ぐーぱん! ~ Gu-pan! and Figure Talk

Posted by meronpan on July 31, 2009

First, ぐーぱん!


Another gem I’ve stumbled upon lately – a manga called ぐーぱん! (Gu-pan!, according to the author, from  グーパンチ (good punch)).  I think one reason I like it is because the main character, miri,  reminds me of taiga.  The setting, however, is a whole lot less dramatic and focused on slice of life comedy ^^

gu-pan!003Panel 1: (hushed conversations around miri) washizu-san’s really small and cute…  but that attitude…

Panel 2: miri, good morning~

miri: morning~

other girl:  even so, nagao-san doesn’t seem to mind at all

Panel 3: i hear they’ve been friends since 1st year

i don’t see how she can stand that gloomy attitude

Panel 4: ooo, you’re in a good mood today, aren’cha miri?

miri: yeah

onlookers: …she’s in a good mood?!

Our main heroine is washizu miri.  She has a (slightly) misplaced reputation for being mean and violent, but really she’s only that way to her friend natsumi who always teases her ^^;  Again I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Toradora!… sort of the ryuuji thing being misunderstood by others because of the mean expression she has.


miri’s two main friends are the above mentioned ijiwaru, mameda natsumi and the more mother like iinchou, nagao utako.

gu-pan!004Panel 1: nagao: hmm?  why is everyone so uneasy around you?  are there strange rumors going around? (miri: nod)

Panel 2: nagao: hmm… well, you’re so shy and looking angry all the time

miri: but that’s just my nature!

Panel 3: try to make an effort to smile!  you’re naturally cute so i think it’ll really change your image!

Panel 4: miri: …like this?

nagao: …. No.  Guess you should stick to things you’re used to…

To natsumi’s delight, miri is totally into a magical girl anime.  Delighted because it gives her ample opportunity to make fun of her ^^;  miri’s very embarrassed of her hobby and tries to hide it as much as possible.


Panel 1: (during a check where students have to show the contents of their book bag) Why is my miyorin hyper magical baton in my bag?

Panel 2:  After staying up all night watching all 12 episodes of majical miyorin: star world…

Panel 3: I got into it and pretended to do her transformation scene with the magical baton… (sfx: magical lyrical rin rin ri~n)

Panel 4: After then when I was getting things together, can’t… remember… (speech bubble: next person

miri’s just too kawaii ^^


Panel 1: miri: Anyway, today I’m studying with everyone so leave us alone, mother.

miri no okaasan: u~  mi-chan, you’re so mean

Panel 2: and usually you call me ‘mama’!  why ‘mother’ today?

Panel 3: sfx: door closing (…not quite a slam, but rather a solid close ^^;)

Panel 4: natsumi: er, don’t worry about it ^^;; it’s how i imagined anyway…

Recommended for those looking for kawaii slice of life 4-koma.


Panel 1: That’s right!  All it takes is spirit and will for people to muster amazing strength!

Panel 2: spirit! will!

miri: (thinking) will!  spirit! (aloud) ei!!!

Panel 3: a?! (sfx: slip)

Panel 4: sfx: the dull thud of miri’s foot being planted in the teacher’s stomach ^^;

You can see why poor miri has a bad reputation ^^;


Panel 1:  I wonder if there are any open seats… oh!

Panel 2: Those 3 are in my class… I wonder if I should call out to them…

Panel 3:  h-hey that… that seat… (sfx: ha- ha- (heavy breathing))

classmate: wha?! washizu-san?!

Panel 4: We’re so sorry!  We didn’t know this was your usual spot!

We’ll leave right away!

miri: eh?! no that’s not what i…!

Not the best I’ve ever read, but a good light read if ya don’t want anything serious.  ^^


Work flared up again, so I haven’t been able to read around but I’m sure there’s a billion wonfes posts already out there.  So here’s the billion and first :P  Just a sort of wish list run down of the show.  Will likely skip figures I’ve already preordered ^^;

Images taken from mmm i think if i read correctly, foo-bar-baz would appreciate it if ppl wouldn’t reuse his images, so i’ll poach somewhere else :P  But I still encourage you to check out foo-bar-baz’s wonfes coverage ^^ I hope he doesn’t mind me using his images ^^;

Well let’s see, now I’m shameless hijacking images from アキバHOBBY definitely check out their insane amount of wonfes posts too ^^


Click for full wonfes coverage at akibahobby

Reimu – given my recent touhou fanatacism, I really would love to have this reimu.  Unfortunately with tons of other enticing goodies at the show I think I’m gonna have to save some money and hold back.  Not to mention I think I’d have to order her through a special channel?

Alternate BRS – really torn on this one.  Would love to have both but again… for money’s sake… orz

VN02 – she’s from the psp game?  or something?  all i k now is that she was a jaw dropper ^^;

MF’s miku – was lukewarm from the prototype shots but for some reason these less groomed shots from the show have sparked my interest.  But again, not sure if i should be forking out for another miku (especially if i go after vn02)

More picture hijacking, so again, would like to plug akiba hobby’s wonfes coverage to ease my conscious :P


Click for full wonfes coverage at akibahobby

Seems I need to check out this canaan thing.  Dull colors don’t really excite me, but that’s an awesome pose and well done figure ^^

tama-nee – of course right after i finally get my first tama-nee mf plans to do a release that seriously tempts me ^^;

ranka lee – finished macross frontier recently… would love to get this ranka but it feels kinda lacking… well, no that’s not the right word.  i guess it’s just that she spends so little of the show in that outfit i’d like something more representative of her?  well, not that i don’t like the figure :P

saber – again?!  *sigh* i forsee my saber collection growing again… though i’d like to see how this one’s painting goes…

Alter coverage at akiba hobby.

Click for alter coverage at akiba hobby

Click for alter coverage at akiba hobby

Damn you, Alter.

I was expecting Shamal, and nothing really special there.  I’ll be ordering her mostly just to complete the set.  Zafira included… yay? ^^;  But dang it why did they have to go and make movie version nanoha?!  won’t be passing her up, I can say that much ^^;;

And what’s with this KOS-MOS?  Alter’s starting its own line of poseable figures?  Still prolly gonna hold back, but that’s a pretty neat lookin’ KOS-MOS. (though not as impressive as that 1/4 I thought I saw?  Was that a Volks resin kit?  gads, i need to read up more…)

sereberia beresu? valkyria or something?  not familiar with this one at all but that looks like it’s going to be a totally awesome figure.

saber maid… again? yet i don’t think i will be able to resist this one either ^^;

shining wind character… kurarakuran firiasu?  character design caught my eye, though if i have to choose between armed and dangerous warriors i’m not familiar with, i think i’ll take the valkyria gal :P

and the k-on gals, of course… don’t see how i could possibly pass these two up, even if they look incredibly shiny in the pics ^^;

And one last set while I’m totally dreaming ‘cuz there’s no way I can get all these figures :P


Click for akiba hobby's wonfes coverage

Let’s see, upper left gal is… something peppermint?  Or is that the name of the show?  Anyhow something about that chain and the pose got my attention.

Is the upper right supposed to be… nodoka? …hmm yes that is, isn’t it?  and by wave?  1/10?  will probably have to pass on this, though i’m sure if it was an alter 1/7 she’d be a must buy :P

luchini just caught my eye ‘cuz she’s kawaii ^^  though i’m still counting on alter to release the whole lineup :P

and again with the touhou fever… looks like griffon is releasing a whole lineup of touhou characters?  not sure i trust them with any base, but we’ll see.  would love to get sakuya ^^

I think it’s time to update and rank/prioritize my tsukiboard wishlist …it’s pretty dated.  ^^;

Hope there are no more incidents like last time that canceled the winter wonfes.  We definitely need this twice a year ^^



30 Responses to “ぐーぱん! ~ Gu-pan! and Figure Talk”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    What Alter did here is totally overkill. After critically damaging us with those 2 masterpieces (Nanoha exceed and Fate Shin Sonic), they kept damaging us more and more with Yui, Mio, Nanoha (and Fate?) the 1st movie version, Selvaria, etcetera. My wallet’s going to go dry this December.

    Moreover, those K-On nendoroids are also going to be released at December. Are they (GSC and Alter) trying to spark a war?

    • meronpan said

      ooo yes, they probably will follow up movie nanoha with movie fate, won’t they? ho boy, this ain’t gonna be cheap ^^;

      sadly i think i’ll be skipping the nendoroids ;_; they look awesome but i really gotta trim down my purchases where i can

  2. Looks like there are quite a few figures you like, I feel sorry for your wallet ;)
    Also, the manga looks really cute ^^

  3. Magna said

    Hi, meronpan! It’s been a while since my last comment here, my blog is still without news and I’m kind of in a hurry, but I can tell you a little about those new KOS-MOS and stuff.

    The KOS-MOS action figure is the third (I think) in the line-up of ALTER’s new series called ALMECHA. The first was a 1/60 Arbalest from Fullmetal Panic (already released), the second one is a 1/100 scale Linebarrel from Linebarrels of Iron (to be release in december this year) and the then KOS-MOS some time next year. The Arbalest (about 12,800 yen) looked great, so I’m looking forward for both Linebarrel and KOS-MOS.

    About the 1/4 KOS-MOS, she’s really a super-duper expensive garage kit from Volks.

    And finally, “sereberia beresu” is Selvaria Bless from Valkyrie Profile, a very good and recent PS3 Game and anime by SEGA. The figure looks awesome, but I also saw a singl picture an action figure of her in WF2009 that looked perfect too, but I don’t know anything else about, even if it’s going to be released or not. =/

    Anyway, I hope this can helpful. ^^

    • meronpan said

      ah, thanks for all the info! strange that kos-mos is being added to a mecha line up ^^;; and that volks garage kit really is beautiful, but even if i did have the tools and skills… jeebus that’s pricey.

      yeah, i’ve heard good things about valkyrie profile… but don’t have a ps3 and only got through 1 episode of the anime so far… guess until i get a ps3 i’ll have to settle for just the anime. given my alter love and reservations about action figures (curse you, broken figma hands!) i’ll likely be gunning for the alter release

  4. phossil said

    Gupan seems good enough. Toradora was too dramatic~~

    • meronpan said

      i liked all the drama, but because of it it’s not something i’ll keep running in the background while i work ^^; gu-pan! on the other hand, would be (assuming they make an anime) ^^

  5. that manga is fun ^^ (miri…..tsundere?)
    about figure, the BRS still got my attention ^^

    • meronpan said

      miri does have sort of a tsundere flavor to her but it’s not really the sort of manga that deals with romantic relationships (so far) so who knows ^^;

      i think in the end, though i like swords a lot, the awesome base of the previously announced figure swings things in her favor. though maybe the new version will be cheaper (or rather, it better be! :P)

  6. optic said

    I have already allocated the ones I want like Yui by Alter, a few nanoha figmas and maybe the other version of BRS but the ONLY one that caught my eye (and surprised me) was Selvaria Bles from VC by Alter.

    I had a hunch Alter will do it given the fact they are main makers to pickup characters from video games. I almost jumped out of my seat @ work when I saw it. LOL
    I find this year was a better WF than many other years IMO. Maybe it’s backed by some great series from the past seasons.

    • meronpan said

      i wish i could play vc… argh but with all my purchases lately a ps3 will definitely have to wait ;_;

      for me i think the biggest surprise was vn02… hadn’t seen the illustration previously but even so, it was just, “whollly crap, miku?! whaaa?!” ^^

  7. Smithy said

    From the newly announced figures, I’ll have to stick to the “K-ON!” ones, they interest me most and that’s all the budget can take… ^^;;

  8. Q said

    A lot of great figures, but none in my list for the new stuff – Fate is already enough as I’ve already met my fate… x_x

    • meronpan said

      lots of stuff isn’t available for preorder anyway, so still time to change your mind :P ‘course you’re very good at controlling your spending so i guess it probably won’t change ^^;;

  9. Roy said

    This Christmas is gonna be interesting-_-
    Probably gonna get the K-on figures(yah right) and the nends. of them but I gotta say that VN02 is gonna be a masterpiece^^ A lot of great figures but none I can get:/

    • meronpan said

      i’m getting more and more excited about vn02 ^^ i think if i were to pick just one figure to have from the show, it might be her (well, again excluding what i’ve already ordered :P)

  10. Catching up on blogroll again after spending the last 2 weeks on Sasara’s story, I have not been following the wonfes coverage at all. I have heard a bunch of people talking about a Kosmos figure, and I finally got to see a glimpse of her here. Interesting, 2010 release so there is time to consider.

    • meronpan said

      sasara~~ i’ll have to read your posts on her after i finish her arc ^^;

      alter + poseable seems like it could be really neat. but i wonder what the price will be ^^;; if it’s way expensive but looks that nice… i think i’d be way too afraid to change her up… which would defeat the purpose ;_;

  11. Tier said

    I was sort of hoping to see some new characters get figures, but the Saber maid and Max Factory Tamaki figures look pretty nice. Orchid Seed’s Seena and this one figure from Yamato (schoolgirl with black wings and a polearm) also caught my eye.

  12. punynari said

    Just when I was looking to scale back how many figures I buy, the Wonfes coverage started to come out.

    Touhou figures are a must for me and I’ve been wanting them forever. The closest I had previously was the figure keychains and a chibi Reimu. Saw that they are releasing not only a nendoroid but a figma Reimu. Usually I’m not one for figmas but with the amount of accessories and poses you can do with a Touhou figma made me reconsider.

    Other figures I want would be the Alter Yui, Shamal, and possibly the movie Nanoha. Wouldn’t mind having the figma loli school uniform Fate and Nanoha as well.

    But with Volks Fate/Hayate and StrikerS Alter Nanoha/Fate on the horizon as well as Nendoroid K-ON figures, I’m going to have to work out my level of want for all these figures. Can’t buy everything. Well, I can but that’s not responsible. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i’m getting this feeling that i should go after the reimu nendoroid after all… gaaa i just love how they did her enjoying some tea ^^ i guess if nothing else at least i have her dangling from my phone atm ^^

      responsibility be damned! …bah yeah, i have to be responsible too. i better work out my priorities quick before it’s too late ^^;

  13. T.I.P. said

    Too many figures, not enough money is all I have to say.

  14. I like the Max Factory Miku…but she looks SO MUCH like the GSC Miku I can’t bring myself to get her! It’s really bothersome! I’ll be able to get over this ok so long as MF doesn’t release more Vocaloid figures (PLEEEASE MF DON’T!).

    At least for BRS I definitely 100% prefer the GSC one so that one isn’t keeping me up at night.

  15. Blowfish said

    WonFes didnt have too much for me…Triela from Gunslinger Girl was the biggest suprise for me.

    Back to the Manga:
    I never really got into 4Koma Manga.Its the same with those saturday newspaper comic strips.Theres just something missing in those short ones ^^

    • meronpan said

      ack missed your comment when catching up, gomen.

      haven’t gotten around to gunslinger girl so i remain oblivious to those characters ^^;;

      i think i got into 4-koma because so many of the slice of life themed series i read are in that format. though sometimes an anime will come out and overshadow the original work (like lucky star… something about the comics doesn’t resonate as well compared to the show ;_;)… at any rate, not for everyone, but i won’t stop trying to convert peeps :P

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