Mysterious Bounty Hunter Yoko Littner ~ 謎の賞金稼ぎ ヨーコ・リットナー

Posted by meronpan on August 17, 2009


Another late review, though only by a couple weeks this time.  Yoko!  Including a nendoroid this marks my third yoko… I’ve got a long way to go before even coming close to Dancing Queen’s epic yoko collection (linked is one of her recent reviews which has links to a bunch of her other yoko photo sessions).

When Alter announced this figure I kicked myself for jumping on Enterbrain’s earlier release.  They did a decent job but as I try to trim down my purchases… woulda preferred to just have the Alter version.


Details are lovely from head to toe… and even the base is interesting for a change!


I need to compare my pics to others… kinda felt like she was leaning a bit too far forward?


On the other hand maybe that was to counter balance her coat and hair.


Didn’t really do my research – is this based on some official art or anything?


Whatever it is, I appreciate the fact that the sculptor didn’t limit himself (herself?) to yoko’s look from the anime.  Totally love this interpretation of her.


Most of all, her hair!  Yeah, she has a blob of hair in the show but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and give the figure some details, ya know?


Compare to the Enterbrain release…


… … ne? ^^;


A good tough, confident expression


They did strangely leave off the zippers on her boots…


Or maybe it’s just me not being familiar with this rendition of the character, dunno.


She does have this nice looking holster for her pistol which would’ve gotten in the way of the zipper… perhaps that was the reason?


Dunno, but thought it was a nice touch to have the extra knee strap for the holster.


Pistol is removable for whatever shenanigans  you have in mind ^^;


Looks like yoko had quite a few close calls… or that’s just a really old ratty coat.


Nice details from Alter… all the fine creases on her shorts, the stitched leather look for the holster…


Straps for her top are even there, though I’m not sure why you’d be looking at her from that angle :P


And let’s not forget her oppai


I’ve gotten to the point where it doesn’t phase me at all posting the oppai/low angle shots ^^;;


Details on the rifle are very nice too


Another hard to see part of the figure but they’ve gone and made sure the scope has all its various lasers/optics colored properly.


Fingernails weren’t missed either of course.


I think I took this next shot just ‘cuz I was fixated on the strap… which is what caused me to snap my Enterbrain yoko’s rifle ;_;


Now for a more complete look at the base…


Nice touch to round out the figure.


Yoko fans!  I think this is the figure for you!  Well, either this one or I also really liked Gift’s release (review at howagirlfigures).


Full body comparison of my two scaled yokos.


I also really liked the max factory “real image” version but I think I’m gonna have to pass unless I can get some extra cash on hand.  orz

In case you didn’t catch these reviews earlier this month~

  • foobarbaz – another figure gets a 4 star rating ^^
  • The Inferno Project – a shot with gift yoko to boot!
  • 3D Complex – has more info on the source material this version is from, along with some extra pistol goodness
  • Update: tier has a nice review up too!

Another winner from Alter.  Only complaint I have is that I woulda liked her in 1/7 or 1/6 ^_^



47 Responses to “Mysterious Bounty Hunter Yoko Littner ~ 謎の賞金稼ぎ ヨーコ・リットナー”

  1. ELTboy said

    Totally awesome figure for me. The amount of details on her are just amazing. The hair sculpt is really great and as you pointed out, even minor details like the scope colors are not left out. And did I ever mentioned I loved painted nails on my figures? Most of the time when I received my figures, I checked their nails. ^^”

    Though like Subaru, my Yoko needs to be liberated as well …

  2. YuKi-To said

    yep she’s definitely one of my fav figures, especially love the awesome hair! I probably will do a review on her when I come back from Tokyo… just because she’s that awesome!!! XD

    • meronpan said

      ah, that’s right, you’re in tokyo! i’m so spoiled, wish i was there, even though it hasn’t been more than a couple months since my last trip ^^;

      hair’s a big factor for me so i was really glad when i saw they added some nice details to yoko ^^

  3. Tier said

    Ahh I want this figure. Curses to slow American retailers. I bet you that I get Max Factory’s transvestite Yoko before I get this one.

    • meronpan said

      my wallet wishes i would order from american retailers ^^;; alas my bad experience at kid nemo left me way to stressed about whether or not my orders would be filled so i’ve settled in with japanese retailers…

      transvestite? ^^;;; now that you mentioned it… ahhhhh! ^^;;;;;;

  4. A nice figure to be sure but I think prefer her anime look more, just not the Enterbrain version ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i think that’s why i like the gift version too. for the anime look i think gift or other versions nail that look better. anyhow, just nice to have so many great options for yoko ^^

  5. Leonia said

    This Yoko is just beautiful. The sculpture is amazing, and painting so nicely. But i prefer Gift’version (more loli).

  6. Dancing Queen said

    Her design is based from a scene in the anime near the end where it shows Yoko different paths in life that could have happened to her, there is a small clip of two kids in trouble and Yoko dressed this way comes to save them as a bounty hunter. It was a small clip but to most fans left a nice impression since they grabbed her original design and tweaked it. I still don’t have her since she’s grouped to ship with GSC Saber Lily… :'( thanks for all the trackback links! awesome pictures, now i’m much more frustrated i don’t ave mine yet!

    • meronpan said

      ah, thanks for the explanation ^^ i’ve got gsc lily on order too so i went to check… according to hobby search she’s not out til september? hopefully you won’t have to wait that long!

  7. Tommy said

    As a owner, I have to say she’s by far the best looking Yoko out there…even if I’m not familiar with the series.

    Nice shots to highlight the amazing details on this beauty…and thanks for the mention as well. ^^

  8. Q said

    Seeing the more matured version of Yoko tells me that I ought to start and finish the second half of the series soon or later.

    Again great stuff from Alter. Really like the flow of the hair, as well as the details on the gun. Was this figure first seen sometime in Wonfest back in the winter? I remember lots of people have their mouths watering over this already more than half a year ago ^^

    • meronpan said

      you have great will power to have stopped half way ^^; once i get into a series i usually have to finish it immediately ^^;

      it has been a while since she was initially announced.. can’t quite remember the particular event though. i did get the privilege of seeing her in person at wonhobby though so it was probably before that…

  9. phossil said

    good figure and very well detailed..

  10. Panther said

    When she was first announced I too was pissed with getting the earlier Enterbrain release, but her color sample made me change my mind. She looked too different from the Yoko I am used to. In the end though MF released Real Image, so all is good. I will be getting that, since I far prefer that over any of the other millions of Yoko’s out so far.

    • meronpan said

      i think yoko got a really nice treatment by figure manufacturers since fans can choose from so many different variations from her. gift’s version, this one, alter’s sensei one, mf’s real image ver… you can pretty much find whatever rendition you want ^^ if i had to choose just one i think it’d be a close tie between this one and mf’s real image version… though ideally i’d like to see the mf one in person before making that call

  11. Ah no way if she was 1/6 or 1/7 her price would be too much for my comfort. Don’t regret Enterbrain Yoko! The more Yokos the merrier! I plan on owning all the Alter Yoko figures, the Gift one, and the Enterbrain one! I really like her character.

    • meronpan said

      true, the price would go way up ^^; but given my space issues i’m kinda preferring fewer larger figures. you’ve got your awesome room to sprawl out in :P

      not on the verge of selling enterbrain yoko or anything… but let’s just say if i redid things i’d go for gift + alter ^^; but given the budget i’d catch’em all too

  12. Smithy said

    She looks really lovely. Had passed on all the Yoko figures before since there was always something that didn’t look totally right on the figures to me, when I saw the unpainted prototype images of this Alter bounty hunter Yoko I knew she would be the one to get! ^^

    Pre-ordered her straight away, alas did so at archonia who while having great service are always a few weeks behind with new figure releases, so they’ve yet to get her in stock and ship her to me. orz

    Very nice figure shoot btw, excellent colors.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, i had that same moment when i saw the first pics. that, “oh yes, this is yoko” feeling ^^

      kid nemo totally soured my trust of local retailers so i’ve been sticking with japanese based companies lately. wish i coulda trusted them ‘cuz i’m really eating shipping costs now ^^;

      thanks! lately i don’t seem to be having the skin tone issues i was having earlier. hopefully it will stay that way.

  13. Only your 3rd Yoko? well, I have to admit that I’m the owner of 4. 3 resin kits (well, one is to be shipped from volks soon) and 1 fraulein. It’s not supposed to be this way!!! I’m supposed to control my resin kit purchases better than this!!!!! Dammit…

    Have to admit that this alter PVC did turn my head when I first saw it but it failed to reach my stupidly high “I will buy this in spite of it being a PVC” bar (which was recently raised higher just because!)

    • meronpan said

      wow, 3 kits?! haha that’s awesome ^^ i’ll have to poke around your site to remind myself which ones they were…

      think i’d also have a pretty high bar if i could make kits myself… regardless of how epic a figure is, personally think it would lose a lot when compared to something put together and painted yourself

      • Painting your own kits has it’s ups and downs. like when companies release PVCs of your own kit at a fraction of the cost… Damn Creator Labo and their ignis!! Got one of theirs on the really cheap so I’ll probably do a comparison post eventually. “Me vs Mass production!”

        But it really surprised me. I never thought Yoko would be the one to break my “1 kit per character” rule (tho C.C from code geass has as well). If I had to bet on a character to do that, I would have chosen Sheryl Nome. I can actually see a small sheryl shrine building up if I let my guard down…

        • meronpan said

          ooo yeah that’d be a pretty interesting comparison, lookin forward to it ^^

          yoko has that secret charm… beyond her superficial “i’m hot” charm :P

          would love to see a sheryl shrine ^^ alas shrines are rarely cheap… ^^;

  14. Your pictures are pretty. Do you have the “how to guide” on how to do figure picture with a black background? How you do your lighting, etc?

    • meronpan said

      thanks! hmm don’t think i have a guide but people have linked them for me and i’ve talked briefly about my setup before… let’s see if i can find them…

      mmm well, here’s a post i did talking about the new lights i bought. you can kinda see a what my current and old setups look like (but it’s mostly just talking about the lamps i got):

      ah yes, and here’s a tutorial by ron~ for a white background:

      …which contains a link to mukyaa~ for a black background tutorial:

      and finally don’t forget super rat’s lighting tutorial:

      Those tutorials basically got me to what I’m doing now… my previous 2 lamp setup with a homemade diffuser and reflector has been simplified to 2 umbrella lamps (without any other equipment except a backdrop) at the moment. I move one of the lamps further out to simulate the effects of a reflector, though who knows if i’m doing that very well ^^; Key point from the mukyaa tutorial was to get as much distance as you can afford between your subject and the background.

      lighting is continuous (haven’t gotten around to investing in the necessary flash equipment) so i always shoot on a tripod (with relatively long shutter speeds. low apertures might allow up to like 1/5 or 1/6 seconds but often times it’s more like 1-3 seconds so i can stop down and get the dof i want).

      the other big part of my shots today is that i got myself a dslr ^^;; my previous camera was only 5 megapixels so the added resolution and (more importantly) upgraded glass has helped a lot for image quality. to get images as sharp as i want i usually manually focus while using the 10x zoom on my camera’s lcd and use a remote shutter release.

      i have no qualms touching up photos before posting them so not all of what you see if straight off the memory card… though on a good day, some shots simply require resizing ^^

      let’s see that’s all that comes to mind for the moment, but i’m happy to answer any other questions you might have. though keep in mind i’m a total amateur… take my comments with a grain of salt ^^;;

  15. Roy said

    Best yoko IMO, the detail is outstanding on this figure and it’s like the only serious/confident yoko out there, god the detail^^ The hair is the best part :D

  16. Blowfish said

    You would have preferd her in 1/7 or 1/6?
    In my opinion shes pretty close to beeing 1/7…Compared to your regular 1/8 figures shes a good bit taller.
    My copy of Yoko is “leaning” forward aswell and I guess its to counterweight her coat etc.I dont think both of us got leaning copies :P
    I wondered about the zippers aswell since the boots look kinda stupid without but as a whole shes my favorite Yoko so far.Badass facial expression,stunning Detail.What else do you want?

    • meronpan said

      true, she already is pretty large for a supposed 1/8… i just figure for anything done well, the bigger the better :P (assuming same quality)

      good to hear your copy is posed at a similar angle. as you say, doubtful that both were flawed

  17. optic said

    Ur sure there’s not enough room to fit one more, say the Koto version? :P
    Indeed one of the best Yoko out there. Actually I think it’s the best one out there to date but to me, it’s not peaking my interest at all.

    In the end, it’s all about preferences.

    • meronpan said

      sorry to koto version but my yoko ranking puts gift & mf’s version ahead of her ^^;

      being works of art, wouldn’t think to argue if it’s not to your tastes. and you’re lucky to save a nice chunk of change :P

  18. Kitty Whisperwind said

    This Yoko is amazing and super badass O__O But I still prefer Enterbrain’s. Just cause it’s so sexy =p

  19. Still of very beautiful photographs! Yoko is splendid.

  20. Elusivellama said

    Yeah, I’m very impressed that they actually spent so much detail on stuff like the gun, making sure the optics were spot on and such.

    Speaking of other details:

    – battle damage on her coat is highlighted in darker colours (ie. charred)

    – If you look closely at the revolver, you can see the wood grips have a wood-grain look to them.

    – The stitching on the leather looks “hand-made”.

    – She’s wearing one shooting glove on the right hand, to better grip her Barrett .50 cal

    – Polished silver buttons on her pants

    – Run your fingers over her belly – pretty sure you can feel her abs even if they’re not that visible

    – Chopsticks in her hair are highlighted in gold

    – You can’t see down the end of the rifle’s barrel (unless you shine a light down it or something), which is exactly how it should be (I’ve seen figurine rifles/pistols where the barrel looks fake/plugged because the manufacturer took a shortcut in molding it)

    As for the leaning-forward, I don’t find that strange at all. Notice how her trenchcoat and hair are being blown back? If the trenchcoat is made of as heavy a material as I think it is, it would take a decently strong wind to do that – the force of the wind on her body and on the ‘wings’ of the trenchcoat would provide just enough force for her to lean like that and not tip over.

    I would find it even stranger if she was standing straight with her trenchcoat being blown back like that… just my opinion.

    • meronpan said

      looks like you have a much finer eye for detail than i do ^^ the beauty of a well executed alter figure, so much to love~

      thanks for your thoughts on the leaning forward. makes sense to me!

  21. […] a million reviews of her out on the interwebs. foo-bar-baz has a review up, of course, as does meronpan, whose pictures aren’t afflicted with the dimness that I like to incorporate into my photos, […]

  22. […] wasuremono […]

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