Can’t Stop Playing Dragon Age

Posted by meronpan on November 9, 2009


Just a super quick post to say, hey sorry, meant to have that fate review up this weekend, but i can’t tear myself away from dragon age ^^;;;;  It’s been awhile since I’ve anticipated a game so much and then had my hopes exceeded.  Highly recommended for rpg fans looking for an epic story.

I’m playing a bloodthirsty, ruthless female dalish rogue (on the left, above).  It’s been a blast ^^


and here’s a better look at my character’s face (again she’s on the left)

Melian_221 copy

Ok, now to try and take some pics like I shoulda been doing instead of putting up this update post ^^;


31 Responses to “Can’t Stop Playing Dragon Age”

  1. Blowfish said

    Is it weird to find your bloodsplattered alter ego hot? ^^;;
    All that red juice in her cleavage and face is so damn attractive XD

    Looks like a game that wont run on my compuetr :(
    Is this SP or MMORPG?

    • meronpan said

      when creating female characters i usually make them as attractive as possible. after all i’m gonna have to be staring at her for hours on end ^^

      dragon age is single player only. lots of people on the forums seemed to be complaining that it wasn’t co-op or multiplayer but i don’t really see that being in line with the goal of the game (i.e. telling an epic story).

      • Blowfish said

        I hate how nowadays all people are complaining when a game doesnt feature a tacked on multiplayer mode.This results sometimes in absolutely horrible multiplayer modes like in Metroid Prime 2 : Echoes. Come on! Metroid and Multiplayer? >.<
        I am a big fan of singleplayer games and it hurts me to see that more and more games get very barebones singleplayer campaigns and a full fleshed out multiplayer mode.Dont get me wrong I do like to play stuff with friend too but not with some random stranger across the ocean.

        Haha you dont have to tell me about creating female characters as attractive as possible ^^
        An interesting thing about the creation process is that the more I try to make the character unique by changing phyiscal traits from the norm the uglier the character gets.Its best to stick to the average or slightly less or above.This is very important for facial structures :P
        In the end are the most defining things about your character the haircut and bodybuilt even though you have hundreds of options to customize XD

        • meronpan said

          yeah, i like multiplayer stuff too but if it was tacked on rather than truly thought out and balanced… i’d rather they spend the resources on the main game. and yeah, i’ve yet to find a game i enjoy playing with strangers as much as i do with friends… though i still think that’s an important part of gaming (especially competitive gaming), it’s just not my favorite.

          you should try out the character creator for dragon age. should still be free ^^ then if you like it take your pick of platform (i think it’s out on pc/360/ps3) ^^

          i’m not good at creating unique characters… usually ends up as slight modifications of generic ones ^^;;

        • JefLebowski said

          One Word: Oblivion.
          I mean you get to define nearly everything concerning the face.
          but you go best if you continue hitting random, waiting for a form that fits and than just use the scales for age and maybe skintone o.O

          • meronpan said

            ugh, yeah you definitely had control over everything with that editor. i think that’s what made it so frustrating for me… try as i might i couldn’t make a character i considered attractive or cool.

            i think i shoulda tried your random then customize method…

  2. Bloodsplatter! Nice!!! I’m sure that will help wonders when sexing up one of the other characters!! ^_^

    Have to admit that I’m not really a fan of bioware RPGs. I only finished mass effect. Even KOTOR left me rather cold! But Modern Warfare 2 is out tomorrow and I keep hearing good things about boarderlands so I know how you feel…

    • meronpan said

      it’s taken me a bit to get into bioware rpg’s. at first they were simply too big for my completionist play style. i don’t think i finished KOTOR either. after all i started with final fantasy I on nintendo – i was more used to completing the game and loving the characters/story so much that afterwards i’d go back and do all the optional stuff.

      with bioware’s games you’re constantly under siege by quests and characters and if you try to do everything… personally i just get bogged down then bored. once i stopped trying to do every last little thing i started enjoying the games a lot more. ^^;

      i’ve also heard good things about boarderlands guess i should read more reviews… seemed like the multiplayer was strong but is it still worth it for solo play? i dunno if i can get enough friends together for multiplayer on a regular basis…

  3. super rats said

    Yeah, I’ve been playing this like crazy as well.

  4. Oo I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing. I’m also currently completely hooked on Dragon Age, can’t stop playing except to go to class :P.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, been gaming since forever (think my first console was my uncle’s old atari 2600 (he’s a gamer too ^^)), so it’s not just touhou ^^;

      i’m glad i’m not in school ‘cuz i’d totally be missing classes ^^;;; i keep staying up 2-3 hours later than i mean to every night.

  5. Tier said

    I’ve got this game sitting on the pile, I spent the weekend playing Forza and Ultimate Alliance though (on top of watching football and trying to resuscitate my computer).

    • meronpan said

      resuscitate your computer? that doesn’t sound good ;_;

      looks like you have your free time slotted up too ^^

      dang i miss racing games… last one i played was… gran turismo on the playstation ^^;;;

  6. Smithy said

    Loved Bioware’s KotOR, haven’t heard about this game before, might have to check it out, then again rpg’s (certainly even more so mmorpg’s) just suck your time away like there’♠s no tomorrow.

    • meronpan said

      if you like more traditional fantasy settings for your rpg’s this one should fit the bill. think i was tipped off on this one when the penny arcade guys started talking about it. also been a moderate fan of bioware for awhile so it was nice to see them really deliver.

  7. punynari said

    First I heard of this game. I am a big fan of single player rpgs, especially older style ones (Xenogears, Suikoden, Star Ocean, Lunar Star etc). The kind that focus on the story more then raids and getting good gear (cough World of Warcraft…)

    I’d give the game a try if I was sure it would work on my computer. Most games now-a-days are really focused on graphics and bring my old computer to it’s knees. ^^;

    • meronpan said

      yeah this is definitely a proper single player rpg, though to generalize it definitely falls on the “western rpg” side of things rather than jrpg. i’m surprised how well things have held together given the broad range of choices you can make along the way. (let’s just say many people’s lives are in your hands throughout the game) Again, just to generalize a lot, but if jrpgs are about telling a story and western rpgs making your own story, this is definitely a great execution of the later. i had this idea for my character when i made her… a cold ruthless elf hardened by the plight of her people… and the game has let me adhere to that personality surprisingly well.

      if you have a 360 or ps3 you could also get it for either system but i must say i definitely prefer playing bioware games on the pc.

  8. I just picked up the game yesterday and am having a lot of fun with it too ^^. Opted for a human female warrior. She kicks a lot of ass ;)

    • meronpan said

      ah, very nice. i think i made a human female warrior in the character creator ^^ assuming i have the time for another play through, guess i’d have to play her as a goody two shoes for some variety. (well… i guess i could just stick to being evil. evil is fun :P)

  9. Q said

    I don’t play much RPGs these days. The last one I’ve played was Guild Wars 2 years ago (well it’s an MMORPG). Gotta say that seeing a woman protagonist with bloodsplatter all over her face and body is kinda… Unusual ^^;

    • meronpan said

      ah guild wars… tried it a little but was playing wow at the time so ended up putting it on hold (since there was no subscription fee :P)

      the blood splatter is rather ridiculous, but you can clean yourself up i think ^^;

  10. Guy said

    I barely got a chance to play my copy yet, it’s making me so sad, heh.

  11. lovelyduckie said

    I’m tempted by this game…but I’m not sure it’s for me. I used to only play games on the PC, but these days I prefer playing games on my console and TV. I’d like to get it for PS3(if I get it) but people have been telling me not to bother if I don’t go PC /shrug. So the end result is me stalling on making any sort of decision on this game.

    • meronpan said

      Being so used to keyboard and mouse for this type of rpg, I can’t really imagine playing it on the console… though perhaps the movement/camera wouldn’t feel as clunky (not that it’s horrible… just that it kinda feels made for the console). On the other hand the targeting might be a real pain. …and then there’s the whole making sure it’ll run (well enough) on your pc, whether or not you care about user created mods and i’m sure a whole forum war’s worth of other considerations.

      Personally I hadn’t played a nice rpg in a while (been gravitating more towards games i can sit down and play for 30-60min at a time)… this one was enough not only to make me break the habit but wish for more ^^

  12. […] know Meronpan also got himself temporarily addicted to the game, so I’m not alone ^^;  I tend to take my […]

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