夏のあらし! ~ Natsu no Arashi!

Posted by meronpan on October 1, 2009


Do you get exercise regularly?  It’s been on and off with me… and specifically most of the past year… off orz.  However!  These past 3 weeks I’ve finally gotten back to a daily routine which means daily anime again (watch while working out) ^^ 一石二鳥!(isseki nichou == killing two birds w/1 stone).  Daily anime means finally finishing off some series and that brings me to natsu no arashi ^^;

Created by School Rumble author Kobayashi Jin, that was reason enough for me to try the series out ^^


Got hooked right away especially by the quirky style.  Well, not sure quirky is really the word for it… but at any rate it has a pretty unique feel that set it apart from the other shows I’ve been watching recently.

Add in time travel,


kawaii arashi, (with some mysterious powers)


kawaii kaya, (also mysterious powers ^^;)


boin no sayaka,


aniki-teki na murata, (i love this guy ^^;)


genki na hajime (gakippoi kedo nakanaka omoroi kara)


himitsu ga aru jyun,


kawaisou na okyakusan,


and a nice mix of more serious themes


…and slapstick…


Love the characters and the style… we’ll see how the story goes (only on the 8th episode so far ^^;) but that’s been fine so far.  … Though… let’s hope we get a ending that actually wraps things up :P


While I’ve got anime on the mind… any new shows I should drop everything for and watch immediately?  According to that sankaku post, bakemonogatari & saki faired pretty well. Just finished up saki but that’s the only one in the top 10 I got around to orz. And the next season is already upon us! orz^3

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 turn out?  That one looked promising but I haven’t even tried out episode 1 yet ^^;;;;;

Saber’s in the mail, hopefully have a review by the end of the weekend ^^



24 Responses to “夏のあらし! ~ Natsu no Arashi!”

  1. Hmmm, haven’t heard much about this series. Maybe I should give it a try. I’ve been watching Bakemonotgatari and quite enjoy it but am a few episodes behind. You should check it out, pretty entertaining ^^.

    I’ve been playing tennis lately which gives a pretty good workout but watching anime while on the treadmill sounds like an excellent idea xD

    • meronpan said

      overall it’s pretty lighthearted and with the time travel and random cameos i found it rather enjoyable ^^ ‘course but time travel in anything and i usually like it better :P

      looks like bakemonogatari is going on the list immediately. lots of recommendations!

  2. Fabian said

    Haven’t watched this series yet but since I loved School Rumble I guess I will give it a try.

    Bakemonogatari is one of my favorite anime of this year, together with Eden of the East and a series that you probably never heard of about a few high school girls forming a band. :D

    I quite enjoyed Canaan as well, though I was disappointed as to how the story wraps up during the last episodes. (Was expecting too much I guess. ^^”) In case you liked Utawarerumono Tears to Tiara might be worth watching as well.

    • meronpan said

      favorite of the year, eh? definitely a good sign.

      keep hearing eden of the east mentioned hear and there but never got around to trying it out… will have to add that and canaan…

      tears to tiara i actually watched the first 2 episodes already… need to get back and finish that one off ^^;;

  3. anon said

    Bakemonogatari. I am of the opinion that it is one of the best animes I’ve ever seen. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll be quite entertained.

  4. The only series I watched this past season was Saki, didn’t try anything else.

    • meronpan said

      i’m wondering how far the manga has gotten… i only have the first 5 volumes but it feels like the anime outpaced the source material for once.

      and kinda looked like a second season was planned? :3

  5. Smithy said

    Haven’t tried “Natsu No Arashi” at all, the visual character style put me off as it doesn’t appeal to me, sorry. ^^;;

    One of my favorite series the past season was “Aoi Hana”, but that’s no doubt due to my penchant for yuri series.

    “Bakemonogatari” proved to be an excellent series, one of the better ones this past year.

    My feelings about “Canaan” are the same as Fabian’s, nice series but the ending -which was well written on its own- actually left me dissatisfied.

    In contrast, the excellent follow up on the original “Wolf & Spice” season, “Wolf & Spice II” was not only a solid series but the conclusion was absolutely terrific. Forget about the economics theme, the character chemistry between Horo and Lawrence is truly sublime! “Bakemonogatari” shine sin character chemistry too, the verbal banter and bond between Senjougahara and Araragi is well written and a joy to watch.

    Another series I enjoy is “Taishou Yakyuu Musume”, hadn’t picked it up at first but started watching it a few weeks ago.

    That said, the new anime season is starting so maybe you can pick up some shows from that? Just watched “Kämpfer” and it looks excellent.

    • meronpan said

      aww :P i wasn’t into at first either but it quickly grew on me. i have pretty wide tastes (low standards? ^^;) thou

      aoi hana? dang i didn’t even hear of that one… yuri you say? i must check it out :P

      too bad about canaan’s ending… hate it when they can’t finish off an otherwise good series -_-

      argh can’t believe i haven’t watched spice & wolf yet. economics be damned it’s great to see the horo & lawrence banter ^^

      thanks for all the recommendations… my list is filling up fast ^^;;

  6. I agree with the above. Bakemonogatari is a really good show!! Other than that, Cannan is good but not great and I’m enjoying the majority of umineko no naku koro ni, at least moreso than Higurashi (but higurashi had a stronger set of VA)
    Just struggling through Valkyria chronicles and princess lover at the moment. Valkyia is pretty awful when compared to the plot in the game and they just picked the wrong girl in princess lover. Seriously, any of the other 3 ladies would make a more interesting show than Charlotte!!
    And Needless is so bad it’s good!!

    • meronpan said

      dang too bad about valkyria chronicles. was hoping it’d be a good substitute since i don’t have a ps3 yet ^^;

      and princess lover too? orz well at least there i can play through the game

      i will cautiously add needless on the so bad it’s good recommendation ^^;

  7. Shiddo said

    I saw many ppl banishing this anime cuz of animation style and 1st episode that seems as total nonesence with no character introduction but thats all wrong. There is introduction later on ^^ Anime is bit crazy since its alot around time traveling but there are other oddities as well ^^
    I went for this anime right after release and loved it ^^ Can’t wait for 2nd season. Should be coming soon ^^

    Bakemonogatari is awesome as well. Very original. Thru there are spots where they talk way to much imho, I still love those dialogues ^^ Each of girls Araragi meets has something to it ^^ But yeah Senjougahara >> All ^^

    @ meronpan: when are you getting your Saber Lily? :3

    • meronpan said

      i really loved how the natsu no arashi unfolded ^^ make rewatching that much better since you can appreciate the characters knowing more about them ^^

      i hope bakemonogatari to live up to all the hype… 6/7 comments praised it, and it looks like the only reason wolf didn’t was because he didn’t watch it ^^; looking forward to it ^^

      lily’s in my room right now, hope to take review pics tonite and post the review tomorrow ^^

  8. usagijoou said

    I just started watching Bakemonogatari.
    I really don’t like one certain trend of mine: I tend to dislike series that pretty much everybody praises. Can’t rely on reviews at all >_<.
    There are waaaaaay too much fan service in Bakemonogatari and the dialogs are long and bore the hell out of me. But to do justice to the series – art style is original and good. It somehow reminds me of Gankutsuou, series which I really enjoyed^^

    • meronpan said

      usually i avoid any sort of feedback to avoid being influenced by other opinions but i don’t have the time i’d like to try out everything nowadays ^^;

      i’m so acclimated to fan service i hardly even notice it anymore :P but at any rate, glad to hear your contrasting opinion. got ahold of the episodes so will start it soon to make my own call, hopefully ^^

  9. nanu said

    When I feel much better after doing something other than sitting or laying down all day, that’s when I know I was
    overdue for a workout. A big fault of mine me is necessarily making exercise a regular routine, too. I tend to walk/jog with music, to get the heart going again. Am getting more concerned about diet, mostly by reducing junk food in.

    I’m finding that the anime I like most manages to have sentimental moments that would help me along my journey for wherever I am.
    To that end, Spicy Wolf 2 and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 were great. Also, yet another plug for Bakemonogatari. I guess I’m a Shinbo fan since he does not fail to tickle the otaku senses ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i hate worrying about diet because i love food ^^; but after eating out with coworkers for a long time i found i really had to do something in that department else maintain quite a rigorous workout schedule ^^;

      sounds like our motives are somewhat similar… maybe? “good” anime “moves” me in some way usually… whether through comedy, moe moments, tear jerking sadness or what have you it’s more of a gut reaction rather than an in depth analysis.

  10. phossil said

    I think I should do the same thing: watch anime while I work out.

  11. Blowfish said

    Definately check out Bakemonogatari.It was the best Anime of the last season.
    I did like Tokyo Magnitude aswell with its rather slow pace and its focus on the characters growth instead of the usual disaster movie theme.

    Thanks for mentioning the series!I adore School Rumble and Im glad to check out more of Kobayashis Work.I hope he gives us a decent ending this time though.

    So how are you excercising? Spinning or something similar? Cant think of too many ways to excersise while watching anime

    • meronpan said

      just started! though now i remember why i usually don’t solicit opinions… every episode i catch myself thinking, “hmm, was that really *thaat* good?” ^^;;; nevertheless enjoying it a lot. and it’s good listening practice ‘cuz there’s so much dialog! i’m gonna have to rewatch to pick up what i missed the first time around…

      the first season of natsu no arashi wrapped up rather nicely imo so i’m curious where they’re gonna go with season 2…

      i think i have a rather unique workout… i do jumping jacks in my room ^^; since it’s constant jumping i figure it’s on par with a light/medium jog, but not as vigorous as jump rope. no equipment required and nobody living below me so it’s been working out rather nicely. ^^

  12. Tokyo magnitude? I watch it (only) for one season. I like reality one. May be it’ll entertain you with a ton of panic screams ^^

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