Camera Lewt

Posted by meronpan on October 8, 2009


As mentioned yesterday, camera lewt arrived today!  A buncha stuff I’ve been needing – B+W 58mm mc clear filter, a giottos rocket air blaster, 70W 5500K fluorescent bulb, and to top it off, a new tripod!

Went with a Manfrotto 190XPROB & 322RC2 grip action ball head.

Some of the major improvements over my old tripod:

  • Supports 11lbs (both legs & head)!  I’d be surprised if my old one was rated for more than 2 or 3 -_-
  • Minimum height of 8.5cm!
  • Super easy to adjust!  Simply squeeze the grip, adjust, and release.  No more screwing and unscrewing to get the shot I want.

Cost quite a pretty penny but I’m (dangerously) acclimated to the high cost of photography gear ^^;


Went with the 190XPROB over the 190XB and 190XDB to get the repositionable center column – basically you can flip it horizontal to get extremely low or do overhead shots, etc.  Figured if I was going to drop over $100 on a tripod I might as well get one with all the features I wanted.


The grip ball head is really amazing.  Adjustments are now a few seconds rather than 10 or more.


IMG_7373What I upgraded from:

old tripod-1

As for the other stuff… figured I’d get a higher quality UV filter (if you’re not familiar, this type of filter doesn’t actually change the image, but rather acts as protective glass).  Reading around seemed like B+W and Hoya were the best ones, went with B+W.  Next up is a circular polarizer but those cost like $100 ;_;


Air blaster is pretty self explanatory… cheaper than buying canned air to clean my lenses ^^;  As a bonus, should double as a figure duster ^^

air blower, filter

And finally, why would I buy a 70W 5500K fluorescent bulb?


mufufufufu, why that’s a backup for my new softbox ^___^  … … which won’t ship for another week or two.  Was on back order ;_;  I can wait though… it was only $40!  Doesn’t come with a light stand, but given that the bulb costs half that much, still pretty nice ^^

Comparison to my current bulbs:

old light-1

I think everything should be here by the time fate arrives…  Can you tell my interest in photography has been steadily increasing? ^^;;

bleh, was gonna take some figure pictures but I’ve run out of time.  Early meeting tomorrow.

Update: some pics of low height mode of the tripod for wolfheinrich:

low tripod




18 Responses to “Camera Lewt”

  1. Tommy said

    Nice stuff. Really looking forward to your upcoming photos. Fate got delayed again, November release now.

    • meronpan said

      alas, the biggest difference will mostly likely just be the fact that i can once again take pics in portrait orientation ^^;

      fate delay might actually work in my favor in terms of giving my equipment more time to arrive ^^; still woulda preferred just 1 delay thou

  2. Sweet tripod. I need to get myself something like that since I currently use a flimsy tripod that looks similar to your old one >_<
    A softbox? Looking forward to seeing how you're going to use that ^^.
    I'm not sure how well those air blasters work, but I bought a Lenspen a few months ago and it works amazingly well. Might want to check them out. You can find off-brand pens cheap on Ebay and elsewhere.

    I've been upgrading some of my own equipment as well ;) Need to post some info about it soon.

    • meronpan said

      new tripod just feels rock solid compared to the old one. feel much more at ease putting my camera on it ^^;

      i’m sure i’ll end up with a lenspen someday – also saw a recommendation for them at a few review sites i frequent. for now thou i’m still squeamish about actually making contact with my lenses ^^; luckily i keep ’em out of the dust whenever i’m not shooting so i haven’t had bad crap to clean off yet ^^;;

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Nice tripod, that’s a pretty wicked strong tripod. Mine’s too weak and easily shaken…

    Anyway, why do you keep using continuous light? I guess getting wireless flash system is better, especially if you have some money to buy 2 Canon SpeedLite 580EXII.

    You know, by getting those 2 flashes, you can avoid the usage of tripod and freely grab your camera and get some good angled photos.

    • meronpan said

      indeed very solid ^^ got to actually play with one in a store before i ordered it online and just remember thinking, dang, my current one is just a toy ^^;

      there’s a few reasons i haven’t gone flash yet… (and just to clarify these are just my personal reasons for not going flash right now… in general i have nothing against flash)

      1. cost – a single 580EXII costs like $400, right? Including this softbox I will have spent only 1/3 of that.
      1a. opportunity cost – with that cost in mind, I’m more interested in getting a 50mm f/1.4 lens first ^^;
      2. harder to visualize – with continuous light you can see immediately what your subject looks like.
      3. ambient light – i shoot at night with my room lights off to prevent mixing different temperature light. if i go flash that would mean i’d be in a pitch black room ^^; alternately i’d keep my room light on but have to gel to correct temperature, which leads to…
      4. complicated – i’m sure once i got up to speed it’d be just as easy, but at the moment, flash photography is just another learning curve i’m not exactly itching to get started on ^^; i’ve read through quite a bit of those articles on strobist.blogspot.com and it’s pretty overwhelming.

      Finally about the tripod… I prefer shooting on the tripod to eliminate shake completely. Even shooting outdoors freehand at 1/400 or 1/600 i’ve noticed many pics not as sharp as on a good ‘ol tripod (specially at macro distances)… and i’m rather obsessive about getting things as clear as i can ^^; Part of this may be because my macro lens doesn’t have IS (like the fancy new L version they just announced :P) but that’s not a cheap problem to solve either ^^;

      To be honest though… in the end it’s really the cost barrier that hits me the most. If you were to throw a nice speedlite in my lap i’d forget the other reasons in an instant :P

  4. phossil said

    My tripod is a very standard one, no head ball. Anyway I dont use it too much (I think I will need to, lol)

  5. Tier said

    Cool stuff! My only camera accessory so far is a $30 tripod I got from Best Buy. It does the job but I can’t help but feel that I’m going to break it just through normal use. I’d like to get more into the hobby but all my money’s going into figures and video games now.

    • meronpan said

      definitely scaled back my figure purchases to account for the photo stuff… so freaking expensive ;_; alas, that’s what i get for picking up a new hobby ^^;

  6. Nice tripod, but I decided to get the light umbrella first. I am getting very frustrated with the poor indoor light quality from my current setup. I need to shoot my dollfie photo at ground level, how much room does the tripod need to get all the way down to 8.5 cm tall?

    • meronpan said

      same order i went for improvements. lights came far before a nice tripod ^^

      added some pics to the post – kinda hard to see but basically it looks like it takes quite a bit of space – probably a 35″ square. on the other hand i’m still amazed how low it gets ^^

  7. Smithy said

    Oh my that’s some sweet Manfrotto gear there. ^^

    Back when I got my Canon 450D I just went for a basic tripod, the Sherpa 750 which although being a decent enough tripod, the limitations of it are similar to what you experienced with yours. Adjusting it takes a while and it’s not up to par with the likes of Manfrotto gear.

    As far as tripods and ball heads are concerned, alas even for starting amateur photographers or people just looking to do some nice shooting with their DSLR’s, investing in more expensive gear like Manfrotto does pay off. Sure it’s sometimes significantly more expensive, but as soon as you start working with both, you understand why.

    • meronpan said

      definitely a nice upgrade ^^ very glad i started with a cheaper one though. otherwise i wouldn’t have known what i wanted in the new one.

      agree with the price being worth it. quality of the equipment is just levels above the cheap stuff. once you start putting close to a thousand dollars (or easily thousands if you have the cash to burn) on your tripod, it’s easy to justify some nicer stuff ^^

  8. IMG_7378 <– WOW! Excellent setup for shooting high angle oppai photos!

    Aaa.. dang, no teaser figyua photo?

    • meronpan said

      indeed ^^

      alas as i said, ran out of time ‘cuz i needed to get to bed.

      actually took some trial pics yesterday, but stupidly didn’t realize i was at iso 800 ’till i downloaded them orz

      I was using my new light (double the watts of the old one) so i was tricked into thinking my increased shutter speed was due to that. oh well. resized they might be postable…

  9. Blowfish said

    Oh thats so beautiful!
    Youre old tripod looks suspiciously like my lousy tripod XD

    Its great to see that youre spending your money on some nice gear.I still hope to save up for a DSLR but thats gotta wait until Im back in Job ^^;;

    • meronpan said

      well, as long as the tripod gets you the steady shots you want, the cheaper the better ^^ it’s a dangerous purchasing cycle … the dslr scene ^^; you buy an expensive camera so you’re like, oh, well, this deserves some expensive glass! which leads to, oh, this deserves an expensive tripod! and expensive filters! and expensive everything! ^^;;;; but yeah, it’s fun ^^

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