Word of the Moment: 出張

Posted by meronpan on September 21, 2009

udonge!  pic from gelbooru (click for source)

udonge! pic from gelbooru (click for source)

Just a random update… busy busy busy lately.  Still pretty light on the posting and the business trip I’m leaving for tomorrow isn’t helping things.  Heading out to the east coast to spend the rest of the work week in virginia.

In japanese, 出張 == しゅっちょう == shucchou (if you’re not familiar with romaji i guess the closest english pronunciation might be, “shoot chō”) == business trip.  On the plus side, this’ll mean I’m 5,000 frequent flier miles closer to a business class upgrade when I go to Japan :P

baba~  Click for gelbooru

baba~ Click for gelbooru

Touhou on my mind since I’ve got all my touhou games installed on my work laptop to keep me occupied ^^;

I’m sure you’re all completely uninterested by now, but ima post it anyway… yet another eosd reimuB clear! ^^;;

Think I mentioned it earlier — this is the run I finally managed to complete with the default 3 lives (previous ones I had to bump it up to 5).  Other than the personal milestone, nothing special at all… still just normal difficulty ^^;

youmu!  click for gelbooru

youmu! click for gelbooru

As you might’ve guessed from the pics or otherwise, I’m currently working on the 2nd touhou to be released for windows – 東方妖々夢 – touhou youyoumu – Perfect Cherry Blossom (the 7th game in the series).  I’m planning to 1cc them all on normal in order… eventually tackle the extra stages but that still seems out of my league ^^;


facing off against youmu in practice mode

I’ve almost got stage 4  under control (prismriver sisters aren’t feeling anywhere as bad as patchy) but youmu (above)…. youmu destroys me ;_;


At least I think I’ve figured out my difficulty… I have absolutely no skill when it comes to dodging horizontally moving bullets.  In the above and below screenshots, the two different color bullets you see are weaving together (blue going right, yellow left) while falling down…


It actually seemed pretty easy at first, since there’s these nice safe spots that open up if you maneuver to the right place… yet I still fail and ram into bullets like a fool.

Ironic that this is actually easier for me:


(well, ‘course if you’re not familiar, time slows down for a brief moment during each wave so it’s not as bad as it looks :P)

Ack, gotta pack!  Didn’t mean to rant on about touhou like that ^^;  Been wanting to get around to another japanese lesson post, one on harumination (manga), and of course some figures reviews (well, at this point it’d have to be older stuff but maybe something’ll turn up in the mail soon :P)… will all have to wait till I get back thou.



22 Responses to “Word of the Moment: 出張”

  1. Persocom said

    what a coincidence, or rather, it’s hitsuzen! I’m playing Perfect Cherry Blossom right now too, trying to go through on hard mode, maybe I should try normal. I can’t exactly stick to one game though, I’m playing a bunch of Touhou games interchangeably. I just got ahold of a very tiny Touhou figure but I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures outside of my msn display pic XD I don’t mind hearing about Touhou, in fact I’d like to post more on it myself but I’m a strange breed of Touhou player seeing as I actually started on Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, I’m pretty decent at that and Unthinkable Natural Law, even my 5 year old son likes to play against me sometimes, he’s also liking the lesser known Super Marisa Land/World games, but hey he’s 5 so the bullet hell is a bit much, though one of these days I’m going to let him have a go on easy. More Japanese lessons would be great too, but there’s nothing wrong with these posts ^^

    • meronpan said

      i also mix it up with the shooters (don’t have any of the other games yet ;_;) so i guess the order thing just determines which game gets the majority of my attention at any given time ^^; whenever i get frustrated it’s nice to fall back on something i can do reliably… easy IN fits the bill usually ^^

      kids can do amazing things when they start early! who knows, maybe you may have a touhou prodigy lurking :P

  2. phossil said

    where can I download Touhou or some place where I can play it??
    and before I forgot, Have a nice trip!!

  3. punynari said

    Have a nice trip.

    Don’t mind reading Touhou posts either. Personally, I am stubbornly trying to beat Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object on Normal 1cc. I can get mid way through the stage 6 battle with Byakuren. Which is pretty darn good for me. ^^; The problem lies in stage 5. I will sometimes have maxed out lives going into stage 5 and make lots of stupid mistakes that bumps me down to just 2 lives. Gotta learn stage 5 well to make a 1 cc. Not giving up!

    It’s been a while since I’ve played PCB. I recall having some difficulty on Youmu but being completely annihilated by the Prismriver Sisters. Been ages since I played though.

    • meronpan said

      ugh yes i hate it when i have a nice stock of lives then lose a ton of ’em in a single stage -_- sounds like you’ll be pretty much there as soon as you can polish up stage 5 ^^

      i’m capturing the prismriver sisters’ final spell card pretty consistently now and the penultimate one usually takes 0-1 bombs. soon as i get lunasa’s card under control i hope it’ll be smooth sailing… on the other hand i make so many stupid mistakes during the regular stage i’m still not clearing stage 4 the way i’d like… -_-

  4. Man…I just know I’d be terrible at Touhou but your posts can’t help me think about it curiously.

  5. I’m playing touhou too, scarlet weather rhapsody (10.5th), fighting game. And difficult as usual. Btw where can I find list of touhou game?

    • meronpan said

      the main page of the touhou wiki has a list of the games, along with quite an extensive list of derivative games if you’re interested.

      if you want to keep it official here’s ZUN’s page… though it doesn’t even list hisoutensoku ^^;

      • So i’ve played TH10 and TH11. Current one is TH10.5. thx! btw do you play one of them? I just want to compare our score ^^

        • meronpan said

          i haven’t made a dedicated effort towards clearing 10 or 11 yet (and i don’t own 10.5 yet)… though i do play ’em every once in a while to take a break from eosd/pcb.

          soooo yeah, my highest score for sa (11) is a laughable 20,031,690 (normal stage 3) ^^;;; I’ve only ever gotten to stage 5 once, and that took like 8 continues ^^;

          mof (10) i’ve played a little bit more… no 1cc on normal yet but i did manage one on easy today… lessee it was a paltry 418,901,160 with reimuB. On normal the best i’ve done is a stage 6 166,557,640 with reimuA ^^;;;

          if i continue playing in order it will probably be another year before i 1cc those on normal ^^;;

  6. Tier said

    Were you in northern Virginia? If you were, are you impressed with the weather and traffic conditions?

    • meronpan said

      yeap, was in manassas. traffic seemed alright (though i wasn’t driving ^^;) but weather was humid as expected orz

      humidity destroys me… which i guess shows how much i love japan (i’ll put up with it there :P)

  7. usagijoou said

    I never play games (I’ve got plenty ways of killing time without gaming:))) but I must admit I was totally hypnotized by Touho gameplay.
    I just sat there and stared on this multiple bullets, loli faces and listened music for almost ten minutes!
    Hey, maybe I should try for once:)

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