mangaka-san to ashisutanto-san to

Posted by meronpan on July 24, 2009

Manga recommendation:  マンガ家さんとアシスタントさんと ~ The Comic Artist and His Assistants.


Not really sure where I’m going with this because it hasn’t been released in english (though maybe some scanlations are out?), but hopefully you can find it in a digestive format somewhere ^^;  Also, I tend to have a pretty broad tastes… but in the spirit of rambling about my passion of the day, here we go ^^

I’ve already translated a few pages of the first chapter for one of my (long overdue) Learn to Read Japanese posts, so you might’ve already seen some of this.  Basically the story is as the series is titled… about a manga artist and his assistants.  Well, though in the beginning it’s just singular – his assistant ashisu sahoto.


If you’re a fan of hiroyuki’s art and characters, I think you’ll like this series as well.  I fell in love with doujin work after reading the first 6 pages and have been a fan ever since.  Something about his style really strikes a chord with me.  Love it!

mangaka-san to ashisutanto-san to is a very light hearted, slightly (moderately? ^^;) ecchi comedy.  The ecchi factor comes from the fact that aito, the mangaka, is a hopeless otaku and the manga he draws is pantsu-centric.  His manga’s not terribly popular though and he’s not very hard working, (well, rather, easily distracted :P) so his editor is always getting mad at him.


…but, not all the time.  Above is a rare case of her having goofed up (forgot to tell him about a commitment) ^^;  Usually dressed in a suit, and I’d say her characteristics are tsundere & pettanko.

Crazy male characters also crack me up.  Below is tomito meisei, aito’s self proclaimed antagonist (even though his (tomito’s) manga is waaay more popular).


tomito is jealous of the things aito does have… an uber-kawaii harem ^^  Above is his reaction to aito’s offer of friendship (w-well, if you’re *that* lonely… can’t be helped… i guess…).  tsundere okama antagonist? ^^;; iya, okama jyanai kedo ne (not that there’s anything wrong with that :P)

So far there haven’t really been any major plot lines, more like a slice of life for a mangaka?  imo, the best vehicle for enjoying moesome characters, like below (hopefully you won’t consider this a spoiler, but for the record she isn’t introduced until late in the second volume)


kuroi sena.  Super assistant.  So far not a permanent assistant, but I hope we see more of her.  Long hair, mean and a quick temper.  But she’s really weak!  chouuuu kawaiiiii~ ^^


So while she may be prone to violent spells, aito escapes unharmed (by sena-chan at least ^^;)


okoridere?  ^^;

aito also spends a lot of time with fuwa rinna, but I’ll let ya enjoy discovering what she’s about for yourself :P  Or someday perhaps I’ll get to a chapter involving her in a reading lesson post ^^;

Wish I was able to enjoy the doujin work anime as much as the manga.  Anime was a real disappointment for me, especially art wise.  Maybe someday this will get the proper treatment!


10 Responses to “mangaka-san to ashisutanto-san to”

  1. mikumin said

    Seems interesting. I might check it out.

  2. pus2meong said

    I have read the translation for few chapters, very interesting.

    Otaku no Musume San also good manga to read :)

  3. Hmmm, I like the style and I need some more manga in Japanese. I’m too lazy to improve my kanji skills so the furigana would be helpful too >_< I think I'll check it out ^^

  4. punynari said

    Haven’t seen the Doujin Work anime yet. Think one of my “co-workers” has it on his harddrive though.

    The art is really nice in this manga. Might check it out sometime. Thanks for sharing. ^^

    • meronpan said

      just remember if you like the art like i do the doujin work anime may assault you with its failure to do justice to the characters ;_;

      anyhow, hope ya get a chance to check ’em out ^^

  5. ユキ said

    lol that Sena reminds me Nagi sanzenin ^^
    another serie about otaku, I must take a look on it!

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