600xsomething the final image was still 14790×4108, 232mb (tif). then just cropped away the ugly stuff and all was well ^^

      coulda sworn i had already added ya but somehow i was mistaken. fixed that and thanks for the add ^^

  7. Want the saber wall scroll, but then again I have no place to put it up >.>;

  8. Wow.. melonpan you’re Azn and older than I thought :P.

    Everyone has such amazing collections, I have like near nothing ha.

  9. xine said

    Your room is awesome! ^_^

  10. Smithy said

    Nice photos. Like your otaku room a lot.

    For a very ‘crowded’ and goods infested room it still looks manageable since your interior is white (light colored) which gives ample illusion of space.
    And while all your shelves are fully filled and you have stacks of boxes they’re all still neatly arranged and don’t feel like they’re just dumped there like some other otaku rooms. Good job!

    I’m not participating in otacool since all I have is my desk and few rows in my rack with some anime DVD’s, manga and artbooks so alas not enough. ^^;;

    • meronpan said

      actually i’m not sure the space you refer to is an illusion ^^; i have a high vaulted ceiling and the room itself is pretty massive since it is a master bedroom. ‘course i have to pay for it all…probably close to double what i’d pay in a normal 2 bedroom apt ;_; well, i guess that depends actually since rent varies so much around here.

  11. Blowfish said

    I was really looking forward to these pics since youll have to reveal yourself ^^
    And did you get any proposals by any Otakettes yet? ^^
    I am amazed that you even filled the last shelf of your Detolf.I hate to put figures thers.Its pretty close to boxing them up and hide them in a locker for me.

    Ive got a question about your wallscrolls: Did you bring them back from your japantrips or are there any shops that have good ones?
    Ive looked around the net quite a few times and they either never had the series i likedor just bad ones of them

    • meronpan said

      lol, i think i’d have to charm them with more than a shot of me passed out in bed ^^;

      i also hate that bottom shelf but it’s a last resort to get a moderate amount of dust protection. as you might be able to see it’s mostly 1/8 down there because everyone else above is generally 1/7 or larger (with an occasional 1/8 i was able to squeeze in)

      the majority of my wallscrolls were purchased at online stores a long time ago ^^; basically…

      saber & ef gals – akiba (gamers and animate, respectively)
      tifa – fanime (local anime convention)
      everything else – random online stores close to 10 years ago ^^;;;

  12. T.I.P. said

    Very interesting room. I see that you’ve loaded up on more figures since the previous room pic post.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, biggest change figure wise was to clear off that bookshelf for display purposes. now i really have to start looking into buying more furniture ^^;

  13. optic said

    Due to personal reasons, I didn’t participate for otacool.
    Having said that, I doubt I will make it anyway. lol

    As always, EPIC!!!

    • meronpan said

      well, i dunno about everyone else, but i just like seeing everyone’s stuff ^^ epic or a single nendoroid puchi, just fun to see what the community’s like, ya know? ^^

  14. Saku said

    Awesome room that you got there. It’s totally EPIC ^^

    • meronpan said

      thanks! though alas my desk has already become cluttered with papers again and i need to put laundry away. maybe if i took room pics everyday i’d be able to keep it clean ^^;;

  15. Shabby said

    Your room’s actually neat compared to mine even though you have more stuff. XD; Btw, you just gave me an idea on how to store my figures and plamos.

  16. A nice showcase of your collection ^^. I see some figure boxes there and I wonder if you have the same problem with the boxes that I have. I like to keep them in case I need to transport or sell them and finding storage for all those boxes is a major pain. Stacking them in up results in a thick pile that reaches the ceiling >_<

  17. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan-man: What? Posting a pic of yourself? Is the coming of the otakulypse already? LOL, just kidding, dude. Hey, if the more popular otaku can do it (Danny, Gordon, Howagirlfigures, etc.), why not you, right? Congrats on the book appearance!

    • meronpan said

      prolly woulda left myself out if danny hadn’t encouraged otacool submissions to include oneself in a pic ^^;

      not sure i’ve made it into the book yet? was kinda confused as to what he was using the previous room contest winners for? (promotional material or something?) anyhow guess we’ll see… ^^;

  18. kesenaitsumi89 said

    Your amount of figures is really COOL.

  19. Fabrice said

    Jealous is all i can say =)

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