色々 ~ Ver. ε

Posted by meronpan on September 3, 2009


Dunno how many random posts covering a variety of topics I’ve done, so this one has been labeled version epsilon for no reason.  Quick Japanese vocab lesson: 色々==いろいろ==iroiro == various.  As a na-adjective you’d say iroirona [something] to say “various [something]”.  In casual speech this is often contracted to 色んな==いろんな==ironna.

Anyhow, today it’s figures, anime, and touhou again.

Preorders &  Orders

I’m sure you’ve seen the movie version nanoha & k-on’s yui go up for preorder.  I’ll give you one guess as for what that meant for my wallet :P


Pics from hobby search. Click links above for product listings.

Actually I was taken aback by nanoha’s price but that only delayed me a minute before placing my order for the both of ’em ^^;  Guess I’ve just kinda resigned to letting Alter bleed me dry…

From the already ordered department – not one, or two but three figures are actually in the mail now.  narika & kanu i may have mentioned before but volks fate I had totally forgotten about ^^;  Now actually I’m a bit worried about fate… mostly after seeing these pics of volks’ hayate release.

narika/kanu pics from hobby search and fate from official site.  see above links for source

narika/kanu pics from hobby search and fate from official site. see above links for source

Granted… rein is really tiny so I’m willing to overlook the hack job there… but still it just felt like i was noticing sloppy painting on hayate in a few too many places. (also a dedicated hayate review on that blog).  Guess we’ll see how fate turned out next week…

I’ve been trying to be (slightly) more financially responsible lately, so I consolidate my shipments from hobby search now.  This ends up translating to 1 or 2 shipments a month, unlike the insane flurry of packages I used to indulge in.  So if you’re wondering why I’ve lightened up my figure posts of late, that’s partly why (the other part being touhou (could you tell? :P)).  Oh, and the months I get 2 packages… that’s because of the not-really-ideal system at hobby search where you can only combine orders if they have the same release month.  So when something is released at the very end of the month… it usually gets bumped off the original month’s shipment and made separate -_-

かなめも ~ kanamemo


I forget if I’ve actually done a formal post on it yet, but kanamemo is a manga I picked up (#27) last time I was in akiba.  Soooo many piles of it at practically every store I walked into so I had to get volume 1 to try it out.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s, as far as I can tell, an all-female-cast slice of life taking place in a little newspaper delivery company.

yuri, loli, oppai… you’ll probably find a character to your liking in the varied cast. Not to mention a buncha of big name seiyuu!  Well, not big name necessarily, but seiyuu for a lotta characters I’m familiar with ^^

toyosaki aki – yui, koyoi, yoshino
mizuhara kaoru – isayama yomi
endou aya – miyuki, sheryl
horie yui – naru, ayu, makie, eri, suzu, minorin
kitamura eri – kokonoe rin, kawashima ami, sakihata rimi
kugimiya rie – shana, louise, nagi, taiga, tacos(yuuki)


Maybe I just haven’t read far enough but one difference I noticed is that the anime added a heavy dose of loli groping.  (one of the oppai gals is, for all intents and purposes, a drunk lolicon).  Really could have done without it in my opinion… I like to enjoy my slice of life comedies without feeling morally corrupt ^^;;

At any rate, it’s a pretty lite comedy so far with kawaii characters so it fits my bill for “light hearted show I don’t have to give my undivided attention to”.

東方紅魔郷 ~ eosd


Finally a 1cc on normal with the default 3 lives!!!  Not sure I actually got any better… just bombed more conservatively ^^;  On the other hand, I did set a personal score record with this run – 100,457,380 – somehow placing me at number 4 on the normal reimuB scoreboards at shrinemaiden.org.  I assume that’s just for lack of players posting there/lack of interest in doing a high score attempt on normal difficulty.

Uploaded my replay to gensokyo.org in case you’re interested (need the game to view it).  I’ll probably capture a video for  youtube later.


Finally figured out an easy way to get past those 6 faeries right before stage 6 sakuya that spray the radiating circles of bullets.  I think their aim is adjusted based on your character position, so if you position yourself in the same place every time (before they come on screen!), the pattern is exactly the same.  Given that… stay in the lower left corner before they appear on screen… then all you have to do is move slightly to the right to dodge everything.  Basically move right until you’re just to the left of the bullets that are aimed straight down (the 3 from the 3 circles above you should pretty much all line up).  Not conducive to high scoring since you’re not picking up all the point items, but perfect if you’re just trying to save lives & bombs (like me ^^;).  Though do be on the look out for a stray faerie retreating off screen.  Might be headin’ right for ya :P

Anyhow, with this accomplishment under my belt I think I’m going to focus on the eosd extra stage and a 1cc for normal 東方妖々夢 (pcb).  Is it just me or are all the game terms like cherry points and cherry max… … … nevermind. ^^;;;

Praying that my package gets out of customs tomorrow (well, technically today, just past midnight here…) so that I can pick it up on Saturday… otherwise I won’t be able to do any reviews until probably mid next week.  Not to mention I’m itching for another figure infusion :P



26 Responses to “色々 ~ Ver. ε”

  1. Leonia said

    Thanks for the Hayate review (the only set figure that I had not seen). My set was sent today, with, at first, Nanoha, Fate and Hayate. Vivio will be sent then.

    • meronpan said

      that’s weird, they held all three till now? or was that by request to save on shipping? i was tempted to get all 3 to pick up vivio but held out to save some money ^^;

  2. ELTboy said

    I was taken aback by Nanoha’s price and never recover. ^^” Me only getting Yui out of the two as a result.

    I think the quality of Volks’ Nanoha figures didn’t turn out well as expected. Their Rein looks like the bootleg version of Alter’s Rein. LOL … well, at least the figures came with decent base. Now if only Alter’s Nanoha figures had come with such bases. -_-

    • meronpan said

      still wondering why they’re charging so much for her… i can’t imagine her being too much bigger than vita… and it looks like she’ll be elevated by her base? guess we’ll see.. supposedly she’ll be almost as tall as signum!

      now that i think about it… the robot taisen girls looked to be about the same quality… so in that regard i guess i shouldn’t be surprised about the volks results… well, to be fair i’ll wait until i put out my fate review.

      i would kill for a nice set of bases for my alter nanoha figures… ^^;;

  3. I have noticed that VOLKS have been headed downhill for a while now. A number of figures had some lean issues and so on. I wonder if they are trying to make up for it with the wave of Dollfie accessories and such.

    I hope VOLKS Fate is OK because I intend to get her myself a bit later down the line. I kind of like the ultra-glossiness of her

    • meronpan said

      ah indeed, my kaguya from volks is leaning -_- she’s propped up at the moment, hopefully it doesn’t get worse…

      looks like my fate is sitting in customs now so i hope to have a review out to help you make your decision next week ^^

  4. Smithy said

    Pre-ordered Yui as well, with that my pre-orders (and budget) are going through the rough, I’m going to get in trouble… >_<

    • meronpan said

      definitely know the feeling, although according to my spending spreadsheet i’m actually at an all time low… but since i track by preorders that means i won’t realize the saving for another half year ^^;;

  5. Can’t resist a cute Yui, I have her pre-ordered as well ^^

  6. Perfect Cherry Blossom is a lot more fun than EOSD in my opinion. I can’t quite pin down why though. It might have to do with the cherry blossoms and the butterflies, but heh :P.

    Oh maybe it was Yukari, I always liked her the most.

    • meronpan said

      i think the updated graphics, addition of hit box and boss location marker have definitely made it enjoyable for me ^^

      i dunno if i’ll ever make it to yukari though ;_; i need a lot of practice on youmu and yuyuko… did a practice run on yuyuko the other day and it took me 9 lives to down her orz

  7. YuKi-To said

    yes I was worried for fate as well since I saw nanoha and hayate… mine has yet to arrive but fortunately she seems ok: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=581267863&ref=ts

  8. Tommy said

    Not getting either releases, but they do look great.

    I thought HLJ would be better with combining orders, but they weren’t that much better neither. They shipped 4 figures that were released in the same month (one day apart) in 2 shipments. I was kinda pissed.

    I was wondering why you haven’t done much loot posts recently, so that’s why.

    Looking forward to your Kanu and Narika reviews. :)

    • meronpan said

      ah yes, and hlj has that weird system where all your orders go into a single pool, right? on the other hand, sal is soooo much cheaper ^^;

      yeah, would love to be posting more loot, but i’ve finally toned the spending down ^^;

      kanu and narika are here in my room so now i just gotta shoot ’em! ^_^

  9. I am still waiting for Narika myself, but my M.O.E. Fate has arrived today and I have taken a few pictures of her with my new camera :3


  10. phossil said

    Nanoha relese me do want, Lol.

  11. optic said

    Already pre-ordered Yui but Nanoha is still in the ‘thinking about it’ zone. I’m sure many Nanoha fanboys already placed their order but her price is turning me off. Not only that, does she look like 1/7 scale to u? The -Exceed Mode- does but that mode doesn’t. :S

    Ah yes, kanamemo. Lovin’ it. xD

    • meronpan said

      i would really like to see a comparison shot, but as a next best thing… she’s listed at 270mm, which is the same as FREEing’s kan’u (!)… so assuming those measurements are right… i guess she might really be 1/7? ^^; ‘cuz i guess you’d assume if she wasn’t elevated she’d be a 1/6 like kanu, so since she is… 1/7? couldn’t really get a sense from the event coverage… thou mebbe i should check again…

      woo! kanamemo ^__^

  12. lovelyduckie said

    “Actually I was taken aback by nanoha’s price but that only delayed me a minute before placing my order”

    I did that on Distant Avalon Saber lol

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