Did I Mention I Like Touhou?

Posted by meronpan on August 27, 2009

Apologies to readers who grew accustomed to my previous content and graciously frequent this site expecting more…  Business trips and touhou have torn up my previous posting groove and all I have to offer tonite is more self indulgent touhou talk.  If my touhou babblings aren’t of interest, please do take a second to vote in the poll before you go.

For those that remain, I 1cc’d eosd again!  And again and again!  In three consecutive playthroughs I was able to down remilia with reimuB, reimuA, and marisaA.  That means I’ve unlocked the extra stage for everyone so now I can try someone else after rage quitting with marisaB ^^;

Like my previous 1cc I wasn’t able to do it without starting with 5 lives, but I’ll take what I can get.

If you click through to the youtube pages I have again logged all my shameful deaths and bombs in the notes.  So far I’ve only got the reimuB replay uploaded… hope to follow up with the rest soon.  I hope to motivate others with my barely squeaking by gameplay ^^;

I think I need to start a separate page or maybe even blog for all this touhou stuff.  I’m trying to do touhou translation work on the side too… feels like it’d be best to separate that from the happenings here.  Then again it’s nice to have everything consolidated…

One thing I thought would be a nice project to start, if not already out there… a wiki/strategy library for all the spell cards in every game.  There’s a nice thread at shrinemaiden.org where people are discussing/helping each other out on/bitching about spell cards but it would be awesome to have a more organized database of strategies (+video links where available!!!)… maybe I’ll try to get something like that going if no one else has done so (seems kinda weird that something like that hasn’t already been done thou… anyone know if I’ve just overlooked a huge awesome resource out there?)  The most logical place to me would be to augment the spell card descriptions on the wiki to include in depth strategy/recommendations.

Finally, if this dry spell in posts continues, just thought I’d check up on what y’all are looking for when you stop by.  Though my basic rule is to post about whatever I feel like, regardless of hits, when the passions aren’t burning so hot I don’t mind being swayed by suggestions ^^



24 Responses to “Did I Mention I Like Touhou?”

  1. punynari said

    I really like your Touhou posts but will have to wait till I get off this ship before I can watch any of your youtube replays (military blocks). Tricks to get through these spell cards is exactly what I need to see to get through some of these games. That trick you said about not moving when Sakuya throws those tracking knives worked out great. Looking forward to learning more tricks when I get back home.

    For blogging, I’d say don’t change a thing. Blogging what you are passionate about is the important thing, even if you don’t get alot of comments/feedback for a Touhou posts compared to your figure reviews.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, for me i don’t really get a whole lot of enjoying discovering the right/optimal strategies myself. especially when the time i get to craft a strategy is so limited… basically fighting through an entire stage to get 30 seconds of trial and error against a single spell card…

      i think i sent the wrong message with the poll ^^;; everyone seems to be commenting along the lines of ‘no need to change, you’re doing fine’ (which i, of course, am happy to hear!)… but i wasn’t planning on changing the direction of the blog in the first place ^^;;; more like, when i’ve got limited time and multiple things i want to post about, which of them would the most readers get the most enjoyment out of. ‘cuz in that case, i’m posting what i want to post regardless of the decision, so given that equality, i’d prefer to choose the content that will spark the most conversation/interest.

      at any rate, thanks for the encouragement. glad people think similarly when it comes to posting for oneself first, readers second (at least, in a non-commercial environment :P)

  2. Personally don’t care much for the Touhou games but you should post about whatever interests you. I do like your manga posts since I get to look at series I’m usually not familiar with. The figure reviews are always nice too ^^.

    • meronpan said

      happy that someone out there is enjoying the manga stuff ^^ wish i had an easier means of posting sample pages though… scanning is cumbersome and photos are even worse… tried looking for raw pics online…but i read more of the less popular stuff and was having a hard time ^^;

  3. 0rion said

    I like that you post about different things than many other blogs, especially since t hey are things that interest you. I would just keep doing what you’re doing; I certainly enjoy it. :)

    • meronpan said

      thanks, glad you’re enjoying my posts. though as i mentioned to punynari, rest assured i wasn’t really trying to redirect the blog ^^; it was more of a data mining exercise to use as a tie breaker when/if i had to choose between multiple posts. …though as the poll is showing, evidently it’s a pretty even split amongst my readers ^^;

  4. People will follow you for your blogging style I think, so it doesn’t matter what you write about, people will still read it to see your version of it.

    As a less talked about option on the poll, I think manga would be interesting to mention seeing as this year has been good for manga and not many blogs talking about it. Keep up the good work!

    • meronpan said

      indeed, that’s exactly why i add blogs to my rss reader. basically if i like reading what ya have to say, into my reading list ya go! (well though i’m kinda holding off on adding any at the moment… i have no less than 70 blogs at the moment ^^;;;)

      glad the interest for the manga is out there, though i admit my tastes are very heavily anchored in slice of life/romantic comedy/visual novel-flavored stuff ^^;

  5. You can keep on this. Don’t be bothered by comments and hits, this is yourself after all ^^ But that polling is not bad too.
    I’m still new here so I can’t say anymore.

  6. omgwtfbbq said

    And I thought you would be playing Touhou 12 lol

  7. Tier said

    I looked at the poll options and I thought I saw, “More Japanese lesbians!” and I knew what I was going to vote for. Then I re-read it and was a little bit sad.

    I’d say just write whatever you feel like; I haven’t been blogging for very long, but from what I can see, writing for other people rather than for yourself is one of the surest ways to burn out and stop writing altogether.

    • meronpan said

      lol, gomen :P

      indeed no sense in making work out a blog by writing about stuff you’re not interested in. but given a tie, i figured no harm in catering to my readers, ne?

  8. I will still drop by and visit even though I have no knowledge of touhou and have little intention of getting into it, I am busy enough as it is and don’t want to get swamp on the already long to-do list.

    • meronpan said

      so many moesome characters, you’re missing out! :P

      definitely know the feeling though… anime, manga, games, blogging, photography, novels, translating projects, building figure storage.. … … ^^;;;

  9. Q said

    I haven’t been into Touhou (mainly due to the fact that my brain can’t take in more stuff in the recent times), but you should continue to blog about what you like about as it is. Afterall it’s good to have different kinds of blogs to read about, right?

    I will be away for the next week, but I hope I’ll get more time to visit your blog as well others when I have the time!

  10. lovelyduckie said

    Not a big Touhou fan, but I enjoy seeing you talk about things you like, so I don’t mind. You need to blog about what makes YOU happy or having a blog will become a chore.

  11. Tommy said


    I don’t really mind reading about Touhou on your blog since it’s your blog, you post whatever you’re passionate about. You might even get new readership because of this. :)

    I give my blogroll a weekly walk through nowadays, so it doesn’t impact my reading habit as much as say…a daily visit.

    • meronpan said

      hmm that sounds like a good idea… think i should try to focus on a weekly schedule… used to get caught up at work, but now i’m actually busy ^^;;

      touhou is a wonderful thing ^^ it’s amazing how much life and personality has been given to shmup characters. if you get into it like me, between the actual games and fan works there just so much stuff to absorb.

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