Pics Around the House

Posted by meronpan on August 31, 2009

Well, not my house, but my parents’, where I was visiting this weekend.  Ended up playing more touhou (eosd, pcb & in), reading 我が家のお稲荷さま (wagaya no oinarisama), and getting some use out of my camera ^^  Just random shots with my macro lens so no akiba-kei content today.  Cats included for the lulz thou


A good reminder that I’m a total beginner, especially when not shooting figures ^^;  Dealing with widely varying lighting conditions, looking for interesting shots … have a lot to learn orz


My brother’s cat pondering how to best assault my parent’s cat, who was hiding under a sheet.

Outside I didn’t experiment enough with shutter speed…


Resized, things look decently sharp I guess… but had to toss a buncha pics.  Then on top of that I was shooting in shutter priority mode to overcome my unsteady hands…so the aperture was adjusted down to f/3.2.  Not sure a shallow depth of field was the best way to compose that pic…

Below, another example of my difficulties…


Again with the small aperture/shallow dof, and composure makes it difficult to tell what’s in focus… actually get kinda dizzy looking at that pic ^^;;;

Maybe I should stick to cats…


Summer here, cats were thirsty :P

Lots of reviews I read of macro lens talked about how fun they were and how everything suddenly becomes an interesting subject.  To that end… here’s crap in our gutter:


^^;  おもろいかな?

If you have lotsa insects around, it’s a fun challenge to creep up close enough and get a shot off.


My shots up closer weren’t in focus, but thanks to the high resolution and great sharpness, just takes a little cropping…


Possibly the first time in my life I was actually seeking out bugs ^^;

One last cat shot…


れろ ^_^

narika & kanu should be shipping as soon… plan to have reviews of them up as soon as I get ahold of ’em ^_^



21 Responses to “Pics Around the House”

  1. Nice photos. I particularly like the ones of the cats drinking, very entertaining ^^

  2. Smithy said

    Those actually turned out pretty nice I think, they look really good. For having used the macro your depth of field is good and the shots are sharp. Lol at the cats! XD

    Adore the one of the butterfly, really wonderful photo. ^^

    You have a Japanese maple? (first photo)

    • meronpan said

      doumo! wish the butterfly was a more interesting species but i’ll take what i can get ^^;

      is that a japanese maple? ^^; i think it might be? but again, it’s my parents’ house… the garden around the house i’m renting is pretty… humble ^^;

  3. That last picture looks like it could be submitted to MSN’s “This week in photos” or something similar. So detailed you can almost see the tiny hooks on the tongue! Nice timing!

  4. Of course cat must be included too. Not only be thirsty but have trouble in sleeping too -I know it from watching Aria- ^^ a bit infertile there?

  5. Shiddo said

    @meronpan left you a question regarding Narika on Tsuki. So if you have a time to re. Thx ^^

  6. phossil said

    haha, those cats have a dedicated fountain just for them. Lol.

  7. lovelyduckie said

    LOL posts with pictures of cats (or dogs) are automatic wins for me. I admire how dedicated you are to getting better at photography. I just kind of try, fail, and then get grumpy (repeat, repeat, repeat,…) :)

  8. Tommy said

    LOL at that last photo. That cat have a really long tongue. ^^; It’s always fun to take photos of animals because you’ll never know what they’ll do next. I remember taking photos of a horse…and the next thing you know the picture captured it taking a dump. Priceless!

    I’ll need to get a DSLR to get full enjoyment of photography.

  9. Blowfish said

    I know that feeling to be somewhat good at taking figure pictures and totally fail at any other kind of photography ^^;
    Yours look a hundred times better than mine though.

    So what were those cats drinking from?At first I thought that it was a wine bottle or maybe some DomPeri for your cats?

    • meronpan said

      you’re too kind ^^; i think anything interesting or nice looking about my pics is coming mostly from the lens… macro stuff is automatically interesting, and the prime glass gives me some pretty sharp images

      cats were just drinking from the sink ^^;

  10. LEon said

    Very well taken photos. The photos don’t look like beginner to me especially the last one.

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