Kan’u Aisha ~ 関羽愛紗

Posted by meronpan on September 8, 2009

A release from last month, yet my rss reader search turns up blank for reviews?  Time to remedy the situation.


Second character in a row to come from an eroge, though in this case, kan’u’s anime went mainstream rather than ero ^^;  恋姫†無双 (koihime musou), if you’re unfamiliar, is yet another Romance of the Three Kingdoms themed series and, like ikkitousen, features kan’u reimagined as a busty female.  However, unlike ikkitousen, I believe pretty much all the characters in koihime musou have been made female (it was an eroge after all :P).

An earlier release by Giga Pulse was too ero for my collection, and luckily FREEing came along with this amazing 1/6.  Despite being angled forward she still stands an impressive 270mm.  Previously posted how her box was even taller than 1/4 nanoha:


But luckily she’s not so big unboxed (i definitely don’t have room ^^;)


Pics didn’t come out as well as I woulda liked… tweaked a bit more in photoshop this time… hopefully for the better…


One of the main things I was worried about from the prototype pics was how the base would look in person.


Personally ended up being satisfied, ymmv


If nothing else, it’s huge and quite the attention hog ^^


For a lil closer look:


Both of kan’u’s feet attach to base to (hopefully) give her all the support she needs.


I think she turned out to be a better dang good representation of the character, though I warn you I have a bad memory :P


Details on her clothing turned out pretty nice


As did her trusty 青龍偃月刀 (seiryuu engetsudou) ^^


Unfortunately the angle of her weapon didn’t lend itself to framing a horizontally oriented shot… tried different areas of focus but not quite happy…


Because of the angle, trying to keep her blade in focus was tough (since i was also trying to blur out her legs)…


I guess I like her legs in focus better ^^;  But with this shot the lighting on her blade needed to be less blown out i think…

ah well, can has pantsu?


pantsu get.


And why is it that kan’u now has a reputation for being a super oppai sorta gal?


Not that I’m complaining, of course.


If you’re wondering why I’m spelling her name kan’u instead of kanu… well, ‘cuz technically her name is spelled with the characters かーんーう (ka – n – u), instead of the usual (well, for japanese at least) かーぬ (ka-nu).  When romanizing, kan’u lets you distinguish from kanu.  Unfortunately it’s not a universally employed convention so seeing “kanu” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ka-nu. (though again, you can basically assume so for regular japanese)




More size comparison.  sakura & nanoha.  nanoha wins of course ^^;


For her scale I’d say kan’u was very well executed.  A good compromise between larger size and details.


If only we could get 1/4 figures like this… but then again that would definitely break the bank.  (specially if volks’ kos-mos is any indication ^^; …well true, it’s a kit, but even so).

Oh yes, almost forgot, her skirt can be cast off if you wish, though I prefer her with it on.  If you’d like some pics with it off, check out mokomoko. (gomen, didn’t have the energy to pump out my own :P)

Drop a line if you have a review up and would like it linked!



34 Responses to “Kan’u Aisha ~ 関羽愛紗”

  1. Nice, specially the fire ground. Less detail of hair in the top? no hesitant in her clothes, very beauty and be designed well.

    and be stronger so you can put that off.

    • meronpan said

      larger and/or non-alter figures generally have less detail in the hair so i’ve become lazy in my expectations i guess ^^; (not to mention being an alter fan-boy ^^;;) but now that you mention it, yeah, i’d probably say that’s the biggest weak point of the figure.

  2. Pretty neat Kan’u, I have the gigapulse version from sometime agao and was not too pleased. Wish I had gotten this version instead but alas, I don’t have space for something this big until I magically come up with more space now or retire some old figures.

  3. optic said

    Really nice pictures like really, I’m impressed. I was actually checking to see if she was still in stock somewhere thanks to ur shoot. lol
    Actually, I had her for preorder for a very long time at HLJ but when it came to her soon to be release date, I had to give her up.

    It’s a shame really but if I can muster some extra funds in, then maybe, just maybe I will splurge and grab her. Then again, if I recall correctly, Koto displayed an unpainted version of her back at Wonfes so I will see if their one looks good first.

    • meronpan said

      glad ya enjoyed the pics so much ^^ especially since i thought they didn’t turn out as nice this time ^^;;

      too bad ya had to ditch her but at least it was a hefty wad of cash back in your wallet ^^

      ah yes, now i remember seeing that in the coverage. not as crazy of an action pose but still looked pretty good.

  4. Leonia said

    Pretty picture, but I don’t like the figure ^^

  5. ELTboy said

    Personally I didn’t like the anime, dropped it in fact, so didn’t consider getting her. but I think FREEing did a very good job for this figure of kan’u, if only they could be more consistent and do a better job for the kodomo no jikan and lucky star girls.

    • meronpan said

      i watched it but can’t really remember the plot so i guess that’s not a good sign ^^;; to that end, not really sure why i went a splurged on this release (haven’t completed the game either) ^^;

      yeah, the kodomo no jikan girls… i remember seeing kuro and not even recognizing her character -_-

  6. sonic_ver2 said

    Hoho, you and FREEing did a nice job! I love the colors of this figure, don’t know if that’s the real color or because of your photo effects.

    I myself have been looking for decent Kanu Aisha figures, but no luck for me… This figure is way too big for my collection, and also too expensive for me.

    • meronpan said

      I think colorwise i got things pretty close to the promo pics (hopefully ^^;)? was just using a preset for white balance and other than that it was mostly just brightness tweaks.

      too bad the size and price put her out of contention for ya. best version i’ve seen so far

  7. In the third picture, it looks like you just woke Rei up :P

    The anime of Koihime Musou was just OK. But the eroge was really good, maybe even one of the best I’ve ever played. Kan’u looks really good in the figure, but I prefered Gigapulse’s Sousou & Jyunyuu.

    Your camera and quality of pictures are excellent as always, must have cost a fortune!

    • meronpan said

      She likes sleeping everywhere :P

      wow, best eroge you’ve played eh? i haven’t had time to really sit down and enjoy a full game for awhile… gads the last one i went thru was probably fortune arterial? or maybe tsuyokiss… played a bit of koihime musou but wasn’t really focusing on the story at the time… ^^;

      yeah, coulda bought quite a few figures for the cost of my macro lens alone ^^;;

      • I wouldn’t say it was the best eroge I’ve ever played, but I think it was a really good one and would probably make it into my top 10. I think it even scored highly in Galge.com awards 2009.

        I liked Fortune Arterial too! I loved Yuuki and WAVE just released a figure of her last August!

        • meronpan said

          well, that’s still pretty dang good. guess i should give it some quality time ^^

          seemed like there was a lot of hype around fa, but it definitely delivered for me. was considering getting the entire fa set from wave but decided it was going to be too expensive. in the end i made myself content with kiriha & koto’s erika ^^ ‘course don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed the kanade sisters, heck the entire cast, too ^^

  8. Oh, an impressive figure from FREEing ^^. Nice to seem them doing something a bit different for the base though I’m not sure I like the texture of it much, seems a bit dull. Nice pics as always :)

  9. Smithy said

    Actually adored the anime version of “Koihime Musou” which was excellent and rather hilarious (except for the horrid OVA).

    Not sure why I didn’t get this figure of Kan’u… probably due to budget I think as she was rather expensive. Regret that now seeing your absolutely gorgeous pictures of her. She really looks top notch too. Where did you get her?

    • meronpan said

      ova was horrid? looked like a fanservice festival, how could that be bad? heheh :P

      actually saw the unpainted version of her in person at wonhobby… that probably planted the seed for my purchase. and was pleasantly surprised when they delivered on all the details. ordered her from hobby search (where i pretty much do all my orders now). bleeding myself dry with ems shipping but they’re top notch when it comes to reliability. (which i became paranoid about after having so many figures involuntarily canceled on me at kid nemo -_-)

    • but how could you hate the duck swimsuits?

  10. Tier said

    She looks great! Not sure why I passed on her, since I like big figures. Maybe she’s not naked enough or something.

    I thought the flamey base looked a bit silly when I saw the promo pictures; it looked a bit like Gummi fire. It looks pretty good here though, it adds some cool drama to the stiff-arm action pose.

    • meronpan said

      hahaha now that would be a site to see… nekkid kanu rushing you with that huge weapon ^^; well, i guess she could strike a different pose, na

      in my review lighting i think it looks better than regular ambient light so ‘gummi fire’ is still a pretty accurate choice of words ^^; even so i would definitely choose it over a boring white circle

  11. Argh!!!
    Don’t show me the volks KOSMOS!!! I’m confused enough as it is! Should I spend the money for what would be the second most expensive Figure in my collection, or do I go for the really dark side and get a much cheaper recast?

    Kanu looks pretty decent but i don’t remember her character being so gung ho. At least thats the feeling i get from this figure.

    • meronpan said

      ah, gomen ^^; she really is quite the investment, isn’t she ^^; i could get a nice 50mm lens for that price… usually i’d say original all the way, but yeah at this price… … ^^;

      isn’t kan’u pretty aggressive? i can’t remember much else from the series/game but in the 2nd episode where they’re sneaking around that bandit compound… kan’u’s the one that leaps out of their hiding place into the middle of a huge group of guys ^^;

      • nah, you can’t really say that character who gets easliy embarrassed when you compliment her hair could be that aggressive. Then there’s the reaction she gets when I think it was Motoku wanted her… in a bed…

        Kanu always seems to be cleaning up after someone else whenever combat is concerned.

        • meronpan said

          hahah aight, i’ll take your word for it. as mentioned, i have a terrible memory ^^;;

          in case anyone was wondering i did by chance happen to find out that the pose is taken from an in game pic. but i believe in that scene it’s not battle… she’s pissed because [i-forget-her-name] is telling [i-forget-the-other-character’s-name-too] about how you slept with kan’u & aisha and kan’u is getting all embarrassed ^^;

  12. Tommy said

    Gorgeous piece of artwork. Will have to add this to my “to buy” list. She’s got a lot going for her: thigh-highs, oppai, pantsu, dynamic pose, large weapon, long hair, short skirt…and of course it’s a beautiful figure.

    I love all the details they put into this figure, especially the fiery base. Just kinda wished more figure makers would do something like this for their base.

    I think GSC also released a limited edition of Kan’u where her oppai’s are exposed for all your viewing glory…that might make the cast-off skirt more worthwhile?

    • meronpan said

      hahah, looks like we have very similar tastes!

      still remember my jaw dropping when i saw her at wonhobby. “what is this huge unpainted… ?!” was very happy when the prototype pics still looked good painted

      hmm couldn’t find this limited exposed oppai version you speak of (by gsc)… only one i know of is that gigapulse one… have a link?

  13. lovelyduckie said

    Bah I haven’t had a figure review in ages myself…need to get on that

  14. Blowfish said

    Ahh KoiHime Musou a series that had too many Lolis for my taste even though most of the cast falls into the bakunyuu category ^^
    Id like to see a Choun Shiryu figure since she has been my favorute out of the cast.

    Looks pretty sweet

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