Saber Lily ~全て遠き理想郷~ Distant Avalon

Posted by meronpan on October 4, 2009


Well, she’s finally here.  If I remember there was quite a fuss when she was announced and for good reason.  Great pose, great costume, great character ^^  Personally very pleased how she turned out, didn’t really spot any flaws to complain about.  Update: figure.fm version of the review is up (fewer pics, but they are displayed at 900 pixel width in the post.  Though if you want high rez, I have included 1920×1280 versions of a handful of the pics in this review post (mostly the wallpaper-ish pics))


Those indentations on the box worried me at first ‘cuz I thought the packaging had been damaged during transit (box was wrapped with tissue paper so I couldn’t see it was intentional) ^^;


I know it’s for the protection of the figure but I hate those wire ties -_-   These ones gave me more trouble than  usual for some reason -_-


Absolutely love the pose.  In general I prefer action poses so this was an easy choice over alter’s version.


Clear plastic peg supports the scabbard though there’s an alternate hand without it if you prefer.


Of the few sabers I own, she easily has the best face too.


You’ll have to humor me, I got carried away with the macro and depth of field with only her eye in focus ^^;



Very nice determined expression without resorting to the open mouth scream (not that i have anything against that expression)


I’m still embarrassed to not have started on any of the fate/stay night stuff yet… so i have no idea what the names are for any of the weapons or anything ^^;;;


One of the swords actually fits in the scabbard but I couldn’t really figure out of what use that would use that would be.


Like how the above shot turned out ^^


sexay battle outfit


personally prefer the metallic looking armor to the white colored alter version.


Was displeased to find a blemish on saber’s breastplate when I got her out the packaging… luckily it was just a glue residue or something.  It came off after a few minutes of rubbing with some water & tissue.


Not trying to put down the alter version here (^^;) but another reason I went with GSC was the nice base.  Yet another rare case where it actually added something positive ^^



Another view of the scabbard & supporting peg:


Make sure the peg is clear!  (One of the ways to spot a fake)


Still haven’t decided which sword to display her with





Hair looked a bit on the plastic side in some shots I saw but luckily i think she’s fine in person.


Nother shot from above


I think my favorite shot from the session:


Now if only I could’ve done it without the peg visible ^^;

The sabers in my collection (well, except that i forgot to include figma saber orz):


meronpan’s preferences:

Best Face: gsc
Best Armor: gift
Best Base: gsc
Best Maid: alter
Best Pose: gsc

For some reason I didn’t really mind the face on alter’s maid version until getting my hands on lily.  Still love the detailed outfit a ton though so no regrets and happily have the new version on order ^^

A solid purchase for saber fans!  And a treat for action pose loving lily fans ^^  From her ahoge to base, love the execution!

  • Was foo-bar-baz on a break or something?  At any rate he’s back to reviewing and has his usual excellent review up.  5 stars, no argument there ^^
  • icie also has a very nice review up
  • Update: tier’s review is up!  columns!
  • Update: check out kodomut‘s review!

Not sure I saw any other reviews in my blogroll… speaking of which I need to go through and clean up sometime ^^;



58 Responses to “Saber Lily ~全て遠き理想郷~ Distant Avalon”

  1. yamada said

    Whoa.. she’s really really gorgeous. Hope she won’t sold out fast.

  2. Leonia said

    She is really amazing, gorgeous and beautiful. Anf your review is really great (you picture are so niceeee!!). Congratulation for this purchase, and thanks you for this sharing ^^

  3. Guy said

    WANTZ. Heh.

    Contacted my comics people to find out if they can get her for me for a sane price. Up to $130 and I’m getting her.

  4. Ninjovee said

    Awesome review! I ordered both GSC and Alter Saber Lily but I might cancel on GSC Saber Lily because of money shortage ;A;
    Seeing the review makes me all the more reluctant OTL

  5. punynari said

    Saw her in person but somehow passed on her. Was so preoccupied with finding a few of the figures I missed on my last underway, that I pretty much ignored her. Watch me come to regret that if we really are gone for 3 months….again… ^^;

    Nice review, as you say, this figure is really hyped and for good reason. Agree with her face being the best part. But I think I actually prefer the armor on this one to the Gift version, not so shiny.

    • meronpan said

      uguuu i hate missing out on figures ^^; at least you have a chance of finding her tucked away in a shop 3 months later. overseas i feel like once she’s sold out your only option is ebay orz

      if i had my way the armor would be even shinier ^^;; i love the polished chrome look ^^;

  6. sonic_ver2 said

    Hmm… very great photos! This Saber Lily is probably the best Saber ever released. I like it, but as a non Saber fans, i’ll have to pass it. Although i admit that Saber Lily has a totally better outfit than the normal Saber, i like the white color.

    Anyway, how’s the Alter version? Did you also order it?

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      alas i didn’t order the alter version. cutting back my budget so there was no way i could get both ^^; since i like action poses, even as an alter fan boy i had to go gsc ^^;

  7. Thanks! Saberlily03 is my wallpaper now, looks so good that I don’t have to buy her lol!

  8. Ah, it’s such a beautiful figure. Maybe I should have gotten her >_< I already have the Gift Saber but I really love the pose and face in GSC's version. The base is really something too. Looks much nicer than most figure bases.
    Only thing I don't like is the way the scabbard is supported. I guess it was too heavy for her to actually hold?
    Great pics btw ^^

    • meronpan said

      thnx ^^

      out of my whole collection i think it’s like 5 or less that have interesting bases ^^;; this one definitely separates itself from the pack ^^

      icie mentions in his review something about saber summoning the scabbard so perhaps it was more to mimic a pose or action from the source material? again i’m completely ignorant of all fate/stay night stuff so i don’t really know myself. the scabbard is pretty light so i don’t think it was a weight issue.

  9. super rats said

    It gets my vote as the best Saber…and this makes my 9th or 10th Saber. I don’t know, I’ve kind of lost count. ^^;

  10. MY LADY! I can’t wait for this Saber,I’m in love with the design of Saber Lily in general and I really think this figure does it great justice! I have my Gift Saber but I’m hesitating to open it, the armor is BEAUTIFUL! But that head…not so much so…debating re-selling or not. I shouldn’t have bought a figure I was unsure of because I continue to be torn over it! I love the Alter Maid, I just put in my money with Tokyo Hunter to get her 2nd version! I agree the GSC Saber Maid doesn’t hold a candle to the Alter version (I once owned both and decided to get rid of the GSC version).

    • meronpan said

      i really really love the gift saber armor so she’s definitely a keeper for me ^^

      detail on the alter maid outfits is just exquisite, no hesitation ordering the upcoming one ^^

  11. meh, mine is in transit but I am starting to wonder if I really want her. I’ve had her on preorder for ages and actually forgot that she was on my list until a friendly shipping notice came from HLJ!!!
    Besides, Lily is a scam!! I can’t believe in unlimted codes, she’s nothing more than an alternative costume for saber, given how much hype they put into her. and yes, I know I’m in the vast minority when I say stuff I’m not impressed by her…

    As it is, October is proving to be very very costly, and it’s only just begun!!

    • Guy said

      If we can neogitate a good price/shipping, I might be able to help you ;)

    • meronpan said

      it is rather disappointing that there was nothing more to the alternate costume. did seem like they’d throw something together with all that hype ^^;

      if you’re unimpressed i’d save some money! nothing wrong with having different tastes ^^ i’m anticipating a delay of nanoha by alter so hopefully that’ll free up some money this month ^^;

  12. I really like how she’s wearing her hair. I wish we could have seen more of that in Fate/Stay Night.

  13. […] reviews are available at foo-bar-baz and WAWAWA wasuremono. For such a popular figure, I haven’t seen a lot of reviews of her. Maybe I don’t follow enough […]

  14. Shiddo said

    Haha had exactly same troubles ^^ First the box. I was shocked how deformed it is! Until I realized its on purpose ^^;
    And those wires… how the hell those ppl managed to tie those like that -_- In the end I took scissors ^^
    I am little disapointed bout the base, it looks cheaper and not so realistic as on promo shots. I can feel its plastic. Still one of best out there.
    Other then that gorgeous figure and I am happy I ordered her in the end ^^

    @meronpan Nice shots and review ^^ Are you going for Saber Alter Maid? ^^

    • meronpan said


      yeap, got the new alter saber maid on order ^^ went with goody japan… hopefully the order will proceed ok… and shoulda checked on tokyo hunter’s pricing…

  15. Blowfish said

    How come everyones getting their Saber Lilies and HLJ hasnt send me my EMS package since mid-last week :(

    Gorgeous Saber but I guess we all knew that shes among th definitive Sabers to get.I actually prefer the pose of the other GSC Saber thats going to be released some time though.Shes in her regular outfit and it has more of a brutish feel with her swinging her sword viciously.
    Im tempted to get that one but that would make my 5th Saber ( counting my 2 Revoltech Sabers)

    • Shiddo said

      HLJ has some dealy on her. More ppl on Tsuki Board were discussing this. They even had message that they will stock her on 15th Oct. But its gone alrdy and she was shipped to some ppl.
      I am sure you will get her soon ^^

    • meronpan said

      hopefully yours will ship soon!

      i totally forgot about that other gsc saber! guess i’ll be adding yet another saber to the collection ^^;; 5 sounds like a good number to me :P

  16. samejima said

    I regret that I canceled my preorder but whatever.

  17. Q said

    Congrats on getting Saber Lily! It looks like that you got her relatively quick; just within a week of the release date!

    Despite having delayed twice, she sure doesn’t disappoint her fans – it’s just as good as the prototype, if not better!

    I’m a little surprised that you actually haven’t started watching F/SN yet, but that’s not a big thing and just take your time there ^^

    The shiny metallic plating with the silky white of the clothes, the flowing and dynamic ponytail, the determined eyes, and the marble-like base! This is definitely one of the candidates for the figure of the year!

    • meronpan said

      one of the perks of wasting all my money by ordering from hobby search ^^; they’re pretty dang good about shipping soon after release so that combined with ems == quick arrival at my door ^^

      i woulda started watching f/sn a long time ago, but for the (in my mind) super iconic/epic series… i like to start with source material… and that means busting out my ps2 to play the game. for some reason i’m really lazy about doing that orz

      definitely is a beauty ^^ great time to be collecting figures… they just keep getting better and better ^^

  18. phossil said

    Many of my friends have Saber Lily and definitely its a great figure.
    Very beautiful and with high quality. No doubt the artist put a lot of effort modeling this Saber amazing figure.

  19. Smithy said

    She looks so beautiful! Lovely photoshoot of her.

    Can’t wait to get her and unwrap her to fawn all over every detail. Can’t believe I almost canceled my pre-order at some point. >_< Very glad I didn't though. ^^

    Was actually talking to Blowfish yesterday how both our Saber Lily's hadn't shipped out yet, but I got a message today from HLJ that it was sent out. Hopefully his is on her way to him too. ^^

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      glad to hear yours is on her way. it’s funny i do most of my fawning during the photoshoot nowadays ^^; i guess it’s just hard to match the up close inspection an image on a 24″ monitor affords ^^;

  20. Saber’s beauty and elegant, no doubt. Lily form in white/light-yellow theme, very feminine (coz she’s blondy too). And yeah, sounds ecchi but my focus is attracted by pantsu shot and the base. The base! black-white floor plus cracks, combine it with her serious face, great! >_<

    • meronpan said

      yes the base! as i mentioned it’s rare to have a non-boring base… and to have one so nicely pulled off… excellent!

      if brs’ base is as good as i remember, that should be a huge winner also ^^ ‘course then again when i saw it they had it all rigged up with huge chains in basically an elaborate diorama… ^^;

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  22. Wow you had yours already for a long time,eh? I got mine yesterday and quickly took shots of it. Wasn’t even for a review, but just a lot of fun shots ^_^

    Oh and thanks for the link on how to spot a fake. Perhaps that is why they were delayed, to make it different. Sucks that the bootleggers got them quick…

    LOL you also noticed the “dents” on the box too. That got me too XD

    • meronpan said

      hobby search + ems shipping normally means i get figures pretty promptly after release ^^

      no prob for the link, just a small effort to combat bootleggers ^^;

      wouldn’t have thought much about the box dents but in this case i was really freaking out ‘cuz it felt like the box had really been beaten up ^^;;

  23. Mine should arrive soon, Saber Lily is definitely one of the most anticipated PVC for me this year, and it’s the very reason why I even stumbled upon Dannychoo.com, and the mega spending that followed it. I can almost say that Saber Lily has opened the floodgate to everything.

    I broke down last night and ordered a set of light umbrella, hopefully it will provide sufficient lighting environment for better photographs in the future. I have a few items lined up waiting to be photographed but I am hoping to wait until the umbrellas arrive.

    • meronpan said

      hahah wow, didn’t know she was so significant for ya ^^;

      oo and light umbrellas? hope that works out for ya! if they’re anything like mine, i think you’ll be pleased with the beautiful diffuse light ^^

  24. Tommy said

    Nice review and photos. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. ;__;

    I think the plastic peg looks awkward when you look at the figure from the side. Other than that, the figure looks amazing and I’m just glad that she’s finally on her way. I love the garter belt + white thigh highs, would’ve been a bonus if she had laced pantsu.

    And well said, Alter makes really crappy bases even though they make kick ass figures. But they should pay more attention to the base. Which service did you use to order your Alter Saber Alter maid?

    • meronpan said

      hopefully she’ll arrive soon!

      you’re right from the side the peg does stand out pretty bad. i actually left saber in her scabbard-less configuration after taking that last shot (mostly due to laziness ^^;)… kinda like the clean look with just her gauntlet.

      the worst part about alter crap bases is that they *can* make nice ones. love the senhime base withh the snakes. alas it’s definitely the exception rather than the norm

      i ordered the new saber maid at the hobby japan online shop using goody japan. for reference she ended up being 10200 yen before international shipping… so basically a 2200 yen (27.5%) markup.

      • Tommy said

        Ah, okay. Thanks. I was planning to use Goody Japan as well, just didn’t know if they can get it.

        And yes, it sucks knowing that Alter can make really nice bases, but they just opt not to make them for their figures. Yoko is another one with a nice looking dioramic base.

  25. […] of her another time, but you can catch good reviews of Good Smile Company’s Saber Lily from meronpan, lightningsabre and […]

  26. Optic said

    Got ur vote as the figure of the year?
    Maybe I will ask the same question again when u have Alter Fate in ur hands. lol

    I had many (and I mean many) chances to grab her but I had to give thought in the long term if I was really satisfied with my purchase or not. Sure I have never played the game but that has never stopped me in getting figures of characters I don’t know of.

    Awesome shoot. If I ever do pick her up in the future can I blame u? :P

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      releases just keep getting better and better… lily has a lot to compete with but i think she deserves to be in the top tier of my collection ^^

      feel free to blame away, she’s worth it! :P

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  28. […] meronpan […]

  29. Break said

    if your still interested in the weapons name: the more decorated sword is caliburn, the original of excalibur; the sword she used when she was still alive. she doesnt really use that sword in F/Sn, except for one scene where shirou copied it using his magic. the less decorated sword taht firts onto the scabbard is excalibur; it should be obvious what it is^^
    the scabbard is avalon, and accordign to the legend it stops your aging and heals your wounds. it has the power to make her invincible for soem time i guess, though im unclear abotu the timelimit. prolly just as long until her magical energy runs out. anyways yeah thats pretty much it baotu those weapons.

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