Shihoudou Narika, Choukousennin Ver. ~ 四方堂 ナリカ 超昂閃忍Ver.

Posted by meronpan on September 6, 2009

If you’re not familiar with her, it’s probably because you’re not ecchi enuf :P  Links likely to be nsfw, narika’s thong as well ^^;



Narika hails from 超昂閃忍ハルカ (choukou sennnin haruka) ~ Beat Blades Haruka, an eroge by Alicesoft and recently released eroanime.  Hadn’t expected this follow up release by Alter, seeing as how haruka had been ready to order just 2 months after the game went on sale late last February (2008).  Yet again I would like to voice my desire for a subaru figure!!! (she’s the third heroine in the game).  At any rate, back to the girl at hand!


Unlike haruka, who wields her trademark kunai (?), narika comes equipped with a… I have no idea what it is.


I admit I wasn’t so thorough in getting through every last bit of the game, so I have no idea if her weapon here is unique to this figure or what.  Whatever it is it gives a nice mechamusume flavor to the figure, which I love ^^

Once around, shall we?


The huge weapon thingy actually has some pegs and attach to narika’s bow, which in turn is affixed to her back.


Once you’ve gotten everything secured you then have to get her hand around the handle…


But luckily her fingers are flexible so it’s not too bad.


According to the text I guess it’s actually a “Beat Blaze Assault Arms Unit”.


The blaze part at least would go along with narika’s fire based attacks.


Again, not sure if I remember correctly, but I thought narika’s signature weapon was a huge shuriken?


The more I write about this thing the more I wonder just how the heck you attack with it ^^;;


Seems like you could slice with this side, but being on the rear of such a large contraption, not sure how that’d work ^^;


Lots of nice details on this weapon thing.



Wonderful execution that you can expect from alter.


Some sort of crazy utility belt?  And I assume the 02 numbering is ‘cuz haruka would be 01?

Behold the power of a macro lens trained on…


completely uninteresting armband! woo! *ahem* moving on…


Some tiny imperfections on her hair, but I can barely see them with my naked eye so no biggie.

pantsu time, brace yourself:


Think I actually commented on her pantsu last time I was talking about beat blades haruka… in that, yes, this is her normal battle outfit:


I guess that part kunoichi and part eroge – defeat your opponent by distracting them with your ero-power ^^;


Vocab review: 丸見え==まるみえ==completely visible.

Was hard to frame this next shot in such a way that it would draw your attention to the right place… just trying to give you a better look at her back…


Do you already have haruka?  The base design will look familiar…


To counter haruka’s oppai, narika fulfills the pettanko role.


Kotobukiya actually did a release of narika also, which I also have.


Koto’s was based on the cg above and was done pretty well… I think it’s my love for kunoichi that pushed me to make this purchase ^^;  You might also notice the coloring scheme is different… not sure where then red/white scheme came from… does narika go into some super mode with that crazy weapon and new outfit?  I totally don’t remember.


Looking into getting a tripod upgrade so that I’m not stuck with horizontally oriented photos all the time (current one can’t support the weight shooting vertical ^^;;)… luckily narika’s weapon lent itself to the horizontal layout.




And the obligatory haruka combo shot ^^


Really like how haruka looks… makes me want to redo my old review ^^;

If you like beat blades haruka, pettanko, pink hair, kunoichi, mecha-ish elements… alter’s narika is the figure for you!!  Extremely satisfied.

Be sure to stop by Tentacle Armada for a more artistic review!  Check out Kodomut for an awesome outdoor photo session!  Oh yes, and if you’re interested in the story of beat blades haruka (and/or a subaru figure), stop by wolfheinrich’s world!


Next review will be kanu!  No, she’s not 1/4, but her packaging certainly gives you that impression ^^;


1/4 nanoha, 1/8 miku, 1/8 moka included for comparison.



36 Responses to “Shihoudou Narika, Choukousennin Ver. ~ 四方堂 ナリカ 超昂閃忍Ver.”

  1. Shiddo said

    Nice review ^^ Got her as well ^^

    The weapon is awesome but to put it on her was pain ^^ Always full of stress when assembling parts ^^ They are more sturdy then they seem to be , but idea of breaking something creeps me out ^^ Same was this time ^^

    Also I wonder if that pink part is a blade or just some neon charging part ^^ If its a blade, I think Narika would already be one twintail less ^^ Or at least burned it ^^ The weapon was also a big catch for me. Same as you, I get feeling liek shes bit mecha musume ^^

    As for the combination of colors. It seems its some special upgrade, something like mahou shoujos get ^^ (or atleast artwork)

    There is both Narika and Haruka in their “special white” form and with enchanted weapons in this video :

    4:25 Haruka, Narika is slightly before her.

    Imho perfect figures both, only bit bases but still ok ^^

    • Shiddo said

      and vote: Subaruuuuuuuuuu! ofc ^^

    • meronpan said

      did yours have kinduva tight fit? that’s what usually worries me the most… when i have to apply a lot of pressure to get something in… that’s when the breakage would be most likely to occur ^^;

      i had that same thought about having less hair if the pink part is indeed a blade ^^; guess i should replay the game and figure out what the heck’s up with that thing

      • Shiddo said

        Well it was not smooth but I can’t say plugs were tight. Her foot went into base quite ok after finding the right angle.
        I was more worried bout weapon / ribbon combo >< Those 2 slots didn't want to plug in at 1st. Then I managed to connect it and was trying to stuff ribbon with attached weapon on her back. At least, thats how I understood manual.
        Well I couldnt get it there… the hand was blocking it. The handle of the weapon was just not getting under it… I had visions how I pull it with more power and one of those long bands will break.
        So I took ribbon and weapon apart. Plugged ribbon alone and then was trying to pull weapon there alone. After gently pulling it i got plugs in right place. Then had few minutes with her hand ^^ Pulling away fingers to get handle in. In the end no dmg… but srlsy… ^^;;;
        Also there is that 2nd little ribbon on her back. Very soft and tiny ~_~ One slip of finger and it coudl get nasty ^^

        Blade or not, weapon is cool ^^ I just wonder how the hell shes using that ^^ Give some report when you find up ^^

        • meronpan said

          looks like you had quite an experience getting things attached ^^;; though perhaps i might’ve had a slightly easier time… still appreciate it when there’s no assembly required ^^

          checked my save games but couldn’t make sense of where i was or what was going on so i might have to do a full play thru to get up to that part ^^;; (i.e. would take quiiite a while ^^;)

  2. YuKi-To said

    can’t wait to get mine… and looking forward to an alter Subaru! if there’s going to be any :3

  3. Still waiting for the Merchant I went with to get her in stock, lovely Narika Choko Sennin form! This is the power up form which only got to appear in game twice near the end. That’s after Takamaru went and got his dragon power up, eh, too graphical to describe everything here!

    That’s it, I got to finish writing Narika’s story before my own Narika arrives!

  4. Leonia said

    Oooh ! She is really beautiful ! Colors and sculpture are great ! And your picture, beautiful ^^ She will be jealous with this review (he’s waiting for her ^^) Congratulation !

  5. ELTboy said

    I knew it… I am ecchi… -_-“… :)

    She looks very pretty and the fine word details on her reminds me of Alter’s KOS-MOS. Her weapon puzzles me too … I suppose maybe she can load shuriken into it and fire them from the weapon? ^^”

    The only thing I am worried about her is leaning/breakage, seeing that there is so much weight on her right side. oh well, maybe I should just trust Alter. Hoping to receive mine soon.

    • meronpan said

      seems like alter loves the one legged poses lately so i’ve just had to put the leaning concerns out of mind ^^;; somehow haruka, signum, vita, and senhime are holding up… hopefully they’ll continue to do so ^^;

  6. Q said

    I kept on thinking that you’ve reviewed Kotobukiya’s Narika as you’ve got it but it appears that there isn’t one yet ^^;

    It’s interesting to see how the two different Narikas are different: one black and the other white, and the Alter’s one has more ‘hi-tech’ gadgets and weapons. Maybe it’s available in the anime only? Dunno but it’s very neat as a figure, well the blatantly eye-catching undergarment is another question lol…

    • meronpan said

      hmmm, yeah, looks like i never got around to koto’s narika ^^;

      according to what wolf was saying it seems that this version of the outfit is indeed some sort of powered up mode that she goes into late in the story. in the eroanime… well let’s just say she spend most of her debut without any outfit at all :P

  7. Nice review!

    I voted Haruka, played BBH a while back and also got Haruka figure a few months ago, but not Narika.

  8. Tier said

    I hadn’t paid much attention to Kotobukiya’s Narika, but it doesn’t look all that bad. Actually, it looks pretty good even when standing next to Alter’s version. I kinda want it now, since she has a different costume.

    Now that I think about it, I remember reading that her flying snake thing transforms into her shuriken. What happens to it when she goes into power-up mode with that huge two-handed weapon?

    • meronpan said

      yeah, my thought exactly regarding koto’s version. felt like it was a step above their usual stuff.

      i totally forgot about that snake until i dug up that cg for the post. and totally forgot it transformed until you mentioned it ^^;; good question… maybe it turns into ammo… hyper blaze snake gun? :P

  9. phossil said

    wow, very nice and high detailed figure. No doubt they put a lot of effort making this figure.
    awesome pictures!!

  10. optic said

    GAHHHHH, I knew I should’ve grabbed her at Play-asia. Saw her available and in stock for a few days. Been contemplating very hard but in the end I resisted. She wasn’t cheap to begin with and I knew topping it up with the shipping price will just make it worst. -_-
    Oh well, I hope the guilt will go away soon when my new stuff arrives lol.

    Actually it was her weapon that was attracting me, not her pantsu. :P

  11. Smithy said

    Nice photoshoot. Not that familiar with the game but she looks like a cute character, like the red/white scheme as much as the red/black one. ^^

  12. Tommy said

    I actually canceled her due to her untimely August release…which doesn’t mean anything now. “orz I’ll definitely pick her up again, pink hair and pettanko really does a number on my wallet, then I’ll buy Haruka for set completion’s sake.

    I love the photos. This colour-scheme makes her look more vibrant compared to Koto’s version. Her pose is really nice, but what’s with all these “figures standing on one leg” poses all of a sudden? Not that it’ll stop me from making the purchase…

    • meronpan said

      i wish i had enough space to display them together… narika is down by my keyboard with haruka up on top of my desk -_- seriously need to rearrange things ^^; but anyhow a great set, especially for kunoichi fans ^^

      i guess doing practically every session on black… i was bound to get a really nice color combination eventually ^^; i also like how the black/white/pink/red turned out ^^

      alter loves the standing on one leg thing ^^;; narika, haruka, signum, vita, subaru, senhime, sakura (prolly more, but that’s all i own)… … they better hold up!! ^^;;;;

  13. […] . And don’t forget to check Super Rats awesome pics of Narika here edit : more reviews at Meronpan (on black background) and Kodomut (great outdoor pics and the melted base […]

  14. lovelyduckie said

    She has a delightfully adorable face :) plus I love pink hair

  15. Blowfish said

    Im not ecchi enough? What a Relief!

    I always read FLCL on her weapon and that reminds me that she would be even more awsum wielding a bassguitar ^^

    She totally wnet under my radar until all those reviews popped up.Shes a pretty cool with a cool outfit and colour scheme.Definately a nice get even though shes pettanko ^^

    • meronpan said

      argh, i’ve somehow missed watching flcl ^^;;; added it to mal as a reminder ^^;

      too bad the series is ero only… i bet she prolly flew under a lotta people’s radar ‘cuz they didn’t know who she was ^^;

  16. […] […]

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