Fate T. Harlaown Swimsuit Ver. ~ eros!

Posted by meronpan on November 9, 2009

Alrighty, tore myself away from Dragon Age long enough for a fate review ^^;  Was actually surprised almost half the people in the poll said they didn’t know what it was – if you were wondering it’s an epic rpg by Bioware set in a fantasy world under siege by evil forces known as Darkspawn.  Read more at the main site if you’re interested ^^  Anyhow, back to fate~


A massive 1/4 entry from Good Smile Company to accompany their previous Nanoha release.  Like most 1/4 pvc releases, nothing spectacular in the detail department but her size alone makes her an interesting addition to any collection ^^


Nanoha owners will recognize the matching box, stand and leg support.


Luckily she seems to stand fine without the leg support so you can review without it getting in the way ^^


Ah yes, forgot to mention, also had new camera lewt arrive last week!  These first pics were taken with my brand new EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens ^^  Got it more for taking low light pics and portraits (i.e. not figure reviews) but also turned out nice for the full body shots of fate.  Trying to get her with a 100mm lens on a 1.6 crop body requires a bit more room ^^;;


Once around!


Being a swimsuit figure it comes down more to the pose, face, and hair for me.


Alas the part where this figure falls short for me is the face.  …though I should qualify that by saying I didn’t quite like the way they drew her in StrikerS either.  Seemed kinda too square? or flat?  Maybe it was just certain episodes.  In the figure her face also comes out a little flat or something?  Can’t really put my finger on it.


Or maybe it’s the viewing angle and/or my lighting?  Like… i like how she looks in the above shot (08) but in the one above that (06) it doesn’t look right to me.  Also doesn’t look so hot on my bookshelf right now.  Might be the shadow from her bangs making her eyes dark…


For the pose they were just reproducing the source pic and it seems pretty accurate?  Again maybe it’s the viewing angle but it feels sometimes like it’s lacking something.


click for gelbooru

I believe that’s the source pic above…


Feels like maybe there’s a slight variation in the tilt of her head or something?


Well, for all my complaining I’m actually very satisfied with her.  Nice to have the pair together ^^


Also nice to see nanoha without jaundice ^^;  (my last review’s pics’ white balance was all off ;_;  this time i did what i should’ve been doing for a long time – took a picture of a piece of paper and used the custom white balance setting.  took a second and their skin isn’t yellow ^^;;)


Definitely glad to have the new lens.  No way I woulda fit both of ’em with my 100mm.


You’ll just have to humor me with all these paired shots with nanoha.  Wanted to give her some love after my initial review ^^;;


I definitely don’t remember fate being so well endowed.


divine fang‘s comment on high angle oppai shots with my new tripod stuck in my head.  the result:


the above pic is 1920×1280 if you need to inspect further. (so are a bunch of others in this review… i wonder if i should label them…)


shitapai, yokopai.  full course today.


normally i don’t go so eros but in a swimsuit figure, what else is there? :P


I assume the base is so huge to accommodate the leg stand and support the 1/4 insanity.




Thought I took more oshiri pics, but I guess it was just two :P


well, and this next one is more focused on her top


highlights too strong i think in the next one -_- hard to see the details on her fingers.  ah well.




dust strikes again!  this is why i have to do my reviews the day i unbox.


There was one flaw i noticed… kinduv unsightly mark on her leg ;_;


Pictured above is after I tried rubbing it off with some water.  Guess I’ll have to try something stronger later… or maybe just leave it since it’s hard to see :P


Not a bad pickup but wish i was more satisfied with her looks from all angles.


Hopefully this is some of the last remnants of set completion disease ^^;  Had the same misgivings when I saw the preview pics but decided to push ahead to have the pair of ’em together.  Plus it’s fate-chan.

Retailing at 12,000 yen with an exchange rate that’s around 90 yen/$ or less… she’ll cost ya.  Nowadays that’s a price I reserve for must-have figures but fate slipped in before my budget reductions.

foo-bar-baz is back in action with a lovely review.

Also stop by Wolfheinrich’s World for some symmetrical docking action ^^  His review also has a nice comparison shot of nanoha, fate + his recently reviewed 1/4 e2046 kenshin.  kenshin takes the cake when it comes to fine details on a 1/4 though.  no contest.

Update: james’ Exelica Meteor also updated with an excellent review ^^



45 Responses to “Fate T. Harlaown Swimsuit Ver. ~ eros!”

  1. Leonia said

    Fate is so beautiful in this version, more than Nanoha (yes, fangirl!). Sensual and sexy, but also expensive xD Thanks for this presentation ^^

  2. punynari said

    As I said in Wolfheinrich’s review, even being the Nanoha fan I am, I must admit that Fate turned out a bit better out of the two.

    I like his “docking photography” but I like your “oppai” pics. Fate is indeed well endowed and the camera loves her. ^_^

    Also like in Wolf’s review, I see that your Fate also has a small quality control blemish. His is in a different spot then yours it seems. For the price, I wish they paid a bit more attention to quality control.

    Thanks for your review. A very fine figure but I think I will save my funds for the upcoming Alter version.

    • meronpan said

      i’m surprised you liked fate better! i guess for me it’s nanohs’s side-tie bikini & face that gives her the edge… though i qualify that in saying i don’t think either of ’em is leaps and bounds better than the other

      was expecting the mark on her leg to come off with some water -_- indeed for the price it is annoying.

      definitely looking forward to alter’s release, assuming they ever get around to shipping her ^^;

  3. Feito chan! I too prefer Fate to Nanoha, the only reason I picked up Nanoha was to pair them up. I see that your Fate came with a little defect too, it’s unfortunate that they let a fairly expensive figure go out of the factory with a defect like that, mine is even worst >.>;

    It’s definitely the tilt of the head that make the difference between the illustration and the figure. I kind of wish that they did something for the base to allow the two figures to stand closer to each other. Perhaps I need to do that myself.

    Nice review, and thanks for the link~

    • meronpan said

      yeah, saw on your pics… the defects were a lot more noticeable. sorry to see that ;_;

      i totally wish i had the skills to make custom bases. not only nicer looking ones but also as you say, posing matching figures together would be so much better.

  4. Blowfish said

    What a bummer that this fate alo has a defect even houh it isnt that bad as wolfeinichs one.Thats quite sad considering her price and size and I wonder why these defects are so appearant with this figure.I doubt that shes harder to handle than Nanoha

    • meronpan said

      mine seemed more like some sort of handling defect but wolfs seemed like something got botched up in the manufacturing process… maybe 1/4s are harder to produce? or maybe it’s just a bad batch. whatever the reason, yeah, really is too bad ;_;

  5. Retto said

    First it was your Nanoha review that made me buy her, and now it seems im probably going down the same road with Fate too hehe.

    Thank ya for ya review mate, I especially like the paired photos ^^, something about ’em that just makes them look that little bit better when they are together, for me at least anyway.

    • meronpan said

      you’re welcome and my pleasure ^^ i always enjoy the group shots and i totally forgot to do a swimsuit group photo this time ;_; alas the group shots are not my specialty (lighting and spacing always makes it difficult) but at least it’s easier with my new equipment ^^;

  6. ELTboy said

    Congrats on the new lens and Fate. I saw the figure at my local store when I went to pick up my pre-orders over the weekend. She’s really huge! I didn’t quite like the way the face was sculpted too…seems like she had food stuff in her mouth.

    I am a rarity I guess but I prefer Nanoha swimsuit figure over this Fate. Nonetheless, those two together are quite a sight to behold i reckon. Maybe I should add some 1/4 to my collection. ^^”

    • meronpan said

      i hate kinda thought that many people weren’t satisfied with the way they did fate’s face but given the comments i’m seeing here i guess that’s not the case. as mentioned i’m of like opinion – face doesn’t quite do it for me. but obviously it wasn’t enough to deter me from a purchase :P

      1/4 are fun for the crazy size factor but if you value fine details they can be somewhat of a disappointment. 1/4 kits like that kenshin, kos-mos and kanu on the other hand… :P ‘course you have to pay an and a leg for those. i’d say take advantage of seeing them in person if you can, then make the plunge ^^

  7. Tier said

    I thought the face looked a bit strange too. For me it’s because you have this long, realistic, womanly body in a sultry pose, and then you have the anime-style head of a little girl on top. Sexiness and boobs win out over incongruity though, and this is an awesome figure. I don’t know why GSC decided to make these in 1/4 scale but I really hope they keep it up. At the risk of sounding like a lecher (which I don’t mind at all), I really like the rear view shot with Nanoha.

    Whatsa budget reductions? <.<

    • meronpan said

      hmmm for some reason the anime-face-on-sexay-body didn’t really bother me… guess i’m too acclimated to such? ^^; though i wouldn’t complain at all if someone decided to make a version of her with a less anime look ^^

      i wish it made business sense for gsc or whoever to make crazy detailed 1/4… alas they’d probably charge like $4-500 for them and i kinda doubt the market would support them. but it’d be cool :P

      hahah a year ago i totally didn’t know what a reduction in budget meant :P had figures coming in like every couple weeks… lately it’s been a trickle of 1 or 2 figures a month and my preorder spending is about 1/3 to 1/4 of what it used to be ^^;;; my company recovered enough to reinstate bonuses but it’ll be a year before i see any benefit from that ;_;

  8. kiyoura said

    Great review! I love your shots of Fate, really shows off her great body.

    Well I have to say in the anime she is pretty flat looking sometimes, they didn’t do much quality control in StrikerS clearly. But I think her face looks okay in the figure version.

    I really want this Fate, but I know I must get Nanoha too (which is slightly hard to get now).

    • meronpan said

      doumo ^^

      yeah, i’d place her as a solid ‘okay’ in the face department. it’s not terrible but it doesn’t feel spot on either.

      i actually planned on only getting fate at first but eventually caved and decided to get nanoha to have a matching set (before they even released the prototype pics of fate). then i saw the fate pics and it’s funny how now i actually like the nanoha release slightly more than fate ^^;

      good luck finding nanoha… i know how painful it is scrounging around for figures months after release

  9. Smithy said

    Great review and terrific photos, especially lighting and white balance is good. Do tell me the trick how you did that custom white balance. ^^

    That new lens looks like it makes awesome photos. Will look into that one…
    Ah, doing full body shots with the 100mm macro is possible. You just have to stand with the camera 2-3 yards away. For my Candy Boy figures review the full body shots the camera was easy 1-2 yards out.

    Going against the majority here I must say I clearly prefer Nanoha over Fate. In fact I’ll go on to say seeing your photos and the comparison with the original illustration I too now finally see what is ‘wrong’ with Fate, her facial sculpt and shape is off. Her lower face and entire jaw line compared to her mouth is incorrect compared to the illustration and lacks sharpness, giving her an unsightly abnormal chin to mouth position and ratio, even for an anime figure.

    Alas 1/4 for such a bikini figure is too large and too pricey, even 1/6 is, they’d have been better kept at 1/8 or 1/7 scale.

    • meronpan said

      custom white balance is pretty easy, wish i had tried it earlier. ideally you’ll need a white balance card (for example: this) but if you’d rather not spend that money, i got by using a sheet of white paper. not the best solution but it should at least get you in the ballpark (‘course be sure to compare with just plain ‘ol manual settings or auto white baance to make sure your paper isn’t weird :P).

      – take a pic of the white balance card/paper under the conditions you’ll be shooting your subject in. fill the frame.
      – i think it’s in the menu – do custom white balance – you should be in a mode where you select the picture to use for white balance. since you just took the white pic, it should be selected already.
      – once you’ve set that pic, change your white balance mode to custom and you’re all set.

      ah and yeah, i know it’s possible to fit everyone in the frame with my 100mm, it’s just that i really don’t have the space in my room for it ^^;; too cramped

      i think your explanation describes why i’m not quite liking fate’s face. alas, i think it would’ve added a lot had they done it differently (for me at least :P)

      sadly most of the 1/4 seem to be swimsuit or relatively simple outfits, i image to cut down on production costs. i agree at smaller scales they’d probably be better since you don’t notice the lack of detail. on the other hand the sheer size makes up for it to a certain degree (assuming you like it ^^;)

  10. Not really a Nanoha fan but she’s cute. Now that I’ve collected a few of the 1/4 FREEing Lucky Star figures, I can appreciate their sheer size as well ;) I have to say I prefer the route they went with the Lucky Star figures and their ability to have alternate outfits :)

    Cool lens too ^^. I’ve been wanting a prime for a while but was eying the 50 1.2 instead ^^; I will probably postpone that purchase for a while. I’ve over-extended my goodies spending recently >_<

    • meronpan said

      yeah, the freeing lucky star figures are massive as well ^^ i had ryoko & the haruhi bunny before but since neither of them is standing straight it wasn’t the same. alternate outfits is definitely a nice option, though it does add to the cost ^^;

      you’ve got expensive tastes my friend :P though i guess after upgrading to a fancy full frame body why cut any corners, eh? ^^ hmmm and was it you that had the 17-55 f/2.8? read lots of good things about both, just wish they weren’t as much or more than my current body ^^;;;

      i still have yet to get a nice zoom ^^;; i’ve been eying the 24-70 f/2.8 L but that’s definitely a long ways off. i also need to cut back after going wild with goodies (or get a raise :P)

  11. Honestly I am Takamichi fan. But that blondy gets me with her exotic poses ^^;

    I feel sorry for that little thing in leg… Unforgiven for expensive ^^;

  12. phossil said

    Im also more a Nanoha fan, but Fate in swimsuit is just delicious. Both figures are really great and impresive (as your pictures). Thanks for the photo review, downloading the pics for pc wallpapers. ^^

  13. LOL! I love the high angle oppai (and also shitapai) shots!

  14. Q said

    I agree how Fate looks in StrikerS isn’t top notch, and the only StrikerS face I like is the angry face on figma (hence why I fell for it back then), and possibly in some episodes where she is drawn quite well (a pity that quality isn’t consistent in that series).

    Nice photos as usual; this Fate sure has a lot of great curves! :o

  15. Nice choice! The original pics also made their way to a pencilboard which was given away in an issue of megami magazine.
    I was actually thinking of picking the 2 up but decided against them in the end due to their size and, for me, lack of a continuing “wow” factor. after you look at them a couple of times, the novelty wears off.

    • meronpan said

      ah yes, i vaguely remember mention of the pencilboard…

      i can see what ya mean about lack of continuing wow factor. they’re crazy huge but there’s not much to the outfit or detail in the hair, face or anything. woulda preferred a 1/7 in this case i think (‘cuz at least then it wouldn’t have cost so much ^^;)

  16. Nopy said

    I held off buying the Nanoha swimsuit figure until the pics of Fate came out since I wanted to have both or neither. Like you, I thought there was something off about her face so I decided not to get her.

  17. Tommy said

    Had her on p/o, but dropped her in the end.

    Really nice photos and review. If you ask me what’s wrong with her, I have to say that she doesn’t look like Fate without her gear. As for the question of how it stacks up to the original source – it’s “off” on multiple levels: her underboobs didn’t show in the source, and her hair doesn’t have that natural flow in the figure. But that’s really nitpicking as people like to say. It seems like someone punched her face in when you look at her from the side as well…her face looks flat…not a good thing.

    Not a bad figure, especially if you like boobs and Fate (yummy), but considering it’s price and scale, GSC can do better than this. I’m judging by your photos since I don’t have her. ^^;;

    I don’t think doing the photoshoots just after unboxing helps that much. I do that nowadays, and dust still show up in my photos. And I’m using a crappy camera too. “orz

    • meronpan said


      flat face thing is really my biggest complaint with the figure. don’t really mind the artistic liberty with the other details but the face thing takes away from the fateness of the figure ^^;

      ah, in my case it matters quite a bit because they’ll get quite a layer of dust just a few days ^^;; the dust i was complaining about in the hair bow pic woulda prolly come off with an air blower… it’s the stuff that doesn’t come off easily that’s such a pain to clean

  18. […] And don’t forget the other reviews of Fate here and here. […]

  19. coeli said

    One of our members from our local forum recently bought her. Tells us she’s really huge and pretty.

    Though personally, I think she kinda looks a bit too plain..

    • meronpan said

      in my limited experience 1/4 figures and swimsuit figures are usually like that… what you gain in scale you lose in detail or other interesting aspects… ;_;

      i assume ‘cuz of the weight and cost they can’t go crazy on poses or intricate details… alas

      someday i’m sure i’ll fork over way more than i should to get one of those crazy painted 1/4, like tier’s recent kenshin acquisition :P

  20. FaS said

    it’d be a bit cooler if she had a bigger ass, but it’s whatever lol

  21. WOOOW!!! Fate i so sexy!!! GIFT+GSC are doing a great job. To bad for your little defect.
    I stay more attracted by Nanoha, mostly because of the colors (i don’t like blue with yellow).
    You didn’t go soft on closer look… breasts are that way impressive!

  22. sonic_ver2 said

    S*** too sexy!!! I love her sexiness, i love Fate, i love her bikini, i love her boobs, i hate the figure size, and i hate the price, do you think i should get her back there? XD

    Anyway, no symmetrical docking photos with Nanoha? XDXD

    Nice photos, i like it, especially at the boobs and butts part. d(>.<)b

    • meronpan said

      hmm if you don’t like the size nor the price i’d say maybe best to stay away. as much as i like fate figures this one feels like it coulda been a lot better.

      sorry for no docking, that’s why i linked to wolfheinrich ^^;

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