Fate T Harlaown – Barrier Jacket True Sonic Form ~ フェイト・T・ハラオウン バリアジャケット 真・ソニックフォーム

Posted by meronpan on September 11, 2009


Woulda loved for this to be a review of Alter’s release, but alas gonna  have to wait a bit longer for that.  Nope, today is Volks’ take on feito-chan’s shin-sonic form.  She’s 1/7, ~8000 yen, and not bad!


Been kinda wary of Volks after getting their trio of the mugen no frontier gals. Got fate ‘cuz I liked the pose and one can’t have too many zamber form bardiches :P


Thought I’d give white a try to help her black outfit stand out.  Unfortunately I don’t really have the right light setup for that at the moment.  Ends up causing some vignette like issues.


I forget where I read it but whoever had issues with a loose left hand isn’t alone.


Once in place it’s resting on the blade so it’s fine, but when moving, beware of losing parts.


For some reason I’m partial to these mouth open yelling faces ^^;


The finish on Volks’ stuff always feels quite a bit rougher compared to Alter… but luckily fate’s outfit is fairly simple so it turned out fine.


You can see my umbrella in her oppai ^^;


Other hand.  If you view the full size you can see the roughness I’m talking about.  I guess you could call it intentional to make the armor looked aged or battle worn? ^^;




Looking for interesting shots, tried framing with her hair ^^;


I forget what the technique of placing a subject deliberately off center is called, but I like attempting it.


oppai to oshiri


Switched back to black to see how they’d compare.


Also give ya a look at riot zamber & smiling face.  Oh yes, and if you were wondering, neither hand had any looseness problems in this configuration.


Base is pretty nice.  Kinda busy but I think it looks pretty good.


Though… mine came with a buncha weird circular indentations in it! >_<  you can see ’em pretty clearly on the full size pic.  Not sure what the heck that’s all about.




Perhaps a properly constructed light box would eliminate the umbrella oppai ^^;


You can see my troubles get enough light on the background to blow it out…


Saw a soft box going pretty cheap and will probably get some more powerful bulbs along with it…


I always like it when they sculpt the hair flowing about


Seam in her head is where it detaches so you can swap faces.  As usual, would’ve appreciated a bit more detail in her hair here.


With some editing I was able to blow out the background in some pics ^^


Together with her alter og version


Could’ve sworn I saw a buncha people getting this one but couldn’t find any reviews up save YzGuy9394‘s figure.fm post and a brief mention in a lewt post by wolf. Lemme know if you’ve got one.

Update!  Check out Yuki-To’s figure.fm post for some lovely outdoor pics!

Over half a year later… update!  shadonia, hontou ni, and tentacle armada all have reviews up ^_^

Also, fyi if you frequent figure.fm you’ve probably noticed I cross post review pics there.  Pics are the same but they’re displayed at a much higher resolution since the articles aren’t sharing horizontal real estate with columns ^^;

Not a bad release, but not jaw dropping like when I saw alter’s version in akiba ^^;  Pose is nice and it’s cool that you can swap between whichever zamber form you want.



56 Responses to “Fate T Harlaown – Barrier Jacket True Sonic Form ~ フェイト・T・ハラオウン バリアジャケット 真・ソニックフォーム”

  1. Tier said

    I think I might be the only person on the planet who’s not a big fan of the upcoming Alter Fate figure. To me she sorta has the same problem as Senhime where her open mouth makes her nose and face look unusually long. I haven’t checked but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have the same sculptor. I really like this version of Fate, though, particularly the pose; you get to see all her best points from one viewing angle.

    I didn’t have great luck using a light box. I think I had a bit more success blasting a white backdrop with a couple of desk lamps and moving the figure as far forward as I could.

    • meronpan said

      rest of the alter release not enough to overcome the face issue? ^^; though i know how that can be… bad face can ruin an entire figure for me too.

      unfortunately i don’t have enough lamps with the same type of light. tried using my desk lamps to help but as expected, the different temperature of the light caused the pics to have a big yellow splotch ^^;;

  2. acesan said

    The white background still turned out ok I think! It’s a nice figure, and I kinda wish that it was made more easily available via retail…

    • meronpan said

      thanks! yeah, i guess i wouldn’t say it was an utter failure, just that when going for a uniform white bg, i was off the mark ^^;

      i’ve found that proxy services like goody japan make it really easy to order the figure (assuming it’s in an online store somewhere), but definitely takes a normal priced figure to the most expensive price tiers ^^;

  3. Oh man, you got her? She’s sexy like mad. :3

    Hmm, yeah, something about the top of the head/bangs look a bit bland, but the rest of the hair looks fine.

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    I’d give a thumb for her equipment. But unfortunately i saw a lot of rough paint job and seamlines. Volks got some customers who like to try out Shin Sonic form. But after Alter released the real one, Volks will be out of the place.

    • meronpan said

      i think setting expectations made a big difference in the tone of my review. having 3 previous volks works i wasn’t expecting anything great in the paint department so it was more like, “hey this isn’t horrible” instead of, “hmm coulda been better” ^^;; to that end, true, alter’s version will almost definitely have better paint and seam handling but the different pose and face might be enough to sway those willing to overlook the details

  5. Leonia said

    When I saw the review of Nanoha (onFoobarbaz), I was disappointed by the painting, and by the sculpture (in particular about the face). I was afraid, of Fate and Vivio’s result, both figurines which I prefer of the Set (because I took the set). The disappointment was expensive (approximately 300 euro ^^”). As a result, I waited for a review of Hayate (but I have not seen pictures of her yet). Vivio, it’s on Foobarbaz. In the end, I waited for Fate’s photos.

    She seems to be more successful than Nanoha (or, it’s because I love Fate’s character, and hate Nanoha). Indeed, there seem be defects of paint (fewer clothes, thus, less defect?) but, when we see the group, it’s not ugly. Nanoha, Fate and Hayate left Japan last week (SAL REGISTERED), and Vivio is still at my intermediary’s (she waits for my next expedition). That is why, I am satisfied to have been able to see your photos. They reassure me. I expected, really in worse. Thanks you ^^

    • meronpan said

      yeah, that was a big reason i didn’t get the set – price of ordering volks figures is pretty high.

      from a normal viewing distance i think the only details that stand out are in the hair, but compared to most figures, it’s still pretty good. you only really see the paint flaws when zoomed in, perhaps due to the black? (or maybe it’s my bad vision? ^^;;;)

      like you, i think i expected worse so she actually turned out better than expected ^^;

  6. ELTboy said

    I like the pose of this figure too and I’m sure she looks fine on the whole, but looking at the close-up shots kinda exposes the flaws. Makes me more wary of the quality of Volks’ PVC figures. And looking at that last photo, I think she looks more like a 1/8 than 1/7 scale. I really dislike the disparity between figure companies when it comes to scaling the figures.

    • meronpan said

      volks stuff definitely does seem to suffer in the finer detail department. if you like to appreciate details up close and personal, you’ll be disappointed, but if you don’t mind taking a step back it’s really not so bad.

      excuse me while I math out: did a rough measurement and she’s approximately 216mm (from foot to top of head), so if she was 1/7 that would mean real feito (in the same pose) would stand almost 5 feet (1512mm) tall. If she was 1/8 it’d be more like 5’8″ (1728mm). anyone know what her height is supposed to be?

      correct me if i’m wrong, but scale is just supposed to be a number telling you the relationship of the model height to the actual height, right? my take on the situation of figures scales is… doesn’t anyone have a calculator in these companies? all they need to do is compare the figure height to an estimated height of the “real” character in the same pose… round to nearest integer for the ratio, tada!!

      on the other hand… the difference between 1/8 and 1/7 for a 5′ or so character is only about an inch (~25mm)… so combine that with only rough estimations of character height & rounding to get the scale number to look nice… perhaps the numbers are more or less on? ^^;; err anyway… that ended up being longer than i planned ^^;;

  7. YuKi-To said

    hei, that’s not my post! it’s someone elses lol ^^;
    I just got mine today!

    “I forget what the technique of placing a subject deliberately off center is called, but I like attempting it.” -> is it rule of the thirds or something? XD

    • meronpan said

      ack, gomen!! totally missed where you said, “mine has yet to arrive” ^^;;; updated the post

      grats on the get!

      hmm does the rule of thirds apply to placing the subject at the extreme edge of the picture though? if so i’ve just done it wrong, otherwise similar idea, but different execution i guess? ^^;

  8. Really nice pictures. When I saw some of the earlier pictures of her on I think Akibahobby, she looked really shiny, like an eel. Maybe it was just the…flash? (I don’t know anything about photography really) She looks more normal in this though which is good. Do the Zamber blades seem bendy or too flexible? That’s my only issue at the moment. Otherwise I’m happy to buy! Thank you!

    • meronpan said

      i believe flash/non-diffuse lighting will give off a more shiny look?

      the zamber blades are pretty sturdy, especially compared to the ones that came with cm corp’s fate (which were totally bendy, hell, they were even bending in the promo shots ^^;;) i would hope since the zamber form is supported by the base it would be unlikely for it to bend.

  9. punynari said

    She looks pretty good. Much better then Volks Hayate which was an instant pass for me when I saw her in person. Her faces did not look right to me.

    I much appreciate the close up shots. Her hair doesn’t look as nice as Alter’s upcoming Fate but I do like her pose and sword.

    Will I get her? So far I have Volks Nanoha-mama and Vivio (review soon), but I don’t have Faito momma yet. Might just pick her up soon, but maybe after I recover from the last Akiba trip. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      yeah i didn’t quite like the faces on volks’ nanoha or hayate, but i think it was more the price and detail that turned me off in the end. well, i guess more than anything, they just felt different. not necessarily bad.

      i think this is one of those figures that is a lot easier to decide about in person. happy akiba shopping~ ^_^

  10. yamada said

    is this Volks Fate? she’s gorgeous especially her pose.

  11. Q said

    lol umbrella reflection ^^;

    I see what you mean on how some areas seem rough, such as her gauntlets – kinda reminds me how mediore I am sometimes at panel lining or doing touchups on my Gundam models ._.

    In general she looks cool – cool pose, Riot Zamber and Zamber blade, two faces, and flowing hair~ One will start nitpicking on the flaws at closer look, but I suppose it’s inevitable. Are VOLKS’ completed figures usually around this kind of quality?

    Still, one can’t have enough of Fate, and it’d be nice to compare this to the Alter one as they’re both in Shin Sonic Form and in the same scale!

    • meronpan said

      yeah, of my 4 volks figures, they all seem to have this kind of a rough finish. or you can check out my other volks reviews and make the call yourself ^^

      i wonder if i’ll be able to fit both alter and this fate in the same frame… the alter one is going to be such a space hog ^^;;

  12. I really like the pose of the Volks Fate. Im fact, I prefer it to the alter one. It looks more natural for both forms, while alter only looks good with the large zanber. but alas, I missed out on the preorder so I have to wait until ther reopen submissions.

    • meronpan said

      yeah the pose is really something. and i was blown away when they showed she could be posed with both zambers. turned out really nice ^^

      hopefully you’ll get a chance to pick her up!

  13. Tommy said

    Really nice figure and lovely photos to show it off. I love the pose, but I like the base more. I think Alter should’ve chose something like this instead of the crappy large white engrish POS they decided to use for the series.

    Wasn’t there a yellow piece that connects the two blades in riot form?

    Looking at your photos, I think I need to work on my set up again.

    • technically, yes. There is meant to be a luminous yellow “chain” which connects the bottom of each handle to eachother, but to this day, I think I have only seen 1 or 2 fate figures which copies that. And that includes the plethora of GK I’ve seen. none of my Fates have it, tho it’s a simple mod job.

    • meronpan said


      i would like the base a lot more were it not for those weird circular marks ;_;

      ya know, as pricey as alter stuff is, i’d rather pay *yet another* 1000-1500 yen or something if it meant i coulda got some nice looking bases -_- wonder how much those plexiglass looking ones they use for the product shots would cost… ^^;

      as gundamjehutykai said, yeah, there should be a yellow thingy connecting. cm corp’s fate has it but that release had other issues ^^;

  14. Detail magic circle ^^ her pose is nice so you can see many points through her body, and proved from your shots. But isn’t her oppai too busty…a bit? o.O I think… –a

    And if you don’t mind I’ve put your link in my blogroll since I come here regularly :)

    • meronpan said

      perhaps slightly exaggerated oppai? i’m almost never one to complain about an issue like that thou :P

      thanks for the add, returned the favor ^^

      • Neither me too. I’m away from pettan so even ultimately exaggerated oppai won’t surprising me :3
        I just notice that magic circle is transparant, how silly ==

        Thx! I’ve been reading for long (before my 1st comment here) and never thought will add me ^^

  15. Shiddo said

    I like the base, but in other areas upcoming Alter version seems to own this one. Exchangeable faces are nice but they are not exactly Fate. Also they could add that “chain” for her weapon in dual-hand-modo.

    Imho with bit better details and face this could be a rly good one ^^ Then again shes 2x cheaper.

    Umbrella shots ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i agree something about the face isn’t quite fate, yet as off as their hayate release perhaps? at any rate, i wasn’t terribly found of fate’s rendition in strikers anyway since she seemed a bit blocky or something? not really sure how to describe it ^^;

      2x cheaper if you can get ahold of volks figures easily ^^; if they brushed up the other details… man, that combined with such a killer pose woulda been great ^^

  16. phossil said

    I think Im in love ^^

  17. meronpan said

    feito-chaaaan~ ^_^

  18. GNdynames said

    I would have gotten her if it wasn’t for the fact that she is a Japan-only thing and I’d have to get her through someone else and would end up costing me as much as Alter’s (I’ve not ordered Alter’s due to the cost). Overall, I like this one more than Alter’s, and that’s not considering the fact that I will not have the space to display Alter’s Fate.

  19. Aye, I have problem with her loose left hand! Haven’t gotten around to take more pictures of her yet, but those circular indentations you are talking about are knockouts/ejector pin marks on the mold (to eject the part from the mold after the part has been cooled down). It’s unfortunate, but the way these knockout pins are scattered and the fact that they are molding with transparent plastic lead me to believe the part is sticking on one side and they added more knockout pins to help push the part out. Normally knockout pins should be distributed evenly; and in this case, it’s an aesthetic base, they should have tried harder to hide the knockouts by placing them near the edge of the part instead of being right in the center, poor mold design.

    • meronpan said

      thanks for the explanation! though ugh, just lowers my opinion of volks yet again ^^; the marks are painfully obvious, especially since your attention is drawn to the detailed base.

      • Well transparent base as big as Volks’ Fate is going to be difficult to eject from the mold. Taking a quick look at my collection just now revealed she has the largest transparent base so far. They should have tried harder to hide these pin marks as they are not distributed evenly and looked oddly out of place. Knowing these pin marks are all over the place, they should have changed their resin and use a less transparent plastic, would have helped make these marks less noticeable.

  20. Rin said

    Really nice!!!
    I want this figure!!!!!!
    The photos are nice. I think that the paint is too reflective…but I would still get it because it’s Fate!!!
    Sadly I got Volks Nanoha not Fate when I went to Japan…
    I can’t wait until Alter’s Fate comes out.

    • meronpan said

      with your 50 figure acquisition i’m surprised you didn’t get her :P

      for some reason i don’t remind the reflective paint on her outfit at least… perhaps it helps add definition tot he black? i dunno

      also excited for alter’s fate, it’s been too long!

  21. Typically I go for the serene faces unless it’s a nendoroid. In which case I need to use the wackiest face available!

  22. meronpan said

    hmm think i use the open mouth smiling/yelling faces for nendoroids too ^^; speaking of nendos i need to work them into reviews more often… they’ve been quite neglected lately ^^;

  23. Blowfish said

    Ohh Fate has grown quite some boobs over the series ^_^
    Thats all Im gonna say though :P

  24. Sabar said

    I am forever a fan of characters in Nanoha series!

    I really like the pose of her ^^ If I don’t remember wrongly, this form of FATE is call “New Sonic Form” right?

    • meronpan said


      Not sure if there’s an official translation, but just going by the character, 真 means something more like, “true”. 新 can have the same reading, (and would mean new) but to my knowledge it’s not the character they chose.

  25. […] et la garder, ou la conserver scellée et la revendre. Ayant vu des reviews de cette dernière (Meronpan, Tenra, The Banzai Effect), j’ai décidé de la conserver, car il s’agit, à mes yeux […]

  26. Optic said

    No, ur not the only one here. ^^

    I find the pose is great but the quality when it comes to level of detail is very poor. Looking at the small areas like her hand and boots, u can really pick out the low level of paint quality there.

    Still, I know Fate fans won’t be disappointed. If u look away from that, it’s still a great figure.

  27. […] jacket is really shiny reflective. While was highlighted by the appropriately named meronpan's review. Looks like not even his professional (rather than improvised) diffuser umbrella could solve […]

  28. […] reviews of Volks’s Fate are up at WAWAWA Wasuremono and Shadonia. I’m sure there’s a bunch more out there but given how random this writeup […]

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