Posted by meronpan on October 15, 2009

Would be a waste to not put the new tripod to waste, darou?  Took some test shots with nyx now that i can finally do portrait orientated shots again.  Makes a big difference when shooting with a 100mm lens with a 1.6 crop factor ^^;  Unfortunately…  I totally forgot to check my ISO!!!  So used to having it  stuck at 100 for my reviews I forgot I had shot some non-figure stuff and it was at 800 ;_;

One last thing before we get to the mini-“review”… oppai warning!

nyx04 (2)

Resized you can’t notice the noise as much but still not the sharpness I aim for ;_;


Also I can’t enjoy the pics at wallpaper resolution -_-  Ah well.  Must remember to switch it up next time.

nyx02 (2)

Chose nyx for these shots ‘cuz I discovered a spider had left it’s mark on her!  ;_;  washed off a couple bits of web and ended up giving her a thorough cleaning so the time was ripe for pics

nyx03 (2)

Do not plan on switching her back and forth between clothes and no clothes.  I’ve had her outfit on for the past… oh say 10 months or so?  The results:

nyx05 (2)

oshiri too ;_;

nyx06 (2)

For my display purposes it doesn’t matter I guess since her outfit covers it, but still annoying.  Drop of water on her shoulder from her bath, not related to damage or age :P


Kinduva a rushed set of pics and my first time out with the new tripod so framing wasn’t quiiite what I was aiming for on some shots.

nyx01 (2)

out of focus oppai

nyx07 (2)

If you were wondering what I was complaining about in the beginning in regards to image quality… here’s a 100% crop of nanoha with this iso 800:


(errr dang, resized to 550 due to my theme ^^;;) you can see the pixelation, especially in the shadow caused by her bangs.


100% crop from a saber pic.  Much more smooth.

Final random shots.

I was actually able to manage a full body shot of nanoha with a portrait orientation! ^^ (with my 100mm ^^;)


Nice to have the full range of angle available again ^^


Hmm, I guess since this is technically my nyx review I should throw in a few more comments about her ^^;

Nyx was released… almost 2 years ago now?  ^^;  As far as her details and pose go, nothing jaw dropping… I’d say she’s pretty average… But I really liked her character design so that’s what really got me in the end ^^;  Long hair, quite a nice outfit, oppai, what else could you ask for? :P  Tentacle thing is a little weird but oh well.

Reviews posted long ago await you if you need more pics.  Post necromancy engaged!



28 Responses to “ちょっとNyx”

  1. Kuujiryo said

    Actually, it looks like someone’s been biting her in certain places :3 It might be annoying… but being red, the marks look natural.

  2. Shiddo said

    She gets “”””bullied”””” ^^;;; by her demon staff all the time in the anime ^^; You can say those marks are from that ^^ It rly looks like bruises ^^ You have very original Nyx ^^

    • meronpan said

      ho man, have seen some screenshots of her in the anime… looks like they didn’t pull any punches short of releasing an eroanime ^^; suppose that could definitely account for her injuries

  3. Nyx is a gorgeous figure, but was surprisingly difficult to shoot. I did sample her for my lighting but she turned out bad, never posted that up. Nanoha looks much more photogenic there.

    • meronpan said

      similar feelings on shooting her. had taken random shots here and there for various reasons and never really liked them. this set might’ve turned out better had i taken more time with it (was mostly just experimenting with the tripod) and set the iso right ;_;

      nice to have some nanoha shots without orange skin ^^;; not sure what the heck was up with my eyes/monitor that caused me to think my review shots looked normal…

  4. Leonia said

    I prefer Nanoha, because Nyx is too much sexy for me ^^ But thanks for this presentation ^^ Yours pictures are beautiful as always ^^

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Canon cameras are known to have low noise on high ISO, that’s the best part of Canon. But yeah, in some pics, noise were pretty much noticeable, especially in the dark parts.

    If you use RAW image, you could easily clean up noise with the help of DPP RAW image noise removal tools.

    • meronpan said

      actually i did already process these through dpp… decided the chroma noise reduction looked best and didn’t want to spend the time to figure the optimal lumina + chroma noise reduction settings ^^;

  6. yamada said

    Somehow my attention went to Nanoha ^^;

  7. Blowfish said

    Youre Review comes right in time since she appeared a few weeks ago in the anime ^^
    Its kinda shocking to see all those marks on your Nyx.Ive got her from the sale like you did and she didnt have any “bruises” at all.

    I hate it when I forgot to change my cameras setting back to figure photography.Its especially annoying of you notice after the shoot and you already tidied up

    • meronpan said

      dumb luck on my part ^^; mine didn’t have any marks either at first… just being on display was enough to cause the transfer over the months… i think i’ve only switched her out of her outfit 2 or 3 times but maybe it was the previous switch? guess i’ll never know.

      glad i didn’t do a full on review ^^;; those usually take an hour or lately, more like two. woulda been a lotta shots degraded

  8. So it really wasn’t just me!!! I did my Nyx review a couple of weeks ago and one of my buggy moments was the paint transfer as well!!
    I had other issues with her but I still love the design. Nevertheless, I’m really wary of Megahouse figures now. Haven’t had a decent look at my Sheryl Nome to see what kind of problems she has…

    • meronpan said

      misery loves company ^^;

      for some reason i felt like out of all the megahouse qb releases i have, nyx was the least well executed. so in that light i think i attributed the flaws as more of a fluke rather than a strike against the company. at any rate i’m sure i’ll be forced to turn to them for some sort of macross f figure soon ^^;

  9. phossil said

    nyx is extremely …. big.
    I like Nanoha all the way. :)

  10. New tripod is great! My lighting kit has arrived but one of the daylight bulb was dead on arrival so I am waiting for a replacement, submitted a RMA and the shop just send out a new bulb without question. I have some figures lined up for some shooting.

  11. Tommy said

    Looks like the new tripod is doing its magic. I’m just lucky that I haven’t had any spider trouble with my figures yet, it would be a pain in the ass if it leaves its mark on multiple figures.

  12. Smithy said

    Nanoha’s oppai are more my style. Love that bikini figure of her but it’s just too big irl, 1/4 scale is too much.

    • meronpan said

      it definitely is hard to put her on display without looking out of place ^^;; the haruhi & ryouko bunnies blend in much better since they’re not standing ^^;

  13. I don’t like the shape of these oppai on Nyx, they look oddly distorted. The Nanoha ones are <3 though :D.

  14. Tier said

    I’m still regretting passing on this figure. I’m also not liking how Nyx is getting beaten up in the anime. I’m hoping that Megahouse makes another figure of her and one of Irma too, since she gets about the least love of any of the Queen’s Blade characters.

    • meronpan said

      doh you missed her? she was even on sale @ hlj for 2500 yen (that’s when i got her). errr sorry, that probably doesn’t make you feel any better ^^;;;

      too bad about irma… could’ve used less cattleya and more irma ^^;

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