スバル・ナカジマ ~ Subaru Nakajima

Posted by meronpan on August 13, 2009



Subaru actually kinda soured my initial StrikerS impression… roller blades & headband… felt like I was transported back to the 80s or something ^^;  Took quite a few episodes but I eventually got into her character.  Then a certain something around episode 17… totally sold after that ^^

Alter continues it’s amazing string of 1/7 StrikerS releases, emptying fans’ wallets ’round the globe.


Awesome pose and attention to detail – should be no surprise to owners of anyone else from this set.


Little bit of a fuss compared to the previous releases… you have to affix the wings to her rollerblades, bow to her head, and (optionally) her arm piece with the swirling effect.


A lot going on so she’s nice to look at from any angle.



Shot more at f/16 this time trying not to get carried away with shallow dof ^^;


‘course zooming in this close and it’s still fairly shallow.



Don’t make subaru angry or she’ll mess you up good :P


Those with less delicate hands should take care attaching the wings… seemed pretty fragile.



Ah the base… it matches the others and isn’t painfully ugly… that’s about all it has going for it ^^;


Decided to do the review with her fancy hand rather than the plain version.

subaru10Just love how her ribbon is flying everywhere.


Hopefully won’t have to wait too long to get nanoha with her matching skirt ^^


mmm and her fist posed for a good strike



sugoi yaro?  luv it



Another figure that I pray has no leaning problems… she starts out so precariously balanced.






shorts to discourage would be chikan :P


Uncropped wallpaper sized version of the top pic, my favorite of the bunch… though it awkwardly contains part of a wing ^^;  Should be easy to remove if you’d like thou.



Kinda like how this one turned out too


Last but not least, was just barely able to fit everyone in the same frame:


To fit fate I’ll have to expand my working area… a lot ^^;;

And that wraps up another review.  A bit late to the scene (she was released about a month ago), but due to having her shipped together with yoko and delays in picking her up it couldn’t be helped.  Check out other reviews for more~

  • foo-bar-baz gives her 4 stars
  • hmmm anyone else have a review up?  thought there might be more being a month after release but either my rss reader search fails me or they’re just not out there yet ^^;

Definitely recommended to StrikerS fans… if she’s still in stores ^^;



46 Responses to “スバル・ナカジマ ~ Subaru Nakajima”

  1. Leonia said

    Feiiiiitoooo-chaaan !!!!!!!!!!!

    Subara is a great figure. Dynamic ! Congratulation for this purchase and this review (i will take her for Shadonia, if it’s possible ^^)

    • meronpan said

      you’re always welcome to repost on shadonia, sorry i don’t have more time to put together a formal submission ^^;

      not my favorite character but a fantastic figure all the same ^^

  2. punynari said

    Loved your review. I was on the fence about Subaru because, as you said, her design is a bit like something out of the 80’s. Love her character though but with an insane amount of figures I want I’m going to have to think hard before buying her. Trying to cut back but it is difficult. ^^;

    Bit worried about those delicate wings. My hands like to shake and I did snap Dreamtech’s Nagi’s staff so I might see if I can get a woman to put those parts on. These old man’s hands aren’t what they used to be… (and I’m only 24 ^^;)

    • meronpan said

      glad ya enjoyed the review ^^ cutting back is definitely tough. i thought it’d be relatively simple to cut figma and nendoroid purchases out until i get more money together… but i’ve come really close to getting some of both ^^;; (specially that reimu nendo… hoshiiii! orz)

      worst part about my copy of subaru was that one of the two larger wings was really putting up a struggle and required a bit of force to get in. thankfully no parts snapped ^^;

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Nice photos! I see you’ve improved with your SLR, the colors are totally better.

    Damn, this figure is great! I’m starting to think that it was a bad move to skip her. She’s not my favorite though.

    • Ashlotte said

      You should Sonic she pairs so perfectly with your beloved Teana it’s great. ~_^

    • meronpan said

      just left the white balance on auto so it might’ve just been luck ^^;; but yes, thankfully i think the colors turned out better ^^

      a pretty pricey add if you’re trying to trim down your purchases… but if you can afford a little splurge… as you can see she’s really nice! ^^

  4. YuKi-To said

    great pics! oh they look so good together! ^^

    • meronpan said

      thanks! the group pic is had me thinking about new display options… as it stands i have them scattered among various detolf shelves orz need more furniture…

  5. mikiwank said

    No doubt Subaru Nakajima is my favorite strikers. I look forward ACTSTA version by GSC and Liquid stone.

  6. Not too much of a Nanoha fan but, wow, that is a well designed figure there. I might break it with that many delicate parts ^^;

    Excellent photos by the way.

  7. ELTboy said

    Nice to see your review on Subaru. Like you mentioned, have not seen too many reviews on her either. Mine’s still in her box. :( The base aside (sorry I just hate them), the figure is really wonderful with the dynamic pose and of course, Alter’s figures are just pure quality.

    Nice group shot at the end, I expect the group shot will definitely be quite challenging when Nanoha, Fate and Shamal join in, but I am looking forward to that. If I ever manage to bring them out of their boxes when they are released, I will give it a try too. ^^”

  8. Persocom said

    Nice review! She looks even better than I remember her looking in the previews. Kinda wish I went for it with them all at this point but I’m so far behind collecting them would be near impossible. That extra fist is pretty cool looking, didn’t realize she had that. The collection looks great so far!

    • meronpan said

      prolly be pretty pricey to catch ’em all at this point… but still worth nabbin’ your favorite character(s) ^^

      can’t wait to complete the set ^^

  9. Smithy said

    That Subaru figure looks great, love the dynamic pose and near aggressive expression. She means business! Lovely photo set of her. ^^

    Reserved Alter’s Fate and Nanoha so kind of wondering if I shouldn’t try and get the rest as well, but that’s so many figures… and so little budget. T_T

    Still think Subaru and Teanna should have gotten together like Nanoha and Fate. >_>

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      yeah, pretty late to try and get the rest of the set… but it is shaping up to be epic ^^;

      they had a few moments, but i guess the subaru teanna stuff was mostly left for doujin ^^;

  10. phossil said

    Great pictures like always..
    I think Im gonna use the last pic as wallpaper. :)

  11. Great review, has been somewhat out of touch of the PVC scene lately. Great photos, I need to consider getting myself a DSLR right now due to camera storage problem and wanting to go outdoor shooting with my dollfie daughters. I am seeking opinions from from those who has make the jump to DSLR, would you mind to take a look of my dilemma?


  12. Blowfish said

    I stopped Nanoha around the 5th Episode of the second season.I simply couldnt take it anymore…^^;;
    So are those Rollerblades part of their intelligent weapons or how those where called?
    Or is this some kinda upgrade like the magical pumpgun action in the second season?

    I like her mean expression ;P

    • meronpan said

      hahaha, surprised you actually made it to the second season ^^;;

      yeah, her rollerblades is how her magical device or whatever it’s called manifests itself. kinda like tea’s guns

  13. Tier said

    Nice photos! I don’t know much about the Nanoha series but I do know I like this character’s rolled-up shorts. What’s up with the Engrish on her base, is it supposed to be written like that?

    • meronpan said

      doumo! as far as the engrish goes… well… i guess it would be consistent with the engrish that the devices speak ^^;;;; but other than that lame reason, i just see it as the laziness of not taking a minute to ask an english speaker to proof read ^^;

  14. Here the review that I’s waiting for! So that’s her expression ^^ full spirit to launch her Revolver shoot and Divine buster ^^ wonder how about her Combat cyborg mode is. is there Ginga?

  15. Q said

    Starting to have a tough time keeping up with blogs while trying to catch up with my various kinds of backlogs.

    I too admit that Subaru’s rollerblades put me off at first, but slowly got used to it.

    Very dynamic pose for Subaru, but the fact that she’s only standing on one leg with very little contact area makes me kinda worried. I think zenical from zotaku has Subaru too but I haven’t seen a review from her yet.

    “To fit fate I’ll have to expand my working area… a lot ^^;;”
    I wonder how you’re gonna accommodate Nanoha as well with her being a big girl like Fate~ ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i know the feeling… been really hard to get enough time for all the blogs i’m following + touhou + reviews/blog posts…

      i’ve been keeping a close eye on alter’s haruka, who i saw leaning horribly on a display in akiba… so far she’s held up (really precarious 1 pose balanced on 1 leg) so hopefully subaru will be fine too.

      nanoha and fate are gonna be a real challenge… so much space!

  16. Tommy said

    Passed on her because I don’t have enough cash for all the recent releases…that and I didn’t like Subaru that much anyways.

    Really nice details like the others, but I’m surprised at how her pose makes this figure the most interesting out of the bunch.

    Vita unison looks out of place. Especially when there’s 2 Reinforce Zwei in the photo. :P

    • meronpan said

      you’re lucky to be lukewarm about subaru ^^; i got into my set collecting mode so i had to get all of ’em.

      vita looks outa place? i kinda thought she fit in better since unison was white versus her regular red outfit ^^;

  17. GNdynames said

    I got into Nanoha late, so she’s a pass for me. I’m trying to collect the figmas though.

    The details look great, but the face looks kind of off to me. It might be because I’m somewhat biased as I don’t really like any of the new crew in StrikerS.

    • meronpan said

      hmm subaru wasn’t a favorite of mine so i never really did a close comparison between the figure and source material… always just registered as being good enough and ordered her to have a full set ^^; the bit of character development they did with subaru and teana was good enough for me so they were worthy of a purchase… i guess i never did get into caro or erio though…

  18. I’m not much into the Nanoha Strikers but I like Subaru’s look the best.There was a figure a while back of her stretched in a jump taht she looks good in…probably was GSC?

  19. Roy said

    Amazing pictures! She looks great and seems to be the most Dynamic out of your collection there^^ The ribbons are total Win!

  20. optic said

    The dynamic pose is the biggest attention seeker here.
    Considering it’s so energetic, why wouldn’t it huh. ^^

    Great shoot once again.
    Off course, I chose Nanoha as she will be my last character from the series to get.

    • meronpan said

      yeap, pose leaps out atcha and then her great expression and flowing garments fill out the scene ^^

      can’t wait to add nanoha to the mix, but fate-chan’s comin’ first… both ’em feel so far away… orz

  21. Very good review! This figure is superb! I am subjugated.

  22. […] une nouvelle review, celle d'une figurine que j'avais du annuler, j'ai nommé Subaru Nakajima, issue de la licence Magical […]

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