Posted by meronpan on August 13, 2009

Let’s see, about 10 days since my last post? In those 10 days, 3 were spent in Vegas, 2 in Phoenix… still very very tired ^^; May be heading out on another business trip soon but hopefully I’ll at least get in a weekend before that happens ^^;;

‘cuz of all that I haven’t gotten around to too much… though I did play a buncha touhou :P Also started translating some stuff on the wiki… the Highly Responsive to Prayers (touhou 1) manual has been meronpanized.

Fullscreen capture 20090813 20310 copy

I’m sure many of you are tired of touhou… so I’ve got a little figure stuff to post on!  But just a preview, reviews to come in future posts :P


subaru arrived while I was away… accompanied by a very sexay yoko.


Double Alter gets are the best ^^


Too bad there were so many delays though… think I was supposed have 4 figures incoming for July.


Took photos for subaru’s review.  Hope to have that up soon.  In the meantime, here’s all I have time for:


Told ya it was just a preview :P  Not sure if I enjoyed shooting her review so much because I hadn’t done one in so long or ‘cuz she’s such a beauty.



15 Responses to “Ack!”

  1. kesenaitsumi89 said

    Wow. You Meronpanized it!

  2. phossil said

    I like Subaru figure!!

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    I’ll be waiting for Subaru review. :D

  4. 0rion said

    Wow crazy…I was just reading that exact section on the Wiki last night. I wonder if that was pre- or post-meronpanization. =3

  5. Tier said

    I’m still waiting on Yoko >.< I guess that's what I get for preordering from an American retailer, even one that listed June as her arrival date.

    • meronpan said

      Hopefully she’ll arrive soon… i haven’t taken her out yet (want to keep her dust free until i actually shoot her review ^^;) but looks as good as i saw at wonhobby ^^

  6. Tier said

    I’m still waiting on Yoko >.< That's what I get for ordering from a domestic retailer (even though they listed June as the expected arrival date).

  7. optic said

    subaru looks EPIC as always.
    Would’ve got her if only she was one of the characters I liked. :)

    Looking forward to ur review.

  8. But you didnt shoot Subaru’s front >.< then I must wait for the review ^^

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