Farewell Singapore, Hello Taiwan

Posted by meronpan on December 8, 2009

As mentioned in my previous post I’m currently out on business… though I was able to enjoy half a weekend in singapore as pictured above ^^

Alas because of business (yes, real business, not cocktail drinking :P) I didn’t get to go out and explore as much as I woulda liked but I did get to try chili crab (yum ^^).  The weather was quite a shock compared to the west coast of the US.  So humid, so hot, I was melting the entire time.  I’ve been in similar weather before… but I’m just never prepared for it ^^;;

Also got my camera quite fogged up when I finally was able to take it out o.O  Thankfully once it got up to the ambient temperature I wasn’t taking cloudy pictures.

Will have to write up more and post more pics when I get back, though it looks like fate and subaru will be waiting too!  Argh!  Love traveling, but I also love figures :P  Must focus and enjoy my trip ^^;

Hope to have some free time friday night in Taipei before I leave, and hopefully that means some pics of Taiwan (haven’t gotten any yet ;_;).  Grateful I was able to snap off ~150-ish shots before leavin singapore.

blegh, enough rambling ^^;  time to sleep!


16 Responses to “Farewell Singapore, Hello Taiwan”

  1. Shiddo said

    Looking fwd for more pics. It’s not Japan but sure interesting places as well. I remember when my father came back from Korea. Tons of awesome photos, and their shrines are just as awesome as Japo ^^
    Enjoy your time and have a nice trip back ^^
    Xmass and mad December of delayed figures is here hehe ^^;

  2. phossil said

    good to hear you are in a job that lets you travel. Take as many pics you can from Taiwan too! (or at least the Taipei 101) Lol.

    • meronpan said

      i was really looking forward to an afternoon in taiwan but i fell really ill a couple days before and could only risk having dinner ;_; ah well, guess i’ll just have to travel there again someday… … ^^;

  3. Optic said

    Any chance ur coming down to Sydney for a business trip next year? ;)
    Indeed SG is humid but since it’s humid over here during the summer, I’m pretty use it.
    The thing I prefer was sweating than sticking. Guess I like to taste my sweat instead. :P

    Enjoy ur business trip. It’s okay to have a cocktail. It’s not illegal. ;)

    • meronpan said

      are there any semiconductor factories in australia? ^^;; alas i only getting shipped to places where there are ^^;

      good thing cocktails aren’t illegal. i’d be in for life :P

  4. YuKi-To said

    the next time you come to Singapore must come find us! =P

  5. punynari said

    Looking forward to your pics of Taiwan if you get a chance. Taiwan is one of those countries that I’ve never heard of one of our ships stopping at so I’m a bit curious what it’s like.

    • meronpan said

      ugh, all i managed was like 5 shots while getting to our hotel. stupid food poisoning or something had me out of commission for most of taiwan and shaky for the rest ;_;

  6. No wonder about hot weather. Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei D. are same (yes I’m from one of them). But my cousin in Taiwan said it cooler there.

  7. trebors said

    been there, pretty close here in the philippines ^^

    i notice too, they always add lah in the end, why is that? is it because of fukien or is it… their hobby? :P i mean, i also speak fukien, but i don’t add lah to my english -_-

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