bakemonogatari ~ 化物語

Posted by meronpan on October 20, 2009


Got quite a few recommendations for this one so I was surprised by dialog after dialog after dialog.  ‘course don’t get me wrong – having played my fair share of galge I’m not biased against that or anything.  Rather, was surprised that others weren’t ^^;  pantsu screenshot incoming, don’t say i didn’t warn you.


I suppose with an opening like this though… perhaps it’s not surprising people sat through all that dialogue? :P

pantsu and service aside, I really enjoyed the unique style of the show.  Kinda reminded me of shigofumi and natsu no arashi – not in content, but that both of those shows really captured a certain feel and ran with it.

You may know I’m a japanese language nut so the brief flashes of text on screens really caught my attention and added to my enjoyment –


Not sure if the translators are capturing this in their editorial notes or whatever (well, actually knowing their fanaticism I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already dissected everything in much more detail ^^;)… but here’s my simplistic take on things:

The above screen seems harmless enough.  Two characters and they even have a reading at the bottom.  However, you’ll notice that , in the screenshot isn’t the usual writing of black, is.  Also, the other character isn’t very common either – it’s not listed in my “compact” nelson japanese character dictionary (i put “compact” in quotes because it still has 3000 kanji ^^;;).  Finally looked it up for this post and it turns out that 齣 means paragraph or section.  It’s kind of hard to describe the feeling if you’re not familiar with characters, but seeing these non-standard ones evoked a unique sort of flavor for the show for me.

I’ve given up on translating the bottom part for now… more crazy characters that aren’t commonly used anymore make it hard to search ^^;

More word fun below:


Usually kanji aren’t used at all for その (sono == that, or in this case, part of “sono ichi” which is like, “part 1” or, “the first”).  Not toooo weird to use it, but then they go and bust out 壹 for one (ichi)!  One is usually written 一, sometimes you’ll see 壱 for some old school flavor… but this takes it to the next level ^^;  Turns out that this is the character sometimes used in Korean, and I’m sure it must be a Chinese character as well… not sure if the feeling they wished to evoke was ancient Japan, Korea, China… or just uniqueness ^^;;

And on the bottom, it says something like, “Font used: HGP Mincho B”.  What the heck?!   (oh and they used another weird character in place of 体 (tai) ^^;).


Soooo, just imagine that sort of internal conversation/puzzling going on every time they flash text on the screen… that’s what a large part of the viewing experience was for me ^^;

After geeking out on the language aspect, add in 戦場ヶ原 (senjyougahara)


feisty little mayoi-chan


tomboyish suruga


…who, i really thought was a guy all the times i saw the following ^^;


buruma nadeko


meganekko iinchou tsubasa


I liked the short vignette style of story telling with a greater arc coming to a close as the series ended.  Was like that in shigofumi too.  Characters come and go, but, when done well, their arc will leave a lasting impression on you.

Couldn’t get enuf of mayoi’s butchering of araragi’s name ^^



Speaking of mayoi kamimamida, there’s a huge craze of マイムマイム (mayim mayim) vids going around niconico in which she has no small part ^^

Think I’ve watched it at least 10 times ^^;

Oh yes, and top things off with an ED song by supercell!

Really grew on me throughout the series and now I’ve set it as my alarm clock song ^^;


Haven’t seen enough (other shows) yet to call it the anime of the year (or even of that season ^^;;) but it was definitely a solid watch for me.  Need to pick up the light novels now ^^


Without my visual novel exposure I’m not sure I would’ve enjoyed this the same way.  Since playing, long dialog and run of the mill everyday conversation have become part of my expectations ^^;

Have you watched it yet?  Favorite character?





35 Responses to “bakemonogatari ~ 化物語”

  1. yamada said

    lol Ararararagi-san they purposely say that in the anime.

  2. Shiddo said

    Glad you liked it ^^ This show with its unique style and characters is something one should not miss ^^
    Vote for Senjougahara ^^ Nadeko 2nd Mayoyi and Arararagi-san 3rd ^^

    • meronpan said

      i think i might’ve actually enjoyed mayoi’s arc the most. not to say that senjyougahara was generic (nor that i didn’t enjoy her stuff) but i felt like i had already experienced that sort of character before ^^; again, probably the visual novel effect ^^;

      • Shiddo said

        Ah when it comes to arcs I dunno… liked all. But Mayoyi was most funny ^^ Loved how they were fighting and then when they showed Senjougahras view after they discovered that *spoiler* ^^

  3. Q said

    AFAIK 黒 is not used in Chinese (non-existant?). Not sure why Japanese has two forms of it though.

    As for that “one”, it’s originally another form of Chinese numerals (called 大寫, compared to normal ones which are known as 小寫). Not commonly used except for one that I know which is for writing cheques as normal ones are easily modified for forgeries:


    As for zero, it’s 零 and 〇 respectively, but 零 is still used often for normal writings.

    (*Language overload*)

    • meronpan said

      well, the japanese don’t really use the form in the screenshot either. i believe it’s an archaic form or something.

      thanks for the number explanation for chinese. in japanese they also have 2 sets of numbers, the regular one the same as 小寫, but in the alternate one it’s 壱 for one – ah, and here’s an explanation i wish i had found last nite – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Numbering#Formal_numbers – looks like japanese used to have the (practically) same characters as the chinese numbers… then later changed things up to their current system – 壱弐参四五六七八九拾

  4. Panther said


    Where were you when we were all over Senjougahara Fascination?

  5. At least you’ve finished it. I still haven’t had a chance to watch it all >_<

    • meronpan said

      make sure when you get the time to watch you can dedicate your full attention… errr or maybe that’s just my problem since i have to concentrate hard to translate everything ^^;

  6. Blowfish said

    Out of all the girls I liked the tomboyish Suruga the most.
    I really enjoyed all the dialogue and text that flashed through the screen.Its nice to see a dialogue driven show from time to time that gets you to think about all those little things that happen :P

  7. You need to let me vote in more than one box. I can’t decide between tsubasa, senjougahara and nadeko :(.

  8. C.R. said

    Senjougahara. although this show has so much moe its crazy.that and office supplies,heh. yay, almost time for the net streamed episodes.^^;

  9. Smithy said

    Liked “Bakemonogatari” a lot too, a good series with an excellent combo of good animation with nice stylistic features, great characters and different story arcs.

    What I enjoyed the most I think though was the verbal banter and relationship chemistry between Senjougahara and Araragi. The seiyuu did a great job in bringing that to life too.
    Sure there was that Senjougahara fascination, as a character on her own she was nice and a welcome change form typical tsundere or moe but what brought her to life even more was the dynamic between her and Araragi.

    • meronpan said

      i also really enjoy it when shows offer great character interaction. or at least, amusing interations^^ maybe because it was easier to understand for me but i think my favorite was araragi & mayoi… but again, perhaps just that’s ‘cuz of all the ways she messes up his name ^^;;

      one of the reasons i loved hyakko so much was the character interaction – lots of the pairings cracked me up, specially torako + tsuki or kyouichirou sensei ^^

  10. My fave characters were a toss up between senjyougahara (Mostly for her off screen remarks) and iincho (cos it’s Horie Yui!!!)
    And I’ve heard that the novels are a bit of a slog to read and the author really REALLY loves his wordplay, as if the title wasn’t enough of a hint…
    I think some of the random screens were an attempt to mimic that.

    Really loved the ED song too, but I’ve been listening to Staple Staple (senjyougahara OP) a lot recently.

    • meronpan said

      i kept trying to get into tsubasa iincho but i’m strangely biased against braids & meganekko ^^;; i dunno why just not my thing ^^; horie yui’s voice kept me trying thou ^^

      sounds like i’d love the novels too then ^^ hopefully kinokuniya here has ’em… though there’s always lagging behind on the latest popular series -_-

      is it staple staple or staple stable? feel like i’ve seen both… anyhow, love how on all the nico nico vids half the comments are: [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[


      • well, if you try to look for it on the interweb, then it’s Staple Staple. but the song is actually Staple Stable according to the scans.
        I just got used to saying Staple Staple thanks in part to the engrish!!

  11. phossil said

    wait, isnt that the perfect pantsu people always talk about? (2nd pic). Lol

  12. Oh crap! I see the pantsu but have no free time for it. nooooo! Dx
    I wonder why always there is a pettan loli along with an oppai hot beauty (like Seto no hanayome).

    • meronpan said

      hopefully you’ll get some time soon ^^

      now that you mention it… not that i consider cattleya a hot beauty but she’s definitely oppai… and she appeared with ymir ^^; kaguya & suzuka… kan’u & rinrin, signum & vita, shinra & miyu, haruka & narika… i think you’re on to something ^^;

      a good way to satisfy fans of both i guess?

      • Yeah, even Sekirei has a loli =.=

        I noticed it after play some eroges (yes, it happened in eroge too!). I’m not a roricon so I always try to avoid loli char’s route. Unfortunately I got those route almost in all titles. The first time in Shuffle! got Primula while I was on Nerine’s fire. And again, “all” of those loli will come in one style, twintails!

        • Blowfish said

          LOL this reminds me alot of me XD
          When I played Shuffle I had the high suspicion that Id end up with Primula since she appeared that often but I was luckily able to get another one in the end.

          Anime isnt that much of an innovative medium as many think.Sure,in the beginning everythings pretty new and interesting until you realize that most stuff isnt that innovative and just based on common archetypes

          • meronpan said

            you too? hhahahaha i haven’t played shuffle, despite enjoying the couple chapters of the manga i read… i don’t know why it’s so hard for me to get thru my visual novel queue… grrr

            totally agree about anime and innovation. that’s partly why i don’t try to delve too deep in the analysis… so many shows are just some random combination of moe it feels more like the good ones are just the ones that got lucky ^^;

            i swear it’s just like:

            1. pick a random number between 2 and 5. That’s your number of female leads
            2. choose 2-3 moe traits and assign at random (long hair, twin tails, tsundere, yandere, fang, tomboy, loli, oppai, pettanko, meganekko, shy, outspoken, vulgar, squeamish…etc)
            2.5. choose a random talent for each girl
            3. flip a coin to see if there’s a male character. if so, pick a random number between -10 and 3. 0 and below = no other males, otherwise it’s the number of male characters.
            4. pick a setting. if school, pick a club.
            5. add a generic plot and you’re done!

            not that i’m complaining at all though :P i love all the generic shows ^^

        • meronpan said

          hahahah i’m surprised you ended up with the loli while trying to avoid that route ^^;;; or maybe you’re like me – you feel bad being mean to them which ends up pushing you towards the route ^^;;

          • Blowfish said

            I think you just found out how to succesfully create an Anime.
            Well be rich!
            Dont get me wrong I do watch LOTS of genertic shows aswell.^^

  13. Diablo6 said

    That scene when Suruga and Araragi saw Nadeko’s buruma; their facial expressions were priceless.

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