Touhou Chireiden ~ 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism

Posted by meronpan on October 31, 2009

1cc! … … on easy :P

I’m addicted to playing on easy now for the false sense of skill it provides ^^;;; On my first play through on easy (had been playing on normal up ’til now), got all the way up to utsuho’s 2nd to last card or so. Frustrated at being so close, played a few more times and this is the result ^^

As you can see on my progress page I’ve gotten all but UFO 1cc’d on easy… currently working on spell practice in IN to hopefully but a normal 1cc under my belt soon…

feito-chan is in the mail.  slightly apprehensive because of how her face looked in the pics i’ve seen but nevertheless, nanoha needs company :P




18 Responses to “Touhou Chireiden ~ 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism”

  1. Q said

    Fate is coming your way? That must be the GSC’s 1/4 Bikini one!

  2. Smithy said

    Not a real Touhou game fan myself, those games look so hectic and tough… >_<

  3. Wow I always try to get far away from the bullets but you didn’t. Is there any point for do that?

  4. Blowfish said

    I actually played a bit of Touhou8 a few days ago.Was my first experience and Easy is so far sufficent enough for me :P

    • meronpan said

      ooo imperishable night? ^^ that’s what i’m working on right now for a normal 1cc. it is kinda complicated compared to earlier games with the whole character changing thing when you focus (and the time points affecting how many continues you can use)… though once you get used to those things it’s not too bad (well, compared to other touhou games :P)

      • Blowfish said

        Ive actually beaten it yesterday on easy with 1 continue on my 6th or 7th try.
        I guess now its time to do it without continue and after that with only 3 lives right? ^^;;

        Well Impersihable Night was recommended to me as the aesiest Touhou game to start with.Out of curiosity are you playing with the keyboard or a gamepad?
        You seem to move alot in regular mode and to me that one feels too fast and undprecise to control.I stay in focused mode as soon as bullets get near me

        • Blowfish said

          Just finished it without using a continue Woohoo!

        • meronpan said

          ooo nice! and a 1cc to boot! congrats!

          IN does feel like the easiest touhou i’ve played so far though marisa & udonge are giving me a run for my money ^^;; and i thought i read that on the harder difficulties it’s not necessarily the easiest but it’ll be a while before i can tackle those anyway ^^;;

          i’m using the keyboard but i’m surprised you commented that i move a lot unfocused, feels the exact opposite to me ^^; in the early stages i might move around unfocused since there are fewer bullets, but i think like in stage 4 i was practically in focuse mode the whole time ^^;;

  5. Ah, Subterranian Animism. Been a while. I can 1cc stage 1 but I usually die once on stage 2, usually at the final boss. Stage 3 just suddenly pwns me…
    Then again, I do tend to play on normal…

    • meronpan said

      yeah on normal the furthest i’ve gotten without continues is stage 4. usually i also get destroyed by stage 3 ;_;

      i think that’s why it was fun to play on easy – “woo hoo! i’m winning!” ^^;;

      • That is true, but I’ve been weening off touhou for a while now. And recently, I’ve found an arcade in central London which has DeathSmiles!!! I’m so in love with that game!! £1 for 3 credits!! I can nearly finish the game with that!!!

        On another note, I saw this on the FG boards and thought of you for some reason…

        • meronpan said

          wow, never even heard of deathsmiles. i’m such a shmup noob still ^^; checked out the homepage thou, looks like good stuff ^^ and awesome you can get to it in an arcade

          man, those eyes on hoi hoi reimu are kinda freaky. sectoid like ^^; other than that, awesome ^^

  6. punynari said

    Ah, Touhou 11. Said by many to be the hardest Touhou game made so far.

    I love the music and the characters but this game is more unforgiving then most. The bombs just aren’t that powerful and seem to do little more then save you from a death. I play as Reimu B (with Suika). At least I think that’s the one. When you let go of all buttons, all items on the screen come to you. Her bomb kind of sucks though but the made up lives make up for it.

    The farthest I’ve gotten on Touhou 11 Normal without using a single continue is almost through stage 5. Orin (or Rin), is tougher then the last boss so I’m surprised that I almost beat her my first play through (on normal). Some more practice is needed. :p

    • meronpan said

      i’m hoping by the time i tackle chireiden for a serious normal 1cc attempt my skills will be sufficiently augmented. since i’m going in order i should have 3 more touhou’s under my belt ^^;

      i find myself going for the reimu with concentrated fire more often than not… guess i just like getting through the spell cards as fast as i possibly can ^^; the auto collection ability is really nice for me in the first two stages though – for some reason the added burden of picking up power items distracts me and makes for so many mistakes -_- luckily restarting isn’t bad on the first stage but it’s just frustrating when i’m so careless ^^;

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