東方紅魔郷 (eosd) – Normal 1cc!

Posted by meronpan on August 4, 2009

Well, so it took about a month and I had to settle for starting with 5 lives, but I’ve cleared my first touhou without continuing!!  Figures after I go telling punynari how I like using reimuB that I actually beat the game with marisaB ^^;

Click for gelbooru.  MASTER SPARK!

Click for gelbooru. MASTER SPARK!

Been experimenting with converting the replay for youtube – think the quality turned out pretty good.  If you’d like to see what touhou is like and/or how bad I am, take a look – stages 1-3, stages 4 & 5, stage 6 (all of ’em also embedded below).

Some notes:

Stage 2 Boss チルノ a.k.a. ⑨ – Stopped thinking and moved wrong during ⑨’s opening spray of bullets. Bombed as I freaked out -_-
Stage 3 Midboss 中国 – Bad positioning during her opening attack lead to another bomb… then I die shortly thereafter orz

I absolutely hate losing a life before stage 4.  Yet for some reason lately I keep getting hit by 中国 or *sob* ⑨ (or having to bomb -_-).  I think that’s been messing up my reimuB playthroughs lately… I’ll die early on and lose my concentration and die some more.  At least in this play through I manage to avoid actually dying on Cirno, but it still shakes my concentration.

Stage 3 Boss 中国 – I top things off by using two bombs to finish her off orz

Stage 4, Before koakuma – Freak out during the green stuff and bomb.
Stage 4 Boss Patchouli Knowledge – Thought I wasn’t gonna make it through rage trilithon and bombed.  Was actually dodging things for once in metal fatigue but couldn’t keep it up and was out of bombs (so I die).  That death had me on edge and ended up bombing during wafer elf.

Now begins the bomb spam.  Well, actually I do successfully pull off a nice little trick which not only trivializes the midboss version of sakuya’s initial attack, but nets me a ton of graze.  You can see it during the video, but for a full explanation, I go thru it in the tips later.

Stage 5 Midboss sakuya – Was going fine until I positioned myself too high and freaked out during misdirection.  I also finish off sakuya too early and fail as usual during the following spam -_- ‘nother bomb used.
Stage 5 Boss sakuya – Right as boss she opens up I decide to fly right into some bullets, wasting a life and bomb… more bad positioning on clock corpse, respond with a bomb…. felt trapped before lunar (luna?) clock engaged, spend another bomb… aaand right as lunar clock starts, i bomb again… after lunar clock i’m out of bombs, fail to dodge, and die… yet again I fail to avoid knives. bomb… thought i was in the clear, then sakuya freezes time and gets close and personal. didn’t want to risk dying and bombed to finish her off.

Even having bombed that much I’m able to start stage 6 with 6 lives and 1 bomb in stock.  At this point I’m thinking, well crap, I didn’t need to start with 5 lives after all.  Of course I was terribly wrong…

Was doing fine during opening spam. Then I decide to run into a bullet and die, wasting a bomb in stock.  I bomb out of the expanding bullet rings.  Was spooked by the earlier death and didn’t want to risk wasting 3 bombs…  Then I go and die on sakuya, wasting 2 bombs in stock, and again freaked out, bomb to finish her off.  Seeing a pattern? I bomb to get through remelia’s opening attack -_-  Get through star of david but end up bombing twice to get to scarlet netherworld.  The second bomb was totally because i wasn’t familiar with the spell card and positioned myself right in front of her as she prepared to unload a barrage in my face.

Curse of Vlad – was sitting there innocently enough at the bottom and just let that knife hit me. Real great. At least I had used all my bombs. Was finishing it off but wasn’t paying attention to remilia’s life and waste a bomb as I depleted her life -_-  Stupidly die with 2 bombs stocked trying to get to scarlet shoot.   Then I die with THREE bombs stocked failing to dodge scarlet shoot.  Totally freaked out now, so I bomb the rest of scarlet shoot, robbing me of the opportunity to zap remilia as she begins red magic.

You’d think 1 extra life and 2 bombs would be plenty for red magic? Well for me, just barely. Bomb the crap out of her (which she’s immune to), chipping down her life bit by bit in between.  Expend my last bomb with 1/6 of her life left or so, thought I was done for… but thankfully not!  I crawl away with my first 1cc ^^;

It took about a month and was really sloppy (especially during the end) but I’m ecstatic to have this milestone under my belt.  Most importantly it opened up the extra stage, and I was finally able to face flandre!  She’s… a beast ;_;  Gonna be a while before I take her down…

Tips for EoSD Touhou Beginners from a Touhou Beginner ^^;

On the off chance that a fellow touhou enthusiast is playing eosd for their first touhou and happens upon this blog, thought I’d share some things I thought were important/woulda helped me out if somehow had explained.  Probably lots of obvious stuff for shmup veterans… and I’m no expert myself, but hopefully I’m not too far off the mark ^^;;

1.  Score points!  It took a while before I realized I needed to get that score up to gain those extra lives.  I was so focused on just staying alive at first it was actually hurting me!  In eosd you get a life at 10, 20, 40 and 60 million points.

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

2.  Get your power up fast!  I was sort of lazily collecting power ups in the first stage until I realized I could be at 60ish power when engaging the stage 1 boss and max power shortly after cirno (mid-boss).  You can probably even do a lot better (I suck at collecting power ups ;_;).  This ties into #1 because once you’re at max power you can use the auto-collect to get max-value point items.

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

3.  Sometimes you’re killing yourself.  I was ready to just accept the fact that I wasn’t good enough to beat sakuya’s second phase mid-boss form until I watched a replay and noted how easy it was to dodge everything — don’t move!  Many enemies target you so if you’re flying all over the place the screen gets covered in bullets and you’re digging your own grave.  In the sakuya case each wave is separately targeted so stay in place while her red knives (kunai?) fly out, then you’ll have a brief moment to adjust and freeze again before she starts firing the blue knives.  If you do it right, everything comes out in nice, easy to dodge rows.

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

4.  It doesn’t hurt to cheese. :P  Sometimes it’s even the key to a high score.  My favorite move is the one I got from watching kagamin’s replay – for sakuya’s mid-boss first phase, you can simply hover above her the whole time.  The kicker is that not only are you perfectly safe, but you also rack up a ton of graze.  After the initial spray, she’ll settle into a pattern, starting with blue knives from left to right (sakuya’s right to left).  If you position yourself on her left shoulder you should not be hit, while damaging her.  As the knives fan out, simply move to sakuya’s right shoulder and you’ll remain safe.  Then, before she’s done with her barrage, move upwards to avoid colliding with her as she moves around.  Rinse and repeat.  Takes a bit longer than hitting her straight on but the safety, added graze, and the fact that you *want* to drain the time make it all worth it.  (or at least, I desperately need that time drain.  The ensuring chaos after you down her is often unmaneagable for me ;_;  If you take long enough on sakuya, you avoid it entirely).  You can see me using this technique at about 6:04 in the stage 4 & 5 vid.

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

5.  Bombs ftw.  I am really horrible at using bombs.  I have this stupid tendency to conserve them… wanting to save them until I really need them.  That has really hindered my progress.  If you’re of like mind, think about it this way – each bomb is like an extra life since it gets you out of an impossible situation.  You gain 2 extra lives from items and 4 from points during a normal playthrough.  6 lives * 3 bombs each == 18 extra times you can mess up!  Add in the 3 lives you start with (or 5, if you’re giving yourself the best chance for a no-continue clear) and that’s 27 bombs & 8 deaths (would game over on the 9th) or 35 mistakes to be made.  Maybe I’m the only one suffering from this complex but I had to break it down like that to help overcome my stinginess with bombing ^^;  Makes those full bomb deaths 3x worse!

Other games have penalties and you do get less points at the end if you don’t have as many bombs in stock but in eosd you mostly benefit from bomb use.  Because bullets are converted to star items during the bomb, high level players expend their bombs to maximize score.

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

6.  Flandre is so mean ;_;

Click for gelbooru

Click for gelbooru

7.  Master spark is really awesome when you’re like me and can’t deal with bosses for very long ^^;  It lasts for freaking ever.  However remilia will make you pay because during her final life bar she goes invulnerable when you bomb orz.  I learned recently that flandre is also immune to ’em in general.

Alrighty, that’s enough touhou from me ^^;;  Figures are in the mail so some reviews should be comin up in the next couple weeks (though I will have to go out of town for work so that may delay things -_-).



26 Responses to “東方紅魔郷 (eosd) – Normal 1cc!”

  1. Persocom said

    TOUHOU! I suck at it but I love it anyways. Flandre <3

  2. punynari said

    Congrats on your first normal 1cc!

    Didn’t know that you could make it so you had 5 lives. Will certainly look into that next time I play. :p

    Also, like you, I always had a habit of conserving bombs. Eventually, I’ll learn where I probably will die and use it then but now with 5 lives under my belt, I will be more trigger happy.

    Tried out Reimu B the other day and her stage 4 Patchy battle was more difficult I think then both Reimu A and Marisa B. All those vertical projectiles get me everytime.

    If I can pull myself off of Project DIVA for a moment I will certainly try out Normal with 5 lives. Hope I can do it. ^^

    Also, I watched a no-lifes lost extra stage Flandre video on youtube one time. Looks very, very hard. But, the harder the challenge, the greater the feeling of reward afterwards when you finally succeed. ^^

    • meronpan said

      thanks! wish it would’ve went a little more gracefully but i’ll take it what i can manage ^^;

      yeah, now that you mention it i hate reimu b’s patchy battle ^^; never seem to position myself right for princess undine and i’m hopefully trying to dodge everything in sylphae horn high lvl -_- time to practice more… without so much bombing ^^;

      totally agree about the harder challenges leading to the greater rewards ^^ plus i love developing weird useless skills ^^;

  3. Captain Arepa said

    First of all, congratulations! I just started (again) to play Touhou, and I’ve been messing a lot ’cause it’s been like 1 year since I played any at all. Besides, I’m playing this very same game, EoSD, which I never, NEVER touched (nor opened it, or double-clicked on it), even when it was installed on my comp. The game itself is kinda hard, ’cause there’s no visible hitbox. The first mistake I made was to start with the newest game (at the time), Imperishable Night, and got too used to the hitbox and system… and now I’m struggling with having no hitbox, no “Shift key-item collect”, and no “Time Points” or “Cherry Points” or whatever. Anyways, the very first thing any beginner has to know is… start playing the oldies, please.

    Whatev’, your next challenge is to clear the game with each char, and after that, in Lunatic. AND after that, you’ll start with PCB, and you’ll start to see what Touhou is meant to be XD So, keep it up!

    • meronpan said

      yeah, think i lucked out starting with this one. from what i’m seeing eosd is considered to be one of the harder ones so i’m hoping it’ll be (mostly) downhill from here ^^;

      working on the other characters now (gads, i think i’ve gotten worse this past week though -_-) but i’m not sure i want to spend the time on lunatic ^^;; think i’ll more likely try to clear extra and then move on to the other games… currently my plan is to play them in order so yes, pcb next ^^

      • Seriously? eosd is considered one of the hard ones? I found it relatively painless compared to SA (touhou 11) at least, when you continue on eosd, it doesn’t force you back to the beginning of the stage!!!
        Things got interesting around the end of stage 3 tho. I tend to main Marisa A and weave through bullets to stay in the same rough location.

        But then SA did include that accursed buzz system seen in psyvariar and I haven’t nailed down the hitbox size yet so I don’t know how far I can push things. But I really miss the auto item collect… And that little red box at the bottom of the screen in SA which tells you the relative location of the enemy!!!

        • meronpan said

          ah, but i think SA is considered the hardest? so i guess that would be consistent? this is all from what i’ve randomly read ‘cuz obviously i have little to no experience outside of eosd ^^; not sure if people are comparing overall, on hard/lunatic or what…

          i’m guessing the buzz system you’re referring to is the “graze” stuff? eosd also rewards you for graze but i suppose you’re saying it has a much larger effect in sa?

          i have played a little bit of sa and also miss the enemy box at the bottom ^^; hate it when i’m busy dodging bullets and not even taking a sliver off the boss.

          • Captain Arepa said

            Well, SA is “hard”, but it’s all relative (and subjective), because the system (scoring, enemies, characters, bombs and yada yada) are evolving. I gave the example of EoSD being harder than others because of me being too hasty and starting out with IN, and getting used to the system. When you start out with the complex and go back to simple, you’ll get a big “WTF” in your face. And a big “OWNED” too.

            About the “relative boss’ position box-thingy”, it started with PCB, and it’s been a constant in all games. A little advice about that is not to focus only in one point of the screen (your char), but to have an overall view, using peripheral vision, and while at that, pay attention to your char and the box-thingy… kind of clairvoyance. It may sound hard, but when you start digesting the spellcards patterns, it becomes piece of cake.

          • Well, that would explain a lot. SA really loves to screw you over with the buzz system. Some gaps are impossibly small, which is also why I felt that the controls weren’t sensitive enough. I would try to squeeze through but it would still graze my hitbox.

            @arepa: Perepheral vision isn’t really something people can do normally. Rather, it’s pretty much impossible. I tend to focus on just 1/3rd of the screen some ways forward from my character and some back. It gives me enough of a view to see the sweet spots form but is small enough to track. Tho at some points, my arrow keys get hit like someone is playing DDR on expert!

  4. I never got myself into Touhou, may be it’s blessing in disguise, I don’t have enough time to use as it is ^^; Congrats on your clear though! May be someday, I would give Touhou a spin, but not necessarily today!

    • you should try it. its nice “relaxing” game if you can say that lol. Bombs not only gives you extra life, but extra time for you to take a breath for some miliseconds!

    • meronpan said

      definitely is a time sink. especially if you’re trying to get good at the harder difficulties or even just practicing – closest you can get to practice mode in eosd is on a per stage basis, so if you want to go over a bosses final attack, you have to fight all the dang way to it every time ;_;

      but yeah, if you have a moment, definitely give it a spin. oh yeah, and you’re going to japan this year, right? when you’re there you can pick up eosd for like 1000 yen or 1500 or somethin. really cheap. ^^

      for maximum effect check out the touhou wiki or the like and read up on the characters you’ll be playing as/against. then watch a buncha videos on niconico ^^

  5. Hmm your post inspired me to give touhou another shot. I had mad touhou fatigue after PCB, damn you Yukarin!!! But watching you play was quite refreshing. I think watching too many pro vids make me feel as if i really really sucked and lost interest.

    Anyway… I guess I’ll start with touhou 10 maybe. I’m also very much looking forward to 12.3!

    • meronpan said

      hahaha i was hoping my suckiness would inspire others ^^; gads, did i capture *any* spell cards during that run? ^^;;;

      if you do try out mountain of faith, lemme know how that faith system treats ya. personally it was kinda frustrating starting out because i didn’t have the stages memorized (obviously) so i’d kill everyone on screen, collect all the items… then i’d lose 50000 faith because i had entered a lull in the stage -_-

  6. kesenaitsumi89 said

    Nice one read it through all and watched all those video. ^^ Your play is kinda good for a starter. ^^

    But for Extra stage it’s all different. Flandre totally immune to bomb when she is using spell card.

    • meronpan said

      i think you give me too much credit but on the other hand i don’t know what the average level of skill is ^^;

      ugh yes, flandre is a whole new ballgame compared to normal. it’s gonna take me forever to learn to capture enough cards to kill her ;_;

  7. Saku said

    Hmmmm touhou. I haven’t gotten myself into it but seeing everyone starts playing it, maybe I should play when I have a spare time ^^

  8. curryninja said

    Congratulations, I’ve only ever beat 1 Touhou game and I don’t remember if I used a continue or not. It’s a difficult task heh. Have you played any of the Touhou fighters?

  9. punynari said

    Finally 1cc Normal EoSD today with Reimu A! Not only did I clear it, it was amazingly easy. I guess playing Touhou 12 non-stop for a month (until I 1cc normal with Sanae A), has made me a better player. Seriously, I had lives and bombs to spare.

    Also, I tried the extra stages for EoSD and UFO. I could actually make it to Flandre and Nue and even go through some spell cards.

    This used to be impossible for me previously. Guess the more you play, the better you get with these games.

    Probably going to tackle PCB next. I think I am ready now… ^_^

    • meronpan said

      ooooo omedetou gozaimasu! grats! more and more i’m getting the feeling that eosd is on the easier side of things… not sure why people say it’s one of the harder ones. then again maybe that applies to hard/lunatic.

      always a great feeling to see progress ^^

      incidentally just the other day i managed my first pcb 1cc!! once again i had to resort to a 5 life start, but i finished with 3 lives in stock! sadly i think i failed to capture a single card facing yuyuko ^^;;;;

  10. snct said

    on that chaos after Sakuya midboss you got fancy pattern. it’s hard to figure it out, but while you do it becomes lotsa easier. you make some small dodges right, then some small dodges left, and so on. but i cannot 1cc eosd, cause i suck at bombing TT_TT

    • meronpan said

      yeah the sakuya trick totally makes that a lot easier ^^;

      for bombing, i recommend two types of practice: 1) don’t ever worry about bombing, and focus on playing as perfectly as possible. (i.e. holding off to the veeeery last moment to see if you can dodge properly) 2) go for the 1cc! bomb *very* conservatively, even if you think there’s a 70% chance you don’t need it. once you get in the mode of bombing way early, you’ll be well on your way :3

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