Touhou Purchase Frenzy and Fate

Posted by meronpan on September 10, 2009

click for hobby stock listen (where pic is from)

click for hobby stock listen (where pic is from)

Was looking into acquiring my first touhou figure (desires rekindled thanks to punynari) when I stumbled upon this release by kotobukiya.  I didn’t get sucked into the touhou world until summer so it was completely off my radar.  Decided it fit the bill and ordered at Hobby Stock through Goody Japan.

I’ve been using Goody Japan for a while now and use ’em more out of habit than anything else.  Tried comparing them to tenso and it seemed like the prices were going to be pretty similar.  Anyhow if you’re interested, the process is pretty simple:

1.  Find the url of the item you want to buy at the online store you’d like to buy it from

2. Paste that along with the product name, price and quantity into the form on Goody Japan’s site…

3. Paypal some money over…

4. Wait for the item to be shipped domestically to Goody Japan.

5. Paypal some more money (for the international shipping, fees and such) and wait for them to ship it to you.

Now you’re the proud owner of hard to find goodies! A little clunky if you’re doing a multi-item purchase, but at least it’s pretty straightforward.

Now of course 1 item doesn’t exactly constitute a frenzy… the frenzy came afterward when I noticed a link to toranoana’s online store (on the Goody Japan page)… started browsing around…

click for product page

click for product page

Decided to order a copy of darui.  This was fresh in my mind because it stuck out of the pack when I was reading sankaku’s rundown of C76 doujinshi sales.  First off it’s non-ero (i assume).  Second it features cirno on the cover ^__^  Third I thought to myself, “hey, that style looks familiar!” and sure enough, it’s by 大沖 (daioki), author of a super random 4-koma I picked up while in akiba:


Have I talked about this one before?  It’s yet another slice of life 4-koma featuring 3 girls or so.  2 are pretty normal high school girls and the third is an alien transfer student.  As you might assume from the cover, yes, she can fly.  Her name is harumi and she’s pretty laid back so and says some rather weird stuff (she’s from another planet after all)… so the thought of the same author rendering cirno in a similar manner… very excited ^_^  I’ll have to get some samples of both up sometime…

Next up, a little cirno phone strap thingy:

Click for product listing at toranoana

Click for product listing at toranoana

^_^ something about this art style real hit home with me (based off illustrations by the above mentioned daioki) ^^;  Love how the product is titled, 「あたいチルノ」 (atai chiruno – I am cirno, except using ‘atai’ for I, a really really informal version of watashi (watashi -> atashi -> atai).  not something you’ll hear often in everyday life, but cirno uses it when she speaks).

More utter lack of self control…

Click for product listing at toranoana

Click for product listing at toranoana

She’s listed on the site for 3000 yen (preorder), so I figured what the hell.  We’ll see if they are able to fill my preorder.  I hope so, ‘cuz a) I have no idea what’s gonna happen to that money I paypal’d goody-japan, and b) omg, look at that face and tea cup ^___^

And while I was at it…


Click for product listing at toranoana

Again hope my order gets filled.  More stuff based on daioki’s renditions of the touhou cast.  Something about the way they fly like that.  kawaii!  And this i have an excuse for keeping on my desk (well not that i needed one :P).  Looks like a paperweight, no? :P

And finally, what would a touhou purchase frenzy be without a touhou game purchase?

Click for toranoana listing

Click for toranoana listing

Told myself I’d wait ’til I actually needed to buy the full game (i.e. could beat the demo)… but got caught up in the moment. ^^;;

Lastly, volks fate arrived:


No time to take review pics tonite, perhaps tomorrow…

Hopefully this little purchasing binge isn’t a regular thing or I’m gonna degenerate back to my old spending habits ^^;;  Also probably wasn’t the most economical way to get a hold of many of those items, shoulda done more research -_-  oh well.  And once more, here’s to hoping that everything I ordered actually gets sent ^^;  Lots of the stuff is supposedly coming out this month so i shouldn’t have to wait long…



26 Responses to “Touhou Purchase Frenzy and Fate”

  1. A bit Touhou trigger happy, eh? ^^ Enjoy your expensive loots :D
    I usually use Shopping Mall Japan for auctions but Goody looks cheaper for shopping site orders. Shame the exchange rate is so horrible right now. I’ll have to keep them in mind for future exclusive figures :)

    • meronpan said

      sadly lots of the items would be pretty cheap if i could just pick ’em up in person ;_;

      don’t remind me about the exchange rate… the days of 100 yen/dollar or more feel like the ancient past orz

  2. koekihane said

    I got my Fate too! Too bad I am working overseas haha. Looking forward to your review!

  3. Sometimes buy-frenzy is unavoidable. Just have to grab what you can.

    I’m suprised at Suzuya’s 「あなたを虐める100の方法」 not being in the C76 Ranking, I honestly thought it was hyped up enough for it.

    Can’t wait for the Fate review. It will play a big part in whether or not I decide to get it!

  4. punynari said

    Nice Touhou items. I hope they all come through.

    I see you’ve bought yourself a full version UFO game. I recommend beating it on easy first. Easy was just that until stage 5 and 6 which were a bit more challenging to say the least. Now that I’ve beat easy, I’m going to try and beat stage 4. Getting the hang of her anchors. Challenging game for sure but at least they give you a fair chance at lives and using regular bombs.

    For splurging, I am certainly guilty of that. I spent almost $500 since I got home. And plan on going back into town to pick up what I missed. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      yeh, i should probably give that a try. might help keep my confidence up… currently getting murdered in pcb… i cannot, for the life of me, dodge youmu’s regular, non-spell card opener (the one that’s blue & yellow bullets, then green & brown (?), then showers of blue & red). i become some sort of sloth retard and lazily wander into bullets -_- Worst part is, she opens with it all three times she appears!! ;_; i then boost my confidence by playing in on easy ^^;;

      $500? nice ^^ you deserve it, it’s been awhile! (i’m not helping, am i? ^^;;)

  5. Persocom said

    Just so you know, the Toranoana figures aren’t nendo size XD I found out recently with my Remilia purchase. what’s the mark up from goody-japan like? I wanted to get Reimu nendo but the mark up made me have to pass.

    • meronpan said

      ah yes, saw that remilia in your loot/backlog/camera post. ideally i want the whole koumakan gang ^^

      for the goody-japan mark up it’s as follows:
      Domestic shipping : 600 yen (or whatever is necessary to get the item to their office)
      Commission : 750 yen (for 5000 yen and cheaper, 15% for 5k-10k yen, 14% for 10k-20k, 13% for 20k-40k, 12% for >40k)
      Bank transfer fee : 300 yen

      so for reimu nendo it should be 4050 + domestic shipping + international shipping.

  6. Leonia said

    Yeah ! You ‘ve got Fate. What do you think about her ?

  7. Shiddo said

    Lately I get Nanoha stuff in the face everywhere I go ^^ Weights of YES/NO to Alters Nanoha 1/7 series are somehow going for yes now even thru it would be pain to get some of them now ^^;;

    LFwd to some Fate shots ^^

    • meronpan said

      hahah, yeah would definitely be quite a burden to try and gather the alter strikers gang now. just need to throw some money at that problem if you really want it solved ^^;;

      fate shots are up!

  8. phossil said

    I’ve been thinking in getting a touhou figure too. I have seen high quality touhou figures like the one you saw.
    Happy to see Fate as a new addition.

    • meronpan said

      always the danger of getting into a new series ^^; and i timed it when it seems like more pvc stuff is coming out ^^;;

      i’m always a bit nervous when i don’t order through my normal channels, so i was doubly glad to get fate in my hands ^^

  9. Tommy said

    LOL, way to “cut back” on your spending. :P

    Not particularly drawn into any of them, but that Koto figure have some shiny lights going for it. I wish they’d incorporate more LED lights into figure bases…nice ones like this, not crappy ones.

    • meronpan said

      i’m so smart. s-m-r-t ^^; yeah… these purchases basically doubled my spending for the month and it’s only the 15th! (was hoping to hold it to yui & nanoha)

      i think it’d be really neat to use LEDs for energy weapons… just imagine a full sized zamber that was blazing yellow rather than the dull translucent stuff. i’ll leave that to the engineers ^^;

  10. lovelyduckie said

    I’ve also ALMOST convinced myself I don’t need all the versions of Miku, Saber, and Yoko in existence…that was a little progress…right? I’ve been admittedly binging for the past couple years, I’ve finally had the will power to cut back on pre-orders and pruned my collection a bit of all the buys I made only to complete a set (or because it was cheap). But I still have my major weaknesses (Lucky Star and One Piece).

    • meronpan said

      there was a nice anti-bing effect i started to experience once my room was filling up. having roommates i’d rather not scare away their guests with figures all over the house so it also has made me cut back a bit ^^;

      i could really use some lucky star figures but somehow i haven’t gotten a scaled one yet ;_;

      • I have Clayz, FREEing (both 1/4 scale and mini trading figures), Petit Nendoroids, Figmas, SEGA, and some Ban Presto trading figures of Lucky Star…and oh man I want more, I’m so so so addicted! I know it’s only a matter of time before GSC, MF, or Alter take advantage of my weakness and make scaled figures. If it’s Max Factory they’ll probably drag me through every version of the gals they make!

        • meronpan said

          wow, nice! i love big themed sets and different versions of the same characters is a great way to achieve that ^^

          i hope you’re right about gsc/mf/alter ‘cuz that’s exactly what i want! (thou at that point i’d offer my condolences to your wallet ^^;)

  11. icie said

    Nice choice on the Marisa! I have also preordered this figure. The big draw, besides the light-up base and other goodies that come with it, is that it is based on Tokiame’s character designs.

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