Endless Eight

Posted by meronpan on August 19, 2009

I think I’m in the minority, but I loved it ^^;  Guess that’s just me living the yotsuba way, “Enjoy Everything”.  ^^;


episode 12

Could they have used those episodes to more effectively dole out haruhi goodness?  Well, certainly.  Was it an utter disappointment to countless fans across the globe?  No doubt.  Was there anyone involved who actually supported the insanity?  Not the seiyuu nor many others it seems.

episode 13

episode 13

Despite all that, as a one off, epic wtf arc that I was really only half watching anyway while doing other things… excellent!  I had already given up on there even being another season of haruhi so as a casual fan, anything new was agreeable.  Loved how kyon’s helplessness at the end of each episode was practically palatable.  And to boot, a haruhi tsundere moment at the finale ^^

episode 14

episode 14

My biggest gripe was mostly that given the title, after episode 2 you had a pretty good idea that it was gonna be 8 episodes of insanity.  There was maybe a slight chance it’d be a 3 or 4 episode arc… but definitely after 4… I’m sure everyone assumed correctly that it was going for 8.  On the one hand, that should’ve helped set expectations that the 8 episodes were actually just 1.05 new episodes of content.  On the other it really made the later episodes predictable and even more difficult to sympathize with kyon’s struggle.

episode 15

episode 15

If kyoani had just announced that they were only going to do 4 new episodes instead of a full season (with 1 of the episodes actually being the 8 episode endless arc) perhaps it would’ve gone over better.  I kind of see it that way, which, combined with my haruhi apathy, is why I don’t really feel outraged and enjoyed it.  Or maybe I enjoyed it the way reading forum flame wars is amusing… ^^;;

episode 16

episode 16

At any rate, it’s gonna be interesting to see how dvd sales are (and if they don’t bundle all 8 episodes for the price of 1, the person in charge of sales marketing is an utter idiot).  Niconico users who haven’t seen it yet or want to relive the glory can watch all 8 episodes simultaneously in this glorious video.


click for the niconico video

My peculiar tastes aside, the question just begs to be asked… who the hell is at the helm of this accursed haruhi ship and why are they sailing it to obscurity and ruin?  I just don’t see how this could be good for the franchise in any way.  Perhaps the folks in charge are under the illusion that they have some ace up their sleeve to redeem themselves with?  Can’t really see that happening at this point but if somehow… somehow, someway they made an epic comeback… well, at that point maybe I’d put it on par with #37.


episode 19

p.s. it’s funny that this blog actually has quite a bit of haruhi fandom built into it, despite my aforementioned apathy.  Not only the name of the blog itself, but you’ve probably noticed i end each post with 「以上!」, (ijyou!) which is taken from the very first episode — haruhi’s weird way to end her weird introduction ^^;  (not a weird thing to say, just in that context it’s weird.  usually means something like, “that is all.”)



27 Responses to “Endless Eight”

  1. Q said

    Wow you actually had the effort to watch them all? Impressive!

    Too bad I’m still cracking on various backlogs, so Haruhi has dropped pretty low down on my priority list due to Endless Eight (and I lack the skill of multi-tasking unfortunately). I’ve watched the first one in Japan, as well as the second one the week after when I’m home, but after that I’ve stopped in favour of other stuff while checking whether it will end by visiting Random Curiosity. Sure I’ve been given prejudice of the whole thing by reading that, but still I feel sorry for Omni for having to watch through each episode (and he admitted that he nearly dozed off for some as he couldn’t find anything special worth mentioning for some episodes/parts). However, given that it has ended and we’re moving on the Sighs I still haven’t resumed.

    Can’t make much opinions about it (as I simply haven’t bothered to watch anymore unless I have the time to burn), but I too wondered about the purpose of this and whether it would do the franchise any good. The first season’s director apparently mentioned that he forsaw that a long time ago, and KyoAni’s statement about him didn’t make things any better.

    • meronpan said

      it was a really amazing stunt they pulled off, but at what price? so weird, just can’t get over how baffling the whole haruhi debacle is.

      i think your case is a good example of them just wasting opportunities with their fans… you watched a couple episodes but then went off to other things since haruhi wasn’t going anywhere… not that they’ve moved on, i imagine there’s less motivation to jump back into it. seems a likely scenario for many returning viewers. and this is the opportunity they scraped together after the whole “there is a new season – oh wait no there isn’t – oh wait haha, there is! just kidding no… but yes!” insanity that preceeded this.

      so their strategy thus far has been:
      1. get fans excited about a new season, then lie to them and try to trick them into thinking nothing new is coming out
      2. if any fans remain test their patience by showing the same episode 8 times, branding it as part of the new season

      … … profit?


      • Q said

        I was excited when Haruhi was mentioned way back in… 2007 Summer I think, and that was when the announcement of new season of Haruhi is in the making with hints about Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, due to the fact that I’ve only just finished reading the 8th novel and left 9th on hold until 10th novel is released (which was to be sometime that year). That probably was the only time I was actually excited about Haruhi as after that it died off quickly as no news was heard afterwards, and I easily became insensitive to any future news (e.g. 2007 winter about change of director etc) as well as the super hype this year.

        I might go back and resume from the last iteration of Endless Eight some day, but it will likely to be after this series to have ended airing. I don’t really get what the studio’s trying to do by now.

  2. You just don’t understand the greatness that is Haruhi!!!

    Actually in all seriousness, Endless Eight ended my fandom of Haruhi. I’m even going to go resell all my Extravaganza haruhi figures to Mandarake.

    They already announced how they were selling the dvds too. 7,000 yen for 2 episodes of Endless Eight, but they’re giving them really obscure titles like 8.12020303030 so you have no clue what you’re buying. I do just hope that this stupid ship sinks already and they can realize oh wait we’re huge idiots.

    The new novel isn’t coming out any time soon, so once the dvd tanks it’s officially over.

    • meronpan said

      so many other series to get into, you’d think stories like yours would make the folks in charge rethink their strategy… it’s not like they didn’t have time -_-

      oh man the dvds… i started… then abruptly stopped collecting japanese dvds many years ago because of their insane cost, especially compared to the local releases (if available). paying that insane price for endless eight is just… hahahahahaha

  3. Shiddo said

    Imho this was kinda fail… I remember when I turned on the 2nd ep, I was like Kyon in the beginning… “I have the feeling I saw this somewhere…” then I realized I did! They done almost same ep all over x_X Ok… 3rd ep?!?! Again? I was hoping there is some deeper meaning behind it then that producers went crazy… after 4th ep I knew it will prolly drag up to 8 at least ~_~ Since arc was called endless 8… but was praying they cut it asap… They did not! endured and delivered whole 8 very similar eps! And for what… for one damn home**** oh god ^^; How I like Haruhi this drived me crazy…as well as experimental animation and K-ONization. I asked my friend who read the novels, how long it took them to get out of endless eight in novels… he said it was very short arc and that it was solved “right away” doh -_-

    Hope following eps will be better and no more loops ^^ “Over!~”

    • Q said

      The novel only goes through the last iteration, and it’s one chapter long only.

      It’s quite a pity because it’s one of the few chapters that I actually truely enjoy reading. Oh well.

    • meronpan said

      if i ever get around to finishing the novels i’ll be interested to see the source material…

      as i said about i enjoyed their little gimmick but you just gotta wonder… at what cost ^^;

  4. Smithy said

    I enjoyed watching all of the episodes, but I regret that they spent so much time on that arc since it means they will probably drop or not animate some of the other excellent arcs from the light novels.

    And with the novels being on hiatus one can wonder if there will be enough material for a third season. I fear them cutting into some of the excellent arcs by giving those rushed episodes. If that’s so, you can then officially state those in charge actually want to sink the franchise and story.
    Considering DVD sales are important, if these don’t sell well and there’s not enough original content for more, I doubt we will see any real continuation or conclusion for Haruhi.

    • meronpan said

      well, if the delay between the first and second seasons is any precedent, then they do have some time before a third season ^^;;

      perhaps all the haruhi bigwigs are just rolling around in all the cash they’ve made, apathetic towards the whole thing ^^;;

  5. I watched the very first ep, the 2nd and then the last endless 8 ep. That was enough…

    It’s pretty much a masterclass of “how to completely annihalate a super popular franchise and ensure that it will never rise again”
    But what was really shocking was that they blew a considerable amount of the budget to redraw and redub every episode

    • meronpan said

      indeed, the amount of effort put into this arc was surprising… it’s not like they covered up the fact that it was the same story 8 times… at first i thought perhaps they were doing it this way because of a lack of time/budget but they sure didn’t save either…

  6. phossil said

    Well, there are some good aditions but I think there are better ways to enhance the series.

  7. Tommy said

    I’m just glad it’s over. It kinda had me thinking what does Haruhi want. But eight episodes is definitely too much. It looked to me as if they were milking it.

    • meronpan said

      alas the endless part kinda keeps going for me – of all the novels i actually have read the first two… and the second novel was haruhi no tameiki (sigh of haruhi) ^^;;; was hoping to experience a new arc, ah well.

      • Tommy said

        LMAO…just when you think you were done with it. :P I’m waiting for the series to end before watching anymore of Haruhi 2. Filling the gap with Valkyria Chronicles now. XD

  8. you said Haruhi but I see Yui on your 4th pic lol

    • meronpan said

      heheh ^^; not being a huge fan i don’t really care one way or another about this whole k-on/haruhi similarity stuff… but i did notice it after a couple episodes ^^;

  9. optic said

    I’m one of the few ppl who hasn’t started yet but mark my word, I’m gonna skim through it in one day so I can get it done and over with.

  10. G2 said

    I only finished watching 4 episodes of the endless eight. Not sure whether to watch the rest. 4 more episodes to go?

  11. lovelyduckie said

    I WILL watch the Endless 8…but it’s not high on my priority list. I was fairly satisfied by the first season of Haruhi and I’m reading the light novels so I don’t urgently need more Haruhi anime. I’ve been in the mood lately for slightly darker series so I’m watching Detective Conan and Ergo Proxy, and if I’m still in the mood for the same type of genre I’ll do Bakemonogatari, Shigofumi, and Darker Then Black next. Love all the murder mysteries in Conan, I’m really enjoying myself.

    • meronpan said

      yeh, i’ve found if i’ve enjoyed one version of a series i also lower the priority of its other incarnations

      shigofumi!! absolutely loved that series ^_^ been meaning to make my way through the novels since the anime left me wanting more…

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