東方風神録 & Blog Happenings

Posted by meronpan on November 22, 2009

So two things today…

First is just a 1cc of Touhou 10 – Mountain of Faith, easy difficulty.  Did that a couple months ago but only recently got it uploaded.  Mountain of Faith has a different approach to bombs – instead of having a separate stock, using a bomb decreases your power by 1.  As such if you know where/when you’re gonna get some power items, you can bomb away.  Other than that I guess it’s standard touhou fare.

Second thing is some blog news.  I’ve finally finish Dragon Age (though I’m actually playing it again ^^;;;) but Thanksgiving is upon us.  That means more down time since I’ll be out of town.  You would think then I’d have some time to get more posts up… but then it looks like I’m going to be making a trip to Taiwan + Singapore for work.  Hopefully will know more details on that in the coming days.  But at any rate, that’s another two weeks I probably won’t be posting much.

So then, all told I may not be posting regularly until mid-December ^^;;;;  Ah well.  しょうがないよね  Can’t be helped, right?  I do hope to perhaps get Fate’s review up (assuming she ships :P) in a timely manner, but it’ll depend on when she arrives.  According to Alter’s site it looks like they got her out the door on the 21st.  Hopefully I get her this week!



28 Responses to “東方風神録 & Blog Happenings”

  1. Shiddo said

    More trips east ^^ Busy man traveling all the time so far like that ^^ on the other hand can be exciting if you manage to get some free time ^^ Hope you enjoy it

    Somehow companies screw with delays a lot lately. Have complete mess in orders. Could I ask you, if you have a sec, what exactly Alter say about Mio There are rumors that she should be delayed to January but it seems they will just have a little delay at the end of November, so she might be out at Dec.

    • meronpan said

      yeah, hoping to have some free time in singapore ^^

      this is why i budget based on when i preorder, not release month ^^;; but yeah, delays everywhere… Unfortunately I don’t really keep up with the alter blog at all or any other sites that might have more detailed information. the only thing i know about mio is what they published on the official site – they’re in the process of doing some adjustments to her and will update the release date after they’ve scoped out the work to be done.

      • Shiddo said

        Kinda pity they didn’t send you for work there earlier. You could get a peek on AFA’09 ^^

        Thx. Thats it I guess. The red text. Wonder what adjustment they are gonna do.

        I am calculating with budget as well ^^ Otherwise I would end in red numbers for sure ^^ Bothering thing is that, have to recombine all the time to keep shipping low as possible and fit under customs ^^

  2. Blowfish said

    Youre Job does get you around for sure.I am kind of envious but on the other hand you wont have much time on your hands to enjoy the countries your working in.Ive once had a corporation big wig as patient as he traveled all across the world but hasnt seen one bit of it besides conference and hotel rooms.

    Hope youll get some free time to mess around :P

    • meronpan said

      it’s a great way to rack up frequent flier miles ^^ but yeah, it does feel like a waste when you’re in another country but confined to your work environment -_- luckily on this trip we should be able to spend a weekend in singapore i think? i’m hoping so at least ^^

  3. Smithy said

    Have a good business trip, do hope you get to catch some of the sights too. ^^

    HLJ states Alter’s Fate as expected out on or about December 6.

  4. Tier said

    Have fun and safe trip! I still need to spend some quality time with Dragon Age; all I’ve done so far is name my character and my dog.

  5. Hirobot said

    Be safe. And you have to try the chilli crabs and fish head curry when you’re in Singapore.

  6. Have a nice business trip~ Singapore is nice, loved their food there when I visited a few years ago. Speaking of Alter Fate, I just canceled her …. instead I went and pre-ordered GSC Ogata Rina from White Album. I am completely hooked on her performance in White Album, captivating, even though White Album as a whole sucked royally.

    • meronpan said

      thnx. last thing i need is more food after thanksgiving, but can’t let the opportunity go to waste ^^;

      i have white album waiting in my queue but alas i haven’t even watched a single episode yet ;_; …and just looked it up out of curiosity… it was a leaf eroge from ’98? ^^; had no idea.

  7. punynari said

    Hmm. Still on the fence with Alter’s Fate. I’m actually hoping they make another loli version to cash in on the movies release. :p

    Also, I’m working on Mountain of the Faith as well, while wishing I could be in Japan for the fall season. :(

    On normal, I’ll get up to the last stage with as much as four lifes (no continues used), then die gloriously. ^^; I still need to practice the last stage a bit because the rest of the game is cake.

    Have fun on your trip and like everyone else, I do hope you get to sightsee/relax a bit.

    • meronpan said

      i’ll keep buying whatever versions of fate if it’s alter behind it ^^;

      too bad you’re missing fall… seems like it’d be a nice time to travel. i also have yet to go in fall…

      love kanako’s final card, even if it murders me ^^; unfortunately i’m out of lives long before i reach it ^^;;

      hope i have enough energy by the time the weekend rolls around ^^;

  8. I had finished MoF too in easy difficulty. And yeah, your last video is the last boss. Got crazy when I faced her, wth with that bullets ^^;

    Travelling in work. How should I say it, I love it. You can meet diff ppl and various souvenirs ^^ with more workloads ofc ^^;

    • meronpan said

      i love when i get in a dodging groove on kanako’s final card… though short lived it usually is ^^;

      if the destination is fun i enjoy work trips for the same reason. but when i get shipped off to the middle of nowhere it’s… less enjoyable ^^;;

  9. Q said

    Have a good in Singapore and Taiwan! I know both places have fairly strong anime communities there, but perhaps the ones in Taiwan are not so well known due to language differences.

    Speaking of Alter Fate. I heard from my sister that she call a call from the shop last night, and would probably get it tonight or tomorrow. Hope it’s worth my wait!

    • meronpan said

      yeah, we’ll see if i can drag my coworker to some anime stores ^^;;;

      really anxious to get my hands of fate but alas i don’t think i’m going to see her until after my trip. (and that’s assuming my roommates can successfully pick her up for the post office ^^;;;)

  10. Tommy said

    Nice, hope you’ll get some time during the trip for some personal errands. :)

    The last month or two seems to be busy ones for all of us…or we found a life all of a sudden. ^^;; Anyways, Fate should arrive this coming week…you might be doing the photoshoot as we speak.

    • meronpan said

      at the very least i’ll have 1 weekend ^^

      hahah yeah, sometimes life calls out and the blog has to be put on the back burner…

      i think i was 1 day shy of being able to do my review tonite ;_; as it stands i’m kind of worried my roommates won’t be able to pick her up or will have some sort of trouble doing so… really bad timing -_- last thing i need is her being shipped back to japan.

  11. lovelyduckie said

    My life will be a lot clamer next spring. That’s when I can start posting more then a few times a month again. My figures have been crying over the lack of photo shoot attentiion they’ve been getting lately

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