東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom ~ Normal 1cc!

Posted by meronpan on October 10, 2009

Figures after I put up my whine post I go and 1cc pcb a few days later ^^;;

You may have noticed I added another top level page – 東方プロジェクト (touhou project).  It’s just a list of all the “regular” touhou games and my progress through each.  By regular, I just mean the touhou games that got an integer number, i.e. th6, th7, etc. through th12 but not including th7.5, 9.5 etc.  (though I am curious why potfv was given a regular integer number since it’s not much like the games before or after it).  Once I get my hands on the other games, I’ll add ’em to the list.

Kinda sucks that my run was ~32 minutes long.  Didn’t divide up into youtubable chunks nicely at all.  Ended up with stages 1 & 2 in the first vid, then each stage after that having to go to a separate segment.

Been practicing stages 4, 5 and 6 almost daily, yet I put out one of my worst performances on each -_-

My yuyuko fight was particularly bad, where i fail to capture a single card.  (for non-touhou’ers, the ‘cards’ are the special attacks that follow when you see the character portrait appear on the screen.  to ‘capture’ you must survive without dying or bombing)

Think I’m going to try and repeat the miracle with a regular 3 life clear then move on to IN.  My extra stage queue is building but I get brutalized so bad I think I’m gonna wait for the IN extra (IN features a spell card practice mode) before making a serious attempt.

Relieved to get this one under my belt!  2 down, 5 to go!



6 Responses to “東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom ~ Normal 1cc!”

  1. nanu said

    Hardcore. Your improvement is crazy. I was a fan of the music before the games so have tended to stick with that, or easy mode. Maybe I should play more and try to survive rather than revel in the sea of bullets just to graze and gaze XD

  2. punynari said

    Wow! That was quick! Congratulations!

    I fired up PCB for the first time in over a year and played through it once. Basically, I didn’t have any trouble at all until stage 4-6. The 3 sisters massacre me and I’m going to have to practice their fight till I get the hang of it.

    I noticed that the stage 4 sister battle was different between Reimu A and Sakuya A. I can’t view youtube on military computers unfortunately. Which character did you 1cc normal with for the first time if you don’t mind me asking?

    • meronpan said

      doumo! ^^

      sisters were roughing me up for awhile too… not sure i’m much better at them now but if nothing else i feel more at ease (which i think helps when i play ^^;) at any rate, to answer your question i went with reimuB.

      as far as i can tell, your character choice influences the sister you fight in the beginning, but during the first card where they team up, who you attack determines the sister you fight for the next card. i’ve been practicing against lunasa so i always make sure to attack her to get her card.

  3. Q said

    Speaking of Touhou, apparently figma will have Reimu released in January :o Interested?


    On the other hand, it appears that Griffon Enterprises’ new action figure series Figutto will also have a Touhou line as well. It looks like that Touhou merchandises are getting more and more readily available and commercialised :o

    • meronpan said

      i have the most terrible luck with figma parts ;_; I think 3 of my 5 have broken hands now? orz And two of those broke off without any thing to pull the ball joint out so i can’t even use the other hands. as such laying off the figmas for a while… ^^;;

      might give griffon’s line a try though in general i’m gravitating mostly towards scaled figures at this point ^^;

      nevertheless, excited to see the attention touhou’s been getting lately ^^

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